Twice Loved

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Chapter 10: Mason

I paused from chopping wood when I saw Olivia come out to bring me some water, a smirk on her face as she took in the scratches on my chest she'd given me the day before. Blood immediately rushed down to my dick with the memory; her coming to find me stroking my cock in bed, batting my hand away, and climbing on top to fuck me with her soaking wet pussy. She'd told me in gasping breaths everything that had happened between her and Noah, and it'd taken all of my willpower to not come inside her after thirty seconds.
Even then, it didn't last long. After she'd begun to arch her back and claw her nails down my chest I'd flipped her over and pressed her into the bed, fucking her from behind while I told her all the fucking dirty things Noah and I were going to do to her when we got her between us.
She'd detonated hard beneath me, burying her screams into the blankets as she pulsed around me, dragging my own orgasm out of me before I even knew what was happening.
With a small giggle from Liv, I came back to the present.
"You're a brat, you know that right?" I grinned at Olivia, enjoying the way she threw her head back and laughed at my comment. I gratefully downed the water before handing the glass back to her.
"Yeah, I know. But I'm cute, at least."
I snorted. "Cute is putting it lightly. You're a living, breathing temptation Olivia. Now stop walking around in a sports bra and booty shorts, or I'll take that as an invitation to fuck you when and wherever I want."
She'd started to back away from me while I spoke, and with a cheeky smile she yelled as she hurried away. "Who says it isn't?"
I was sure she couldn't hear the growl that escaped me as my cock throbbed, but her tinkling laughter that trailed through the light breeze towards me said she knew what kind of affect her words would have.
"Someone needs a goddamn spanking," I muttered to myself as I ignored the ache in my groin and picked up the ax to finish chopping wood.
Just under an hour later I had finished chopping and setting the wood at the side of the house. I walked into the cabin and paused, listening for signs of life from the other two. I heard some grunting coming from Noah's room, and I distantly wondered if maybe Olivia had already convinced Noah to fuck her, but as I didn't hear any feminine noises, I doubted it.
Completely curious, I made my way over to the cracked open door of his room. I made sure to step not-so-quietly, just in case I was about to interrupt anything personal. I took a look around the corner of his door and noticed him on the ground, doing what looked like a grueling set of push ups.
His bare back was covered in a light sheen of sweat, and as I studied him I noticed a slight tremble in his arms as he moved up and down. My eyes traveled down the flexing muscles of his shoulders, down to where his golden skin disappeared beneath the light shorts he had on.
"You just gonna stand there in the doorway, or are you gonna come in?"
I let out a small breath of a laugh at Noah's words. "Just taking a moment to appreciate the view."
His arms faltered for a moment, but then picked up the rhythm once again. He didn't respond, but didn't tell me to go away. I waited until he put his knees back down to the floor, breathing hard and resting, his head hanging between his shoulders before I approached him.
I moved in front of him and squatted down to his eye level. I waited until he looked up at me and I studied him in silence while I figured out the best approach for what I had to say.
"Is there a reason you've stayed in your room all day?"
He flushed at my question and looked away. He jumped to his feet and moved away from me, my curious gaze following him as he grabbed a towel and wiped sweat off his skin. I stood as well but stayed where I was.
"Just haven't felt like coming out," he grumbled.
"So you're not avoiding me then? Or Olivia?" I watched him stiffen up and knew I'd hit the nail on the head. He couldn't see me, but I nodded my head in confirmation of my suspicion. "Hey, look at me Noah."
He turned at the gentle command. His eyes were wary, and I could tell he'd rather be doing pretty much anything else other than having this conversation.
Tough shit.
"If you want to try this out with us, the three of us, then this hiding thing isn't going to work. I understand that you need time to figure it out, but don't shut us out in the process. You're going to hurt Olivia's feelings if you avoid her too much, especially after what happened between you two yesterday."
He turned fully to face me, his flush spreading from his face down his chest.
"You know about that?"
"No secrets, remember? Secrets create jealousy and mistrust, and I won't allow for any of that. So yes, she came and told me what happened between you two."
He rubbed the back of his neck and I couldn't help but enjoy the way his muscles flexed at the gesture. I felt my cock start to thicken in my pants, but I ignored it.
"And... you don't mind?" His question was nervous, but hopeful. Something about the way he asked made realization click in my head.
"Is that why you've exiled yourself? You thought I'd be upset I wasn't included?"
He nodded, and I moved closer to him. I wanted to feel the heat coming off him, watch his reaction when I spoke next.
"I can promise you that's not the case. I caught a glimpse of Liv sucking your cock, and I admit I wanted to join, but overwhelming you with both of us right away would be cruel." I took another step closer, loving the way his breath hitched and his pupils widened at my nearness.
"What exactly did Olivia tell you?" His voice had gone lower, less controlled. I knew what he wanted to hear, so I gave it to him.
"She told me all about how you tasted and felt in her mouth. How she gave you a hint as to what kind of lover I am. But that's less important than how she told me. Which," I interrupted before he could ask, "was while she was riding my cock."
Noah let out a groan and closed his eyes. I took a small risk by stepping closer, pressing my bare chest against his own. His hard as fuck cock against mine. Both of us let out strangled sounds at the feeling but didn't move after the initial press. I fought the urge to grasp his hair in one hand and his ass in the other, the need to put my mouth on his and taste him again nearly obliterating my control.
"I want you, Noah. Olivia does too. But I want to make clear; if you choose, it's either both of us or neither."
I took a step back, my body protesting at the distance. Noah opened his eyes and looked into mine, and I saw so many emotions there it was hard to sift through them all.
"I understand," was all Noah said before he walked past me and towards the bathroom, shutting the door behind him. I nibbled on my lower lip, wondering if I'd pushed too hard.
I shook my head and walked out, heading to my own bathroom for a shower. No, it'd needed to be said. I could feel it with every fiber of my being- if Noah decided to stay away form Olivia and me it would hurt, but if he chose only one of us it would destroy us all.
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