Twice Loved

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Chapter 17: Noah

"Very good." Mason's smile was a mixture of wickedness and pleasure, and I swallowed to try and moisten my suddenly dry mouth.

I watched as Mason leaned over to the table and picked up a knife, and my eyes widened before I could stop them. Mason caught my slightly petrified look and chuckled.

"Don't worry, this isn't for you." He measured out a few lengths of rope and used the knife to cut them. I visibly relaxed- for a moment there I had wondered if I'd completely misjudged his sanity. Then again, I figured I should probably still be a little worried about what exactly he was going to be doing with the rope. I hadn't been lying when I'd told him the thought of being restrained, unable to move or escape freaked me the hell out. My heart pounded a fast rhythm inside my chest, and I swallowed hard as he set the knife back down and faced me with the prepared rope.

"I understand your hesitation in being bound, and I respect that. I'm going to test that limit, but I just need you to continue to trust me as we go. Like I said, I'm going to push your limits but know that if you start to panic or anything I need you let me know so we can adjust. We can pick a safe word, or if it's easier for you, you can just snap."

"Snapping is fine." I knew myself well enough to know that I might not be able to vocalize my hesitation, and was grateful he gave me the option to help that.

He nodded, then leaned forward. He dropped several lengths of rope on my chest, keeping one as he gathered my wrists together in his hands. His cock, hard and thick, rubbed against my own and I fought for control. My eyes closed to slits, and all I could see was the hard muscles of his chest as he hovered over me. I could feel the rope winding around my wrists and tightening, but not uncomfortably. My heart thudded hard in my chest, but I swallowed my protests. I tilted my head back and my eyes followed the tendons in his neck, the skin taunting me and making my lips tingle with desire to feel it, trace it with my tongue.

My eyes moved higher and found Mason's, eyes dark and glittering.

"Try pulling your wrists apart." I did as he told me, noting that I had a tiny bit of wiggle room so as to avoid actually being hurt. "It'll be extremely difficult for you to get that undone, but I can pull one piece and unravel it all at once if needed."

His assurance calmed me, and I nodded that I understood. He sat back again, studied me, and reached for some more rope. He began at my bound wrists and twined it around and between my arms down to my elbows. He moved carefully, his hands stroking my skin and checking on me as he worked, and something about the sureness of the way he bound me, the tightening of the rope around my skin, and his softly murmured words of encouragement as he worked had me turning into putty in his hands.

It was gently erotic, and I found myself lulled into a sense of peace even as lust and need pounded underneath my skin. My eyes slid shut as he finished the last few knots in the rope. I felt like I was floating, and I barely registered Mason getting off the bed.

I heard some shuffling, and registered his body heat next to my head just before something slid over my eyes. My whole body jerked, and Mason's hands immediately cradled my head.

"Shh, shh, shh. Noah, I've got you. It's just the blindfold. Keep your eyes closed and breathe with me."

His hands ran over my head and arms, across my chest as he audibly took breaths in and out. I followed his instructions, and to my surprise after a few moments I felt the calm from before take over my anxiety. My skin still felt a little clammy, but my fears about the blindfold were sliding away.

"Are you good?"

I nodded at Mason's words. His breath wafted across my face and a moment later his lips were on mine. He didn't start off gently; the kiss was ravenous, devouring. I could taste how much he needed me on his tongue, how much my submission meant to him with every scrape of his teeth on my bottom lip.

I moaned in protest when he pulled away, but he shushed me again and I reluctantly fell quiet. I could hear him moving around, although i couldn't quite tell what he was doing. With the blindfold on, all my other senses were on high alert. The ropes against my skin were more noticeable. I could easily pinpoint exactly where Mason was as he moved around even if I couldn't tell what he was doing. I could smell him, could feel my skin prickling with anticipation and nerves.

I listened as Mason came close and stood by my side. I could feel the change in the air as he leaned over me and placed his hands right next to each other on my stomach.

And fuck, but his hands were goddamn freezing! I drew in a sharp breath and my stomach hollowed out, naturally trying to escape the cold bite. Mason chuckled above me, pressing harder into my abdomen.

"Jesus, what the hell Mason?" He pinched my side and a small yelp flew out of my mouth.

"Don't speak unless I ask you a question or you're using your safeword. Besides, I already told you that you're going to be uncomfortable. This is only the beginning, Noah."

One of his hands lifted from my skin and I heard some clinking before his hand came back- this time with a piece of ice that he used to trace the lines from my chest, down my abs, and lower. I hissed quietly as he traced the "v" that led straight to my throbbing cock. Even with the shock of the cold, it hadn't gone down even a little. He lifted the ice from my skin, and seconds later cold water dripped lightly onto the head of my dick.

I could feel it jerk with each small drop, and Mason let out a grunt of satisfaction at my body's reaction.

"Your cock looks good all wet like that. Very tempting, Noah. Too bad it's not going to get any relief any time soon."

I clenched my hands together and let a silent groan ring through my head. Fuck, I wanted to come so bad already and he'd barely even touched me. He hadn't touched my cock at all, and it was practically begging for some attention.

Mason continued the torture for what felt like hours, his cold hands leaving my body only to shock me by being placed in a completely different area. Then the ice, tracing my jumping veins and muscles as I did my best to sit still. Followed by the dripping water onto my cock, which I soon discovered was just enough to cool me down so I didn't blow my load but not cold enough to make my erection wilt at all.

My body was trembling by the time Mason's hands landed on my shoulders and pulled me up to a sitting position. I rolled my shoulders as I brought my hands down to rest on my thighs. I was so fucking tempted to rub myself while I had the chance, but I was very aware that Mason had yet to use the butt plug or crop on me, and I didn't want to incur any more punishment than I already had in store.

