Twice Loved

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Chapter 5: Mason

I was really impressed with Noah. Not only had a lot of his bruising gone down in just the last 24 hours, but despite the pain he was in and the confusion he had to be feeling, he wasn’t being an asshole to either myself or Liv. A lot of guys would be taking these kinds of wounds and need for assistance like a personal attack to their pride, but not Noah.

I began to loosen the wrappings around his knee, and started asking him questions to distract him from my movements.

“What’s your favorite color?”

“Yellow.” He answered instantly, and I saw the surprised tilt to his mouth, his eyebrows raised slightly over the gauze covering his eyes.

“No hesitation there, that’s a good sign.”

“Yeah,” he said with a small amount of wonder. “I also know that my favorite movie is Young Frankenstein.”

A laugh burst out of me, my mouth a wide grin. “I love that one too. Werewolf,” I started quoting.

He raised a hand and pointed into the distance. “There, wolf.”

We both chuckled at the ridiculousness of the movie, and I took that moment of relaxation to begin straightening his leg slowly. His laughs broke off suddenly, the room going quiet as I guided the stretch. I’d almost gotten it completely straight when I heard him wince. Instantly, I relaxed the leg back into its original position.

“Good, Noah,” I assured him. “We’re going to do that a few more times. Keep talking.”

“Okay,” he grunted. “Uh... I can’t remember what I do for a living, although I get the feeling it has to do with numbers somehow. Maybe property.”

“What makes you think that?”

He paused in his answer, thinking it over. “Not sure.”

“That’s alright. Family? Friends?”

I let him think that answer over, beginning the fourth round of stretching for his leg. I was setting his leg back into the original position when he finally answered.

“Honestly, I don’t think I have much of either. Even if I couldn’t remember them, you’d think I would have at least a sense of someone waiting for me.”

“And you don’t have that?” I looked up at him, concern flooding me. Not for his memory, but for how sad he sounded.

“Nothing. I can’t recall any family, or people that I’m close to.” He slumped forward in what felt like defeat, and it nearly crushed me. Setting his leg back down, I stood and moved my hands to his shoulders. He automatically tilted his head back like he were looking up at me, and I wished I could take his bindings off so I could see his eyes.

“Noah, listen to me. This is going to be a difficult process. You’re going to fucking hurt, you’re going to be uncomfortable, and you’re going to feel defeated, lost, and possibly alone. All of that is okay and normal, but just remember that I am here for you. Liv is here for you. No matter what else happens, you have us at least.”

His mouth trembled for a second, and he pulled his bottom lip up between his teeth. The move was obviously one to stop the trembling, but I focused on the press of his teeth in his lip like it was my own. My eyes flit over his mostly naked form, seeing beneath the scrapes and bruises to the man beneath.

He was powerfully built, and I couldn’t deny that he appealed to me in so many different ways. He turned his head, drawing my attention back to his face as his lips found my arm and placed a soft, thankful kiss on my inner arm.

Goosebumps rippled over me, and I felt my face flushing at the unexpected gesture. I cleared my throat and slowly took my hands from him. I knelt back down by his feet and began splinting his leg up again.

“We’re going to keep doing stretches everyday so we can get this strengthened up. I’m going to check your stitches now, starting with your shoulder. Can you turn to the left for me a little?”

“Sure,” he said in a rough voice.

He moved enough fro me to lean on the bed behind him and see that he was healing nicely there. “Okay, this looks good. I’m going to help you lay down, and check your others.”

It didn’t take long to get him situated, and I studied the scars along his stomach closely. He was definitely going to scar, but I thought that would just add to his appeal. So sue me if I found the idea of a scar that cut across his well-defined abs was hot. I tried to ignore the way his muscled clenched in reaction to my touch as I skimmed my fingers over the stitches.

“Looks good,” I said in a near whisper. I moved down to his hip, pausing as I realized that I should probably ask permission to pull his boxer briefs down to check him out.

Before I could ask, his hand moved down and pushed mine out of the way. He hooked his thumb into the band and pulled down. My throat went dry at the sight, my eyes locked on his movements. He pulled it down even farther than he needed to, showing me the crease where his thigh met his groin and nearly the whole half of his ass. If he moved his hand over just another two inches, I knew would catch sight of the base of his cock.

“Are you going to check my stitches, or are you going to keep staring?” His words jolted me out of my head, and although I was embarrassed to be caught -especially since he couldn’t even see me- I rejoiced at the humor in his voice.

“Well if it’s all the same to you,” I teased back once I’d found my voice. I finally moved my hands to his hip, pressing around the edges of the wound and carefully checking to make sure the stitches were still in place.

I did my best to stay professional, but it wasn’t easy. The way his breathing deepened, how his hand tightened around the band of his briefs, how I couldn’t help but notice the way his cock was becoming more defined in its cloth prison the more I touched him... he wasn’t something I could just ignore.

Finishing my inspection, I moved my hands away from Noah’s skin and was proud I only slightly lingered.

“Mason?” Noah’s voice was quiet and questioning, and I looked up at him from my place on the floor.

“Yes Noah?”

He bit his bottom lip and I had the urge to do the same with my own teeth. He let out a sigh, and I watched as frustration played out in the movements of his body. “Nevermind.”

I stayed there on the floor, watching him and waiting to see if he’d tell me what was on his mind anyway. After minutes of silence passed, I knew that he wouldn’t be saying anything. Not yet, at least. Maybe he just needed time to figure out what he wanted to say.

I stood up, figuring he wanted a minute to himself. “Tomorrow, we’ll take those bandages off your eyes and get you a shower. Don’t worry about anything else except for getting better.”

He nodded, and I headed out to the front room. I scrubbed my hand over my face, trying to get my own thoughts put together. I was obviously attracted to Noah, and I had a small suspicion that he felt that attraction too. I just had no idea if I should say anything about it. My cock was still surprisingly hard when all I’d done was barely touch Noah.

Movement outside caught my eye, and I noticed Olivia in a sports bra and tight shorts going through some yoga moves. I watched her move through stretches, her eyes closed as she breathed in complete relaxation. I’d always loved watching her do these, her body moving like it was a dance. I went out the door and sat on a nearby chair, silent as I appreciated her grace.

My cock swelled even more in my pants with every moment, and I couldn’t help but imagine how slick her skin was getting out here under the bright sun, how her skin would turn pink with exertion the same way it did right before she came. I couldn’t help but palm my cock through my jeans, needing some kind of relief.

My movements or my low groan must have alerted Olivia, because she turned and opened her eyes, seeing me sitting on the chair. She saw the look in my eyes and how I was touching my dick through my pants, because she got a mischievous look on her face.

She smoothly moved to her knees, our eyes burning into each other’s for several seconds before she went flat to her back, arms laying down by her thighs. She took a deep breath, and as she let it out she arched her back, pressing her generous tits high into the air. Holding that pose, she slowly slid her knees apart, opening her legs so that I could view her pussy.

I let out another groan as my cock jerked. I stood up, making my way over to her. I stopped just between her spread legs, loving the way she looked up at me with hazy eyes, nipples hard and visible through her bra.

"Come and get me, Mason," she purred. That was an invitation I had never refused.

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