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A sexy festive short story that'll make you want to spend the holidays in a remote cabin in the mountains. What's your Christmas wish? Luke and Emma get more than they bargained for when both are invited to spend the holidays at their mutual friend's cabin. This sexy, short story can be enjoyed as a stand-alone or read as part of the Forest Lake series. This is a spin-off book from My Sexy Stepbrother Is A Werebear. *Book two of the Forest Lake series.*

Erotica / Romance
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Part one

The Evans’s and the Marshall’s were spending the holiday season together. Just like they had done every year, ever since Luke and Sam were cubs.

They were as good as brothers, raised together in Bear Creek. Sam and Luke had always been inseparable. Both worked as rangers for their clan. They were now grown men of twenty-two. Sam was happily married to Helen, which meant that Luke was sorta left tagging along as the third wheel, not that he minded much.

Helen was cool, and they had become rather good friends. But seeing how much his friends were happy, especially now that they were expecting their twins in the new year, Luke couldn’t help but feel as if there was something missing in his life. A huge gap in his heart that only a special someone could fill.

The distinct knocking on the door was a clear sign that there was another guest arriving. Luke was busy eating all the nibbles and finger-foods that had been laid out in arrangement on the coffee table.

What was Christmas for if not for overindulging?

Both Helen and Sam got up quickly and raced to answer it. Sam hissed under his breath that she should be sitting down, taking it easy, and Helen answered back, telling him not to fuss. It was bitterly cold outside; the snow was at least six inches deep on the ground. Helen could be heard greeting the new arrival: an exchange of kisses to the cheeks, typical girly squeals, inquiring about her journey, and if whoever it was had managed to drive here safely in the snow.

Sam’s parents, Elena and Jack were putting the finishing touches to Christmas dinner. Luke’s parents, Nina and Joe were having a heavy debate over who was going to dress as Santa Claus this year and hand out the gifts. Jack did it last year, so that meant this year it was Joe’s turn.

Hmm... Luke thought to himself, listening to whoever it was at the door. It was unmistakably the sound of a female's voice, that much he was certain. She smelled like winter berries and chocolate, or at least that's what the new scent that had just suddenly wafted into the room smelled like.

Helen did say that her college friend was coming over to spend Christmas with them, but Luke had forgotten about this. He wondered if she was cute, and if her looks matched the sweet sounds she made. He thought that she had a beautiful melodic voice and that her laugh sounded heavenly-- better than any sound he’d ever heard before.

Luke’s train of thought bounced back to the festivities, and a cunning smirk spread across his lips. Seriously? Didn’t they learn from the last time they left him in a room alone with the eggnog? Obviously not. Oh well, all the more for him, he thought impishly.

Luke licked the eggnog from his lips feeling satisfied. He fuckin’ loved Christmas: all the junk food, the cheerful reunions, especially the cheesy songs that came on the radio from the first of December. Not to mention the tacky decorations. The residents of Bear Creek were rather competitive and would strive to have the best decorated cabin in town. Luke felt confident that this year, people would be able to see his cabin glowing from way up high in the international space station. Even Santa wouldn't be able to miss it as he flew past on his sleigh.

Luke didn’t even care that he was wearing the ridiculous knitted sweater that his Grandmother had made for him. Even though it was pretty cool and shown off her knitting skills, it had a bear carrying presents on the front of it with a slogan that read: ‘I come Bearing gifts’.

He wore it to make her happy, making a change from wearing his usual Ranger attire, or anything remotely endorsed by Bear Grylls. He got a fair amount of stick for acting like a boy scout, but Luke didn’t care. That human was his idol. And even though it wasn’t necessary for him to wear the weather-resistant Gortex jacket, he kinda liked it. It made him feel more like the Born Survivor himself.

Ignoring everything that was happening around him, Luke was having himself a blast. Dancing around the sitting room, singing along to Rocking Around The Christmas Tree, which was playing on the music channel. He didn’t care about whether or not he looked like a jackass. He knocked back his eggnog as he turned around mid-dance, not giving a single fuck, not one single... Fuck!!!

