Twice Loved

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Chapter 13: Mason

I walked through the town's store briskly, grabbing things off the shelves and shoving them in my cart, not caring about where they ended up. The only thing I cared about was getting my shit and getting home. I missed Olivia and Noah more than I thought I would after only a couple hours. I couldn't stop thinking about the night before, how much the both of them had trusted me to do right by them, and how well both of them had followed direction. I knew Olivia could, but men were always hit or miss. Some felt like it was "unmanly" or some shit to submit to another man. I couldn't care less about those kinds of perceptions, and it seemed like Noah didn't either.

Finally grabbing the last of the stuff off my list, I headed to the front of the store where Maggie and Paul, the older couple who owned and ran the store sat listening to the news on the radio.

"...still missing. Authorities are asking anyone with any information to come forward."

"Good afternoon Mason! No Olivia this time?" Maggie greeted me with a smile, and like always held out her hand for me to kiss which I did without hesitation.

"Nah, she's at home taking care of something." Or someone, I thought with a sly grin. I started to unload my stuff onto the counter for Paul to scan. In the moment of silence, the man on the radio said something that pricked at my brain and I looked to it, actually taking in the words.

"Standing around 6'4", he has dark hair and gray eyes. He is known to have been missing for at least two weeks. Owning and running one of the country's largest conglomerate companies, Noah Pierson- better known by his middle name Slate- has disappeared with no leads as to where he might have gone. Authorities are beginning to suspect foul play."

I froze, all of those details hitting me right in the chest. I had no doubt that the missing man they were talking about was the one currently holed up in my cabin.

"Crazy, right?" Paul broke into my thoughts. "They've been talking about this missing man for days. Apparently, no one's seen hide nor hair of him."

I cleared my throat, my pulse hammering in my throat. "Yeah, crazy."

I quickly paid for my stuff, thanking them both and hurrying out to my car. Once I got my stuff loaded, I pulled out my phone and google "Noah Slate Pierson". Immediately, I knew I was right. Pictures galore of Noah popped up on the screen, ones of him with women, ones of him in suits, at build sites, on covers of magazines. This man was fucking infamous, and he'd spent the last couple weeks at my cabin, healing from almost being killed. I took a deep breath and blew it out, knowing that I was going to have to come clean about my discovery when I got home.

My happy bubble had burst, and I didn't like it. I wasn't ready for Noah to leave, but I knew in my heart that it was very likely he would. If nothing else, I would want to figure out who I was and I felt sure he would be the same.

I contemplated how exactly to bring the subject up the whole way back to the cabin, and by the time arrived I still had no fucking clue how to do it gracefully. With a heavy heart I grabbed all the bags from my trip and carried them inside.

Opening the door, I was surprised to walk in on Olivia wrestling Noah to the ground. They froze when I stepped in, both of them looking over at me as I took in the sight.

Spilled playing cards and poker chips littered the floor, as did random articles of clothing. Olivia was practically naked, wearing nothing but a lacy thong, while Noah had on a shirt, boxer briefs, and one sock. They were on the floor struggling- Olivia looked like she was trying to get his shirt off and he seemed to be preventing her.

"He's a cheater!" Olivia sat up, struggling out of his hold and straddling his hips as she pouted, crossing her arms under her bare breasts. Both mine and Noah's eyes zoomed in on the movement, unable to help ourselves. Olivia let out a scoffing sound, and I shook my head to focus on what she'd said.

"Cheating at what?" It was a stupid question really since the evidence was in plain sight, but it was the first words that I could think of.

"Cards! Any game- all of them!" She threw her hands in the air, and I bit back a groan when her tits bounced with the movement. I was only a man, after all. I was going to notice.

"I think you're just bitter because you lost," Noah taunted. Olivia let out a shriek and dove for another attack, one that Noah easily thwarted. He rolled the two of them over and I grinned as I watched them struggle. Fuck, it was a pretty sight to watch the two of them together.

The grocery bags started cutting into my hands, and I cleared my throat to get their attention. They both paused and looked at me and I held up the bags.

"How about a little help here?"

Noah jumped up off Olivia and she grumbled but allowed him to help her stand. They both leaned down to pick up their clothes, and something wicked and smoldering had me barking out an order in that voice.

"Stop." They froze once more. "I want you to help me just the way you are. Actually, Noah why don't you take off that shirt and sock to even the odds a little bit here."

I watched as both of their skin flushed, but they did as I asked. I hummed with approval when they were both down to the one article of clothing. It was a bit of a safety net for them, but in reality not much was hidden. I could see every dip and curve of Olivia's cunt, and how wet she was. I could see the outline of Noah's cock as it pressed against the fabric, large and hot.

I knew that what I had learned today would change everything for us; I'd expected things to change when Noah got his memory back, but I honestly hadn't expected change to come so quickly. I wanted this one last night, if that was all we got together. I decided right then that I would wait to tell them until morning and give this night as a gift to the memory of us. No matter what the future brought, we'd at least have this.

It was comfortably quiet between the three of us as we put away everything from groceries to new clothes for Noah, but the tension in the air was thick. The anticipation grew, Olivia and Noah wondering exactly what I had planned.

