Loving The Forbidden

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Chapter Eight

Axel watched as Novas still sleeping form was cuddled beneath the large white comforter, her chest rising and falling. He’d worn her out. He didn’t feel an inch of guilt by it either. He’d had the best sex he’d ever had and it had been with non other than Nova, his spoiled step sister.

Something had been completely different when it came to fucking Nova compared to fucking other women. Maybe it had been because the women he was used to were more confident and Nova had lacked that so he’d felt more dominate or maybe it was because for the first time in his life he felt himself falling for someone.

He’d had sex and his feelings had been on his sleeve.

Walking out of the room he snagged his shorts from the floor and headed down stairs. He turned into the kitchen and went straight for his favorite cabinet. Boxes upon boxes of different kinds of cereal sat on three shelves. He picked his favorite and grabbed a bowl quickly pouring himself some. After adding milk and finding a spoon he walked out onto the deck and took a seat at his step mothers favorite wicker patio set.

The sun was high in the sky, the summer heat was already having an effect on his already tanned skin.

He sat outside staring at the glistening lake.
The backdoor opened and closed and soft footsteps walked across the porch to where he sat.

He wasn’t sure what to say to her.

An akward tension stretched between them as Nova took a seat across from him. She looked beautiful, he admired her long hair hanging past her shoulders in soft waves, her bright eyes were averted to the table in front of her, her blue sundress show cased the swells of her breasts and he could tell she wore no bra.

Axel wanted to push his mouth on her again, to feel the hard nub against his tongue, and to hear her breathy moans as she reacted to him. He cast his eyes away from the prize and lifted then to her still form.

“I’m sorry” she mumbled, her head was still down and it was difficult to hear her.

“You’re sorry?” He asked.

She nodded her head in confirmation.

Anger rose like a wild fire, he narrowed his eyes at her, swiftly rising from his seat. She glanced up in surprise, her beautiful eyes watching him with uncertainty. It only served to irritate him further.

After last night there was no going back, even he knew that so if she thought they were going to tip toe around each other, to never explore each other again she was out of her mind. Nova sat there, she wouldn’t look at him and that only pissed him off more. He tried to calm himself as he didn’t want to scare her, in the past he wouldn’t of given a rats ass, he’d have enjoyed her being wary of him and slightly frightened but no longer.

He reached out taking hold of her chin and giving it a firm squeeze until she peeked up at him through her long thick lashes. She stared up at him with such vulnerability it almost knocked him on his ass.

He’d never dealt with this kind of stuff before and if he was being honest it scared him but Axel was willing to do just about anything to have her again even if it meant tackling emotional feelings.

“Don’t be sorry” he said trying to sound calm, he felt like he was trying to get near a wounded deer, ” I wanted this. You wanted this.” It took her a few moment before she nodded agreeing with him, “you’re mine now, this doesn’t stop just because we’ve fucked, if your ok with it I’d like for us to continue exploring whatever this is” he said gesturing between them.

She seemed surprised, her cheeks turned a light shade of red.
“I’d like that” she said.

Axel held out his hand to her, she quickly placed it in his and he hauled her out of her seat and guided her to his spot where he sat down and pulled her into his lap. Her ass was firmly nestled against his cock, his stomach tightened in longing. He wanted to be inside her again and in a moment she’d be able to feel just how much.

At first she was stiff but gradually grew relaxed even after feeling his lust for her. With his arms wrapped around her, she leaned back against his chest and they sat together staring out at the lake.

Nothing has seemed more right in his entire life.

It wasn’t until sometime later in the day that they’d decided to move from their spot.

Axel had headed back into the kitchen to make lunch as Nova headed into the livingroom to cuddle up on the couch.

Axel could tell she was still tired from last night. A sense of pride ran through him, he was the reason she was worn out.

He decided to be a decent human being for once and made her a sandwich as well.
Grabbing the bag of cheese balls and two cans of sprite he headed into the large overly decorated livingroom.

The large black leather sectional sat in the middle of the large room, two dark wood entables sat on either side, expensive looking lamps were placed about the room and the sky high windows let in the natural light. The walls were decorated with a woman’s touch, as well as they frilly pillows that sat on the couch and the various amount of flower pictures on the walls.

