Twice Loved

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Chapter 14: Noah

"Shiiit," I said in a tight voice. It already felt so good and by the glint in Mason's eyes I figured there was so much more to come.
No pun intended.
"Tonight," Mason said as he watched himself continue to rub my cock on Olivia's dripping pussy, "you're going to be taking her ass while I fuck this tight pussy. She loves feeling two big cocks inside her, don't you Olivia?"
"Fuck yes," she groaned. I could feel the vibration of her answer ripple through my chest, and I pinched her nipples hard. Mason took that moment to press the tip of my cock against her pussy hole, surprising both Olivia and me. Just the tip was inside her, and she squeezed tight around me while Mason held me just inside her, his fist wrapped tight around me just under the head.
"You two are gonna kill me when you're done," I gasped out.
"But you'll die happy," Mason said.
He wasn't wrong. If I died right now, this moment, I would already be the happiest man on the earth.
"I want you to push inside her pussy Noah, loosen it up a little for me before you take her ass."
My head fell back against the pillows and I grabbed Olivia's hips to hold her still as I did what Mason commanded. I pushed my hips up against her ass, pressing deeper inside and groaning at the feeling of Mason's hand squeezing me as I went deeper into Olivia's tight cunt. I was sure I had never felt anything like this before- even with my memory loss it wasn't something I could ever forget.
Olivia squirmed above me and I clamped my hands tighter to hold her still. At the exact same time, a slapping sound echoed in the room, and a broken cry flew from Olivia's mouth. She squeezed impossibly tighter around my dick, and I lifted my head to see exactly what was going on. I watched as Mason reached down and spanked her splayed pussy. I could feel how much wetter it was making her, and I grit my teeth to keep myself in check.
"Mason, Noah... I, I can't-" Olivia pulsed around me, and I knew she was about to come.
"That's right baby, come on his cock while he's deep inside you and I spank your hard little clit. I want to see you leaking down his cock and balls." Mason's words set her off immediately and her nails dug into my arms as she burst apart around me. I could feel precum leaking out of me, but I somehow managed not to shoot my load. It was a fucking miracle, but I did it.
My eyes met Mason's, and the raw need I saw in his face matched my own. He nodded, and I knew that it was time. I pulled Olivia up, sliding her off my cock and straddling my thighs so that I could angle myself into her secret spot. She was completely relaxed, and because of how wet she'd been I only needed to add a little bit of lube to my cock before pressing it to her hole.
"I'm ready whenever you are," I said to her in a scratchy voice. She looked back over her shoulder at me, a happy smile on her face and fire in her eyes.
"Take me," she said.
It was all the confirmation I needed. I pressed her back and down, the tip of my cock sliding in even easier than I'd expected. She was tight as hell and it was still a slow process to ease her onto me but the moans that passed her lips told me she was enjoying the process. Sweat had built up on my skin and rolled off me with the effort it took to not immediately come in her ass. When she'd finally taken me in to the hilt, she leaned forward, grabbing onto my thighs and lifted herself slowly off me before plunging back down.
"Fuck, oh fuck Olivia." Bright lights swam across my vision, pure pleasure making more precum leak from my cock . I could barely watch her rocking on me without losing every shred of my control, and thankfully Mason stopped her before I did just that.
"Lean back baby. Let me inside," he said while helping her to lay back on my chest once again. Her walls rippled around me and my cock pulsed inside her, and I knew it wasn't going to take either of us very long to come all over again.
Mason climbed over us, looking back and forth between our faces before leaning down to kiss Olivia, then me. It was a moment of tenderness that pulled at my heart. Mason leaned back on his heels and stoked his cock as he stared at how deep I was buried inside her ass.
"Shit, you both look so good. I can't wait to feel both of you."
With that, he pressed forward, taking his time as he pushed his big cock into Olivia's dripping pussy. I groaned at the feeling of his dick rubbing against mine, at how much tighter it made Olivia around me.
"I can feel you," I managed to gasp out just as he bottomed out inside her.
"Just wait," Mason replied in a dark, excited voice. Before I could ask what he meant, he slid out and back in slowly. I could feel every inch of him rubbing against every thick inch of me and my hips jerked in reaction.
"Holy fuck Mason," I grit out.
"Why are you guys moving so slow? You're killing me here," Olivia piped up in a strangled voice.
"What's the matter little girl, you don't like feeling me go deep in you like this?" Mason demonstrated what he meant and I struggled to keep my brain intact as I followed his lead.
"Or is it that you want me to move too? Do you need both of us fucking you at the same time baby?"
"Yes, yes yes yes." She moaned between the two of us as we picked up our movements, completely in sync. One of us pulled out as the other slid back in, her holes squeezing and pulsing around us while she shook in our arms.
The three of us moved together, and I squeezed Olivia tighter as I grew closer to the edge. I could see Mason starting to lose it over her shoulder, and his dark eyes burned into mine and Olivia's as he fucked us furiously. I could feel him through the thin wall between her pussy and ass, and I knew he could feel me as well. More than physically, I could feel the two of these people burrow deep into my heart. I knew I was falling for them, and I had no idea what the future held for myself, much less the three of us. It was unconventional, but it felt so fucking right.
"Come for us Liv, we want to feel you burst around our cocks as we fuck deep inside your ass and cunt. I want to feel your juices drip off my dick onto Noah's. Come little girl, now."
"I'm gonna..." Olivia trailed off just as she began to fall apart, her orgasm tearing through her and making her scream. She became impossibly tighter and I couldn't hold on any longer. I bit into her shoulder as my cum began to explode inside her and filling her up. Mason detonated right after me, and continued to thrust in and out of Olivia, drawing all of our orgasms out as long as possible.
We were still panting when Mason carefully pulled out of Olivia, then gently pulled her off of me and placing her onto the bed before the two of us wrapped her up in our arms. I searched for Mason's hand, holding it in mine and my heart thumped when he squeezed it tightly in his grip. Something in the air changed, and I lifted my head to look at him with a question in my eyes.
He met my gaze and lightly shook his head, mouthing the word "later". He shifted his eyes pointedly to Olivia, and I looked over at her. A smile split my lips when I saw she'd already passed out, happily cocooned between us. I lay back on the bed and decided not to worry about anything but the absolute happiness coursing through me.

