Loving The Forbidden

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Chapter Forty Three

“Nova Elizabeth Green!”

Axel cringed hearing his ex step mothers shrill voice call through the empty house.

Shit. This was not going to end well. Nova had told him how her mother had reacted over the phone.

He stepped out of the kitchen leaving his afternoon sandwhich on the counter and strode out into the dining room. Patricia Green looked similar to her daughter but not to much. She was pretty but Nova was beautiful.
He’d never seen Patricia in anything other than work attire, and here she stood in faded jeans and a pink blouse. Her wheat colored hair was just at her shoulders with a small flare, small gray streaks filtered through out. They hadn’t been there before, but they were definitely there now. Her forehead wrinkled as she gazed around impatiently.

She opened her mouth to shout again but Axel cut her off, “Mrs. Green” he said stepping into the foyer.

She turned, whipping towards him. Her brown eyes zeroed in on him. Anger flashed across her face.

“You” she seethed, “how dare you!”

Axel gritted his teeth biting back the hateful words he wished to spout. This was Novas mother, he had to be civil even if he hadn’t been in the past.
He stood there in silence trying to form a few polite words, but the silence only gave Patricia reason to continue on.

“It’s Mrs. Bianche now! You come into this home as a teen and I can bet on my life you seduced my daughter and soiled her! Your father was a bastard and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! What you did was against the law!” She screamed, she raised her hand as if to slap him.

A hand caught hers pulling it into their chest. An Italian man with dark hair and tan skin interviened stepping between the two.

“Bellissimo, what is wrong?” He asked her gently. Patricia’s face was red with anger, her lips were pursed.

She turned her head to stare at ,who Axel could only assume was her, new husband, “This is Axel Reed my ex husbands son and apparently Novas soon to be husband” she spat with venom.

Shaking his head he couldn’t help but feel disappointed. So much was going on, this only added to the list.

Why couldn’t one fucking thing go right?

Then she walked in, closing the front door behind her. Nova strode into the house, a determined yet cautious look on her face as she walked around her mother and came to stand beside Axel. Her small hand took his, interlacing their fingers. He watched her mother follow the action, blatant distaste shown through her eyes.

“Nova what is the meaning of this? Why are you doing this?” Her mother cried, “is this for attention? Did I not give you enough while you were growing up?”

“Calm down Patricia” her husband soothed rubbing small circles on her hand.

Nova sighed, she looked tired and stressed. At the moment her mother was the cause of it all. He wouldn’t let her continue to pull Nova behind her like a rag doll, his little minx was his and her mother could fuck off if she had a problem with it. Nova was his concern and he was adamant about not putting any more pressure or stress on her.

“Look Mrs. Green. I love your daughter, I have for a very long time. Yes, we started this when we lived together, it was shortly after you’d married my father. I’m not a good person, I’ve shown you that much but I do care for your daughter and right now your stressing her out and I won’t have it. So get your shit together or get out” he was blunt but Nova hadn’t interjected.

Patricia’s mouth opened and closed in amazement and surprise.

Nova stepped forward dropping his hand and reaching for her mother, “Mom, please don’t do this. Just listen to what I have to say. I love Axel, I have for a long time. We obviously met at the wrong time and yes at the time he was my step brother, it was a forbidden love but we loved each other non the less. I’m going to marry him with or without your approval although I’d much rather have it” she let out a long sigh, Patricia started to cry. “In two months were going to have the wedding” she looked back at Axel for confirmation, he nodded giving her the go ahead, “and in eight months we’re going to have a family”

Her mother gasped and Axel was afraid she’d faint but she stood strong on her two feet. Mr. Bianche smiled wide and clapped his hands, “oh yes! A little one to add to our family! I’m going to be a grandpa!” He exclaimed.

Mr. Bianche reached out to shake Axels hand, the older man had a strong tight grip. He pulled Axel close into a firm half hug.

“If you hurt her, I know people who will dispose of you as if you’d never existed” he said quietly so no one but the two of them could hear.

“I have no intention of doing so” Axel replied.

Mr. Bianche nodded, but the threat still lingered.

“N-nova are you sure this is what you want?” Her mother asked glancing between him and her.

Nova nodded and smiled up at him as he pulled her into his arms. “Yes, this is what I’ve always wanted”

Axel swallowed thickly. How could someone love someone so much? How could he have ever hated her?

The two older couple looked upon them with a new light. Patricia nodded at her daughter in blessing.

“Fine. But Nova don’t you realize it takes more than two months to plan a wedding!” Her mother cried.

Axel held onto Novas hand for dear life. God only knew what his mother was going to say to her.

They walked up the short cement steps to her small one story house. The lawn was over grown because he hadn’t been over to cut it. The blue paint on her house was chipping, something he’d promised her he’d handle but just hadn’t found the time. The mail box that was supposed to be sticking straight out of the ground was tilted at an odd angle to the side. The house looked a wreck and he cringed knowing the inside would be worse.

He hadn’t been over to clean and he knew his mother hadn’t lifted a finger.

Just as he was about to knock the door swung open.

Axel ran a hand through his hair giving Nova a side way glance. He so badly needed a cigarette.

Libby Reed was not who she used to be. When he was younger she’d been pretty, her dishwater blonde hair had been full of life and her eyes would sometimes gleam with happiness. No longer was that the case.

Her hair was clean but lifeless as it hung limpy down her back. Her face held more wrinkles than last time. Her eyes held distrust and hatred as they looked at Nova. Not a single ounce of happiness left.

