Twice Loved

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Chapter 18: Olivia

I'd done as Mason said, ran myself a bath and put way too many bubbles in it. I sat there relaxing, doing my best to not think about what Mason and Noah were doing. My tears had stopped when Mason grabbed his bag of goodies; I knew what was in that bag. Punishments edged with pleasure were Mason's specialty and that bag held the key. He'd used it on me a few times over the years, and my pussy throbbed with the thoughts of what Noah could possibly be going through.

I'd gotten out of the bath when the water was cool and I couldn't stop the mental images from bombarding me. I'd dried myself off and started to get ready for bed, only making it to putting on a pair of panties before I couldn't resist touching myself.

And when Mason opened the door and stepped aside to reveal a contrite Noah behind him, that was exactly how they found me.

I gasped, sitting up in bed with my hand still between my legs under my panties as my face flooded with heat. No matter the kind of things you're into, being caught masturbating is going to cause some kind of embarrassment.

"Ah, so I see we've got a naughty girl to deal with, don't we Noah?" Mason's voice was teasing and full of dark promises as he folded his arms across his chest.

"Yes, Sir." Noah's smirk as he looked me over had me pulling my hand out from my panties and hiding it behind my back, my other hand following suit.

"Oh no you don't. We know exactly what you were doing in here," Mason growled. "What were you thinking about baby?"

"I... I wasn't-"

"If a lie is about to come out of that pretty little mouth, I suggest you shut it or Noah won't be the only one punished tonight."

I snapped my mouth shut as wetness gathered between my thighs. Fuck, I seriously loved it when he got all dominant like that. My nipples turned into hard little peaks, something I'm sure both Noah and Mason immediately noticed.

"Wise choice. Now, we came up here because Noah has something he wants to say to you. I'm here to make sure he does it properly. Noah?"

We both turned to Noah, who swallowed and met my eyes. The desire was there, but banked behind his sorrow. I could already tell on his face that he regretted being such an ass to me and a small part of me wanted to forgive him without him even saying a word. The other, larger, part of me wanted him to do anything to soothe the ache that he'd built in me. It demanded retribution, and that part of me won. I stayed silent as he walked over to me and gently pulled me off the bed to stand.

He kept eye contact with me as he knelt on the floor in front of me, his hands resting on his thighs in a classic submissive pose. He'd never been like this for me, and it made my heart clench to see how much he was willing to do to prove he was sorry- and that was before he even opened his mouth.

"Olivia. I'm so fucking sorry for acting the way I have. You don't deserve my anger or frustration. You've done nothing to warrant it and I hope you can forgive me for being such a douche canoe."

A giggle escaped me at the unexpected insult to himself. I looked down at him, his face hopeful and apologetic, and I knew I couldn't say no. I sighed, leaning forward to run my hands through his hair. His eyes fell shut as I stroked through the strands a couple times, a small noise of pleasure sounding from him. I paused with my hands on the back of his neck, waiting for him to look at me again. When his gray-blue eyes met my green ones, I gave him my words of absolution.

"Of course I forgive you, Noah. I love you."

His breath hitched, and a second later his arms were wrapped around my hips, his face buried into the soft skin of my stomach. I continued to stroke his head and bare shoulders, letting him do what he needed to get himself under a semblance of control. I turned my head to the side to look over at Mason and the look on his face showed exactly what I was feeling- appreciation for this opportunity, to be able to experience love with these two people.

Noah let out a sigh and loosened his arms from around me. I looked back down at him, smiling softly. He was looking back up at me, his full bottom lip between his teeth, and that was when I registered the play of his fingers on the edges of my panties. My need from before rose again quickly and I squirmed in Noah's arms as he slowly began to peel the underwear off me, following its path with his lips.

"What are you doing?"

Noah smirked at the obvious need in my voice. "I'm apologizing baby. Let me take care of you. I want to lick this wet little pussy until you're coming in my mouth over and over again."

A strangled noise left me and Mason chuckled from behind me. He hands landed on my shoulders and then ran down my arms, lifting them up and locking them behind his neck.

"I want you to keep your arms right here and let Noah finish apologizing to you. I know you want it, and his tongue is going to feel so much better than your fingers did."

Mason's hands drifted back down my body, spreading goosebumps everywhere. His hands cupped my breasts and his fingers pinched my nipples, drawing a long, low moan from me. Noah made me step out of my panties and then his hands were on me as well, skimming up from my ankles to my thighs, spreading them and making room for his broad shoulders. I looked down my body and whimpered at the sight my my tits in Mason's hands with Noah's messy hair between my thighs.