Once I'd placed the last can of soup in the cupboard, I turned to find Olivia and Noah watching me. They were shifting on their feet, excitement and a little bit of nerves showing. I leaned back against the counter, studying them as I crossed my arms.

"I want you both in my room, naked. Kneeling on the floor when I walk in. You have two minutes."

Olivia grinned, then grabbed Noah's hand as she turned and bolted up the stairs. I chuckled at her enthusiasm, and appreciated the way Noah followed without argument. I couldn't imagine being in his position, and he was handling everything way better than I imagined I would have. Let's hope that continued to be the case tomorrow morning.

Blowing my breath out, I shook my head to clear it. Now was not the time for all that. I had a responsibility to the two people waiting for me, and it was all about pleasure. Connection.

And I was going to give it to them so good, neither of them would ever forget it.

Re-centered and ready, I started to make my way up the stairs, stripping my clothes off as I went. By the time I made it to my room and pushed the door all the way open to find Olivia and Noah waiting obediently, I was as naked as them. Their eyes immediately landed on my hard dick that completely stood out from my body. I was not surprised to see Olivia lick her lips, but I was slightly taken aback at the way Noah focused on it, like he wanted to swallow me down.

I stroked myself, precum beading at the tip and rolling down my length.

"Come over here Noah. Come and get a taste like I know you want to." He groaned and closed the small distance between us before looking up at me. He swallowed hard, the nervousness obvious. I ran my fingers through his hair, giving him a small bit if encouragement and comfort. "Just do what you know feels good."

Determination filled his eyes, and I held myself out for him while he opened his mouth and took me in for the first time. I groaned as his hot mouth closed around me and sucked, using all of my control to stay still and not thrust deep into his mouth. I didn't want to scare him off but fuck he felt good. He moved cautiously at first, but when my fingers tightened in his hair and I let out a low hiss he went all in. Suddenly his mouth was a vice around my cock, and I was gritting my teeth to hold on and not instantly come.

"Shit, that's so hot. Oh my god," Olivia moaned, catching my attention. I looked over to find her squeezing her tits, her eyes wild and dilated, her hips shifting like she was trying to find some relief. Pleasure zinged through me and I pulled Noah off my cock before I exploded.

"Enough," I ordered in a harsh voice. I wasn't angey- not at all. I was on the edge of my control, and the two people I loved had brought me there.

Loved? I froze at the thought, realizing for the first time that I had fallen hard. Olivia was a given; I'd loved her for years. But loving Noah this quickly came as a surprise. I barely knew him- hell, he barely even knew himself! But I couldn't deny what my pounding heart was telling me. Pushing the feelings deep down so I could deal with them later, I moved onto the next part of my plan.

I ordered Olivia onto the bed, and pulled Noah up to his feet, motioning for him to follow as we walked towards our girl. She was on her knees on the bed, hungry eyes raking over us until we stopped in front of her. I leaned down and took her mouth, kissing her with all the heat and love I felt for her. I moved back and Noah dove in while I watched. Olivia's hand tugged on my arm, silently asking me to join. Sure, it was slightly awkward to kiss two other people at once, but it was also fucking hot. Feeling our tongues all tangling together, messy and unorganized. Pure passion and need drove the kiss for what felt like forever, until we all pulled back breathing hard.

I cupped Olivia's face, warmth spreading through me as she happily nuzzled into my palm. "Are you ready for both of us baby?"

She looked up at me, then at Noah, and realization burned in her eyes. A moan escaped her and she nodded feverishly. "God, yes please. I want you both."

"Noah," I turned to face him, "lay on the bed."

He didn't even hesitate, walking around me and splaying out on the bed. He was obviously proud of his body, a smirk on his lips while Olivia and I studied him.

"Beautiful," Olivia breathed out. I softly pushed on her back, telling her to go over to him. She crawled as I watched her use her whole body to caress his, sliding up his body while she slowly kissed and licked his skin. He grabbed handfuls of her hair, pulling her up the rest of the way and devouring her mouth. Their hips pushed against each other, Olivia rubbing her pussy along his dick like neither of them could stop themselves.

I moved onto the bed behind Olivia and grabbed her hips, holding her still. When they both paused, I grinned right before lifting Olivia and flipping her over. Both of them let out surprised laughs, and Olivia lay back, settling onto Noah's chest. My heart lurched at the sight, both of them beautifully nude, relaxed and happy, just waiting for my next move.

When I could breathe again I said, "If I could paint this, I would. You look perfect. So fucking perfect."

Both of their cheeks flushed, and Noah moved his hands to cup her full breasts. I groaned, my cock jerking with the small tease. Time to repay the favor.

Reaching down, I grasped Noah's cock where it lay pressing up against Olivia's pussy. It was already wet, having been rubbing against her juices and I relished the feeling as I stroked him. My strokes had him groaning, his hands tightening on Olivia's tits and making her whimper in turn.

I slapped Noah's dick on Liv's clit just to watch their reactions. She reached up behind her and curled her fingers in his hair. Noah plucked at Olivia's nipples, his jaw tight and his eyes fiery as they met mine. I let out a low, raspy chuckle.

"I hope you two are ready for this, because I'm just barely fucking getting started."

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