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The drive to Eros’ house had been long and silent but Celia could not help but try to break the silence every now and then reminding him that she had no business coming with him. Her earlier reaction had been forgotten completely as she now focused on the sound of the breaths that left her.

She understood that Ax was troubled about something but she was not going to let herself be concerned about the man, she had enough problems as it was. Also, he was nothing to her. Yes, she had spent the night with him and a few hours earlier he had made her incredibly frustrated when he denied her the simple pleasure of release but she didn’t know him.

They came at a stop perhaps half an hour after they had begun their journey. Ax parked his jeep next to white mustang while she gazed at the house. Well, the term house would be an understatement, it was more like a mansion.

It was ivory in color with a grey roof and marble statues decorating the two main balconies that were seated on the top floor. It was magnificent but it wasn’t a home, at least not in her mind. A home was a sanctuary, not an art gallery or a glass prison. Thankfully, there were a lot of trees and so it didn’t feel as suffocatingly expensive.

“Eros?” She questioned stupidly as if Ax had any more hidden siblings.

He turned to glance at her while opening his door and getting out. “So is that how you knew who I was? My brother? What does his Wikipedia mention me?” Ax arched an eyebrow at her direction.

“Hate to disappoint you but I’ve never Googled him.” She replied in the same manner.


Celia waited until she was out of his car, mentally cursing at him for making her go into a stranger’s home. Even if that stranger used to be a famous singer. He was one of the founding members of Cupid’s Bow, a band that had been able to dominate the charts as a worldwide phenomenon a few days after their second album had been released. Their songs were constantly on MTV and the radio. But one day, at one of his concerts, Eros Christopher Vidal had quit without giving any explanation.

“No.” She confirmed.

Ax was not sure of his actions. Why did he decide to bring her along with him? He had seen her in his brother’s shop and instantly a primitive feeling had emerged. He had felt the need to protect her from whatever it was for causing her harm, even though they were two warm bodies that knew practically nothing about each other.

“Come on,” once they were both outside of the vehicle Ax grabbed her wrist and lead her towards the house. Nothing looked out of order except maybe for the yells she could hear coming from the house and the unmistakable sound of glass breaking.

“Fucking hell, Eros. What have you done this time?” Ax questioned under his breath, fully aware that his brother’s actions would not result in anything pleasant.

He led her towards the front door of the house. It was a short walk from where he had parked the car but it seemed like miles to Celia’s troubled mind. Every time a shattering sound filled the afternoon air she had to resist the urge to cringe while Ax remained unaffected, letting only a pained sigh every once in a few seconds.

He didn’t seem like his usual self as Celia noted, reminding herself not to anger him.

It isn’t time to let angry Ax out of his cage just yet. She thought and had to stifle a giggle, despite the situation she had found herself in.

Ax unlocked the door which was dyed the exact same shade of white as the rest of the house. He moved with a confident air around the house while she was left trailing behind him like a lost puppy.

The interior decor was in the same style as the outside. White walls with black furniture a contrast she found almost too presumptuous. However, Ax knew that his brother did enjoy giving subliminal messages about his condition and his house was a perfect example. Two sides of the same coin, the Ying and the Yang coexisting in a small space. They both tried to prevail but the war between them was not one that could be won easily. In fact, it could never end, not fully at least.

Because they were inside of him.

Upon entering, Ax heard the sound of something hitting the wooden flooring that adorned the bedrooms upstairs. In his idiotic quest of locating his equally idiotic brother, Ax had almost forgotten about the woman that he had forced to join him.

“I know you might object to what I’m about to tell you, but it’s better if you listen to me this once” He motioned to the hall. “Follow the hall and then turn left. Go in that room and wait for me.” Celia stared at him with a dumbfounded expression and tried to give voice to her objections but the man in front of her had other plans. He grabbed her by the hair and tilted her hair backward managing to steal a kiss before leaving her to fend for herself in a stranger’s house.

“I could just wait for him in the car but of course he wouldn’t listen to me. Too high and mighty for the suggestions of us mere mortals.” She mumbled angrily as she followed his directions. As soon as she came in front of the door of the room he had made her find she felt uneasy. What was she doing making herself at home at someone’s house?

