Loving The Forbidden

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Chapter Seven

Novas body fell deeper into the mattress, her body was a mixture between tense and relaxed. She wasn’t quite sure what to think or feel.

Axels strong frame hovered above her, a few strands of hair hung hovering above his forehead. His eyes were a dark deep abyss of emotions, yet the truth of his words hung thickly in the air. He wanted her, and he didn’t see her as his step sister.

Could they do this?

She already knew their parents would flip. But this felt right. Nothing had ever felt more right than his lips on hers.

But she had to be weary, for Axel wasn’t the knight in shining armor, he was the devils servant and she didn’t doubt that he’d enjoy throwing her into the fiery pits of hell.

Would he turn around after all was said and done and do exactly as Luke had done?

Novas mouth was suddenly left bare as he moved down her neck, nibbling and sucking his way down to her breasts.

Her breasts felt full and heavy, they were begging for his attention. The hand that had been cupping and massaging her breast moved down and his mouth took its place. The first swipe of his tongue across the bud had her arching herself further into him. Her body lifted off the mattress and coming back down on a sigh. His teeth scraped across the bud sending electrical spears through her body.

Axel readjusted his position, his mouth was still latched onto her but now one hand came up to cup her other breasts and his other hand snaked down across her flat stomach and slightly curved hips, swiftly cupping her panty covered pussy. She knew she was soaking wet and she knew he could feel it. A satisfied smirk grew across his face.

Yep, he could feel it.

“Mmmm, baby doll. I can’t wait to taste this” he groaned a satisfied glint in his eyes.

He grinned at her wickedly before his fingers pushed her pink lace panties aside. His fingers slid across her wet lips, she rocked her hips forward hoping to slide them inside her. Axel chuckled and tsked.
“I don’t think so. We’re going to take our sweet time” he said continuing to run his fingers across her pussy lips.

A deep need settled inside her and her legs began to scissor back and forth. She wanted to feel him inside, the more he teased the more the ache grew.

“This isn’t fair Axel” she breathed out, her chest rising and falling rapidly.

“Hmm you may be right” he teased.

One finger dipped into her wet heat. Nova sucked in a harsh breath.
Her hips lifted and fell back down in a huff. He chuckled sliding his finger in and out. The sounds of her wet sex bounced off the walls echoing in their ears.

Suddenly his finger was gone and he inched downwards until he was laying between her legs, his face near the juncture between her thighs. She lifted her head and stared at him, completely shocked.

“What are you doing?” She asked feeing all kinds of self conscious.

He gave her a wicked glance not bothering to answer her. With the first swipe of his tongue she nearly bucked them both off of the bed. His arms came around and held her legs open securing them down so she couldn’t do it again.

Nova’s toes curled, the soft sheets beneath her became bunched in her small toes, Axel dived right in after the first taste. She’d never felt anything like it before, at first she was mortified but after awhile she relaxed slowly beginning to love it. His tongue swiped against her sensitive walls, flicking in and out of her pussy.

A tight hot coil of urgency began to build deep between her hips. This was new to her to, her first few times having sex had been nothing like this, it had been quick , a bit painful and had seemed to be all about the guy.

Not with Axel, he seemed intent on driving her mad with pleasure.

Novas fingers delved into his hair as she clutched him to her, the shell she’d been in was breaking.

“Axel” it came out as a breathy moan.

He groaned, his hips grinding into the mattress beneath him.
The heavy feeling that had waded up tight within her burst, the feeling of complete bliss reached her from her head to her toes. Axel lapped her, clearly enjoying her taste before pulling up and hovering above her.

Nova could smell herself on his breath as he inched closer to her face. It wasn’t a bad smell, and as he planted his lips on hers she noted it wasn’t a bad taste either. He smiled into the kiss when she didn’t pull away from him. His cock slipped against her wet entrance, the tip sliding into the crease before pulling out. His width would stretch her and she knew she would love it.

There was no going back after this. Nova knew she didn’t want to go back.

She grabbed the back of his neck and smash his lips to hers, they moved in synch, tasting each other. She bit his lower lip before letting go and sinking her head into the pillow.

His eyes sought hers as he gripped his cock with one hand and guided it back to her entrance. He inched forward, letting her become accustomed to his size. Her walls stretched to fit him, she wasn’t going to lie and say it was comfortable at first because it wasn’t.

Luke was no where near as big as Axel, so adjusting to Axels size was difficult.

Her vaginal walls burned on the brink of painful before turning into sweet pleasure. He began to move, thrusting deep, in and out. Her legs came up locking around his hips. As her back arched, her breasts thrust forward and Axel thrust deeper.

Nova moaned, her hands digging into his back.

Axel grunted and moaned as her wet heat tightened around him.

He began thrusting faster, the headboard didnt hold back as it slammed back and forth against the wall.

Nova was thankful no one was in the house except them.

His hand reached down, his fingers playing with her clit. Nova’s eyes practically rolled back in her head, the familiar build up was back and she was anxious to reach completion.

She lifted her hips in time with his thrusts, the heavy scent of sex and sweat was heavy in the air. Darkness wrapped them in its embrace.

“Nova” he called as he slammed forward.

Nova broke apart, her head swam and her body felt ten times lighter. They’d cum together, a warm liquid flowed from him into her.

Nova’s body went lax and she sank deeper into the mattress. Axel crashed into her, his muscular body covering hers.

She didn’t mind, she actually enjoyed it.

She must have dosed off, her eyes blinked open as a sharp tug on her neck woke her up.
Turning her head she watched as Axel sucked on her neck, his teeth scraping against her flesh.

Her body sprang to life, her nipples tightened and a wetness coated her vagina lips.
He smiled against her skin, his head inched downward.

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