Jesus, I'd never thought I'd feel like this. Sure, I'd taken part in a threesome or two before, but this was on a whole other level. This connection I had with Mason and Noah felt more than physical. It burned itself into my soul, and the knowledge of that had me shaking just as much as Noah's tongue licking up and down my pussy before latching onto my clit and sucking did.

"That's right Noah, I can feel Liv shaking in my arms. She's close. Aren't you baby?"

"Y-yes," I cried out. Noah worked his lips and tongue faster, gripping my ass hard and tilting me up just enough for him to hit me at the perfect angle.

"Come for us Olivia. We've got you." Mason's words, gruffly whispered in my ear, pushed me over the edge.

"Oh fuck, I'm coming!" I gasped the words out as my body tightened, pleasure rocking through me all the way from my toes to the ends of my hair. Noah moaned, eating me desperately and the vibrations against my body drove the orgasm that much higher. I just barely started to come down when Mason pulled me away from Noah's mouth and none-too-gently flung me onto the bed.

"I want to see you fuck her Noah. I want her to feel so fucking good she can't even breathe. And I want to see the glint of steel in your ass as you do."

I jerked my head over to Mason at the words. "Is... is he wearing a plug?"

He gave me a devil's smile. "Damn right he does."

I whipped my head to Noah next and saw his cheeks flushed with arousal and embarrassment in equal measure. My pussy pulsed, my skin flushed hotter, and I felt new wetness slide from my cunt down my ass.

"Holy shit, that's so fucking hot," I whispered loudly. Noah prowled towards me and I squirmed on the bed at the predatory look in his eyes. He crawled over me, spreading my legs to make room for his hips, and as I glanced between his hard cock to Mason's whose was out and being stroked by his hand, I couldn't help the thought... I wonder if I could convince Mason to fuck Noah.

Sure, it probably wasn't part of Mason's plan, but I wanted it. I had a feeling that Noah would be leaving soon, and I wanted to experience every possible thing I could with them just in case Noah never came back. The very thought of him leaving us forever had tears threatening to fall, but I swallowed them back. I had to believe that even when Noah left, he would come back eventually.

Pushing those thoughts out of my head, I focused back on Noah and the way his hands were cupping my tits, pushing them together and rubbing his thumbs over the nipples. I gripped the sheets as I watched, as Mason watched, as Noah thrust his hips slowly, teasing my clit with every pass.

"Please Noah, just fuck me already!" The desperate words were a low whine and laughed laced with satisfaction from both of the men at my begging filled the room.

"Go ahead Noah, give our good little girl what she wants." Mason moved closer, threading his free hand through Noah's hair and pulling at it just enough to show he was still in charge. Noah groaned, lined up the tip of his cock to my dripping cunt, and thrust all the way in on one plunge.

My cry echoed in the room and the responding growls from my men had me panting hard as Noah began to really fuck me. He was already leaning over me and he didn't even pause the sliding of his cock into my wet channel as he planted one hand by my head and slid the other into the hair at the nape of my neck so I couldn't look away.

"I swear Olivia, you get tighter and wetter every time I get my dick inside your pussy," he grated out. I grinned up at him, not able to hide how please his comment made me.

Mason laughed. "I think she likes that Noah."

That was a perfect opening. I held Mason's gaze as I asked my question. "You know what I'd like even better?"

"What's that baby?"

"If you fucked Noah while he's fucking me." Noah paused his movements and I could feel him staring down at me but I didn't look away from Mason. I could also feel his dick jerking with interest, and I squeezed around him in acknowledgement.

Mason shook his head as Noah groaned. "Nah baby, I don't think he's ready for that."

The both of us turned to him, and he looked back and forth between the two of us.

"I want that." His words were quiet, but his eyes were bright with excitement.

"Are you sure? My cock is much bigger than that plug you've got in your ass. It's going to burn before it starts to feel good." Mason paused. "To be fair though, it is going to feel really fucking good."

Noah's hips canted forward hard at his words, sending him deep inside me. I gasped out, "I think he likes the sound of that."

"Yes," Noah hissed out, confirming my own words.

"Please Mason, I want to feel you both. Can't you imagine how good it's gonna feel when you're fucking both of us at the same time? How hard it's going to be for Noah to hold on until you let him come in me? Can you imagine how hard I'm going to come too?"