He took a seat next to Nova, her body was stretched out, her long tan legs deliciously slender, only a few hours ago they’d been wrapped around his hips as he rode her hard.

He grabbed her legs lifting them into the air ignoring her screeching protests and slid closer to her settling her legs across his lap. He turned to look at her, eye brows raised daring her to say something about it.

“Is that for me?” She asked glancing at the second plate.

“I suppose” He teased.

Her small pink tongue slid between her lips as she licked her bottom lip. He held back an audible groan. He couldn’t wait to have her mouth wrapped around his cock.

“Good cause I’m hungry” she said reaching and grabbing the plate along with the can of soda.
So am I, he thought not bothering to look away from her sensational rosy plump lips.

She scowled at him as she noticed where his mind had gone but as she looked away he caught sight of a small shy smile.

They sat in silence while watching television. The air wasn’t as thick with the awkward tension that had nearly suffocated him this morning, instead the longer they sat together the more comfortable she became around him.

“What are we going to do when school starts Axel?“Nova asked out of the blue.

Axel looked almost startled before catching himself and putting on a calm facade. Why did women ask questions like this? It wasn’t as if he could see the future.

“I don’t know. We’ll figure it out when the time comes”

Nova hadn’t seemed like the clingy type but maybe he was wrong.
He wasn’t entirely sure how he felt about that. It wasn’t like he was her first but then again he was sure Luke wasn’t the greatest lover, seeing as she’d been surprised and a little hesitant to let him do a lot of things last night.

She nodded, possibly content with the answer.

Putting his plate aside Axel leaned over grabbed her from around the waist and hauled her onto his lap.
The sweet smell of Nova was strong and heavy, it did certain things to him, he’d never had such a surging reaction to someone just by their smell.

Her legs spread on either side of his hips, her panty covered pussy hovered over hip, the bulge in his pants lightly brushing against her. Her hands gripped onto his shoulders, the Points of her nails digging into his back. Her mouth parted, he didn’t wait another minute before diving forward capturing her lips with his. He put everything he had into the kiss, the weightless way she made him feel last night came back and he soaked it in, he longed for it.

Fuck the rules.

Her hands drifted down his stomach, the muscle beneath her touch rippled. As she worked to unbotton his shorts, Axel brought his hands up to top of her dress. Yanking the blue fabric down, he bared her breasts, her areolas were a light champagne pink her nipples were drawn tight. He let his signature smirk come across his face as he leaned forward, Novas breath hitched but she continued to open his pants slowly working them down his hips.

Leaning forward he caught the small nub between his teeth, biting down rolling it between his lips. A loud moan came from her and she threw her head back. He cupped her other breasts rolling the tight nipple between his thumb and finger.

He watched her chest rise and fall in a quickened rhythm. Her hand gripped his cock tight moving up and down, his hips moved with the rhythm waning to be inside her.

The muscles in her thighs tightened, he could feel it against his hand as he moved downward. He cupped her cloth covered pussy, the fabric was wet and it only excited him further.

Pushing the fabric aside he wasted no time dipping a finger into her heat, her walls gripped him and he pumped in and out.
“I need you” she whispered breathlessly in his ear. He nodded, his heart pounding in his chest.

Taking his hand away he pulled Nova forward, her chest smashed against his, his mouth moved against hers, his tongue licking the inside of her sweet mouth.

Axel guided his penis to her wet entrance, he slipped between her folds earning a small moan. He was starting to sweat, desire was eating at him, he couldn’t wait any longer. He rammed forward, she was so tight, like a glove. She let out a small scream of pleasure and a moan of his own slipped out as he pumped his hips up.

God, it felt so good. Nothing had ever felt better than being inside his step sister.

Her hips began to move, slowly at first as she got her bearings, then she began to ride him like a pro at the Kentucky derby.
The familiar mind shattering feeling threatened to spill over.

He refused to finish without her.

Reaching between their bodies he began to help build her up. Her nails scored into his back, her head was once again thrown back and a small mewling came from her. He thrust up and let go. As she pulsed around him, he pulsed within her.

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