Loving The Forbidden

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Chapter Four

Boredom was a bitch. For days Axel roamed around the house with nothing to do. Jermey was currently occupying one of the two gamer chairs sitting on his floor, just a short while ago his room had been filled with profanities as they screamed and raved at each other as they played a game.

Axel stood next to his open window and exhaled a puff of smoke. Taking another drag his eyes caught movement now by the docks. He watched her far away figure settle back on the wooden planks, the bright coral towel beneath her.



“Lets head down to the dock” he said flicking his cigarette out the window. Pulling his shirt from over his head he left his friend to follow at his own pace.

By the time Axel had started walking down the hill in the backyard that led towards the water, Jeremy had caught up to him and was striding beside him.

They both stepped a foot on to the dock and the movement caused Nova to lean up quickly. Axel exhaled a harsh breath, maybe he should have stayed in his room.

Fuck all.

Novas long strawberry blonde hair was strung up into a bun a few tendrils of hair escaping caressing her neck. Her light skin glistened from whatever she had sprayed on herself as the sun cashed its rays on her milky flesh.

Axel had been contemplating his sudden interest in his sister. It pissed him off. This was the last fucking thing he wanted. Not only was his body responding to her but his feelings had taken a dive for the worse when Luke had come over asking for Nova. Something dark had speared his chest and twisted when she’d greeted him, she’d smiled at him in such a natural way, something she’d never done towards himself. Then to make matters worse he’d gone outside to snoop and had caught her crying. Luke was nowhere to be found and Axel had the sudden urge to run him down. Fucking prick.

He’d heard stories about Luke Hemmings and they weren’t good stories. He was known for not taking no for an answer and he was also known for pushing his women around. Despite the burning hatred for his step sister he’d give his left arm before he let the motherfucker put his fucking hands on her.

Jermey let out a whistle beside him, his friends eyes roamed across Novas green bikini covered body. The two small triangles barley covering her sweet tits and the small triangle below was so small and stuck to her skin he was certain she shaved her pussy.

“Damn” Jermey muttered, it was soft and not loud enough for her to hear just enough for Axel to catch.

Axel didn’t respond but a familiar feeling began churning like a hot poker in his chest.

“What do you want Axel?” Her voice was soft and sweet. Damn her.

Narrowing his eyes on her he forced a scoff of disgust, “why are you parading around like a slut?”

Nova rolled her eyes, and sighed. Jeremy gaped at him in disbelief then turned to him with a look of anger, “dude that’s not cool. She’s gorgeous stop being a dick”

Nova seemed to perk up as Jeremy defended her, it only made Axel angerier.
“Fuck you. She’s a prissy bitch who thinks she can do whatever she wants without consequence” he snarled back at his friend.

Jeremy got in his face just as Nova shot to her feet, “Back off Axel”

Soft hands planted themselves on both his and Jermeys chest, Novas dark green eyes pleaded with them both.
Axel would never hit his best friend despite what him and Nova obviously thought. He wasn’t that much of an asshole. Running a hand through his hair he shoved away from them both. This wasn’t the way things were supposed to go, but with Jermey leering at her his big mouth got the better of him.

Throwing his hands up in surrender he sent her a smirk, “alright alright I fold” she visibaly relaxed and Jeremy looked between the two completely confused.

“I’m throwing a party tonight.”

She gave him a dirty look, “my mother is going to be beyond pissed off at you”

“No she’s not” he said shrugging. He watched as her eyes swept across him and he couldn’t help but wonder if she found him attractive, if she had the same dirty thoughts he did.

“Yes she will” she said matter o factly.

“No she won’t. Because your not going to tell her and your going to help me clean up”

She folded her arms across her chest pushing her delicious breasts up, “and what do I get out of it?”

What a sly little minx.

“I’ll be as nice as I can to you and I’ll give you a free Get Away Axel card, if I’m bothering you that much you say the words and I’ll get out of your hair without any trouble. But it can only be used once” he watched the gleam in her eye light up.


The party was in full swing, the music was loud and shook the floor. Axel was sure the entire
school population was here. He stood in a large circle with Brittany Wilkins at his hip and Jeremy at his side. He’d seen Nova a time or two but had let her be. A promise was a promise.

Soft lips brushed the curve of his jaw and he gave Brittany a sinful smile as he zeroed in on her large breasts that were spilling out of her tub top. Her small black skirt ended in the middle of her thighs, he knew she was going to be an easy lay tonight. And damn did he need it. Those unwanted thoughts of his step sister kept invading his mind and he couldn’t take it. What made it worse, he wasn’t disgusted by them.

Brittanys hand gripped his upper arm as she laughed at something Jeremy said.

Some unknown kid came up smiling looking directly at Axel, “dude your house is amazing.”
Axel shrugged it off and ignored him.

“It’s not even his house it’s Novas” Jeremy piped in.

