Bad Biker Bear

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Riding off into the sunset

I paid for us to stay in a motel for a full month, but I didn’t plan on staying that long. The fucker next door kept complaining about all the wild sex noises coming from our room. Tough shit. Ain’t that what newlyweds did? They screwed the fuck out of each other.

Vegas was a blast. The chapel we got hitched in was a themed one. Like fuck were the boys ever likely to show those photos, so I’m safe there. What Gia wants, Gia gets. And now she wants a piece of the Beast-man.

“Come to bed, Kian,” Gia cooed, beckoning me over by curling her finger seductively.

Ah, she’s wearing the sexy black lingerie, I exhaled forcefully. Black lace and dream come true.

She shrieked as I lunged with a growl, then started giggling as we landed on the bed with me pinning her hands up over her head. Anchoring her wrists to the mattress, as I devoured her pretty little mouth.

Tonight’s not about me, it’s all about her and how I can make it spectacular for her enjoyment. Tonight’s the night that she’s ready, according to the fertility testing kit she brought back the other day. I grabbed her hips in those big rough hands of mine and squeezed, making her realize just how small she was compared to me, how little and pocket-sized she was. Bite-sized and all mine.

She threaded her fingers through my hair, trying to hold me still as she sucked on my bottom lip like the sexy vixen she is.

I gave out a dark chuckle as she writhed beneath me, pressing herself against my cock and ground her hips.

“Please. Don’t you understand that you're killing me here? I need you,” she moaned as she gyrated her hips.

“What do you need, baby girl?” I began working clasp on the bra that was covering her perfect tits, freeing them and skimmed my lips around the areola of one.

She opened her mouth to order me to touch her, to scream at me to do something when I finally clamped my lips around her strained nipple and sucked, letting it go with a pop sound.

“Oh, God!” She moaned out loud.

She squeezed her eyes shut as I trailed kisses down her body, delivering delicious sensations like lightning bolts down her belly and to her swollen clit.

Breath stuttered from her lips, and she clenched her thighs together, needing friction. I came back up, feathering light kisses and rolled her rock-solid nipple between my forefinger and thumb, tugging on it, as my merciless lips grazed her other breast.

She hated me torturing her. Usually, I was balls deep, banging into her pussy or her ass right about now but tonight was different. Every other night, she gets the Beast but tonight, I’m giving her a taste of Kian.

My vixen had one hand fisting my hair. She reached between our bodies and seized my cock, fisting my length, pumping me with her soft tiny hand, making me groan and my eyelids flutter.

My hips pumped in her grasp, and she didn’t let up. She stroked my cock hard up and down, feeling my smooth skin slide against her palm, running her thumb across the head smearing a bead of pre-cum.

Then she clasped hold of me and stilled. I made a push up to move over her, my arm muscles flexing as I strained.

“Fuckin’ hell, baby girl. You trying to kill me?” I groaned.

“No, but I think you’re trying to kill me.” My eyes met hers and they were dark and dangerous.

I kissed her cheek, jaw, neck, dipping my fingers inside her quivering folds, stroking along her moistened slit. She was shuddering. I bit down on her neck, releasing her only to growl. “Fuck, you’re wet.”

With my free hand, I tugged her panties down to her ankles, pulling them off.

“Mm-hmm,” she moaned, in agreement.

“You want me to eat you all up, you want my tongue on your pussy? Is that what you want?” I asked, with a devilish smirk.

Her breath caught in her throat.

“Well, baby, all you had to do was ask.” I started trailing my way down to the sweetest part of Gia, leaving a trail of goosebumps across her skin.

She spread her legs in offering and I kissed along her inner thighs, wedging them open with my broad shoulders, kissing over her mound, then pressed another kiss to her inner thigh.

She was breathing loud now. With my tongue tensed into a point, I pressed it at the top of her folds and pushed down over her swollen bud like a spear. Her thighs squeezed, her feet digging into the bed, then I finally thrust my finger inside her, stroking her textured inner walls.

Gia trembled with uncontrollable need, rocking against my pointed tongue, taking everything that I had to offer.

Sensing she was close, I softened my tongue to lap at her, licking her all up with a guttural groan. A sexy, satisfying sound that made her pulse skip a beat. One finger became two, stretching her muscles and giving her the twinge she needed to fly apart.

I lapped at her, sucking on her folds, spearing my tongue inside her and alternating between gentle circular passes across her hard clit and swift stabs. Only after she sobbed and sweat-drenched her body in a fine sheen, and she pleaded with me, did I finally relent and allowed her to come.

I worked her tight slit, finding that hot spot deep inside her and coaxed the tidal wave from her by clamping my lips over her clit and flicking mercilessly. She didn’t just come, she fucking exploded in my mouth with me having given her the greatest pleasure of her life.

She was still riding the peak when I climbed over her, grabbed her thighs and spread her open to me. Her eyes hooded and clouded with arousal, so sexy, the most erotic sight I’d ever seen.

My eyes widened, crazed with need. My cock had turned dark with color, my balls a tight sac pulled up close to my body. I held her thighs open for me and then my cock nudged through her slit.