She turned to look at her son and gave a small smile but it didn’t meet her eyes.

And of course the first thing out of her mouth was unpleasant.

“Where’s you’re fiancée Cassy? I miss her, will you tell her for me?” There was no hello, no welcoming attitude. She went straight to being a bitch.

So he ignored her, “mom this is Nova Green. Nova this is my mother Libby Reed”

He gave Nova major props for smiling bright and lending out a friendly hand.

His mother stared at it as if it carried a flesh eating disease.

“So you’re the daughter to the woman that stole my husband from me”

Axel opened his mouth but Nova beat him to it, “actually if I understood correctly, you were divorced when my mother had met your ex husband. But yes I am her daughter.”

“So you’ve come to snatch up my son just like she did my husband?” His mother asked completely disregarding what Nova had said.

Fuck. His mother was really going to push it.

“Yep.” She replied surprising him and his mother, “I snatched him up and he loves it. In fact he loved it so much we’re having a baby” Libby looked to her son for confirmation. He gave her a swift nod before glancing around the neighborhood. They were out in the open and the neighbors could hear. “I’ve heard a lot about you, not good things by the way. I thought I’d give it a shot, I’d be nice and try to get your approval, but I can see I’ll probably never get it. So I’ll let you talk with Axel, because I’m done here” she laid a quick comforting hand on his arm before turning and walking back towards the car.

He smirked at her retreating figure.

Yep, she’s perfect for him.

“Oh my Axel did you hear the way she talked to me? Your own mother! And you want this... this... hussy to be your wife and mother of your child?!”

Her words stung deep. He’d wanted his mothers approval, he’d rarely gotten it as a kid and the most important decision of his life he thought he’d at least get it for that.

He snapped, that was the final straw, “you know what mother, I’m sick of your bull shit. I’m done, if you have a problem accepting Nova in my life then stay away. Don’t come to the wedding.”

“That won’t be a problem” she said before slamming the door in his face.

The restaurant was slow tonight. The soft music relaxed him as he ate and waited for his soon to be wife to come out of her office. She’d booted him out saying she couldn’t concentrate with him leering at her.

He hadn’t done anything wrong. He’d merely suggested her desk would be a nice place to fuck her.

That cute pink blush had stolen it’s way into her face as she’d pushed him out.

“Um Axel?” A hesitant voice said from behind his seat.

Sarah walked around the table and stood at the side, “May i sit for a moment?” She asked.

“Fine” he said curtly. Had he forgiven her? Nope, not one fucking ounce of forgiveness.

He had a feeling he knew what she wanted. And it was something he couldn’t give, he didn’t want to.

She settled into the chair across from him. She reeked of nervousness.

“I’m sorry Axel.” She said.

He scoffed, “no your not”

She blinked at him, clearly taken aback “w-what? Yes I am”

He’d ruffled her feather, good.

“No your not. Your a manipulative bitch, you manipulated me twice into sleeping with you and now your doing it to my soon to be wife into forgiving you. Your trying to do it to me but I know your game Sarah.” He watched as her eyes lit with interest. He knew he had her, ” You think you can befriend Nova and weasel your way back into our lives.”

A satisfied sinister smirk crossed her face, her reached across the table to stroke his hand. He pulled it from her reach, “your so smart Axel, that’s one of the reasons why I’ve always liked you. Another reason, your cock is amazing. Definitely the best I’ve ever had. Your right, but you see I’m not trying to weasel my way back in because I already have”

“You know Sarah I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt even after Axel told me you were no good, and now i can see how wrong I was. You’re fired and you can bet your ass I’ll be filing a harassment claim” Nova said stepping from behind Sarah’s chair.

Sarah scoffed in disbelief, “you can’t do that, I’ll report you both to the police”

Axel growled coming to a stand ready to tell the conniving bitch off but Novas hand on his back stopped him.

“For what exactly? Our parents are no longer married. Our relationship is legal.”

“When you were younger it wasn’t” she sneered

Nova leaned real close putting Axel on edge, who knew what the crazy bat would do.

“Actually it was. We’re not related by blood. It’s completely legal. So try again.” she said.

Sarah paled.

“Get the hell out of here” she said quietly so as the customers couldn’t hear her.

Sarah eyed them both warily, anger still etched onto her face. She stood from her chair, sneering at then both as she left.

“She’s so obsessed with you” Nova said taking a seat. “How could I not notice how bad it was?” It sounded like a question she asked herself more than she was asking him.

“She’s been like that for awhile. I never let on how bad she’d gotten because that was my business at the time.” He said before letting a sinister grin creep onto his face, “hey, your step dad said he knew guys that could get rid of me without leaving a trace. Maybe-”

“Axel!” She covered her face with her hands and laughed, something she hadn’t been able to do in the last few days.

“Nova, stop stressing. Your going to make yourself sick and it could harm the baby”

She sighed, “I know. It’s just after telling my mother about the wedding she’s been non stop, on the go, dragging me along to pick things up. Making the guest list. It’s been twenty four hours and somehow that lady had already managed to send out invitations!”

Axels eyes went wide. Patricia Green was a force to be reckoned with.

“Do you want me to talk to her?” He asked. He really didn’t want to, but for her, he’d do anything.

“No, I’ll talk to her.” She said, she pulled out her phone and glanced at it before jumping from her seat, “we’ve gotta go Axel! We’re gonna be late for our first appointment”

Axel chucked behind her helping her grab her coat and purse as they waved goodbye to Hillary and set off to their doctors appointment.

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