Bad Biker Bear

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Who's in charge here?

“C’ Mon, woman, you ready?” I yelled through the open doorway.

I’d been hanging around for almost an hour whilst Gia took her God damned time getting ready. I checked the time again. Fuck. We're going to be late. We should’ve been halfway to the clubhouse by now.

It won’t be long before Jax blows up my phone, wondering where the fuck I am.

At this rate, I was going to be unfashionably late with a semi-pissed off mate in tow. I say semi, purely because she was pissed at me for tagging her ass last night.

This morning's antics were a bit of a game-changer though. I woke up to her pretty little mouth wrapped around my morning wood. At first, I thought it was the best 'good morning' wake up call I had ever received until I felt her teeth grazing against my skin. That got me begging for forgiveness, right there.

Never underestimate a woman scorned. We had an exchange of words afterward, then we got over all the ‘what the fuckery’ during the first hiccup in our relationship. She’s smart and I respect that because it makes one of us.

Now I’m outside, pacing the floor like a caged animal, waiting for her to change into the 'one fuckin' outfit' she currently owns, thanks to Lauren.

“I’m ready,” she chirped brightly as she flounced out the door.

I locked up behind her, then sat astride my ride, patting the seat behind me, signaling her to get her sorry, sore ass on. I smirked, hearing her cursing. I would've offered her a pillow, but hey, I’m an all-out asshole, remember.

Usually, I would've broken the speed limit five times over but Gia was on the back. So I kept it to a minimum. She wasn’t used to riding on a motorcycle and I wanted to keep on her sweet side. I had plans for us tonight. I’d been playing out the fantasy the whole way over here.

As soon as I pulled up, a prospect came over to park up my ride. That was five-star valet parking, right there.

She linked her arm with mine as we walked inside. A subtle hint to the pass arounds that I was off-limits. I couldn’t help but smirk my ass off like I swung the world's biggest dick. So, she has a jealous side. Up until now, neither did I.

“Beast, thought you s’posed to mark your woman. She ain’t yours until she’s wearing your teeth marks, bro,” Ace taunted.

The cocky bastard was testin’ my patience.

“Why don’t you kiss her ass and see for yourself where she’s wearing my tag. Then you’ll be wearing my knuckles in that cock suckin' mouth of yours,” I warned with a growl.

I wasn’t in the mood for playing around. The fact I hadn't fucked her yet, embedding my scent in her, was driving me insane. We needed to change that the first chance we got. That'd stop unmated males from sniffing around where they had no business sticking in their noses or any other appendage for that matter.

“C’ Mon, boys, break it up,” Jax intervened. “You want to go fuck someone up, save it for the Shadow Wolves.”

Ace put his hand out and I took it with a slap. Jax was right, there was no point fighting amongst ourselves when there was a bigger shit storm coming our way.

Blade arrived shortly after me, along with his mate, Lauren. I felt better knowing that Gia had someone other than the club whores to sit with.

“Had an ultimatum this morning. Either we hand over the girl or we face the consequences,” Jax explained.

I saw red immediately. “The fuck I will! Let’em come,” I growled, practically slamming my fist through the top of the bar.

Jax gripped my shoulder, holding onto me firmly. “Don’t expect you to, brother. If you’d let me finish, I can tell you that I told’em to go fuck themselves,” he responded with smug satisfaction.

“Claw’s mine, Jax. Nobody touches him but me,” I warned.

That fucker’s going to meet his maker and I’m sending him there, gift wrapped.

“You got it,” Jax replied in agreement.

“So, what’s the plan? We goin' to wait around for them to jump us or are we goin' in first, all guns blazing and all that shit?” Ace asked.

That guy was itching to rip something apart. He had a personal vendetta against the wolves after they left his fourteen-year-old sister for dead during a hit-and-run. Those fuckers were going to pay.




I found Gia in the front foyer, standing next to Lauren who was smoking a cigarette.

As soon as I appeared, Lauren walked back in to find Blade. She got the hint that the meeting was over.

“How did it go, is everything alright?” Gia asked, sounding concerned.

I stalked towards her with one thing playing on my mind. I grabbed her around the waist, smashing my lips against hers, bringing my hand up under her shirt so that I could cup one of her perky tits in the palm of my hand.

