Twice Loved

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Chapter 8: Mason

I didn't want to wait anymore. I'd been slowly going crazy being near Noah and touching him, taking in his every sharp breath when I caught him off guard, the swelling of his dick that he couldn't stop from happening when we got too close every now and then.

I knew he wanted me. And I wanted him. He was mostly healed and when he offered a kiss, even casually, there was no way I was going to turn that down unless he stopped me.

I leaned closer to him, feeling his pulse near my fingertips speed up but no words left his mouth. I looked over his shoulder and met Olivia's green eyes, seeing how dilated they were at the prospect of watching Noah and me kiss. I bit back a groan at the hunger on her face, my cock hardening in my pants almost instantaneously.

I closed the last bit of distance between my mouth and Noah's, a shock going through me at the touch of our lips. I held there for a moment, letting Noah get used to it. I used the hand on his neck to tilt him to one side slightly, taking the kiss a little deeper as I opened my mouth and ran my tongue across the seam of his lips.

Noah opened his mouth on a gust of breath, and I took the opportunity to slip my tongue inside his hot mouth. Low groans left the both of us the moment our tongues touched. The kiss went from a hesitant exploration to something wild and uninhibited in a split second; my hand buried itself in Noah's messy hair so I could hold him just where I wanted as we devoured each other.

Noah swayed into me and his hands came up and gripped my hips to steady himself. I took my free hand and placed it in the small of his back, pressing him against me so that he could feel how hard I was. His hips canted forward into mine at the feeling of my cock grinding against his own rock hard one, and quiet moans left our mouth to be swallowed up by the other.

"Holy fuck," I heard Olivia whisper from beside us. Noah and I broke apart, panting and looking over at her. She was lightly playing with one of her breasts, running her fingers lightly over her nipple as she watched us two men explore each other for the first time.

"You like that baby?" I grinned at Olivia, knowing just how much she enjoyed shows like this one.

"God, yes. You two are so fucking hot together."

"Do you want a turn?" I asked the question as I held out a hand to her and she automatically placed hers in mine. "He tastes good, and I'm sure he won't say no."

"Well how 'bout it Noah, you want to kiss me too?" Olivia slipped in between us as she asked the question. I took in the way Noah swallowed hard, his throat rippling as he nodded his head slowly like he was mesmerized.

I knew how he felt; Olivia had this power that felt like she put you under a spell as soon as she turned seductive. She leaned forward, pressing her ass into my hard-on and I watched as she placed one of her hands on Noah's chest and slid it down past his abs and hips. I lost sight of her hand, but by the way Noah tilted his head back and swore, I knew she'd taken his dick in her hand.

"Stop torturing Noah and kiss him Liv," I growled, pressing my hips into her ass to let her know how much I liked what she was doing.

She listened, moving both her hands up up his chest and wrapping them around Noah's neck and pulling him down to kiss her. Noah's hands buried themselves in her long, dark hair and I smirked at the moan she let out. He'd found one of her weaknesses- having her hair pulled.

I watched over Olivia's shoulder as the two of them kissed, my cock pulsing with need more with every second that passed. This was escalating quickly, but none of us wanted to put a stop to it. Noah eventually yanked his mouth off Olivia's, trying to catch his breath and, I was sure, to come to grips with the situation.

"What's happening here?" Noah's words came out raspy and slightly desperate.

"Whatever you want, Noah," Olivia replied easily. "Nothing more, nothing less."

"What about..." Noah trailed of and gestured between Olivia and myself.

"If we had any issues with that, do you really think we'd both be kissing you right now?" I said the words teasingly and watched as a sheepish smile tilted Noah's lips up.

"Good point," he conceded. He ran a hand through his hair and blew out a breath before stepping back out of Olivia's space. "I need some time to think about this. If that's okay."

"Of course, take however much time you need." I made sure my voice was even, although I felt the anticipation ramping up inside. If I had to take a guess, I was fairly sure he wouldn't back down from us. And if he even thought for a moment that he should stay away, I was sure Olivia and I could break down whatever walls he'd try to build.

"Thanks. I'm not sure about much right now, so I'd like to sort this out before I take the plunge," he said and laugh nervously.

"We understand," I replied and Olivia agreed with me before I continued. "Just know that whenever you're ready, Liv and I are sure as hell about you. We're here to help you with whatever you need, but we want to know you too. We want to touch you, taste you, feel you. We want you to be a part of our 'us', in whatever capacity you're comfortable with."

I surprised myself with my words, not having thought about the fact that Noah could insert himself into this life I had with Liv without a problem. But the truth rang in every word, and I realized that I wanted Noah to stay, to be with us. Something about him being here felt right, and I could tell by the look on Olivia's face as I glanced down at her that she felt the same way.

Noah nodded thoughtfully in response, and then turned slowly to face the forest surrounding the cabin. "I'd like to walk around a bit. I know I can't go completely alone since I still don't have my vision back all the way, but..."

"Don't worry Noah, we'll keep an eye on you and still give you some space." Olivia stepped forward and placed a light kiss on his cheek, and I observed the way Noah closed his eyes in happiness. "Let me just help you down the steps, and take it slowly. Mason and I will be here."

I stayed back, watching as Liv helped him down and then let him wander around freely before coming back up next to me. She immediately wrapped her arms around my waist and I returned the gesture, my arms going around her shoulders and keeping her tight against me.

"He's going to be okay, right?" Olivia's soft question had me looking away from the man in question, placing a hand under her chin and turning her face up to mine.

"I really believe he is. He's doing so much better than I ever expected. I do think though, that he might not be ready to take both of us on at the same time yet. We're going to have to move slowly with him, let him get used to the idea of all of us."

"I was thinking the same thing." She sighed. "There's something about him, Mason."

"I know babe. I feel it too." We both turned back to watch Noah take a few small steps before stopping, his face turned up towards the sun with a smile on his face.

"I can't imagine what he's going through right now. Not being able to remember who he is or his life. How he ended up here and in such bad shape."

I let silence fall between us, knowing she didn't need a response. I was right there with her, marveling at how well he was taking everything despite how much shit had to be going on in his head right now. That was proof enough of what kind of person he was, how strong his character was. A sharp twinge in my chest told me that I could fall for this stranger, details be damned. And that scared me. However, it wasn't going to keep me away from the man.

We stood guard as Noah explored, and waited until he turned back towards the cabin and haltingly made his way back to us. Liv and I walked down the steps and met him at the bottom.

"So doctor," Noah said with a teasing lilt, "would you say it's normal for my eyes to be kind of dry?"

I chuckled and reached forward to help him up the stairs onto the porch. "In my professional opinion, I would say so. I'd recommend some eye drops, and probably resting with your eyes shut for a bit. You don't want to overdo it and strain your eyes further."

"Ah, very true."

"I can get the drops," Olivia piped up. "You get him settled, and I'll be in in a bit."

I nodded in approval for the plan, helping guide Noah back to his room. He didn't need much help from me, which was extremely encouraging as far as his healing process went. I made sure he was comfortable and was just heading out of the room while Olivia was heading in, the bottle of eye drops in her hand.

"Okay, ready to get wet?" I snorted at Liv's double entendre, my chest tightening at the laugh that burst out of Noah's mouth behind me. Liv winked at me, and I could tell that she had something up her sleeve.

Probably something naughty I realized, when I saw that she'd taken off her top and was now just wearing a sports bra and short shorts. I walked out of the room, shaking my head in amusement at her antics. Noah was in for more than a little rest, I decided. Images flit through my head, imagining all the things I'm sure Liv could convince him to give in to.

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