Bad Biker Bear

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Taking what's mine

"Huh? Mate claiming me?" Gia breathed, half shocked.

"You gotta better idea then I'm all ears, honey," I gave it to her straight.

She didn't seem to understand the danger she was in. Alpha Jax doesn't play around. The only chance she had was if I laid claim on her.

"But what would that mean?" She asked, staring up at me with doe-like eyes. My heart exploded the second I delved into those big sapphire eyes that were only for me.

"You'd be my responsibility, my business, my woman," I spoke, firmly.

She would be mine to take care of; whatever she needed I would provide. It would be my responsibility to keep her safe. If she ever broke club law, then I'd be liable. It'd be up to me to make sure she obeyed the rules, deal out punishment if she doesn't, and reward her when she did.

"Wh-What? Like your girlfriend?" She trembled but not through fear-- no. I could smell her arousal. She sort of liked the idea.

Well damn. Didn't see that one coming.

"No, like my mate," I corrected her mistake.

She needed to get one thing straight: a girlfriend was expendable, a mate was forever. She'll soon learn that there was no such thing as a divorce court in the shifterverse. Once I mark her as mine, it's a 'till death do us part' sort of deal.

"It would help if I knew what that entailed?" She asked, clearly baffled.

"A mate is more than just your girl. She's your other half, your soul mate." I tried to put it as simply as I could without confusing her.

Outsider women didn't like the sound of being called a biker's old lady. They weren't familiar with our terms of endearment and thought it meant something old and wrinkly.

She was making this really difficult for me. If she carried on looking at me the way she was doing, I was gonna end up taking her right here and now on the cold, dusty floor.

"And you want me... but why?" She asked as if she couldn't understand why the hell I'd choose her over any other woman in the universe.

Later on, I'm gonna spank her sweet little ass for even thinking that.

She was the most beautiful woman that I had ever had the pleasure of laying my eyes on. She was petite, barely reaching the center of my chest. Her curvy hourglass body was just beckoning to be fucked. Her soft brown hair cascaded around her shoulders in soft, silky waves. Her blue eyes were the same color as a clear summer sky. I had visions of her pretty bow-shaped mouth wrapped around my cock, sucking me into oblivion.

I grinned, envisioning the last part.

Why you? You fucking asked. I'm gonna show you why later tonight.

"Can't explain it," I said, trying to buy myself some more thinking time.

She deserved pretty words, not something I could throw together in the heat of the moment. I wanted to tell her how she made me feel just by looking into her eyes. How much she smelled like honey and vanilla. How much I wanted to make her moan whilst she lay beneath me. All that soppy shit that had never entered my brain before.

"Try," she challenged, looking me dead in the eye like she meant business.

She felt an attraction to me. I could scent it all over her. I wished I could explain that I was feeling the exact same thing, but I couldn't vocabularize it. I was a man of few words. I knew what I wanted to say, but knowing me, it would tumble from my lips in a feeble, clumsy attempt at romance.

I'd fuck it up... I know I would.

"When you just know." I ran a finger along her cheek and she closed her eyes, leaning into my touch.

"What's your name?" She breathed softly, looking up at me through her lashes.

"Beast," I replied, my voice as raspy as ever.

"What?" Her eyelids fluttered open.

"Your name is Beast? Like that's the name on your birth certificate?" She chuckled, finding my nickname funny.

I found myself smiling back, despite the awful situation. I couldn't help myself, she was too damn beautiful.

"Kian," I answered.

"Huh, what?" She blinked in confusion.

"Real name is Kian," I repeated. My own guttural voice lightened with humor, witnessing her surprised reaction.

Why didn't I just tell her my real name from the start? She's my woman. The mother of my future cubs. She was the only living soul that got to call me by my birth name.

"You're like Claw, aren't you? You can change into a bear too, can't you?" She asked with caution, as if she just needed to have some kind of confirmation.

"That's right...I am, but I'm nothing like Claw. I can promise you that I will never hurt you. Nobody will hurt you whilst you're mine," I spoke with promise.

I meant it too. I would die protecting her before I'd ever let anyone so much as lay a hand on her. I hadn't even marked her yet and I was already so damn protective over her.

"How does the mate thing work, anyway?" She gulped as she finished what she said.

A roguish smile spread across my lips as I contemplated my next words, not wanting to scare her off.

I've got her now. She's mine. She'll find out tonight when I'm loving all over her and she's screaming my name. Then she'll know exactly what the 'mate thing' was all about.

