Her Journey (Book 1 of Journey Series)

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Gracie Boulders has lived a life no one should experience and she experiences it all by the time she is 20. She packed her two little brothers up and moves away from the abuse and neglect, so she thought. While trying to get to their dad, they meet the Smoking Guns MC, what she does not know is this is no chance meeting. Gracie has a past that she knows nothing about which endangers her and her little brothers.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

Coming off the stage after grabbing my clothes and money, I walk to the back to put my street clothes on putting my stage outfit in the locker. I notice my cell is beeping so I grabbed it putting my code in to unlock it. I see I missed a call from an unfamiliar number so I call it back in case it is about my brothers.

A woman’s voice answers “Circles Police Department, how may I direct your call”. Well shit! “I’m not sure ma’am, my phone said someone from this number called and I missed it”. I’m starting to chew on my acrylic nails. “Ok ma’am let me get your name and I will see what I can find out”. I took a deep breath, “Gracie Boulders”. I heard a click and was placed on hold.

While on hold I decided to walk out to my 1982 Ford Escort Station Wagon, sexy I know but it was what I could afford, unlocking it and climbed in. I thought it would be best to wait to start driving in case of bad news.

After ten minutes of being on hold, a man comes on the line “sorry to keep you waiting for Ms. Boulders. I’m officer Kenneth Kagle, we picked your mother up for drunk driving and the boys were with her. Can you come to the station?” tears springing to my eyes, “yeah, I’ll be there in fifteen minutes” I hung up.

I scream from the tops of my lungs while backing out and people staring at me “fucking bitch! I have worked so fucking hard to take care of those boys, trying to keep them safe from this kind of shit! Hold on boys your sissy is coming!“.

I speed down the highway to get to our hometown of Circles Oklahoma, finally making it there I pulled into the station parking lot. Checking to make sure I didn’t look like a demon or something with make up running down my face.

I walked to the front desk, “Hi, I’m Gracie Boulders. I need to speak to Officer Kagle please.” The man behind the desk was checking me out. Thinking to myself “dude, I get the irony of my last name being Boulders and I have huge double D tits.” It was not the first time someone looked at me like this and I’m sure not the last.

“Yes, ma’am he’s expecting you. Down the hall on your right and second door on the left”, he was smirking the whole time, fucking creep.
I found the room and opened the door. There sat my two little brothers talking to whom I presumed was Officer Kagle. Will is the oldest out of the boys, he is twelve. He is tall for his age, skinny with cropped light brown hair, hazel eyes, round face and cute little button nose.

Toby is our baby brother, which is ten. He has cropped blonde hair, hazel eyes, round face, the cutest chubby cheeks that stay a slight red color, slender nose and a little pudgy.

When they notice me they come running and hugging me. “Sissy, we want to go home. Please take us home, we told mom that we didn’t want to go but she made us” Toby was so upset.
Trying to calm them down I told them it was going to be ok and that I needed to talk to the officer before we could leave which upset Toby even more. Reassuring them that everything was going to be okay them calmed down.

“Ms. Boulders, I’m Officer Kagle, like I said on the phone your mom was picked up for D.U.I. and the boys were with her. We are actually supposed to call social services so they can pick up the boys and place them somewhere until your mom can get herself straightened out or family member will take them in.

Since we are a small community, we know there is no other family except your dad and his address is unknown. We also know that you are the one that actually takes care of them. So, the chief has told me to bypass all of the red tape if you promise to take the boys and move out of town away from your mother.

Chief has gotten the district judge to sign custody over to you. Your mom will not be released for a couple of days to give you time to pack and leave. The chief will be in a few. Good luck Ms. Boulders”.

After Kagle left Toby asked me what all that meant. Will spoke up with a smile “that means we get to live with sissy somewhere mom can’t come and take us away and be mean to us. Sissy will be our mom now”. I smiled at my boys “yeah it does. We just have to figure out where we’re going to live”.

The chief of police walks in and sits down across from us, “Gracie, I hate to put this all on you, but you’re all they have really. Maybe you can get a hold of your dad and go there so you will have some help if he is willing.”

I smiled “it’s no trouble taking care of my boys. I have been doing it ever since dad left eight years ago. I’ve been keeping in touch with him a little, maybe he will be willing to help some. Thanks, Chief for not sending them to social services”.

He smiled “no problem hun. You have always been a good kid, had to grow up way to fast. You’re brothers deserve to grow up normally as possible and you will provide that”.

I took the boys through a drive-thru convenience store to get them something to eat since all the fast food places are closed. Now we just have to go pack and leave never to see this shit hole again.

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