Loving The Forbidden

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Chapter Six

It had finally happened.

He’d made his move.

She’d tasted so sweet and addicting like ice cream.
Not only had he kissed her but she’d kissed him back. All this time of wondering if she felt the same, if she thought of him the same and she did.

Yes, fucking yes!

He was tired of being confused with whatever this was so he’d taken a chance and definitely didn’t regret it.

At first he wasn’t sure how she would react to what had happened, after they left the closet an unbelievable tension had filled the space between them. A sexual tension.

Sarah and Jeremy wouldn’t stop staring between them as if they just knew.

Brittany had been stuck to him like glue, pawing at his chest like a cat

Sarah and Brittany wanted to sleep over and all intentions of confronting her went out the window. He could have managed getting around his friends, he could have waited until they fell asleep but there was no way he could tip toe around the other two girls.

So begrudgingly he ended up back in his own room with Ian and Jeremy sleeping on the floor.

By the time he had waken up it was almost two in the afternoon and he’d found her in the kitchen with Sarah, Brittany was no where to be found. Thank fuck for that. She was clingy and annoying.

Jeremy stood next to Nova, she leaned over whispering something that had him smiling at her.

Clenching his fists be tried to stay calm. This was his friend, he wouldn’t start anything over a girl, over his step sister.

Axel pulled out his phone and contemplated whether he should call his mother back or not. She’d called early this morning and he’d been in a dead sleep. He never hesitated to call her back, usually she rescued him from his father and Patricia but this time he wanted to stay and he knew his mother was not going to be happy about it. She’d throw a fit about dad and Patricia leaving two teenagers unsupervised and she’d demand he stay at her place for the rest of the week until the newly weds came home.

He looked up from his phone and narrowed his eyes at Jeremy who held food and drink for two. “where are you two going?”

“To eat on the docks. We’ll be back” Nova said. Axel tensed, a dark cloud hovering over him. Anger and jealousy gripped him tight.

He didn’t even notice Sarah move closer until she was standing beside him gripping his arm, turning him to face her. His attention was swiftly drawn to Nova who had turned her head to glance at him before turning back and following Jermey down towards the docks.

Fuck! He wanted to shout, he wanted to stride after her, pull her back inside and demand they talk about what had happened.

“Axel we need to talk” Sarah insisted. Looking at her he contemplated telling her to fuck off. Her light brown hair was pulled back into a single braid. Her nose bothered him, it looked like it belonged on a chicken rather than on her. Her face was thin, her cheek bones prominent, she had average looks and she’d been a decent fuck.

“About what” he didn’t have time for this. He was itching to go check on Nova and Jeremy.

“Well... i... it’s...” she was stuttering obviously nervous and he was growing irritated, “I was just wondering if we.... you and me... um”

“What?” He snapped.

She blew out a harsh breath, “I want to do it again” she whispered low.

His brows drew together, what was she talking about? He mulled over it as she remained quiet expecting him to simply know what he was talking about.

Then it dawned on him.

His mouth curved into a wicked smile, ” you want to fuck” he said. She blinked at his bluntness and a dark red spread across her cheeks as she nodded.

A part of him had hated himself for his decision in having sex with Sarah, the main reason being she’d been a virgin and most girls became clingy to the ones who had taken their cherry. Sarah was no exception. He’d met her at a mutual friends house when he went to go buy a new stash, she’d been there and had openly flirted practically inviting him between her legs. He’d had no idea she was a virgin.

He was an asshole and he knew it, so as he laughed at her he shook his head and pulled out a much needed cigarette. She watched him as her face fell, he lit up and inhaled all the while keeping his eyes on her. He wouldn’t go there again.

“Why not” she asked.

He blew out a puff of smoke and leaned back into his chair, “Because I don’t do relationships babe and it’s obvious that’s what you’re aiming for.”

She scoffed, ” you just think your gods gift to earth don’t you?”

“Pretty much”

“Come on Axel. ” she stepped closer, her flowery perfume wrapping around his nostrils, “it’ll be better than last time”

He laughed and leaned away from her, “I doubt it. Why don’t you go spread your legs for Jeremy?”

Her face turned and angry shade of red her eyes darkened and she stomped her foot, “you’re such an asshole Axel!” He shrugged, he already knew that

“I don’t want Jeremy. Besides he’s into Nova and Nova is into him and I couldn’t do that to her” she said.

“She told you she was interested in Jeremy?” He asked trying to keep a calm facade.

Sarah bounced on her feet, ” not directly but you should see the way he looks at her and the way she looks at him. Definitely something there” she stated proudly.

Axel felt his face drop into a displeased scowl. There was that question that kept coming up, was Nova into Jeremy? She seemed to also be close to him, whispering things, laughing.

“Does that bother you Axel?” Sarah asked her voice splitting a knife between his thoughts.

