Twice Loved

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Chapter 4: Noah

I woke for a second time, less disoriented than the first. It took me a minute to figure out where I was, but with one movement of my body the pain was an instant reminder. I let out a strained sound as I moved the hot blanket off of me, and not even two seconds later the door opened and a soft patter of feet hurried toward me. I knew it was Olivia before she spoke, just by the sound and her scent that enveloped me as she reached me.

“Noah, please don’t hurt yourself.” Her small, soft hands ran over me, checking to make sure nothing was worse than before. I bit back a smile at her worry, amused but appreciative of her concern.

“Careful with those hands of yours,” I teased as she moved them towards my hips. I was in a lot of pain, but that didn’t mean I was immune to the feeling of a woman’s hands running over me. And thank god I was still wearing underwear, or she would’ve gotten more than an eyeful when she came in.

“Nothing I haven’t seen before,” she teased back.

“You think Mason can compare to me?” The words left me before I thought about them, and I silently cursed myself when I felt the air around us tighten. “Sorry, I didn’t mean-”

“It’s alright,” she said but pulled her hands away. “So he told you about us, huh?”

“Only a little. I asked him about you guys last night to distract me from the pain.”

“And what did he tell you?”

“Uh, just that you guys have been friends for a long time. That you are... intimate sometimes.”

She let out a throaty chuckle that I felt all the way in the pit of my stomach. “You can say we’re fuck buddies, my feminine sensibilities aren’t going to be offended.”

A grin formed on my lips. “Alright then. He said that you guys tried to be in a relationship but something was missing so you guys decided to stay friends that fuck each other sometimes.”

“All true.” Her hands came back on my chest, then slid under my arms to my back and then pulled, helping me sit up and place my legs over the edge of the mattress. I must have made a noise of surprise at her move, because she said “I know, I’m stronger than I look.”

There was a hefty pause when she realized that I couldn’t see her. I could feel her embarrassment coming off her in waves and I reached forward blindly to touch her.

“Let me see you, then.” My voice was low and calm, letting her know I wasn’t upset by the comment. She stepped into my hands, and I spread my knees slowly so I could pull her in between them. I lightly ran my hands around her waist, marveling at how I could almost touch fingers on my big hands around her middle. I moved them down slowly, following the curves of her generous hips and painting a picture of her in my head.

She made a small noise as my hands moved towards her ass, and I paused. Waited for her to back away or tell me to stop. She said and did nothing, so I continued my perusal. I help back a groan at the feeling of her plump ass in my hands, squeezing once lightly before moving down her legs.

My hands could only reach down to her knees, but the shorts she was wearing bared her soft, warm skin to my touch. My hands glided back up her thighs, past the heat of her pussy that begged me to explore, and felt her trim but soft stomach. There was just a little bit of a curve there, and a sound of approval hummed in my throat.

My hands slowed as they skated up her ribs, and I could feel her breathing speed as her lungs moved under my hands. My fingertips grazed the bottom of her breasts, and I paused once more, waiting for permission.

“Please,” she whispered so quietly I wasn’t even sure I heard it. But when I paused for another second, her hands came up and covered mine. She moved my hands so that I was cupping her tits, and I loved the way their weight filled my hands. She hadn’t put on a bra, and I could feel her hard nipples poking my palms like they were begging to be freed.

Despite the fact that I wanted to stay there and learn what kind of pressure she liked, I wanted to feel the rest of her. With a flick of my thumbs on her nipples that coaxed a gratifying moan out of her, I skimmed my hands up the rest of her chest to her neck. Her pulse thundered under my fingers tips, and the beat matched my own. I traced her rounded jawline, feeling her cheeks and forehead, trying to learn the details of her face.

“You’re beautiful,” I breathed out. I could tell she was, even though I was basically blind. It wasn’t just that she had a great body, or her face and hair felt pretty under my hands. She obviously cared a great deal about a lot of things, and right now that included a stranger she’d brought into her home.

’Thank you,” she responded in a quiet, pleased voice. She placed her hands on the sides of my face and tiled my head up. My hands were now resting again on her waist, and I felt her bend forward. Soft lips landed on mine, giving me a kiss of thanks and comfort. I accepted it happily, and even though my cock had come to life while learning her features, I was in no shape to act upon it.