“Beas....” Was all she managed to say.

She squealed at first. Especially when I dragged her bra up over her tits, threw her up against the wall so that I could take turns sucking on them.

“Beast, we can’t do this here!” She tried to protest, although she did give me a grateful moan and that means 'go for it' in my vocabulary.

I pulled my belt open, popping the buttons of my jeans. She gave a shocked gasp as she plunged a hand inside my boxers, feeling for herself the weapon that would spear her in half. As her fingers wrapped around my length, I moved her black lacy panties to one side and dipped my fingers inside the inkwell of her pussy.

“Kian, you're fuckin' huge. It won't fit,” she groaned against my lips.

I dragged my moist fingers around her clit, using her natural juices as a lubricant.

“Shh, baby, it will,” I assured, our breath mixing through ragged pants.

Gia's curled fingers stroked me in a steady rhythm and I plunged mine inside her once again, stretching her walls.

Just like I knew she would be, she was soaked. My expert finger found my prize, circling a figure of eight around the textured, fleshy part on her inner wall. Gia rewarded me with rough, throaty moans. I kept on stroking her until she started to whimper, then brought my fingers up to my mouth and sucked off her juices.

Tasted sweeter than any God damned honey, I'd ever had.

“Wrap your legs around me, I'm going to lift you,” I ordered.

“You want to do this here? What if someone...hmm!” Gia began to protest, so I stole her words with another possessive kiss.

I picked her up by her ass, wrapping her legs around my waist whilst my tongue fucked her mouth.

She couldn’t complain if she couldn’t talk. Holding the scrap of lace to one side, I drove my cock through her drenched lips, nudging my way to victory. Filling her tight little pussy to the maximum and stretching her walls to their limit. Her wet warmth accommodated me beautifully, feeling like I'd stuck my cock into seventh heaven.

I dragged my length out of her, then slammed into her again, hard. Her ass thudded against the wall but damn if she didn’t like it. My own groans filled the narrow hall as my ass cheeks tightened with each forceful slap.

Already, Gia was about to cum. Just a couple hard thrusts like that and I would be drowning in her juices.

“Fuck, you’re so hot,” I moaned as I drove into her again and again.

The head of my cock slammed against the apex of her inner barrier and at that moment, I doubted she’d even care if I went through it.

“Oh God, don't stop!” Gia begged me. “Harder!”

“What the fuck?” One of the prospects muttered from outside, doing an about-turn in the doorway.

I was so far gone, I couldn’t tell which one of the guys it was, not that I cared. I was coming apart inside my woman and that was all I was focusing on.

My fingers spread her cheeks wide, my cock thrusting into her again and again. Fuckin' her tight channel with raw, primal abandon. The pressure inside me began to build, my balls tightened, near ready to blow.

Gia’s pussy could only flutter helplessly around me. She reared her head back open-mouthed before exploding with a forceful orgasm. Her fingers dug into my shoulders as she gripped onto me for dear life. A shameless scream tore through her throat, almost bringing the clubhouse roof down. That was my cue, having delivered her pleasure. I then pounded into her, wild and frantic, chasing my own release, coming with a grunt and filling her full of my hot sticky cum until it seeped down her slick thighs.

I panted hard, having just had the best God damned sex of my life. My balls were still pulsing as I withdrew my cock. Gia slumped as I set her down, leaning against the wall, breathless.

“Almost forgot...” My chest heaved as I spoke, “...didn’t I promise that you could shop till you drop?” I breathed, my voice still coated with sex-driven lust. “Fix your skirt, darlin'. I always keep my promises.”

Tucking my satisfied cock away, I fastened up my jeans, turning on my heel with a devilish smirk and a roguish glint in my eye. I could feel her eyes following me as I strolled out of the clubhouse.

Yes, I was a filthy-minded bastard who liked to fuck and run but that just seemed to make Gia want me more and more. The sound of her heels clicking over the parking lot as she struggled to match my strides was sweet music to my ears.

“Kian, wait up!” She called out.

Now my scent was branded into her skin. Now there was no doubt who she belonged to, and all the guys in the clubhouse knew it too.

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