The little voice could not be ignored but it could be silenced. She muted the sound as quickly as she was able to and opened the door. What caught her eye first was the vast difference it held over the rest of the house. Yes, the coloring was exactly the same but there was something vibrant about that particular room. Inside it, there was a grand piano and it reminded her of the one her aunt used to have, back when she had still been alive. Besides the piano there were more instruments ranging from guitars to cellos and others she could not name, seeing as her musical knowledge were limited. There were two couches and a royal blue colored laptop had been discarded on one of them, destroying the perfect harmony of the room.

Two strange figures appeared in her line of vision, almost immediately, causing her to quit her admiration stare. One of them was a young woman who couldn’t have been much older than Celia’s twenty-three years. She had long auburn hair that held a coppery tint every time the limited sunlight hit it. Her features were small and delicate making her blue eyes pop. It helped that her complexion was paper white. However it did not look like her natural color, no the woman looked almost like she had seen a ghost.

The other figure was of a little boy, no more than five years old. The woman had her arms wrapped around the little copper haired boy in a soothing motion. Once the child noticed the intruder’s presence he turned his head in order to look straight at her, leaving her stunned.

At least one mystery had been solved. The boy had the most unique pair of eyes she had ever happened to gaze upon. Mismatched eyes were quite an uncommon trait for one to acquire but two people that were living under the same roof had them and so Celia was able to connect the dots. He was a mini version of Eros Vidal. There was no way that Celia could be mistaken seeing that she had learned about the Vidal family from the most reliable sources there were: Apollo and Wikipedia. The latter was, of course, a joke she had never trusted what the Internet said nor would she ever.

Apollo had once mentioned that Eros looked extremely different from his siblings and so there had been a period in his life that he supported the idea that he had been adopted. The tattoo artist couldn’t stop laughing at his brother’s idiocy after he had relied the information.

Celia looked rather afraid as the young woman lifted herself off the leather couch and approached her. Standing directly in front of her, she realized immediately that the girl had most likely come with the first person she had thought of calling once she realized that Eros had started lashing out again.

“Hello.” She said gently but her voice scratchy and it betrayed the fact that she had been crying. “I’m Olivia.” She extended her slender arm in front of the newcomer. “And you are?”

Celia shook her hand gently. “Celia. My name is Celia. Ax was driving me home when he got a call about his brother.” She let her hand go, letting it fall to her side. “It must be pretty important.” She commented, not knowing what more to say. “I’m sorry I’m bothering you, Olivia.” She gestured anxiously at the room and the boy who had picked up a book.

“It’s fine.” She assured and gave her a tight smile. After all, the girl was not to blame for how her situation had evolved.

Celia felt weirdly angry with her self as she replayed the words she had just uttered in her mind. She had revoked all responsibility from her self, making her appear weak and gullible as a puppy. It felt like she had admitted that she had no free will and he was able to do as he pleased with her. Which wasn’t true. She hadn’t been raised as a strong independent female just to succumb to the will of a man, much less a man she had known for a few days.

“I am the one who called Ax.” Olivia told her after a while of sitting in a comfortably awkward silence. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know he would be dragging someone else with him.”

“I told him that I couldn’t stay here any longer. This is not something I can handle anymore. Eros is toxic, in a way and that makes him destroy everything he touches even if he doesn’t want to.” The words left her mouth easily and it appeared to Celia that she must have uttered them many times by now. But why hadn’t she actually done it?

She felt a wave of sympathy pass through her. Her own time with toxic people had been the most suffocating period of her short lifetime. In that time she felt like she wasn’t good enough for anything, for anyone. She would have panic attacks in her room late at night and her little brother would find her the next morning inside the bathroom holding her knees close to her chest and rocking back and forth while tears escaped from her traitorous tear ducts. Celia had never wanted Enzo to see how much in pain she had been but it was inevitable, seeing as he was the only one who loved her the same after the accident had occurred.

“I don’t know what to say.”

“You don’t need to say anything. But your boyfriend is trying his hardest to keep me here without understanding that it is harmful to Eros.” At that moment Olivia decided to look at the little boy that had stolen her heart long before his father even had the chance. “Theo come to say hi to Celia. Don’t be rude little man.” Theo obeyed immediately. He stood up, the book he had been holding fell to the floor.

He stood close to Celia before deciding to give her a small hug. “You know my uncle?” He asked while tugging at her sleeve in order to draw her attention to his mismatched eyes.