“What? Nova and Jeremy? Of course” he watched her eyes widen and he desperately wanted to stop there but Sarah had a big mouth and he knew better than to admit the truth, “he’s my best friend and she’s my step sister that goes against the bro code”

“Which is?”

“Though shall not date a brothers sister”

She laughed and he couldn’t help but smile.
“Well if you ever change your mind... let me know ok?”

Defiantly not

“Ok” he said picking up his phone as he walked away.

Axel didn’t know how Nova could stand how silent the house always seemed to be. After Jeremy and Nova had come back in from their stupid picnic on the docks, Jeremy had left soon followed by Sarah.

Nova had escaped to her room and Axel had been in need of a shower. He’d dressed in a pair of basketball shorts and nothing else. His hair was still wet, a few strands hanging across his forehead.

He stood with his arms crossed leaning against his open doorway, soft music filtered beneath her door. He wasn’t sure how long he stood there listening to the sounds of her moving about her room and from the sound of things she was as restless as he was.

When the light beneath the door disappeared he knew his time had come. All day he’d been waiting to make his move and now was the perfect time.

Her bed creaked as she settled in.

His steps were determined as he opened her door and shut it quietly behind him.

“What are you doing Axel?” Her voice drifted from beneath the thick white comforter.

He didnt speak, instead he walked around to the side she wasn’t occupying and slid beneath her covers. The sheets were cool and the closer he became to her the more he could feel the heat from her body.

“Axel?” She turned to look at him, she seemed relieved as if someone else would try to snake their way into her bed. Over his dead body.

Her long golden hair was spread out beneath her across the pillow in soft waves. She clutched the comforter tight around her.

“We need to talk” he said wondering what she was wearing... or wasn’t.

“In my bed?”


“This couldn’t of waited?”

“No” he said simply.

She sighed and even in the dark he could see her nod. Her sheer curtains were light and the moonlight easily drifted through them into the room.

“You want to talk about what happened?” She asked.

He scoffed and scowled, “seriously you’re going to act stupid?”

She pinched his arm, he winced and chuckled. Little minx.

“Ok sorry” he said.

That undeniable tension was back. He could smell her, she smelt of roses and vanilla.

He heard her take a deep breath before letting it out, “what happened... shouldn’t of happened. We’re siblings-”

“Step siblings, not by blood” he said cutting her off.

“Ok but still... it’s weird... don’t you think so?” Her voice wavered, she was nervous.

He had to be confident, if he wasn’t she’d never take a step forward, “No, I think it’s natural. I think it’s two unrelated people who happened to meet because their parents got together and these two people just happened to have a connection”

“Yea but we’re considered family now”

“I don’t see it like that” he said truthfully. Even before his feelings began to stir he’d never seen Nova as his sister, he hadn’t wanted a sibling and he’d put his foot down on accepting her as one.

" I don’t know Axel”

A warm feeling settled in his stomach as she spoke his name.
“Tell me this feels wrong” he said.

Before she had a chance to respond or pull away he leaned up, his eyes locked onto her plush pink lips before he gripped the back of her head and slammed his lips onto hers. Her soft gasp gave him an open entry, he didn’t waste any time. His tongue flicked against hers, she tasted of mint, like freshly brushed teeth. Her hand came up and gripped his shoulder he expected her to push him away but instead she gripped him tight.

“Does this feel wrong Nova?” He asked against her lips unwilling to pull away.

She breathed out a shaky sigh, and he almost felt bad for pushing her, “n-no”

Sweet Triumph filled him and he pulled her closer kissing her deeper. He’d been with several girls and even the occasional older woman but none of them had ever made him feel the way Nova made him feel. That scared him because he wasn’t the type to dive into feelings and relationships. He fucked and went about his way. Nova was going to be different, Axel knew he’d never be able to walk away now.

All thoughts of hating her and making her life hell flew out the window the moment his lips had touched her while they were in that closet.

Pushing away all thoughts for later he swiftly changed their positions rolling her onto her back and hovered over her. Her eyes were bright and filled with anticipation. Her pajamas only consisted of a small belly baring tank top and underwear. His cock stirred and he lowered himself closer to her, her chest rose and feel faster as he pressed his bulge against her mound. Her heat seeped through the thin scrape of lace.

His mouth moved against hers urgently, Nova was pushing back against him fighting for urgency.

Axel brought his hand up, sliding it beneath the small tank top. Novas soft delicate skin was smooth as silk. His hand cupped her soft breast, her nipple was pointed hard beneath his hand. Nova let out a soft breathy moan. He smiled, she was a breast person, she was going to be super sensitive when his mouth was wrapped around her nipple.

His lips tilted up in a wicked smirk. He was going to devour her, drive her crazy and give her everything he had in him.

Axel was going to give his step sister a night she’d never forget.

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