Twice Loved

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Chapter 6: Olivia

It was insane how wet I already was. I looked up at Mason with hooded eyes, loving the way he towered above me as I held the provocative pose. My muscles were beginning to burn, but I refused to relax until he'd touched me. I'd been obsessing over how Noah's hands had felt on me earlier, and I figured that doing some calming yoga would help get my mind off of it.

I was wrong.

The only thing that yoga had done was clear everything else from my mind but the way Noah's big hands had cupped my tits, flicking my nipples until I was close to begging him to put his mouth on them.

Now, I still had that memory in my mind but I had Mason looming over me, his big cock obviously hard as he rubbed it while he looked me over. I knew that he enjoyed watching me stretch, but there was something in his eyes that made me think that maybe I wasn't the only one he was hard for this time.

Wondering exactly what had happened between him and Noah just now, I opened my mouth to get what I wanted.

"Come and get me, Mason."

His eyes flared, and less than a second later he was down on the grass, kneeling between my spread legs.

"Fuck pretty girl, you look so good right now." His words heated me even more, and I whimpered in need.

Mason whipped his shirt off and I got in an eyeful of hard muscles, rippling abs that I could swear looked better every fucking time I saw them.

I lifted my hips slightly, arching them in his direction as I rolled my body in a wave. He placed his hands on my bare thighs, gripping them tightly as he pulled me closer to him. I let my body sink into the grass, my legs straightening out as he pulled my thighs up over his.

"Is my naughty girl wet already?" Mason trailed a finger across the crotch of my shorts, my wetness having leaked through my tiny thong and thin shorts. He pressed slightly harder with every pass, encouraging the little whimpers from my throat. "I think someone has been having some dirty thoughts today."

"Maybe I have," I sass back. "Maybe I've been thinking about you fucking me out here."

"I bet you have. Even though there's every possibility that our new house guest will be able to hear us."

My hips buck just the slightest at that suggestion, my blood running even hotter than before at the idea. Mason's eyes narrowed as he studied me. I bit my lip, hoping he wouldn't figure out just how much I liked that idea. Alas, he knew me way too damn well. His lips curved into a sinister smile, and I knew I was in trouble.

"Oh, you bad, bad girl. You like the idea of him hearing me fuck you. You want him to know how good my cock makes you feel. How fucking sexy you sound when you come." His hands suddenly ripped my shorts down and off my legs, then pulled my panties to the side roughly so he could take a look at my glistening pussy.

"Mason," I moaned out as he spread my lips to see everything.

"That's it baby. Say my name so he can hear. I'll bet you wish he was out here with us so he could see you too," he said as he slowly fed two fingers into my dripping hole. "You wish he was here, sucking on those pretty pink nipples while I fingered your cunt. I can tell by the way you're squeezing around my fingers that that's exactly what you want."

"Fuck Mason, yes!" My hips thrust towards him, begging his fingers to go deeper, his thumb to rub me harder on my clit.

"I want you to come on my fingers before I put my dick inside you. I want you pulsing and hot, wetter than you've ever been, so I can feel just how bad you need me."

Mason's commanding words shot me right over the edge, my back arching as I came hard just as he wanted me to. I was still coming down when he flipped me over onto my stomach, hurriedly unzipped his pants, and knelt on either side of my hips to keep my legs tight as he thrust into me.

A loud cry escaped me as he plunged inside, and low groan leaving him at the feel of the tight tunnel he was burrowing into. His hands splayed across my back, pressing me into the ground as he began to fuck me hard.

"Are you thinking about Noah, Olivia? About how good he could make you feel? How hard and big that cock of his has got to be?" My pussy pulsed around him, and through the haze of how close I was to the edge again already, I heard something in his voice.

"Yes, I am," I admitted in a hoarse voice. He began to fuck me harder, and I dug my hands into the grass to hold on. He slapped my ass hard, making me cry out so loud I knew that if Noah was awake, he'd heard me. "What about you, Mason?"

I felt him pause in his thrusting, and a wide grin split my face. I turned my head back to look at him as I voiced my suspicions.

"Are you thinking about his cock, too? Do you want to have his cock in your mouth, cum leaking onto your tongue as you sucked him? I picture the same things Mason. And I know just how much you'd love to put your cock into his ass... I bet you're imagining right now just how tight a fit that would be."

I fucking loved the way his jaw tightened harder and harder with every word I said, the images I painted for him making him swell up even more inside my pussy. With eyes still locked, my words hanging on the air, he slowly pulled out of my pussy until just the very tip was nestled in my center. He leaned down close to me, until our panting breaths feathered across each other's faces. He wrapped my mass of hair in his hand and tilted my head to the side, biting my neck.

He pulled away slightly to whisper into my ear. "You fucking know I want that, bad girl." With those words, he shoved his cock deep into me, going deeper than ever before. He continued the punishing thrusts at a fast pace, one that had me barreling towards orgasm with loud cries.

"Fucking come on my cock, Olivia. Come on me while we're both thinking of fucking Noah so good that he never wants to leave." He bit down on my shoulder, and the burst of pain plus the images his words invoked was all I needed. My pussy seized around him, and my orgasm went on forever as he continued to thrust into me as he came, his hot seed filling me up until it was leaking out around us.

Breathing hard still, he eased out and fell onto the grass next to me before pulling me onto his chest. We laid there quietly for several minutes, calming down in the warm sun while I traced patterns on his naked chest.

"Do you think he heard?" My question made Mason laugh, and soon we were both clutching at each other, trying to laugh quietly at how crazy we were.

"Seeing as how he was awake when I left him, I would say there's a very good chance of that." He rubbed my back and I nuzzled into him, loving the sensation.

"Too bad he couldn't join," I sighed. We'd been part of threesomes before, and always had a good time. For some reason, I felt like with Noah it would be a whole other level.

Mason grunted in agreement, then slapped my ass playfully. I squeaked in surprise, and then suddenly I was being lifted into the air. I wrapped myself around Mason's body, nuzzling his neck as he carried me into the house, probably into the shower.

I smiled to myself as I began to whisper naughty things into Mason's ear, feeling him begin to harden again as he hurried his steps to get us up the stairs and to a bed or shower or even a wall so he could make me fulfill all my promises.

And if I couldn't help but think of Noah again, wondering what it'd be like to be sandwiched between the two men or watch the two of them together, then sue me.

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