Loving The Forbidden

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Chapter Five

Nova flushed a deep red as all heads turned towards her as she spoke up and agreed to play the game.

Now here they sat on the floor and on the bed. Sarah had them all write their name on a small piece of paper and then throw it in Novas red baseball cap.

Brittany was practically sitting on Axel who sat on the floor against the door with his legs drawn up while his arms rested on them. Sarah and Nova sat on the bed with Jeremy and Ian and the kid that looked almost like Harry Potter sat on the floor against the footboard of her bed. The kid looked familiar yet she couldn’t remember his name and she knew he’d said it once and yet still....

“Ok so since Novas closet is the size of my bathroom each couple with have plenty of space in there. Thirty minutes in the closet and one of us will time you, in the mean time I say while the couple is in the closet the rest of us watch a movie?” Sarah seemed so hyped about the game, Nova wondered who she wanted to end up in the closet with.

She’d known Sarah since sophomore year, her and Caroline were her closets friends. Caroline was off tanning in the Bahamas with her family. She left her two friends alone for the summer. Nova missed her, Caroline and Sarah were basically her other halves.

“Sounds good to me” The kid said.

Nova scrunched her face in agitation, she had to know his name! “Ok, this sounds really rude because I know you’ve said it before but i can’t remember, what’s your name?”

“Adam” the kid said.

Nova smiled, everyone’s face showed the same emotion, apparently she wasn’t the only one who’d forgotten his name.

“Oh, phew I’m glad you asked because to be honest I’d forgotten to” Sarah said leaning close to Nova.

“So what movie are we going to be watching?” Ian asked.

“Ok hold on first let’s let the first couple go in and then we’ll decide” Sarah said and pushed the hat towards Nova. Her eyes went wide and suddenly she was nervous, like extremely knee knocking nervous.

“Why do I have to draw first?” She asked.

“Because it’s your house and your hat. Now stop stalling and draw a name”

With a shaky hand Nova hesitantly put her hand into her outstretched red baseball cap and pulled out the first paper her fingers touched. She couldn’t even look at it herself, so she handed it to Sarah whose eyes went wide and she visably paled.


Everyone except the step siblings burst into laughter.

“She’s got to draw again”

“They’re siblings they can’t go in together”

“Draw again Nova”

Axel stood up and calmly walked towards her closet door, he looked back and smirked, “you coming or not?”

“Dude that’s gross” Jeremy yelled.

Axel laughed, “were going to sit in the closet and talk like normal siblings. She drew my name no where on that small piece of paper does it say we have to do anything. She took her turn and now we’ll use it as sibling bonding time”

Nova watched as everyone except Jeremy and Sarah accepted what he’d just spouted.
It sounded like a loud of bull shit to her to.
Nova climb down from her bed and followed Axel into her closet.

A small square, large enough for her and Axel to stand in or sit. It wasn’t like those giant closets you see the celebrities own but it was definitely larger than an average closet.

Nova stood there staring at her step brother, the one who was often cruel, the one who always had something nasty to say, but tonight he had been true to his word he’d left her alone. She’d been surprised when he’d stormed into the livingroom and had beat the shit out of Luke, but what surprised her the most was how turned on she was from it.

Everything about her feelings for her step brother was wrong and yet she couldn’t seem to stop it.

“Thank you” she said surprised at how strong her voice sounded.

He looked up his eyes like a turbulent sea, “for what?”

“For... defending me”

“Do you know what people are saying about you?” He questioned, his mood quickly shifted and he seemed agitated. Great, now she was stuck in a small confined space with an irritated Axel. Not good.


Or atleast she had a pretty good idea. She hadn’t heard anything from anyone but the looks she’d been receiving tonight had been enough to let her know Luke had been running his mouth.

“Stupid fucker.” He muttered.

“Thanks again... you know for being true to your word” she added fiddling with the side of her red sundress.


An uncomfortable silence followed and the closet was filled with an undeniable tension. She felt as if she were suffocating in it.

Axel exhaled harshly and ran a hand through his hair, he looked agitated and way to big to be in the closet, even one of this size.

Biting her lower lip Nova gazed away wondering what movie they’d chosen to watch when she turned back her eyes connected with his and suddenly the air around them was no longer hostile. Something else was astire, something forbidden.

“Fuck it” he growled.

His hand shot out so fast Nova didn’t even have time to flinch, he gripped the back of her head and pulled her forward. His lips smashed against hers and it was like keys to an ignition. Her body thrummed to life like never before. Her lips moved against his, she tasted him as his tongue pushed past her lips. He tasted of mint and cigarettes, she’d never kissed someone who smoked before and she assumed it would taste bad and maybe for other people it did but as she got a taste of Axel, he tasted anything but bad instead he tasted unique and Devine.

She hated him, he hated her...so what the hell was going on?

With their tongues tangled and his hand gripping her neck she couldn’t stop the wave of heat that passed over her, her panties began to moisten with cream.

“This is so wrong” he growled against her lips. She nodded in agreement even as his hand trailed up cupping her breast over her dress.
“We shouldn’t be doing this” he said again pulling his lips from hers and trailing them down the curve of her neck. Goosebumps rose across her skin and she shivered. Nothing had ever felt this good.

The halter of her dress was suddenly pushed down baring her bra less breasts. Her nipples were puckered begging for him to taste them, to wrap his lips around them. She sighed, her head tilting back ever so slightly as his mouth continued to kiss its way down her chest.

