Man Away! (3)

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"I know I love him. I just don't know him." Everything happens for a reason. Does it? The third return of the sexy Nardino guys brings you more drama, romance and a whole lot more of erotic fun! The entire gang is back with even more new and exciting characters and this time we hear from the formidable Tracy Carter. After a near tragic accident in space, Dan wakes up not remembering anything as Tracy takes care of him. Morgan, being told that Dan had perished in space, loses control and disappears for weeks. The family is relieved to find out that Dan survived but worried that they may never find Morgan. As the tension and worry grow stronger, so does Dan's feelings for a husband that he can't remember. Tracy finds herself meeting new pets, and having more fun. She also learns that she might not be as resistant to falling in love as she would like to believe that she is. Dark secrets and intense obstacles bring the whole gang closer as they find new friends, love, and even long-lost family in their lives. Decisions must be made. Music, or baseball, family, or humanity, love or lust. The fighting gets bad as true love is tested but with so much passion there's bound to be some fire.

Erotica / Romance
Tonya DW
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Chapter 1

They started weaning Dan off of his coma meds as soon as he arrived. I had the honor of trying to wake him.

“Dan! Dan, can you hear me? Dan!” I shouted as I was shaking his arm.

“Dan, come on Mr. Magnet. It’s time to wake up.” He started to grumble.

“That’s it, Dan. Come on, wake up.”

He was trying to talk but the tube that’s been down his throat for the past two weeks made his throat very sensitive.

I handed him a pad and pen and he tried to scribble something but it was unreadable.

“Dan, can you understand me? Just shake yes or no.”

He nodded yes.

“NASA told us you died. I’m so happy to see you! We’re trying to find Morgan now.” I told him.

“Who’s Morgan?” He whispered.

“Your husband. You don’t remember him?”

“No.” He strained to say.

“Do you know my name?” I asked him.

He shook his head, no.

“Do you know who you are?” I asked.

He again shook his head, no.

He waved for me to come close to him and whispered, “Who am I and who are you?”

“Your name is Dan Nardino. You’re an astronaut and a captain in the Air Force and I’m one of your best friends. My name is Tracy Carter.”

I had to go let the doctor know that Dan was showing signs of amnesia. I need him to help me find Morgan so we could give him the miraculous news. How is he going to help me find Morgan if he doesn’t even know who Morgan is? I didn’t want to upset him, so I dropped it until he gets a little stronger.

After about a week and a lot stronger he began talking to me and asking questions.

“What happened to me?” He asked.

“You were in a horrific accident on the ISS. Do you remember it at all?”

“What’s the ISS?”

“The International Space Station. Remember? I told you that you’re an astronaut.”

“That’s so cool!”

“Dan, do you remember Morgan yet?”

“Is this him?” He asked as he showed me his phone.

It was the most stunning picture of Morgan I’ve ever seen. He was standing in some water wearing red swim briefs and a soaking wet white t-shirt that was clung to his skin showing off his incredible abs. Looking at that picture felt like a knife being plunged into my gut. I swallowed hard and looked at Dan.

“Yes.” I said.

“I can’t stop looking at this picture. He’s my husband. That explains why it makes me want to cry. Where is he?”

“We’ve been trying to find him since we found out that you survived. He vanished at some point after the accident when we were all told that you died.”

“Do we have kids?” He asked.

“No. But you guys wanted to look into it.”

I started getting choked up. I don’t think Dan realizes how close we all are. Morgan is my best friend and I’m worried sick about him.

“Why do you seem so upset?” He asked me.

“Because you guys are my best friends and it is killing me that you don’t remember Morgan. He is a very emotional man and he tends to run away when life gets too real for him.” I answered.

“I’m sorry dear. I don’t remember a damn thing.”

“You will.”

“What does he do for a living?”

“He’s actually a very good musician. He plays guitar for a heavy metal band called Crusader.”


“Do you remember being in space yet?”


He started to drift off to sleep so I took the time to go home, get a shower and some food and prepare for my next shift. Justin was going to sit with him for a while tonight, so I was confident that he would be okay.

I called him on my break to check on Dan.

“He woke up and said he had a memory, but I think it was a dream. He was insisting that he’s a cop.”

“Yeah, that’s just a dream.” I told him.

“But Tracy, he was also singing “Calling”.”

“Then his memory is coming back!”