How do I reply to this? “Umm..yes. We are friends.” It was the safest words she could have used but unfortunately for her, Theo was incredibly bright for his age.

“Do you like him like Livy likes my daddy?” Celia heard Olivia gasp.

“Theo we have talked about this baby boy. You shouldn’t say such things.”

“But it’s true.” He argued. “It is. You like daddy and daddy likes you. You can get married and then you’ll be my mom-” Olivia felt tears stinging her eyes. If only Theo didn’t know so much. If only it didn’t hurt so much to leave.

Theo dropped his arms, releasing Celia from his hold and looked puzzled at Olivia’s reaction. “Did I say something bad? Why is Livy sad?”

Celia replied to him as she would have had if Enzo had been in his place. “It’s not something you said, sweetheart. Sometimes adults need to cry in order to feel better and return to their normal selves. Olivia will be alright, okay?”

Just as he was ready to reply to the stranger his father and his uncle walked inside the room. They seemed to be in the middle of a rather heated conversation but as the brothers looked at their audience all sounds disappeared. Ax looked over at Celia who was standing very close to his nephew and gave her a nod to which she gave a small nod in return, not knowing fully to what they had agreed to.

Celia allowed her eyes to fall on Eros. What she came across was not what she was used to seeing in magazines and the tv. He held no resemblance to the Rock sensation he had once been. In his place stood a broken man, a man that probably hated himself for causing so many problems to those he loved. His presence resulted in Olivia’s demeanor to change. She seemed to be letting the walls she had tried so hard to build crumble to the ground.

Ax had not let his eyes stray from Celia’s small form. He left his brother’s side and walked over to her, realizing how idiotic of him it was to bring her in the middle of that particular battlefield. Celia left her breath hitch slightly as she realized that his breath was tickling her left ear. It was so soft and slight, teasing her without mercy. She knew he wanted to distract her but she did not know why. They were the spectators, not the protagonists of this story.

“I’ll get you away in a moment, alright?” After his promise Ax squatted so that he was standing at eye level with Theo, who was yawning completely unaware of the scene that was playing right in front of him. Celia only wished she could be as oblivious.

“Hey, little man. Isn’t it past your bedtime?”

“No, I don’t have a bedtime.”

“But Liv said you did. You know you shouldn’t lie, she doesn’t like that.” Theo wrapped his arms around his uncle, or at least he tried to see that Ax’s torso was far too large. Bit Ax quickly found the solution to the small issue. He hoisted Theo up and brought his little frail body close to his ear so that Theo could whisper something to him. The not so subtle glances he threw her made her understand that the boy’s comment involved her.

Ax nodded and smiled.

Theo did eventually go to his room. He ran up the stairs and fell on his bed with a sigh falling into deep slumber.

Celia and Ax focused on the scene that was unfolding right in front of them. Eros was looking at Olivia with a concerned look on his handsome face. “Stop crying, Liv, please. Let’s talk about this.” His voice was gentle as he addressed her.

She shook her head and was muttering curses as he tried and tried to convince her to come to him.

“Liv, goddamit. I am begging you.”

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Ax was driving back home when he realized how disturbing the silence was. He muttered a ‘sorry’ for having to bring her along with him. Celia offered no words that would indicate acceptance of his apology and he grew even more frustrated. In a matter of seconds, he had stopped at the side of a seemingly deserted road. His rough hands took possession of her delicate wrists.

He pulled her on top of him roughly, making her aware of the erection that was against her core. Her response was immediate. She rubbed herself against him, moaning softly as their cores came into contact. He captured her lips with undeniable need, his fingers found her soaked panties and she let out a sound that was full of desperation, a reaction that contradicted his otherwise cool demeanor. In seconds her underwear had been removed and her skirt had hitched up, exposing the lower part of her body.

“Fuck, Celia.” He muttered with a groan. “You are so wet for me.” Ax’s large hand palmed her sex, rubbing the sensitive flesh around the area. Her hips thrust forward seeking to meet his hand but he kept pushing her back towards the leather seat.

“Perhaps we shouldn’t be doing this here.” She said in a moment of clarity.

“And why is that?” He inquired, not doing anything to stop his actions.

“Anyone could drive past your car and see us. Isn’t that reason enough?”

“The windows are tinted.” He replied simply. “Nothing is going to happen. Shut up.” The tone of his voice held a sliver of amusement but Celia could not be certain if her mind was playing games with her or if he was truly being pleasant.

