Bad Biker Bear

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Just do it already!

“What did I just say? I want you on your's your turn to do the begging, baby girl,” I warned, in a playful gruff tone.

Now, I did warn her in advance that I was more of an ass man. Whether she took it as ‘I’m an ass’ or what? I don’t know and I don’t care.

I grabbed some hand lotion from off her side table. Some Elizabeth Arden shit or whatever the hell this stuff was. I squeezed a fair amount into the palm of my hand, coating my fingers, then rubbed it around her back entrance, then around the shaft of my solid cock.

“Beast, what are you doing? I hope you’re not going where I think you’re going,” Gia warned.

“Babe, I promise I won’t hurt you. If I do, you can kill me all you want,” I reasoned.

Gia growled, which made me stop what I was doing. That was a sexually frustrated woman right there because what she yelled next threw me right off guard.

“Just do it already?” Her voice came out all needy.

There it was, sweet music to my ears. Gia had given me the full go-ahead and my bear roared.

After I heard that, I leaned over, stretching her arms out wide in front of her and gripping both of her wrists with one hand. Then, I stroked up and down her drenched slit with the tip of my cock.

I teased her all along her pussy entrance before working my way further up. She let me set the pace. The way she trusts me is so fucking awesome, and she’s completely soaked, too.

She fists the sheets, tilting her head back. I smelled her hair, then ran my mouth along the curve of her neck. Trailing my lips along her skin, my breath causing her to shudder, then along came the goosebumps.

I nipped and sucked as she bucked beneath me. She smelled like Gia and that J'adore fragrance she bought. She smelled so fucking perfect, that I just had to taste her. Lick her all over and eat her all up.

I don’t usually do this. I’m not the type of guy you run to for cuddles and gentle touches and all that emotional crap. I like my sex fast and dirty, the harder the better, giving it to my woman good.

I don’t hold back. I’m the one in charge. I part her cheeks and press the tip of my cock against her ass, feeling it start to give way as I ease myself in an inch at a time.

I tilt my head back and squeeze my eyes shut as I imagine the slow burn feeling she must be getting right about now. My thick length filling her up inch after inch. She moans as I drive inside her, getting lost in the sexy sounds she’s making. It feels so fuckin' good.

She’s so tight, it feels like heaven wrapped around me as I slide myself all the way in, right down to the hilt.

I push my hips against her ass, then pull back and her ass clings to me as if she’s trying to hold on. I pull out until my dick’s rimming her opening, then slam back in.

The sound of my hips ramming against her makes a delicious slap as flesh meets flesh. It’s a rough, wild ride, better than I’ve ever had before. Better than opening up the throttle of my Harley and cruising the open road. I reached around her, my fingers find her swollen clit and stroke it until she’s convulsing and tightening around me. It feels so good but I’m not done with her yet.

I pull out and grip her hips with my hands. “Kian,” she whimpers my name, reaching for me. She’s got a gorgeous ass, curvy and round. “Brace yourself, baby.” I grab her hands and drag them wide in front of her.

She clutches at the sheets, but she also pushes her ass out toward me. Giving me all the permission I needed.

I screwed my way further into her tight star and it felt unbelievable. It’s even better when she moans, low and sexy, giving me further encouragement.

Her hands fisted the sheets, and I reached beneath her to find her clit again. “Who’s in charge here?” I asked her as I drove my length back inside her, imagining the burn sensation, me stretching her, and me reaching deep inside her body, to a place where nobody has ever been before.

I pounded her with slow, hard strokes. I wasn’t nice about it either. I drilled her deep and fast. The slap, slap, slap, sounds filling the room along with loud rough moans. She shrieked and pushed back, taking what I gave her, enjoying the feel of my cock.

She’s my mate, my wife, the mother of my cubs. She has my heart, all of it, and I’m reminding her who her mate is and how good I can make her feel.

She’s beautiful, amazing, the best damn thing I’d ever seen, and I work her clit, stroking and moving because I can’t go slow, I’m impatient, greedy, and I need her to come with me.

It’s not until she’s gasping my name and I feel the first hard shudders beneath my fingers that I let go. Give her everything I’ve got as she wraps me tight and holds on.

I rut into her hard. Listening to her chorus of, “Oh, fuck, Kian, yes!”

Then, I felt my own climax approaching and I couldn’t hold back any longer. I came with a jolt, blowing my load straight up inside her ass and loving every second of it.

Gia’s tight entrance constricts all around me, milking me of every last drop as she screamed out her own release.

I slumped forward slightly as I tried to catch my breath, seeing stars.

Gia collapsed forward, pulling herself off my cock, climbing up the bed and getting comfortable.

She patted the area beside her. “Kian, come hold me.”

I obeyed, crawling over and slumping down beside her, lifting my arm up as she nestled into me, laying her head on my chest. Her soft fingers tracing the outlines of my muscles as she hummed dreamily.

I could die happy right now. The words escaped my lips before I’d even realized I’d spoken them. “I love you, Gia.”

I felt her lips curl into a smile against my skin. “Good. Because I love you, too.”

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