There was no waiting, no more teasing. I’d reached my breaking point. I had to be inside her or I’d go insane.

I slid inside, her muscles stretched to accommodate me. I felt so hard compared to her soft walls, pushing through them ruthlessly, feeling them flutter as I filled her with my length.

Gia cried out as our lips met. I held myself in that position for only a moment before I started thrusting, slow, shallow strokes followed by a deeper thrust, creating a pattern in my rhythm.

Every moan and groan that came from Gia’s mouth spurred me on. She all-out screamed the roof off the motel as I circled my hips, grinding myself into her. I looked down at her with hooded eyes, head canted to the side, lips parted, still slick with her juices. My own pleasure was consuming me, and I felt a raw primal urge to chase my release. I grabbed hold of her hips and quickened my pace taking her harder, faster, pounding into her.

I hit some magic spot that made her walls clench around my cock. Watching where our bodies merged, eyes possessive, hips swinging hard. Loving the sight of my cock moving in and out of her.

My gaze fell to her bouncing tits and as if unable to help myself, I covered one with my shovel sized hand, squeezing as I pounded into her.

“Kian,” she gasped. Her pussy tightened around me, twitching as need rushed through her. That was my wife, my mate I was making love to. The one woman I’d ever loved, and she was coming apart so beautifully beneath me.

She cried out as rippling waves tore through her. I groaned as the tremors squeezed my cock, planting one arm on the bed and hammered into her, riding it through, grunting, thrusting, losing myself in the euphoria of my climax.

There was nothing I loved to see more than the sight of Gia when she came around my cock. She screamed, digging her crescent nails into my shoulders, marking me in her own sweet way.

She gave out a sharp gasp feeling my hot jets coating her womb, and she smiled, her hands moving to squeeze my ass as I pumped her full of my seed. I wondered if we’d succeeded in making a cub this time. It sure was fun trying.

I hoped I’d given her what she wanted...what we both wanted. The thought of creating something that was ours filled my heart with a sudden rush of warmth.

Looks like we’d find out in a few weeks.

“I'm ready to tell you about my family,” Gia murmured. She lay with her head on my chest, tracing the outlines of my abs with her finger.

My pulse thumped in my eardrums. I had a bad feeling about this. Part of me was gearing ready to sneak out during the night and go and kick some ass.

“I'm listening,” I replied.

“I never knew my real mom,” Gia revealed. “She gave me away the day I was born,” she paused.

My natural instinct to protect her took over, and my arms tightened around her. I inhaled the scent of her hair, smelling the coconut shampoo she'd used when we showered together.

“She was just some kid who was still in high school. She wrote me a letter. The social worker who took me away that day gave it to me, as soon as she thought I was old enough. I was twelve and still living in the children's home, back in Stayridge City. Her name was Madeline Livingston, and she went to a private school in Vermont. She came from a wealthy family, and they were refusing to support her if she decided to keep me. She made it clear, in no uncertain terms, that she wanted absolutely nothing at all to do with me.”

I didn't know what to say in response to this news. My mom was an addict but at least she kept me close. I couldn't imagine what it must've felt like to be abandoned like that.

“It didn't mention anything about my dad in the letter but when I asked the social worker, she was able to give me his name. Kellan Donahue. After years of searching through birth records and having found no trace of him ever having existed, I heard some guys talking at a truck stop, just outside the city. I was filling my car up with gas and overheard them talking about a diner called, Donahue's, somewhere in Forest Lake Ridge. When I ran a Google search, Forest Lake Ridge is a gray area. I couldn't get any information, whatsoever.”

I smirked, knowing full well that the fox shifter community was responsible for that. Infiltrating worldwide, government organizations had its perks. It was all with the intention of protecting our safe little sanctuary.

“So, you thought you'd find your daddy out here in the Ridge?” I concluded.

“I guessed so,” Gia sighed. “But that's when Claw found me first. I ran out of gas, not far from his warehouse, and the rest you know because you found me.”

“So, other than the name, what makes you so sure that you'll find your dad here?” I asked.

Gia lifted her head and turned her gaze to me. “I don't know. It was just a hunch. There's no trace of him anywhere else and Forest Lake seems the right sort of place to hide if you don't want to be found.”

“I'm not complaining. If you hadn't been looking for him, then I wouldn't have found you,” I told her, feeling like a huge, selfish prick for even thinking that.

“I know.” She gave a happy sigh. “I'm glad it all worked out,” she breathed.

“Don't you want to keep looking?” I asked, my brows bunching together with question.

Gia hummed a gentle 'hmm'.

“I don't know, maybe I already found what I'm looking for, right here. Besides, this just goes to show that you find what you're looking for when you least expect it. If you search too hard for something, you never find it,” she muttered, making perfect sense.

I kissed the top of her head, feeling my chest swell with pride. She meant that she'd found all that she ever needed in me, just as I had found all that I'd ever need with her.

“Our children will never want for anything, I promise you that,” I told her as a statement of fact.

Gia's eyes glistened as she chuckled and another ball of heat spread through my chest.

“I know that, Kian. As long as we have each other, we'll always have a home.”

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