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There's No Going Home--Sample (Book 1 of The Triad Series)

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Chapter 3. At First Trance

Emmett’s POV

I was at the bar with a couple of buddies from the resort when a flash of purplish blue material caught the corner of my eye. I looked over towards the bar and saw her.

A pouty faced brunette with long silken hair who seemed to unconsciously tug at her short, revealing skirt in a self-conscious way. The buxom blond next to her playfully swatted at the offending appendage, but quickly finished her cocktail and headed to the dance floor. The pouty faced angel turned away from me to face the bartender, Adonis. Ick. Why couldn’t they come up with better ideas than to nickname all their servers and bar staff after ancient Gods. It was-

Oh God.

My cock twitched in my pants as the seductress cocked her hips to the left and her slim figure became clearer to me.

I must have her, I thought as I slowly walked towards the end of the bar.

Earlier that day

Ethan was finally talking to me after an hour stewing in his bedroom. What a pussy. In love with this Callie person-or whoever she was-and too afraid to admit it even to his own brother. I knew though. He didn’t have to tell me. I could tell from our bond that she was something special to him. I could tell by the sudden slight warmth that came to my chest that was inexplicably and suddenly there, that he was still thinking of her. I rolled my eyes.

“Well I’m heading out with Jamie and Adam to the club.” I wiggled my eyebrows suggestively and Ethan finally laughed.

“Emmett, you are such a man-whore.” he declared.

I shrugged and said, “Just because you are too hung up on the girl next door doesn’t mean I can’t get some tonight.” I didn’t wait for his smart ass response and walked out the front door still lightly chuckling.

I had been at the club with Adam and Jamie for about 45 minutes and Adam couldn’t stop needling about my love life.

“Come on dude!” He joked. “You get more pussy than anyone I know. Let me at least live vicariously through you.” He had had way too many beers and I rolled my eyes.

“You’re like my brother,” I said. “He called me a man whore before I left the house today.” Jamie laughed. He had known Ethan for a couple of years now and it was just the thing that Ethan would say.

Jamie continued to laugh as he said, “I can’t understand how twins could be so different. You’re like two sides of he same coin,” he smiled and shook his head.

I was a bit irritated at my new friends. Yes, I liked to have a good time and I’ve been dubbed a player, but I let every single date I had know exactly what this was. Sex only. I wasn’t ready to commit to anyone. I knew both my brother and I were considered good looking. We both had dirty blonde hair and green eyes. We each had a single dimple in our cheeks, his on his left cheek and mine on my right. If smiling next to each other, your might think we were mirror images of each other. We’re both fit, years of high school and college sports keeping us in shape.

Where I was the ‘player’, Ethan was a hopeless romantic looking for his soulmate. In fact, up until the past week, he was practically celibate. Ever since hearing that Callie would be returning from abroad, Ethan had been in a frenzied state. He was worse than a nervous bride with cold feet and had spent each night after work going to bars and clubs and ending up in bed with a different woman each night.

Was my libido contagious? The closer it got to Callie’s impending return, the more harried and desperate Ethan had become. His hook up last night was the last straw for him. When I had invited him to the club with me tonight, he deferred saying he had some paperwork at the office to catch up on.

“Did you even hear me, man?” Jamie asked, smiling.

“Yeah, I heard ya. I was just thinking.” I sighed.

Jamie’s brow furrowed. “Is it Ethan?” he asked. “Is he still playing mattress mambo with anything with a snatch this week? All over that Italian chick?”

“I don’t think she is Italian.” I said leaning back on my chair. “She just went to school there.” I shrugged.

“Well,” Adam said. “I think it’s about time he got some finally.” He took a sip of beer and continued. “And if having his crush come back after 4 years spurs him into finally getting some, well then, so be it.”

I smiled and silently agreed.

After a few more beers and some light flirting with the fairer sex, I was feeling slightly buzzed and excused myself to go to the bathroom. My back had been to the bar and although I really didn’t have to relieve myself, Adam and Jamie’s constant ribbing me over my love life was starting to get irritating.

I turned toward the bar and was about to head towards the restrooms in the rear of the club when I saw her. I lightly gasped and involuntarily leaned forward. In a daze I started toward her when I thought better of it. I probably just wanted her.

But what was the warmth in my chest about? My breathing was shallow and when she cocked her hips slightly, I felt myself harden.

“Excuse me,” I told my friends again as I headed towards the end of the bar, about 20 feet from the delectable beauty who had caught my eye.

Trevor Whitely, whose club name was Adonis came over and said, “Mr. Reznick, another beer?”

I glanced from the girl to Trevor and with some effort and cleared my throat. “Um, no. But I was wondering if you could mix your signature cocktail for that lovely lady over there in the purplish blue dress.”

“Sure, sir.” he nodded, eyebrow raised. “Should I tell her it’s from you?”

“No need for any names.” I said, my eyes wandering over her exposed bare back which was a lovely tan color with no tan lines. “I will be along directly.” With some effort, I turned away and headed towards the men’s room.

By the time I got out of the bathroom, Trevor was setting down a fruity looking cocktail in front of the bewildered looking woman. I strode towards her, her back towards me just as Trevor was explaining that the cocktail was from me and pointing.

She turned towards me, eyes widening. Her generous chest heaved heavily and her breath came in short gasps as it caught. She blinked. I looked at her lips with an almost palpable hunger. She had lovely legs and a tight waist. Her bosom was well rounded and generous, but not overly generous. Her lips were small and pouty, like a kewpie doll. Her eyes were a lovely shade of bluish-purple that matched her dress and her lovely locks seemed a deep red under the club’s lights.

“Enjoying your drink?” I asked.

She took a sip of the fruity mixture, her eyes not leaving my face.

“Yes it’s lovely.” she murmured and my eyes dipped down to her mouth.

“Would you care to dance,” I smirked. She nodded lightly and I set her drink down for her. I led her away from the bar and felt her shiver. I smirked and we made our way to the already crowded dance floor.

She danced tentatively at first, but slowly became more comfortable with me. I grabbed her waist as the dance song faded into a slower selection and brought her body to me sharply. She yelped lightly in surprise, but as we moved with the rhythm of the music, her hands relaxed on my shoulders and I took the opportunity to lightly grind her. She gasped and looked up, surprised. I smoldered down at her and breathed lightly against the skin on her forehead before pressing a light kiss on it. She shivered a bit but moved closer to me until our bodies were flush against each other. I lightly moaned and my throbbing cock further hardened.

She stilled for a moment but kept moving with me to the rhythm of the music. I moved my lips to her ear and nibbled on the tender shell. I felt a vibration in my chest and realized she had sighed or moaned at my ministrations.

I nibbled a little harder on her ear and I felt her knees buckle a bit. “Care to take this elsewhere?” I growled lightly into her ear. She leaned back and looked into my eyes. I felt like I could get lost in those deep wells as she gently nodded. I pulled her body closer for a moment, drinking in her lovely vanilla scent and then separated us before I lost control and took her right there.

“Come,” I practically growled, to her and her cheeks bloomed roses. She was absolutely adorable.

We left the noise of the club and made our way to the taxi line where only 2 cars were waiting. It was still early in the night and most patrons wouldn’t be leaving for a few hours. The cabbie in front nodded at us as we giggled upon entrance to the vehicle.

Once we were in the backseat I brought my lips to hers and the cabbie asked. “Where to, sir?”

“Home, Bill.” I said and he nodded, smirking. This was not the first time that Bill had taken me home early from the club this week and he had an excellent memory. He pulled slowly into the traffic on the main road and maintained a safe speed, giving me ample time to kiss and tease my way down this lovely lady’s throat.

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