That, plus the memory of Mason’s hands on me last night was a living thing in my mind, confusing me with how my body had reacted to him. As far as I can remember, I’d never in my life been attracted to a man. It didn’t bother me one way or the other, but it was fucking confusing at the very least.

A small part of me wanted to know what he felt like under my hands, but I had no idea where to even begin with another man.

Olivia pulled away from my lips and hands, sensing my change in mood. “I’ll go grab Mason so he can check all your stitches, and change the bandage around your eyes. You’ve slept a whole day since the last time we were here, so you should only need the bandages for another day before we can take them off.”

I was surprised to hear that I’d slept that long, but the sudden pressure on my bladder told me that it was true. How I had missed that before, I had no idea because now I felt like I was about to burst. Clearing my throat with just a little shyness, I asked about the bathroom.

“Oh shit, of course!! Sorry Noah. Let me help you in there.” I felt her sit next to me on the bed, carefully putting one of my arms around her shoulders. Her other arm wrapped around my waist, and her hands tightened. “On three, we’re going to stand. One, two, thr-”

“Hold for just a fucking second there Liv.” Mason’s voice boomed in the room, and both of us jumped at the sound. “Before you go protesting and ranting about sexism, I know you’re stronger than you look.”

Olivia let out an indelicate snort that had me biting my cheek to stop my laughter.

“But this guy is at least 100 pounds heavier than you, and probably almost a foot taller. You need help if you don’t want to hurt him.” Mason’s voice was kind, and I felt Olivia slump next to me.

“You’re right. He needs the restroom, can you help?”

“Of course.” I felt Mason sit down on my other side and wrap his arm around my waist just above Olivia’s. “Okay Noah, I’m going to put your arm around my neck but we have to move slow since this is your stitched shoulder.”

I nodded, bracing myself for pain. It was definitely not comfortable, but I was feeling much better than I had last time I was awake. With Olivia and Mason’s help, I shuffled to the bathroom and was able to manage taking care of my business myself. It was awkward as hell, and took me longer than it should’ve, but I felt like it was a good sign that I didn’t need to be holding someone’s hand the whole time.

After stumbling my way to the sink and washing my hands, I mentally ran through my injuries, slowly moving my body to decipher what state I was in.

God, nearly everything hurt. I could tell I was better than before, but knowing that didn’t stop the pain.

“Hey, you alright in there?” I heard Mason knock on the door and call out to me.

“I could use some help getting out.” The words were not easy to say, but I didn’t want to make things worse for myself just for the sake of pride. I heard the door open behind me, and felt Mason’s hands on me moments later.

He was standing right behind me, his hands firmly gripping my biceps as he spoke. “I’m going to go around to your left side that way your shoulder stitches can rest on the other side.”

My throat was dry, mind whirling as it tried to compute why his hands had such an effect on me, but I nodded. He slipped to my left, his hand on my right arm skimming down to grip around my waist as he maneuvered his body under my other arm.

“I’ve got you, Noah,” he said quietly. His low voice was in my ear, and I didn’t have time to hide the shudder that ran through my body. I knew he could feel it, but he said nothing. Pressing into my side, he guided me out of the bathroom and back to the bed. He guided me down to the bed, sitting next to me and letting me breathe through the pain.

“I’m really sorry, but I have to check you over. Are you okay to sit up for it?”

“I think I’ll be fine.” He could probably hear the strain in my voice, but he was kind enough to not press the issue. I was barely holding on as is, and any more sympathy was going to kill me.

“Alright, hold still for me.” He got up from the bed and I heard his footsteps trail away. Short seconds alter he was back, setting something next to me on the bed. His hands landed on my knees and I jumped, laughing nervously at my reaction.

“Warn a guy next time,” I joked shakily.

“Sorry,” he chuckled. “I’m going to talk you through what I’m doing, but as I do I want you to talk about yourself. Whatever you can remember. Favorite things, things you hate, if you can remember anyone in your life who we can contact for you. Sound good?”

“I’ll do my best.”

“Great. What I’m going to do now is check out your knee, so I’m going to be stretching it. Let me know if the pain gets to be too much. Discomfort is fine, extreme pain is not. We’re just going to test your limits.”

I took a deep breath and then let it out, preparing myself for what I knew was going to be an uncomfortable next few minutes.

“I’m ready.”

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