Loving The Forbidden

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Chapter Forty Four: Epilogue

Two months later

Sarah vanished. Neither Axel nor herself had heard or seen her after the day in the restaurant. After that everything had rolled along smoothly. The baby that was growing inside of her was healthy. She had a small bump, it was hardly noticeable but that didn’t stop Axel from touching it every chance he got. Sometimes when he thought she was asleep, she’d catch him with his ear to her belly.

He’d touched her heart in more ways than one.

Nova stared into the full length mirror, she couldn’t believe today was the day she said I do.

For awhile she hadn’t thought they’d make it, Axel placed a lot of the stress she’d been caring on his shoulders making him grumpy and snappish. She’d had to set him straight a time or two.

Now that everything had come together, she knew any obstacles that came their way they’d hurdle them together.

“Nova dear, are you ready?” Her mother asked peeking her head through the door to her bedroom.

Nova nodded, smoothing her hands along her dress.

“Oh dear I’m going to cry already” her mother said, her eyes connecting with her daughters in the mirror. A proud happy smile on her face. “You look so beautiful. Absolutely breath taking”

Nova swallowed thickly trying not to cry. She’d mess up her make up.
She assessed herself, she couldn’t deny she felt like a goddess.

The smooth white satin slid against her fingers like a waterfall. Off shoulder sleeves laid lightly against her upper arms, the sweetheart neckline dipped not to far down. The waist was smooth, she’d steered clear of any and all corset fashions. The dress hugged her hips before flowing out, a trumpet is what they’d called it.

Small intricate designs covered just below her breasts and only part of her waist.

She’d chosen small white flats.

They’d spent almost two hours pulling her hair into a updo design with braids and twists.

She breathed deep and turned towards her mother.

“I’m ready”

She grabbed her red rose bouquet and began her decent down the stairs and out the back door of the house. Her mother held her trail as they walked.

The sun was high in the sky, radiating warmth. Birds chirped and the comforting sounds of the rushing water folding against the rocks filtered over them.

They set off towards the docks. Wooden chairs were set up just in front of the dock, people littered throughout. She didn’t even take notice. Her eyes were locked onto her soon to be husband. He stood at the end of the dock, Ian and Jeremy at his side. Hillary stood opposite of him smiling at her.

Nick Bianche stepped forward meeting her just before the walk down the aisle. He stared at her with love and fatherly pride. He’d become a rock for her to lean on. He’d been more of a father to her in the few years he’d been with her mother more than her real father who hadn’t even bothered to show up.

Tears welled in his eyes as she hooked her arm through his smiling at him.

They walked past everyone, friends, family and co workers. Nobody else had, had a problem with Nova and Axel being together.

Her mother had finally let the issue go. Axels mother however had not, she hadn’t showed up and she knew a part of Axel had been hurt even if he said he was happy she’d refused her invite. His father had been to busy with his new invention and had simply wished them luck.

An autumn breeze picked up, cooling her heated flesh. Small tendrils of strawberry blonde hair escaped her updo floating around her.

The nervousness she had been feeling was gone as she neared her soon to be husband.

They stopped at the end of the dock, Nova couldn’t look away from him. As Nick handed her over she kissed his cheek thanking him sweetly.

The pastor gestured to them and spoke about love and cherishment.

Nova couldn’t for the life of her remember what was being said, tears of happiness streaked down her face as she stared up at the man she loved. This was everything she’d wanted, something she’d never thought she’d have. The universe had been against them at one point, and yet they’d overcome it all.

And just like that his lips were on hers, sparks flew and their love soared for all to see.

“I love you Mrs. Reed”

“As I love you Mr. Reed”

They faced the crowd together both sporting happy fulfilling smiles. The guests clapped, Nova smiled through the tears watching as her mother cried with her.

In that moment The small person inside her fluttered for the first time.

Six months later

Nova laid back against the wood table breathing heavily. The doctor had said you either had a high sex drive while pregnant or a low one.

She definitely had a high one. Even with her baby bump in the way they’d managed to make love all around the house. Including the kitchen table, which she currently lay naked on.

Axel slipped out of her, his seed dripping down her leg as he went to grab a cloth to help clean her up.

Another cramp speared into her pelvic area, it twisted like a knife. This one was worse than the last.

She lost her breath and sat up, holding onto her stomach she began to take even breaths.

The false contractions had been going on for almost twenty four hours. When they first happened, they’d panicked and packed up heading straight for the hospital only to be sent home due to False labor.

Now as she was losing her breath, they could no longer put it off. Her back began to ache and the little one inside of her was pushing its foot against her stomach in an uncomfortable place.

Axe came to a stop as he entered the kitchen. His eyes scanned her face, “what’s wrong?” He asked coming quickly to stand beside her to help her off of the table.

“We-we have to go to the hos- hospital” she spit out clutching her belly.

Axel turned to go grab the bag but Nova grabbed onto his arm before he could. ” wait, you have to clean me up” she said gesturing towards the wetness between her thighs.

He shook his head in protest, “Nova we have to get to the hospital”

Novas gripped tightened as another wave of contractions hit her, “Axel I will not go into that hospital with your seed spilling from between my legs”

He growled at her, “Well how the hell do you think you got pregnant in the first place! Everyone already knows!”

“Please Axel. It’s embarrassing”

He huffed but conceded. He cleaned her up as quickly as possible. He grumbled all the way through it.

After tossing the bag in the car, he carried her next and swiftly set her in before heading towards the hospital.

Axel called everyone that needed to be called as they wheeled her into a room to be prepped. The doctor ended up having to break her water for her.

Nova was calm and collected, the complete opposite of Axel. He barked and snapped at any and all nurses as they came to and from her room, poking and prodding with needles and then bringing in paperwork.

Despite the pain Nova had watched highly amused as the nurse strode in with all the necessary paperwork for their little one, asking them to fill it out when they were given the chance. Axel had flipped his lid, “she’s in the middle of giving birth and you want to hand us fucking paperwork!” He’d growled.

With some coaxing from Nova, he’d calmed down and taken the paperwork swiftly setting it aside, refusing to even look at it before the delivery.

As the pain increased, Nova continued to refuse medication, wanting to deliver naturally. Axel stayed by her side, every flinch or gasp would set him on edge making him uneasy and concerned.

Two hours later, they delivered their darling little girl without any complications. She weighed 6lbs 4oz. She was a tiny little thing.

They had been completely surprised at having a girl considering they’d been told it would be a boy.

Life was full of little surprises.

“She’s perfect” Nova said gazing down at her. Axel gathered them up in his arms despite the protests from the nurses.

Her light head of hair was thin and would most likely turn the strawberry blonde that was her mothers. Her little button nose wrinkled as she slept. The little baby had opened her eyes almost immediately glancing around the busy room, her eyes were her fathers, that deep ocean abyss.

Her fingers were tiny as were her toes. Some women had trouble breastfeeding , simply getting the babe to latch on but not her little one. She latched and drank greedily. Earning a satisfied chuckle from her father.

“We love you Charlotte Reed”

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