“I’ll keep you posted.”

“Thanks, babe.”

During my shift, I got a visit from Dan’s mother. She was very upset.

“Tracy, why doesn’t he know us or Morgan? Does he have amnesia?” Marie asked me.

“Yes Marie, he does. He’s getting little bits of his memory back so that’s a good thing.” I told her.

“Why does he think Dan and I are dead?” She asked.

“I don’t know Marie. It’s hard to tell what goes through the mind of a coma victim. I’ll be up to check in on him in another hour. Will you still be here?”

“Yes, I’ll see you up there. I brought Pastina so bring your appetite.”

“Yummy! Thank you!”

When I got to his room, he was sitting up and talking very lucidly to his parents. He was telling them about children that he never had. I know Dan pretty well. I’d know if he had kids.

“Tracy! Oh good! Where are Roamy and Danny?” He asked me.

“Who are Roamy and Danny?” I asked.

“Ugh! Why doesn’t anybody know my own children?” He cried out.

“Dan sweetie, I promise you that you do not have any children. Do you remember Morgan yet?”

“Why do people keep asking me about some Morgan and yet nobody remembers my kids?”

“Alright babe, calm down. We will figure this out.” I said as I sat next to him on the bed and rubbed his shoulder. He opened his phone and showed me that picture he had of Morgan. As I looked at him about to talk, he shushed me and looked to his parents and then back to me.

“They already know about Morgan.” I whispered to him.

He looked at his parents. His mother was teary-eyed and his dad had his arm around her trying to comfort her.

“Danny please try to remember Morgan. We miss him so much!” Marie cried out.

“I wish I could mother. I’d like to meet the man who is supposedly my husband.”

I was surprised and very happy to see Dan’s next visitor. Morgan’s band manager.

“Alex hi! What are you doing here?”

“I heard about Dan. Does Morgan know yet.” He said.

“We can’t find him. Dan doesn’t remember him and is starting to get irate whenever he is brought up.” I quietly told him.

“Got ya! Here’s my number. Give me a call sometime. You know, if you hear anything about Morgan or an update on Dan. Whatever. Call me. Or text if you prefer.”

“I’ll text you sometime doll. Trust that!” I couldn’t resist a perfectly good flirt opportunity.

I was sick with worry about Morgan and starting to think he might actually be dead. The thought of it ripped my heart apart and made me desperate to find some answers.

I texted Alex to see if he would drive me around to look for him. Maybe he knows some places that I haven’t checked. He asked me if we could go for dinner after. I gladly accepted.

Alex is an incredibly handsome guy! He’s tall, with a muscular body. He has light brown, wavy hair, light blue eyes, and a gorgeous smile!

“You look nice.” He said to me as I got in his car.

“Nice? That’s the best you can do?”

“Alright then. You look radiant! You are truly a vision. You are...”

“Alright stud. I got it.” I joked.

We drove around for a while and looked all over the place. We were gone all day and before we went to dinner he took me back to the band room.

“Do you think we should leave a note in case he shows up here?” Alex asked me.

“Good idea. Do you think he will?”

“This is where he always came when he got upset. Shall we go eat now?”

“We shall. Where are we going?” I asked.

“I made reservations at Mia Trotteria. I was told you like Italian food.”

“You were told correctly.”

For the sake of a pleasant date, we avoided the topic of the guys. We enjoyed a nice meal and some drinks while we talked about food, music, and sex. My favorite subjects!

“How do you feel about sex on the first date?” I asked him.

“I’m a big fan of it.” He said looking a bit shocked that I asked that.

“I’m a very forward person Alex. I don’t play games.”

“A very admirable quality.”

“My place then?” I asked.

“Check please!” He shouted to our waiter.

Back at home, I offered him a beer. When I turned to look at him he just started to kiss me. He is such a good kisser! So good I was already feeling that long-lost familiar burning and moisture.

“I’ve been wanting you since we met!” He said.

“Me too. Enough waiting!” I responded as I grabbed him by his tie and walked him into my bedroom like a pet.

I got in bed and pulled him down on top of me kissing wildly. He began undressing me and kissing me all over as he would remove the garment. Finally, he was between my legs.

The poor guy had no idea what he was doing. I tried to be patient but I was honestly bored as hell.

“Fuck me, Alex!” I told him.