Who the fuck is that? Luke spluttered, almost showering the pretty new guest in eggnog.

He was greeted with the sight of blue eyes that sparkled with amusement, probably slightly critical of his dance moves, but who could blame her? One in particular, was framed perfectly beneath a raised eyebrow. The ‘What the fuckery?’ look that etched across her face caused his cheeks to flush red hot. Luke felt kind of embarrassed to be caught out like this... and by a woman who looked as if she’d been handcrafted by the angels themselves.

Luke was staring, he was well aware that he was. The celestial creature before him tucked her blonde curls behind her ear and folded her arms across her front. She was also wearing a Christmas sweater and may have caught him staring at it. Alright, his eyes just so happened to glance... there.

But Luke was only reading the slogan on the sweater, he wasn’t looking at her boobs like she thought he was. He was sure that she had a great pair of baubles, but Luke was a gentleman. He had only ever been caught out like that once before with Helen, when he read her diamante t-shirt and almost earned himself a slap. The front of the pretty girl's sweater read: ‘Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal’. Luke’s lips spread into a wide grin. He liked the irony of her choice of sweater, especially because she didn’t know it yet, but she belonged to him.

“Hey, Luke, this is my friend, Emma. Emma, this is Luke. He’s like family, so I hope you guys get along.” Helen wrung her hands awkwardly in front of her baby bump as she nervously introduced them. Luke could see it for what it was... a setup, and he loved her for it. The meddling little minx had been dropping hints ever since this morning.

Emma blushed. Sure, she was caught off guard by the hot guys goofy dance moves. Hell, if she’d had a few drinks down her neck, she would have been in there joining him... she knew she would. Emma lived for Christmas. It was her favorite time of year. And yeah, she was pissed that her parents opted to spend the holidays with their country club friends at the Hamptons, but now she was so glad to have said yes, taking up Helen’s offer to spend Christmas in Bear Creek with her.

Bear Creek, huh? Helen wasn’t kidding when she said there were big burly mountain men out here in the hills of Forest Lake. Emma was sure as hell glad she came.

Emma smiled, giving a shy wave. “Hi.”

“Um... Hi.” Luke rubbed the back of his neck nervously, and Emma noticed his blush had spread to his ears, turning them as crimson as holly berries.

The exchange of pleasantries was a little awkward but not a total disaster. Both parties were blushing, stealing shy glances and sharing nervous smiles. Yes, there was most definitely a mutual attraction brewing between them and Helen shot her husband, Sam, a satisfied smirk, feeling accomplished.

“Do you want some eggnog?” Luke offered, trying to make conversation.

“Sure, I’d love some, thanks.” Emma’s shoulders bunched as her eyes shied away.

Luke was huge. The sweater that clung to his gargantuan frame, only accentuated his muscles. Emma secretly wished to explore what was underneath, run her hands across his taut chest and slide her tongue along every dip and groove of his abs... all the way down to his v-line and... Stop! She shook her head and blinked vigorously, ridding her filthy, dirty mind of such impure thoughts.

They had only just met for Christ's sake! Yet here she was, ready to jump his bones in front of his family. What had become of her? It had most definitely been too long since she’d had any Penii. Emma bit her lip to stifle her laugh, thinking about the name her and Helen used to refer to the male genitalia.

Luke’s eyes gave a questioning twitch. He wondered what Emma was thinking about to make a ghostly smile appear on her lips like that. It was there one second, then it was gone in a flash. He hoped that he hadn’t gone and blown his chances by making a bad first impression.

“Here, careful now, Sam made it,” Luke warned as he handed her a glass of eggnog.

“Thanks.” Their fingers brushed together as she took the glass from Luke. The sparks she felt as soon as her skin made contact with his ignited every nerve ending inside her. Especially between the valley of her thighs... and now she was squeezing them together with discomfort. A dull throbbing ache in her feminine region was almost enough to send her bolting through the door.

“Guys, dinner is ready!” Elena called out.

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