Waking up, I stretched my arms and legs out until I felt a warm body stir next to me. I opened my eyes to see Olivia smiling up at me, her long hair messed and wild looking. My heart lurched at the sight, and I knew I could get used to seeing this every day.
"Good morning," she rasped in her sleepy voice and then scooted over so I could wrap her up in my arms.
"Good morning indeed," I responded and softly kissed her lips. Glancing over her shoulder, I noticed that the spot where Mason had slept was empty.
"He's cooking breakfast. He almost always gets up before me, so it's something you get used to."
I hugged her tighter, the inference that she wanted me to stay making me grin. I buried my face in her hair and held her for minutes before I tilted her head up to face me so I could place another soft kiss on her lips. She let out a soft sound of pleasure when I let my tongue out to lick the seam between her lips, and then another sound of need when I pulled away before it could go deeper.
"Go find Mason and help him out," I said. "I'm going to shower really quick and then be down."
"Yes sir," she teased. She let out a yelp when I smacked her ass, but winked at me before she threw a t-shirt of Mason's over her head and flounced out the door.
I shook my head with a chuckle, and jumped int he shower to rinse off and take a minute to process everything. I knew that I wanted to stay, and I was determined to let them know when I went downstairs.
I bounded down the stairs after towel drying and stealing some pants from Mason's drawers, excitement bubbling up in me at the thought of the future with these two, and turned into the kitchen when I heard their voices murmuring quietly. AS I came around the corner, they both stopped talking and turned to look at me. The look on both of their faces had me slowing, the smile that had been on my face slowly wilting when I realized that something was wrong.
"Is... everything alright?" I shifted my feet in nervousness, and Watched as Olivia bit her lip and looked over to Mason. I faced him, and his eyes held a look I couldn't quite name. Before I could say anything else, he uttered three words that had my brain halting and sweat building on my skin.
"Noah Slate Pierson."
I grabbed onto the counter, blood draining from my face as the name pounded through my head, things that had been hazy suddenly pushing to the forefront of my mind and bombarding me.
"Don't worry boss, I'll get it taken care of."
"Fucking good. This has been dragging on way too long. The deal should've been finalized last week, and I won't have them taking any longer to stall. I'm tearing down that center in a month whether they're still there or not."
The thin man showed no reaction, as he was well trained. I knew he'd make sure that the nuns running the homeless center in the middle of downtown would sign away the deed to the land one way or another. Sure, it made me a fucking asshole, but it also made me a fuck-ton of money so why should I care how it got done?
I came back to the present, gasping as the memory dissipated. I felt hands running over my skin and guiding me to sit in the nearest chair, two different voices trying to sooth me and bring me back to them. I blinked harshly, finally lifting my head and looking at the two of them. Olivia was white as a ghost, fear in her eyes as she checked me over. Mason had lined of tension bracketing his mouth, some emotion making his hands tense and loosen over and over again.
Shame filled me and bile worked its way up my throat, making me swallow convulsively before I could get any words out.
"Where did you hear that name? How long have you known it?" Something like fear and anger consumed me and I pushed away from the two of them. I knew it wasn't their fault and my conscience told me they weren't the type of people to have hidden the knowledge of my full name this whole time. But I wasn't thinking rationally, and with the tiny piece of memory I'd gotten back I had a bad feeling about remembering my life. I didn't want to remember, and I wish Mason had never fucking said my name out loud.
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