“I want to get you off first.” He said.

“Look, babe, I’ll be honest, that’s not going to happen.”

“Well tell me how to get you off.”

“Fuck me!”

“But I want to get you off first.”

“Don’t be a fucking pussy. Man up and fuck me already.”

“NO!” He insisted and went right back to licking me.

I must have fueled something up in him because he was going to town on me. Still not good enough to get me off but better.

“Call me a pussy again. Tell me how bad I am at pleasuring you.” He cried out from between my legs.

“Alright you fucking PUSSY, get out from between my legs since you have no fucking clue what you’re doing!”

He stood up in front of me and I unzipped his pants and dropped them to his ankles with his underwear. His dick was pretty big and very hard. Now to see if he even knows how to use it.

“I suppose you think I’m going to suck this, don’t you?”

“I hope you do.”

“Not happening either!” I said as I slapped it.

“Oh, you’re so hot! Torture me!” He said.

“You want torture? I’ll give you torture!” I said as I gripped his nuts and pulled hard.


“Now give me that cock if you even know how to use it.”

“Spread your legs.”

“Do you seriously think you get to be on top? HA!” I laughed at him and threw him down on his back.

Admittedly, he’s not a bad fuck. I had to do most of the work and he never even got me off but still, not all bad.

Sex is like pizza to me. Even when it’s not great, it’s still pretty good.

I went to see how Dan was doing the next day. He was sitting up in bed with the TV on.

“Hey, Mr. Magnet. How are you feeling?” I asked him.

“Watch.” He said, pointing to the TV.

“Dartmoor’s own rock star, Morgan Nardino is still missing after hearing false news about his husband's death. His family declined to speak with us but band manager Alex Kirby had this to say, “We are all very concerned about Morgan and know he’s out there somewhere. Morgan, if you’re seeing this, just contact any of us so we know you’re okay. Your family needs you right now.” There is a phone number on your screen if you have any information to share with the authorities.” A reporter on the TV said.

“That’s my husband?” Dan asked me.

“Yes, babe. We’re trying to find him.” I told him.

“Who told him that I died?”

“NASA had a false read about your bio-stats. You almost did die though.”

After a few minutes of awkward silence, he began telling me about his dreams.

“I had a sex dream about him and you were in it too.”

“Oh really? I’d love to hear it!”

“We had a sort of threesome.”

“We’ve had a lot of threesomes doll.” I let slip out.

He looked at me with shock. I didn’t know what to say.

“Wait, what?” He asked.

“Dan, we were all more than friends. We all fooled around a lot.” I plainly told him.

“Lucky me! I wish I could remember it.”

“Tell me your dream and I’ll tell you if it really happened.”

He went on to tell me about the time I just watched him and Morgan have sex while I played with myself.

“Yeah, that really happened. You’re not having dreams, Dan. You’re regaining your memories. Do you remember the accident?”


“Did you have any other memories?”

“I see flashes of being in what I think is Paris with Morgan.”

“That’s where you took him on your honeymoon.”

“That’s it though. I’m sorry. So, back to the dream. It really happened, huh?”

“Yes pervert and before you ask, yes, we’ve had full-on sex before too.”

“And Morgan never got mad?”

“I fucked Morgan too. I fucked you both. Mostly both of you or more but there was one time with each that it was just the two of us.”

“Really? And there was never any jealousy issues?”

“Not with us, no. Morgan got super jealous of your ex-girlfriend, Lorie though.”

“Why with her and not you?”

“Because I’m awesome!”


“Okay, okay. Because you had feelings for her in the past. You were being sneaky about some parts of her reappearance. You guys had a bad fight and damn near broke up.”

“Did I ever make it up to him?”

“Yes. He knows you love him and he totally forgave you.”

“I want to find him, Tracy. Please find my husband.” He cried. I climbed into bed with him, just holding him for comfort.

After he fell asleep, I went downstairs to start my shift. It was a fairly mundane day and I couldn’t get the sound of Dan’s voice crying for Morgan out of my head. I don’t have a soft side for many people but Dan and Morgan were special to me. I love them both so much! I have to find Morgan.

After my shift, I went to their house. I must’ve been there at least a dozen times since the accident but there was something different today. A few things out of place, some of Morgan’s clean clothes were missing and a few of Dan’s shirts. Was Morgan here? I started checking every detail I could for any more hints.