I had to calm the fuck down. Just the thought of how much I was gonna love rutting her hard and fast each and every night sent a wake-up call to my dick. I felt a rush of blood head south to that bad boy. The fucker gave a twitch of approval in my jeans, stirring from its slumber and rearing its one-eyed sleepy head.


Any attempt I made to surreptitiously pluck at the front of my jeans to readjust myself, only drew Gia's line of sight down towards it. Her eyes flared wide at the traitorous bulge that was developing in my pants. He was showing off now that he had an audience.

I needed to stop thinking about sex or else my dick was gonna punch a hole straight through the front of my jeans to say hello. He was an annoying, sociable bastard, always getting us into shit that I struggled to talk my way out of.

"I'll explain that, later. Right now, we gotta bring you back to the clubhouse. I'm gonna need to claim you in front of the guys," I replied.

Verbally claim her, not physically. I just wanted to see the whites of her eyes.

I flashed another scary grin.

"Just gotta tell them you're mine," I told her, witnessing her exhale a breath of relief.

"Okay, but I'm scared. What if that's not enough?" Gia's bottom lip quivered.

"Listen to me, Gia. You're mine now. Nobody is gonna hurt you. I'll take good care of you but you gotta trust me. Can you do that, can you trust me?" I held either side of her face in my hands, stroking her pale cheeks with the pads of my thumbs.

I looked down into her beautiful eyes, then to her lips, leaning down closer as if they were drawing me in for a kiss.

"I guess?" She whispered, barely audible as she tilted her head back in response to my body language.

Our lips just about brushed together when I heard the sound of Ace clearing his throat behind us. Lord strike that fucker down now for ruining the moment.

"Ahem!" He cleared his throat, avoiding subtlety. "Hope I'm not interrupting a tender moment but Jax called us back," he announced.

I exhaled forcefully, turning to face him. He was smirking at us as if misinterpreting my intentions. His eyes raked over Gia's naked body like a starving man who had stumbled across a five-star banquet.

"Hey, Ace, you find any spare boots she can wear? I've got some spare jeans. Just don't fancy my woman riding barefoot back to the club. Won't be too good with all the shit from the road flicking up on her." I put the emphasis on Gia being 'my woman'. I needed him to know that she was off-limits or shit would turn nasty.

"That right, Beast? She yours?" He asked mockingly as if that was up for debate.

"That's what I said, so you can stop looking at her like that if you favor your eyesight!" I threatened him, stone-faced.

He got the hint that I meant business, backing up with both his palms held out in front of him.

"Jeez! Beast, calm yourself. Isn't my fault she's half-naked. I'm a man, I can't help myself," he shrugged.

The guy was a bonafide man-whore. He took a different woman home every night. Even after he fucked a few of the club pass around whores, he'd still take a woman home to share his bed.

"You wanna stay on my good side, you keep your eyes up north, you got that?" I growled my threat through gritted teeth.

"I was only playin' with you." He smirked.

"Gia's mine. I'm mate claiming her, and if any of you fuckers have got something to say about that then say it back at the clubhouse. I'll be more than happy to bust it out with you out back!" I stared him down until he broke eye contact first.

"Chill, man! I got the message," he relented, then stalked out, making his way over to his bike.

I carried Gia down the stairs and put her down on the dirt track out front. Ace dropped a pair of Claw's boots at her feet as I fished out the spare pair of jeans from the box on my bike. She pulled them on and looked up to me when they swamped her.

"It's just until we get to the clubhouse, baby. Then, I'll buy you all the clothes you need," I told her in reassurance.

She grimaced when she had to put her dainty little feet inside Claw's stinking old boots. But it was better than the alternative: getting her feet cut to ribbons from all the chippings that would flick up from off the road.

"Who's the chick?" Blade asked with curiosity.

"Mine," I gave him the short answer, to which he shrugged as fair play.

The guy was already happily mated so he knew the score.

"Do I get an invite to the wedding?" He jested as he rode up at my side.

I gave him a shit-eating grin. "Yeah, I'll let you boys plan my bachelor party, how's about that?" I said, giving a sarcastic retort.

I felt Gia's hands grip around my waist as she straddled the back of my bike, resting her head against my shoulder blade. I had already given her the shirt off my back and she'll be getting a lot more from me come tonight. I always keep my promises.

Now came the hardest part. I had to take her back to the clubhouse and stake my claim on her in front of the Alpha.

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