Ax slipped two fingers inside her sex, pumping them in and out of her causing her to clench around him as she kept trying to fight in a lost battle. His fingers enhanced their pace and his breathing had turned almost as frantic as her own as she had taken the liberty to reach for the belt of his pants, almost tearing it open with her bare hands as she came apart.

Ax assisted her in her quest of opening his pants. He lifted his hips a little and so she would able to pull them down a bit, freeing him of his boxers at the same time. But before she could actually go on with her action she impulsively placed her hand over his semi-erect cock and squeezed gently. It was rather reckless of her in truth it felt like she was having an out of body experience like she was possessed. There was no way she could initiate something so lascivious but as a primal sounding groan escaped from his plump lips she felt herself not caring at how it was that she came to be so courageous.

After using the same dirty trick to satisfy her need for the power of the brutish man she finally freed him completely. She lifted her eyes and saw the storm brewing in his much darker than the sky blue, she was used to, irises. Her confidence left soon after that. She was not sure of what to do and so Ax took matters into his own hands.

He pulled her even closer to him and guided his cock to her sleek entrance. At the sudden intrusion, Celia’s eyes closed and her mouth parted letting her pray wordlessly as only light moans could be heard. Her hips moved to their own accord, riding him. Ax’s hands found their way to her curvy backside, holding her roughly in a lust induced haze.

Celia’s hands were placed on his broad shoulders. Moments after she had found a steady rhythm his hands started to roam her sill clothed upper body. Ax didn’t waste a single moment and ripped her shirt and bra from her body. “Fuck.” He cursed and took her average sized breasts in his palms, admiring how soft and utterly perfect they were.

Celia wasn’t sure she was breathing properly. As their bodies were moving in sync Ax wanted to ensure that her needs were being met. He lowered his mouth to one rosy pink nipple and bit it teasingly. She came instantly. She bit his shoulder as screams flew past her lips but it was to no avail. It was just her luck that his car had tinted windows but was not soundproof.

Ax moved to the other breast and worshipped it in the same manner. The palm of his hand connected with her left buttock. He continued with his teasing until Celia begged him to be rougher and he complied without a second thought.

His breathing had turned shallow and the blacks of his eyes almost dominated over the blue. It was easy to see that he would be reaching his climax soon. Ax wanted to delay it for as long as possible, needing to give her more before he let their bodies separate from one another, but it was apparent that not even his stubborn will could stop the natural circle of pleasure. Ax started kissing her all the way from her ample breasts to her sharp jawline. “Just like that, baby.” He muttered against her hot skin.

“Please.” Celia did not know what she was begging for but Ax understood perfectly without the need for further guidance.

“You feel incredible, little dove.” His movements became more frantic. He was affected by her. Celia had never had the chance to gaze upon something as beautiful as the sight of the mechanic at that moment. His eyelids fluttered shut and his lips parted, much like her own had done previously.

“Are you going to come again, little one?” Celia nodded, not able to mutter any coherent words.

“Good girl.” He praised with a satisfied smirk. “Fuck, I could keep doing this all damn night.” Something about his choice of words had her hanging by a thread. She clung to him for dear life as she came one final time. Her inner muscles clenched around him and he mumbled a few curses before losing himself to the feeling. With a final slap to her bottom Ax joined her lust induced haze.

Celia felt her body give up on her as she fell forward. Her head came to rest on his chest and he, quite unexpectedly, started stroking her hair.

Ax was looking down at her in wonder and a small smile was tugging at the corners of his lips. She is a devil between the sheets. He mused silently. Once she was able to regain some of her basic bodily functions, she removed her body from his grasp and fell back on the passenger seat. She pulled down her skirt and found her shirt under the seat before pulling it over her head. She was still a bit light headed but remaining unclothed in front of him was not a wise option, not if she wanted to keep the illusion of having some kind of control alive.

“What is it?” She inquired after seeing his reaction.

He shook his head absentmindedly as he put clothes back on his body. “What do you mean?” His voice still held traces of his aroused state. It was even lower than usual and oddly enough Celia felt her body react to it even after their escapade.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“It’s nothing.” He replied dismissively. Celia thought that perhaps he wanted to say something more but she didn’t want to know what it was. She wasn’t sure she would be able to handle it.

“You must be tired. I should take you home.”

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