Ready to give up, I went into the kitchen for a bottle of water. There, on the table, was an envelope marked “Tracy”.

I carefully ripped it open and found only a note.


I know you’re the one checking on things here. Thank you, but there’s no need. I’m never coming back. I just can’t deal with Dan’s death! Please give my love to my mother and especially to my in-laws. Tell them I will always be their son but I just can’t deal anymore. I love you and will miss you terribly. I’m sorry!


I was relieved to know he’s okay but what the hell? He still thinks Dan died? I cried my heart out with the letter still in my hand. Why won’t he let me contact him? UGH, I’m so mad! Damn it, Morgan! Well, that settles it, when Dan gets out I’m moving in here. He’s going to need someone to take care of him anyway.

“Tracy! I had a dream about telling my grandson what it was like in space.” He excitedly said to me as I came into his room.

“That was a dream. You don’t even have kids yet.” I told him.

“The doctor said I could go home in a few more days.”

“Good. I’m moving in with you for a while until we figure this shit out with Morgan.”

“That would be great! Thank you, Tracy.”

“Don’t mention it but as soon as you’re up to it, we’re getting our kinky on!”

“Yes, ma’am!” He flirted back.

I didn’t know how to tell him about Morgan’s note. Instead, I went to his parents to ask them how I should tell him and of course to let them know Morgan is alive out there somewhere.

Marie cried as she read Morgan’s letter. Dan Sr. just seemed to be in shock. They really do love Morgan as one of their own.

“What can we do Tracy? How do we let him know that Dan’s alive?” Marie asked me.

“I don’t know. Have you heard from Rose?” I asked her.

“No. She hasn’t answered me since I told her about Dan’s accident.”

“Let’s take a ride over there. She has to know something.”

So the three of us headed to Morgan’s mother’s house. She told us nothing we didn’t already know. Morgan was there a few days after the accident to tell her that he lost Dan. We informed her that he was alive and to please ask Morgan to contact any of us.

We all went to see Dan and tell him about the letter. He too teared up as he read it.

“I don’t even know him. Why do I miss him so much?” He cried out.

“Because you love him, Danny. You just don’t remember him but the love is still there none the less.” Marie said in such a comforting tone.

Dan was finally discharged and when I got him home Marie was already cooking one of his favorites. Potato soup and her homemade dinner rolls. It was so comforting even the smell made me feel happy.

“Tracy, thank you for staying with him. He’s so lost without Morgan. I feel helpless.” Dan Sr. said to me.

“Of course! You don’t have to thank me though. Dan and Morgan are my guys. I would do anything for them.”

After dinner, I helped Dan get ready for bed. He was so much stronger but still needed help with a few minor tasks.

“So when are we getting our kinky on as you put it?” He asked me.

“When you’re a little stronger. You can’t handle me yet babe.” I told him as we got into bed.

“What if he comes home and finds you in bed with me?” He asked.

“He would find it weird if I wasn’t.”

Dan fell asleep quick with the pain meds he was still on. It was still early so I stayed awake looking through Morgan’s things. I missed him. I wasn’t being nosy. I just wanted to feel close to him in any way I could.

I found some chapstick and kissed the tip. He had some random shit in here too. A pen cap with no pen. A soda bottle top. I found a note on a folded piece of paper.

“I love my sexy husband!” Was all it said but it was in Dan’s handwriting. Aww, he’s so sentimental! I also found a picture of us from way before he even met Dan. That was it for me. I fell asleep holding it.

When I woke up, I brought it into the kitchen with me while I made the coffee. I poured myself a cup, sat down to look at the picture and started to cry.

“Hey! What’s wrong?” Dan asked as he came into the kitchen.

“Look.” I handed him the picture.

“You both look so young. How long ago was this?” He asked.

“Like 10 or 12 years ago.”

“You both make an attractive couple. Have you guys ever dated?”

“No. He was too needy for me. I’m not the commitment type......”

I went on to explain my hang-ups about commitment when I got a text from Alex asking me to come over.

“Speaking of needy, I got a booty call. Are you going to be okay alone for a bit?”

“Yeah. I’m going to make a few calls, take a nap and then my parents are coming over to cook so come back hungry.”

“Sweet deal! See ya later babe.” I gave him a quick kiss on the lips and headed to Alex’s house.

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