Twice Loved

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Chapter 7: Noah

I heard Mason and Olivia come in, and for once I was thankful for the bandage on my eyes. It would make it a lot easier to pretend to be asleep; and as long as they didn't come in my room to check on me they wouldn't see the raging hard-on I had going on.

I had never been much of a voyeur- that I could remember, anyway- but overhearing Mason and Olivia go at it outside had been one of the hottest things I'd ever heard. I couldn't hear everything they'd said to each other, but I'd definitely caught the end.

I hadn't been able to stop myself from imagining watching them, and at one point my mind had even wandered into thoughts of joining them. I groaned quietly to myself as I replayed all their sound in my head, my cock pulsing in need for relief.

I knew that I wasn't going to be stroking one out at the moment, seeing as how that'd make a big mess that I just wasn't able to clean up by myself right now. To distract myself from my current and lesser problem, I decided to focus more on the larger issue: why the fuck couldn't I remember anything?

No matter what I did, there wasn't anything of importance that I could remember. Details about my life, my past, my job- all of it was hiding behind a dark cloud in my mind. I had no idea if I had family, friends, or a lover. I had no idea if anyone was even missing me. Or why I'd ended up in this position in the first place.

It was frustrating as hell, and struggling to make any kind of connection with who I am was more than enough to cool the fire that hearing Mason and Olivia had created. I lay in bed for hours, wondering not only about my past but my future. If I couldn't remember who I was, what the fuck would I do when I was healed? And that's not even considering I might not get my eyesight back completely.

I let out a frustrated sigh just as I heard footsteps approach. They were light and quick, so I assumed it was Olivia. I was proven right when her voice filled the room.

"How are you holding up?"

I took a moment to assess my injuries, and found that although I was still in pain, it had lessened considerably.

"Better, actually."

"I'm very glad to hear that." The smile in her voice was obvious, and it warmed me from the inside. "Are you hungry?"

My stomach took that opportunity to sound loudly, and I could feel heat spread across my face even as I grinned in her direction. "Apparently so."

Her throaty laugh made my pulse jump, and I forced myself to concentrate on my hunger instead of the alluring sound.

"Good, Mason is going to bring in some sandwiches in a minute. Let me help you up." She put her hands on my shoulders and helped me maneuver into a comfortable seating position. I focused on the twinges of pain instead of her scent filling my nose, of the feeling of her soft body pressing against me every now and then to get the right leverage.

"I uh, have a shirt for you if you want," she said as I leaned back against the wall.

"That would be great actually. That way I'm not sitting here practically naked with you and Mason," I teased.

I heard her grumble under her breath, and it sounded an awful lot like "not like I mind", but I didn't question her. Now probably wasn't a good time to push the odd attraction I was feeling between us.

I was determined no to ruin anything between myself and either of my saviors. Whether or not that conviction would stop me in the end, I couldn't say.

"Are you ready?" I could tell Mason was trying to keep his voice neutral, but wisps of excitement and nervousness slipped through anyway, ramping up my own feelings.

We were finally about to take off the bandages around my eyes, after leaving them on for an extra day at my request. I wanted my damn eyes back; I was sick of needing their help for every single thing. I was tired of being in this room. And most of all, I wanted to see them with every fiber of my being.
"Yes, fuck, take them off already," I said as I fidgeted on the bed.
"Hey! You're the one who wanted to leave them on longer." Olivia's teased me, but she was right.
"Sorry," I said even though I knew they didn't require my apology.
"It's fine Noah. I can't imagine what you've gone through." Mason's voice was soft but empathetic.
I cleared my throat and held out my hand for Olivia's. As soon as her small, soft hand was enveloped in mine, I nodded in Mason's direction to let him know I was ready.
A few mere snips later, the gauze fell off my eyes. I kept them closed, waiting until Mason gave me the go-ahead.
"Whenever you're ready Noah. Slow and steady."
I took a deep breath and relaxed, blinking softly as I let the light filter through for the first time in probably a week. I winced, the dim lights in the cabin still a bit much for me even with my eyes squinted. It took another couple minutes for my eyes to adjust to the light before I could open them fully.
"Well, how is it?" Olivia squeezed my hand, practically vibrating next to me as she waited for my answer. I blinked some more, turning my head from left to right before I answered.
"I'm not blind, at least. Everything is very blurry, but I can see shadows and basic shapes." I turned to face her, and even though I was disappointed I couldn't see anything more than a few colors and shadows, it was better than nothing. I could tell she was smiling, and that created a smile on my own face.
"Incredible," I heard Mason breathe from my other side, and I turned to see his giant shadow filling my line of sight. He pulled over the chair he'd been sitting in and set it in front of me to examine me just a little more. "The fact that you can see anything at all is a miracle. Your eyes are still bruised, and blood vessels are still healing so you look pretty terrible, but you're absolutely healing."
"Thank god," I sighed in relief.
"You probably should, it's a miracle you survived in the first place," Mason replied.
I nodded at the sobering thought, sending up a silent thank you to the clouds. I stood up from the bed slowly and stretched, loving the sense of freedom I was feeling at the ability to see anything at all. I would probably be able to function a little bit better on my own now, and I was incredibly grateful for that.
"Would you like to go outside for a little?" I nodded at Olivia's question.
"Absolutely. I'm grateful for the care and all, but I'm sick of being in this room."
They both laughed lightly, and I watched as Mason's outline headed towards a rectangle of light that I assumed was the doorway to my room.
"Well let's get going then, get you some fresh air."
Olivia slid her hand into mine and intertwined our fingers as she agreed. I walked hesitantly so I didn't knock into anything that my blurry sight couldn't take in yet. I was grateful for Olivia's hand in mine and I squeezed it lightly to convey my thanks for her quiet support.
I walked through the door of the room I'd taken up residence in and looked around the cabin slowly, noticing shadows and shapes all around that I knew I was going to be exploring later.
But for now, I wanted to feel the sun on my skin and breathe in the outdoors.
I stepped outside and even though my vision was weak and incomplete, I could see. A lump formed in my throat, knowing that this wouldn't have been possible without the two people standing on either side of me. They were quiet, letting me take in the scene from there front porch. When I spoke, the words came without thought and feel from my lips in a gruff voice.
"Amazing. I could kiss you guys for giving this back to me."
Mason turned to me, and even without my full range of sight I saw a smile on his lips. "Well then why don't you?"
Olivia let out a shocked giggle on my other side, but I was frozen, heat flaming my cheeks at Mason's easy words. I couldn't tell if he was serious at first, but he took a step towards me and placed a hand on the back of my head to hold me still, moving his lips slowly towards mine as if to give me time to stop him.
Little did he know, there was no fucking way I was going to be able to do that.
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