She couldn’t stop, even if she’d wanted to, even knowing how wrong it was.
She could feel him against her thigh, his thickness and just how hard he was. He wanted her, there was no doubt about it.

Her hands came up and unbuckled his pants just as the warmth from his mouth slid over her pinkened nipple. His tongue licked, he dragged it ever so slowly across the hardened nub, deliberately teasing her. Her chest fell up and down, she was so turned on. Her panties were soaked, the wet material clung to her naked pussy. She ached for him to touch her there.

Sliding her hand down his pants and inside his boxers she brushed against him before wrapping her hand around his thick length. He was warm and the bulbous head was thick, a small drop of cum beaded the tip. She brushed her thumb across it. He let out a low groan. She dripped even more just thinking about the size of his cock stretching her.

She moved her hand up and down enjoying the small quiet groans he released. They were both trying their best to be quiet.

A hard knock on the door startled them and they jerked apart, Nova banged her head on the wall and Axe caught himself from falling to the floor.

“Ten minutes guys!” Sarah yelled.

“Ok” Nova called back hoping her voice didn’t sound as shaky as she felt. She pulled the top of her dress back up as Axel buttoned his pants.

Akward didn’t quite describe the feeling she felt, in fact it didn’t describe the feeling at all. She didn’t feel akward or Ashamed of what they’d done. She should and she knew she should but she didn’t.

The real question was, did he?

She couldn’t help but stare at him as he righted himself. He wouldn’t look at her and he didn’t say a word.

Ten minutes passed in a tensed silence and the door opened. It had been the longest ten minutes of her life.

Sarah smiled, her relief at seeing them standing far apart way to obvious for Novas liking. Jeremy seemed equally reassured as he watched them both walk out.

“Ok whose next?” Sarah asked shaking the hat.

Ian and Sarah had gone in.
Adam and Brittany had gone in.

By the time Adam and Brittany had come out it was nearing three a.m. And Nova was exhausted she was barley keeping her eyes open, no one else looked any better.

“I’m ready for bed” she said yawning, she looked at Sarah, “You heading home or you just going to crash here?”

Sarah seemed to contemplate it, her eyes even strayed to Axel for a brief moment, “I’ll stay if that’s ok”

Nova nodded.

“Can I stay?” Brittany asked.


They kicked the boys out, no doubt they were all going to stay in Axels room for the day.
She couldn’t believe the night she’d had. Everything was about to change.

The house was quiet, and that was because the boys were still sleeping. Novas phone had rang around noon, her mother had called asking how everything was going, and how Axel and her were getting along. She’d still been half asleep when she’d answered her mother, and now she couldn’t fall back to sleep even though she desperately wanted to.

Brittany had jumped up around eleven and had left in a rush , she was late for work. Sarah had woken up from Novas phone ringing and had thrown a pillow at her demanding she answer her phone.

Since then both girls had been up. By two o clock the house was clean, Ian and Adam had left and the girls were in the kitchen making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

It wasn’t long after that Axel and Jeremy walked in.

“I feel like shit” Jermey groaned taking a seat at the kitchen island.

“Yea well you look like shit” Axel chuckled taking a seat beside him. Nova tensed and kept her back turned to them simply listening to their banter. Sarah on the other hand turned and watched with a smile on her face.

“Now that’s the pot calling the kettle black” Jermey snorted.

“You guys are weird” Sarah giggled.

Nova wasn’t stupid. It was obvious.
Sarah had a crush on Axel. A major one.

“Yea well most guys are weird babe” the endearment didn’t go unnoticed as it slipped from Axels mouth.

Nova could practically feel how excited Sarah was, and looking over she watched as her friend beamed.

Nova was jealous, there was no denying it. It was like a giant dark cloud had swept over her and had only gotten bigger as Sarah made her intentions clear.

Did Nova have a right to be jealous?

Axel was her step brother not her boyfriend so she truly had no grounds to be jealous. So why couldn’t this dark feeling go away?

An arm nudged her and she jumped, startled and looked up into the eyes of Jermey. His blonde hair swept across his forehead, his tan looked darker and he smelt of alcohol and cologne. He rocked the surfer boy look.

“Do you mind if I make one?” He gestured towards the peanut butter and jelly.

She pushed both containers over to him, “all yours” she said with a friendly smile.

He was always so nice and it had been super sweet of him to stand up to his best friend when Axel had been picking on her.

A heavy dark presence seemed to settle in the room and looking over her shoulder her eyes connected with his, Axel had a deep scowl on his face and his eyes were narrowed on his friend.

This was not good.

They were going to have to talk about what happened.
Axel glanced at her and she knew he was thinking the same thing.

A line had been crossed and she wasn’t sure if they could ever go back.

“Nova” Sarah leaned in whispering in her ear, “Can you take Jeremy somewhere? Distract him? I want to talk to Axel”

Gritting her teeth and giving a soft fake smile she nodded, she wasn’t going to speak, her voice would give away how infuriated that made her.

Nova leaned over near Jeremy and gave him her best smile, “Hey wanna go eat on the docks with me?”

His eyes lite up and a smile graced his face, he was so cute, “sure” he grabbed his Sandwich and two sodas from the fridge.

Axel looked up from his phone and frowned, “where are you two going?”

“To eat on the docks. We’ll be back” Nova said loving the way his eyes darkened in anger. He didn’t like the thought of her with Jermey as much as she liked the thought of him with Sarah.

She headed out with Jeremy and dared to look back to find him staring after her.

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