Bad Biker Bear

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Baby, don't make me beg.

“How about this one or this one?” Gia asked while holding up two tops of a similar style.

The only difference being, one was red and one was Cerise. They both looked exactly the fucking same to me.

“They both look nice, get both,” I suggested, trying to sound interested and at the same time, also trying to speed things up.

“What about those dresses? Which do you think?” She asked.

I should've just given her my debit card and sent her shopping with Lauren.

I had never stepped foot inside a women's clothing store before, and I shit you not, this was the umpteenth fucking store we'd been inside. Gia had dragged me around every store in town. Yet here we were, back in the first fucking store we went in, looking at purchasing the first fucking dresses she tried on.

Why? Why is it that women end up back in the first store and buy the outfit that they tried in the first place? Why don't you girls just buy it the first time around and save yourself some time?

It's three fucking hours of my life that I'm never getting back, and excuse me if I don't seem enthusiastic about whether or not it makes your ass look big because, darlin', I couldn't give a rats ass!

If it was down to me, she would be naked all day, every day. Then, just as I was about ready to kill myself, she rewarded me by going into one of those sexy underwear stores.

Now she was talking. That grabbed my attention back...and yes, that bra and panty set works well for me. Knock yourself out, sweetheart. I don't care if you buy every color of the fuckin' rainbow.

I followed her lead, trailing behind her with half a dozen bags in either hand. I had no choice but to call one of the boys, arranging for her purchases to be taken back home. Ace turned up in Jaxton's SUV, offering to drop it all off at my apartment.

“Are you ready to go home now?” She asked me.

Was that a trick fuckin' question?

“Yeah, you got all you need?” I asked.

I wasn't planning on having to come back, just because she forgot something.

“Yeah, I'm kinda tired,” Gia replied, ending her sentence with a yawn.

Ahh, fuck! There go my big plans.

“Alright darlin', let's go,” I said, leading her back to my ride.




The TV was on in the sitting room, showing some girly chat show that Gia seemed engrossed in. I carried on swirling the water around the bathtub, testing that the temperature was just right.

“Baby, I run you a bath,” I called out to Gia from inside the bathroom.

Phase one: getting on her good side is almost complete.

I heard her pad across the living room floor before popping her head around the doorway.

“Aww, Kian, thank you,” she spoke with surprise before coming over to wrap her arms around my neck and rise up for a kiss.

At that moment, I didn't care that she called me Kian. I kissed her back with equal fervor.

“Come in with me,” she whispered against my ear before nipping at it.

I felt my dick twitch in my jeans as she threw in the curveball and I made a face, scrunching my nose.

“Nah, you enjoy it,” I dismissed, not really wanting to smell of the mango and papaya bubble soap. All the lotions and potions she bought were all lined up on the side of the tub, propped up against the wall tiles. I wasn't a hearts and flowers sort of guy, but I figured takin' care of her the best way I knew how would score me a few gold stars.

“C' Mon, Kian, take a bath with me,” Gia pleaded, making a pouty face.

I rolled my eyes with a smirk. She kept calling me by my birth name and strangely enough, I was getting used to it. I had done this all for her, and she wanted to share it with me.

Oh well, there is a first time for everything. I started to strip, pulling my t-shirt over my head, tossing it into the corner of the room, then began toeing off my boots.

“You know, baby, I've only ever taken showers. Never had me a bubble bath before, so you're honored,” I said to her, as I removed the last stitch of clothing.

She tied her hair up in a band and giggled.

“Aww, big bad Beast is a bubble bath virgin,” she teased, whilst stepping into the water and sitting down comfortably.

I chuckled in response to her sassy remark. “Careful, baby girl or I'm going to have to tan your behind again.”

I slipped in behind her, watching the water level rise dangerously close to the top of the bath. I took the soap and a weird looking scrunched up thing, she bought today and lathered it up.

“Hey, what are you doing?” She asked as I began to wash her.

“Taking care of my mate. I can do that, can't I?” I replied, earning me a delighted shudder from Gia.

I watched with hungry, voyeuristic eyes as her nipples pebbled, then started massaging her shoulders. My rough hands glided over her smooth skin, easier now they were all soaped up. Besides, it was doing wonders for me hearing her moans. My dick thickened, standing to attention.

“I want you, Gia,” I whispered in her ear.

She giggled. “You had me at the club.”

“I meant, in our bed,” I said, being more specific.

I hadn't taken her in our bed yet. I felt as if I needed to christen it. I hadn't ever brought a female back here before—ever. I'd never taken a bubble bath with one either. She had been ticking off a lot on my list of firsts and that sort of felt good.

Besides, I had a surprise in store for her. I snuck off to the jewelry store whilst she was busy shopping. This was my phase two of getting in Gia's good books.

I wanted to show her that even though I was an asshole, it wasn't terminal. I could adapt. For her and only her.




Once we finished and made our way to the bedroom, I put the box on her pillow.

I waited to see how long it would take for her to notice it. I smirked as I watched her prance about the room, doing her skincare regime and fixing her hair off her face. I stood back, folding my arms with amusement.

Usually, women didn't miss a fucking thing. They could sniff out whenever the slightest thing was out of place. Or was that just when they're being paranoid or pissed off about something? I'll be damned if I know.

She went to get into bed and practically landed on it before realizing it was there. I curled my fingers around my jaw as I frowned at her. She was such a fucking mystery.

She inspected the box before opening it. Then as soon as she saw what was inside, she squealed the apartment down like a screaming banshee, jumping on me and ambushing me with kisses.

“Oh my God, Kian, it's beautiful,” she exclaimed before bursting into tears.

I froze. I didn't mean to make her cry. Shit. I scrubbed a hand over my face.

“Gia look, I'm sorry, I just figured—”

“Shut up!” She shouted, through harsh sobs.

“S'cuse me?” I asked, scrunching my face confused.

“Oh my God, you're so perfect,” she replied, overjoyed as she went back into adorable mode again.

Apparently, 'shut up' was 'girl code' for something other than for me to be quiet.

“This is a 'will you marry me?' isn't it?” She asked, holding up the platinum, diamond cluster engagement ring.

“We're already married in my world but if you want to make it official in your world then, sure, why the hell not,” I answered.

“Here, I want you to ask me properly.” She handed it back over to me.

“Huh? I thought I just did,” I replied, confused.

“No, Kian, you have to get down on one knee and ask me officially or it doesn't count,” she explained.

I cocked my head to the side, narrowing my eyes. Doesn't count? Did she just make that up? And now she's standing there with her arms folded, waiting for me to beg on my knees.

I gave her a four thousand dollar ring, and she expected me to beg. I scratched the back of my neck in confusion. Human customs. Those men must be saps. I expected her to snatch my arm off for it, yet here I am, getting to my fucking knees, in order to beg her to take it. Again, this is another first.

“Gia, will you marry me?” I asked, looking up at her from this weird angle.

She was staring back down at me, all teary-eyed and getting excited as if she didn't already know what was coming.

“Yes!” She gasped before jumping onto me.

I slid the ring onto her finger. It was probably a size too big but it could be altered.

Better to be too big, than too small, in more ways than one.

“I think you should just take me now, Kian,” Gia announced whilst crawling on the bed.

Suddenly, she was now in the mood for sex, after dropping hints earlier that she was far too tired. It's funny how that happens, isn't it?

“How many times do I have to tell you, the name's Beast.” I stalked over to her in my full naked glory.

“Fine then, Beast, just get over here.” Gia beckoned, eagerly.

“Turn around and get on your knees. Now it's your turn to beg me,” I warned, giving her a crooked smile.

Maybe my plans weren't ruined after all.

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