His hands manipulated my body so that I was kneeling on the bed, my tied arms bracing my weight and my ass high in the air. My legs were spread enough that no part of me was touching my cock, which hung, heavy and thick and desperate for attention. I rested my forehead on the bed between my arms, my breath heavy and panting.

I heard Mason move behind me, and moments later his hands rested on the curves of my ass. Thankfully, they were back to normal temperature but I still jumped in expectation of them being cold.

"Someone's a little jumpy, I see." I kept in the smartass retort, but just barely. Mason squeezed my cheeks and a small moan passed my lips. "Very good job keeping that mouth shut Noah. It's already gotten you into trouble tonight and I'm sure you don't want to give me any more of a reason to punish you, do you?"

"No, Sir."

"I love hearing those words from you. Now, I'm going to use the crop, and it's going to hurt. I'll start of slow, but remember you have your safeword if you really need it."

"Thank you, Sir." I took a risk by responding, and the small sting of the crop on the bottom of my foot let me know that he liked my answer, but I still broke the rule.

"You're lucky I liked that. Now, just breathe and relax. As much as possible anyway."

I heard the woosh of air a split second before the crop landed a stripe across my left ass cheek, and my body clenched in an effort to block out the pain.

Jesus fuck, that was uncomfortable. He waited a couple seconds, then landed one on my other cheek. I tried breathing through my nose, and just as I began to get accustomed to the level of pain, Mason began to hit me harder. He alternated sides and areas, and soon enough my skin from the small of my back all the way down my thighs was on fire.

Even though I could feel each and every hit, and feel how it increased the pain, my brain began to float, and the pain morphed into something like release. Not a sexual kind, but all the hurt and confusion that I'd been holding onto was slipping away. The thoughts that had been going in circles in my head calmed, and pieces of clarity clicked into place. My body relaxed with my mind, and I could barely register Mason's grunt of satisfaction, and the words that followed.

"You're doing great Noah, just a few more." Mason really let go, and I bit my lip to keep any stray noises in. Yes, I was able to handle the hits a lot better now but it still hurt like a bitch.

I heard the crop fall to the floor, and then his hands were on my ass again. I hissed as his fingers bit into the skin, but managed not to actually say anything.

"Fuck Noah, you look so good with your skin all red like this. I can't tell if it makes me want to soothe your skin or fuck your ass so you feel it even more." His hands slid to my hips and then across my front, suddenly gripping my dick tight in his hands and stroking it.

I couldn't stop the strangled noises that left me, the sudden feeling of his hands pleasuring me confusing and spiking my adrenaline.

He stopped, quickly taking his hands away and a dry sob heaved in my chest at the loss.

"Quiet Noah. We've got one more step and then we're done with this part."

This part? The words echoed in my mind, wondering what he meant. However, when I heard the click of a bottle and felt cool liquid trailing down the crack of my ass, I forgot all about trying to figure out what he'd meant.

"I'm going to put the plug in your ass now Noah. I'll go slowly since I'm pretty sure this is your first time and I don't want to actually hurt you. But I need you to relax, and push back when I tell you. Got it?"

"Yes, Sir." My voice was raw and broken, just like my heart. I was excited for this, but oh so nervous as well.

I felt the cool metal touch my hole, and even though I was mostly ready for this, my ass still clenched at the impending invasion.

"Relax," Mason commanded in a voice that had me doing just that. As my muscles loosened, Mason pushed the plug in. "Now, push back and breathe out slowly."

I did as he said, and just when I thought I couldn't take the burning stretch anymore, my hole tightened and pulled the plug the rest of the way in. I gasped at the feeling of fullness, and gasped again when Mason grabbed the end and twisted it inside me. My cock pulsed in the air beneath me, and I could just feel the precum leaking from the tip.

"Mmm, that's what I like to see. I can tell you like having this plug in your ass." He twisted it a couple more times, making me pant at the effort to not cum before he put his hands to my hips again, pulling me up and turning me. He had me sit on the edge of the bed, and I hissed at feeling the blanket under my ass and thighs combined with the feeling of the plug being pressed a bit deeper into my ass.

Mason's hands move to my face and then the blindfold was whipped off. I blinked rapidly to get accustomed to the light in the room, seeing Mason standing in front of me, lazily stroking his cock as he waited for me to adjust. I licked my lips at the sight of him in just jeans, his cock standing proudly out of the open zipper.

He let go of his cock and walked towards me, motioning for me to hold my arms up. I did so, and he began to unravel the rope, rubbing my arms to help the circulation flow even though they hadn't even started to go numb. I watched quietly as he worked until he spoke and I lifted my head to meet his eyes. "You took your punishment very well. Now you only have to apologize to Olivia."

I looked away and a lump formed in my throat at the memory of her face when I'd snapped at her. I'd been a complete dick to her, and I wanted nothing more than to make it up to her.

"What should I do?" My whispered words were full of pain, and Mason brought his hand to my chin, tilting it up so I would look at him.

"She'll forgive you the moment you look at her and say 'sorry'. It's up to you how else you make it up to her. I'll be watching though, so I suggest you make it... Creative." A naughty smile had his lips tilting up, and a small chuckle left my lips as he helped me to stand up. He helped me through a couple stretched, the plug in my ass moving as I did and never letting me forget it was there.

As Mason led me out of the room, I thought of ways that I could adequately apologize to Olivia, each one more erotic than the last. By the time we climbed the stairs and Mason opened the door to find Olivia in nothing but a pair of tiny pink panties, her hand casually stroking her pussy, my still hard cock was fit to burst with need to please the people I loved.

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