Mason swore under his breath, and I knew I had him. He quickly reached over to his side table where he kept some lube, slamming the door shut before stripping his jeans off and climbing onto the bed behind Noah.

"Get as deep as you can and stay there Noah." I shivered at the dark commanding tone and moaned as Noah pressed deep inside me. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, staring into his eyes as Mason clicked open the bottle of lube.

I could see a hint of nerves on Noah's face, and I pulled him down for a kiss. He grunted into my mouth, and I knew Mason had started taking out the plug.

"Okay Noah, I'm going to slide this the rest of the way out of you while I drip the lube on your ass. I've already covered my cock in it, but I want to start getting inside you before your ass starts closing. Good?"

"So good," Noah panted. I knew how he felt; even though Mason had been speaking factually, just the knowledge that he was about to slide so deep inside Mason was hot as hell.

I kept my arms moving along every part of Mason I could reach, soothing him as mason began the push. Noah buried his face into my neck, kissing and licking and biting me as I watched over his shoulder while Mason concentrated on his task. I could feel Noah surrounding me at every point, from outside and in. I could feel Mason surrounding the both of us, possessing us, claiming us. I could feel my legs tangled up in between theirs, and everything enhanced every iota of pleasure that was coursing through my body. I couldn't stop my pussy from pulsing around Noah as I watched Mason slide into him. It was so dirty, so good, that I was sure I could come just like this.

"Jesus, Noah." Mason grit out the words as he bottomed out into Noah, and it was like a spark to tinder. Noah pushed back against Mason. Mason gripped his hips tight in his hands, thrusting back against him and propelling Noah right back into me. I'd expected our rhythm to start off unsure, faltering, but I should've known better. Something about the three of us just clicked.

Every time Mason thrust into Noah, he thrust into me. Every time I bucked my hips up to meet Noah's, I was fucking Mason too. I wanted this same feeling for ever, with them. I knew they were feeling what I was because I could see it in their eyes and I felt it in their frantic movements, that tinge of desperation to hold onto this for a lifetime that laced my actions as well. I had no idea what tomorrow or the rest of the future would bring, but I knew that I had them and their love for me in this moment right here.

Noah reached between us and started to rub my clit, breaking my train of thought and making me arch up into him as I cried out with pleasure. My legs curled up, and the pleasure became nearly unbearable.

"That's it Liv, come hard for us. Come around Noah's dick while I fuck him. He can't come until you do, and I can tell he's about to blow. Unless you want him to be punished again, come right the fuck now."

I grabbed onto whatever I could find as my climax burst through me, my screams as Noah sped up his thrusting and his fingers on my clit burning my throat. A second later I heard Mason growl out a command to Noah and then I felt Noah's warm seed filling me up and sparking my pleasure once again. Mason's grunts followed Noah's and I collapsed back to the bed as they began to come down.

"Relax Noah, I'm going to pull out." Mason muttered the words as he moved and Noah held himself above me on shaking arms, head bent as he panted. Once Mason was free Noah fell to the bed beside me, pulling me into his arms. Mason looked us over with a small smile before climbing out of bed and padding to the bathroom. I heard some water running, and then Mason was back with two warm, damp washcloths.

"Noah first, please," I mumbled as Mason reached for me. He paused and I knew he wanted to refuse my request because I was a woman and he always put me first. I loved that about him, but I knew Noah needed his aftercare more than I did. He must've seen that in my eyes because he changed direction. After setting the cloths down for a moment, he turned Noah more onto his stomach so he could inspect him.

"You're going to be sore, from the crop as well as the fucking, but you won't bruise. I'm going to clean you now Noah, so just stay there."

Noah nodded against me. Mason picked up a washcloth and ran it over his back, down his cheeks to his thighs, soothing and cooling him before gently cleaning the area where he'd taken him. Noah whined a little bit, but I could tell it was more from the intimacy of the moment than any pain he was feeling. When adrenaline and lust are high, you don't really think about what someone is looking at or touching or tasting. When you've started to crash, that's when everything feels like it's too personal.

I hummed and ran my fingers through Noah's hair, my own actions soothing me and lulling me into near sleep. Vaguely I heard Noah and Mason talking to each other in low voices, then hands roaming my body as they massaged my muscles and cleaned me up. I was surrounded by two large men just before I completely drifted off, my murmured "I love you" the last thing I heard.

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