Axels head whipped around and his eyes zeroed in on Jeremy.
Everyone on the circle perked up and all focus came to rest on Jeremy.


“Never thought she’d be the one to throw a party”

“I heard she’s single” everyone’s input only irritated Axel.

“She’s my step sister, she didn’t throw the party I did and she’s not single she’s dating Luke” Axel snapped.

The group eyed him wearily, he snapped on everyone so it shouldn’t have been a surprise. Although a lot of hostility had been put behind it.

That’s when Brittany spoke, “no they broke up. He dumped her after she gave him her virginity”

Axel stared at her and she shrank back.
“How do you know?” Someone asked, “They only dated for a short period I doubt miss goody to shoes gave it up to him”

Axel opened his mouth to speak but was cut off.

“He’s been talking about it. That’s how I know. He hasn’t shut up about how he deflowered the schools most prized cherry”

Axel saw red. He didn’t hear anything that was said after that. Fists clenched and teeth grinding together he strode through the massive crowd looking for his target.

Luke stood in the large livingroom surrounded by his normal group of jocks. A blonde female had her arms wrapped around his waist and it wasn’t until he’d fully entered the room that he spotted Nova in the corner talking to her friend Sarah. Her eyes continued to stray from her friend to her ex lover. Her hurt and anger was written across her face and it was in that moment that he knew what had been said was true.

Pushing through the crowd Axel lunged forward pushing past Luke’s buddies and threw a hard punch landing a hit on the bastard jaw. Luke’s head snapped to the side. The crowd roared, to many sounds and words being thrown around, all that mattered was setting the bastard straight.

Luke came back charging driving his shoulder into Axels stomach. It hurt like a son of a bitch. Axel kicked out, the hard bottom of his shoes connecting with Luke’s lower leg. He roared in pain and his legs buckled, Axel didn’t wait for him to stand he dove forward and drove his fists into the bastards face repeatedly.


He ignored it.

He pulled Luke’s limp body up by the collar of his shirt and leaned in so only he could hear what he was about to say.
“I don’t ever want to hear her name slip past your lips again. What happened between you two stays silent. If I hear another fucking word about it come from your mouth I will kill you”
He dropped the bastard back to the floor. His chest rose and fell in exertion. His arms shook and the need to land another hit just because sat strong within him.

“Axel stop” a small hand wrapped itself around his arm and began tugging him away from Luke.

He let her take him away.

“Everybody out now!” She yelled her voice booming throughout the suddenly quiet house. There were loud grumbles and groans.

“She said get out!” Her friend Sarah yelled beginning to usher people away. Axel didn’t get to watch the rest of the show as he was tugged upstairs into their parents shared office. The door slammed closed behind them and Axel stood with his back turned away from her unsure as to what to say or what to do. She made no sound or movement, she simply leaned against the door. They stood there for quite awhile until a soft knock on the door startled them both. Nova opened the door and Sarah stood in the doorway. She was thin and shorter than most girls, she was just a small little thing.

Jeremy stood behind her along with Ian, the kid from before and some unknown brunette chick. Nova and him stepped out of the office and he caught sight of Brittany who immediately came to his side and glanced at him worriedly.
“Are you ok babe?”

“Fine” he answered curtly. He could feel everyone’s eyes roam over him and he hated it. Novas eyes though, they burned holes into his head.

“You ok?” Jeremy asked stepping forward chucking Nova beneath her chin. She eyed him with a small smile, one that he should receive instead.

“Yes thank you”

“Well everyone’s gone and the place is a wreck” Ian spoke up.

All at once the group glanced around at the garbage covered floors, the air smelt of smoke, alcohol and sweat. If he was being honest he’d say it looked like a herd of elephants ran through the room. Pictures had fallen off the walls and there was some broken glass in the kitchen and hallway.

“Well I’m not ready to go home yet” Sarah said clasping her hands together, her brown eyes roamed over the group and suddenly she peeked up, ” I got it! Let’s play a game!”

All at once the group groaned.

“Oh come on! It won’t be so bad! I know it sounds lame but it could be really fun!” She said trying really hard to convince them.

“What did you have in mind?” Jeremy asked.

“Thirty minutes in heaven”

Again the group groaned.


“What are we twelve??”

" oh come on guys it’ll be fun! I’ve never played and I’ve always been curious” Sarah whined.

“You’re seventeen, kissing isn’t exactly a new thing for you” Axel said watching Sarah turn a shade of red. He would know, they’d fucked like rabbits two months ago.
Yes he had sex... a lot but he had a high sex drive and he simply loved sex in general. He wasn’t sure if Nova knew that they’d fucked but he figured if she did know she’d have bitched a fit.

“Fine” Nova said agreeing and surprising everyone in the room.

Axel eyed her, noting how she shyly watched Jeremy when he wasn’t looking. She’d developed a crush and that God damn green monster was back biting him in the ass and immediately pissing him off.

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