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Their Journey (Book 2 Journey Series)

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Sequel to Her Journey. Need to read the first to follow this story. Gracie Murry has just learned what a scum bag her new husband actually is. Her life upheaved once again, will she ever figure out? Will Gracie Murry ever figure out what she is doing wrong in her life to bring these kind of men into her and her family's lives? All Gracie wants is someone to show her and her brothers love, respect and stability. What Gracie does not realize is that sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frog to find your prince.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

I have been home from the hospital for a month now. We have kept the nanny Charlotte on, she has been a Heaven sent. She is an older lady, 5 foot 5, slender frame, short grey hair, long face, blue eyes and a beautiful smile. To be honest when I first saw her I wasn’t sure if she was a good fit for our family until I see her with the guys. They call her General.

The boys have grown so much. Will’s drawings have improved drastically since Luke paid for him to have lessons. Luke has even bought him his own tattoo gun and set him up in a building he bought the boys. He bought him a tattooing dummy to practice on.

Toby has been doing great too. The school suggested to Luke that he get therapy, so my man set that up for him. Apparently, Toby witnessed something horrible when he was around four causing his brain to shut down at that age. He has improved greatly but he will still be a little slower than others but be able to function in society on his own. Luke has bought him tools and brings him old bikes from junkyards to work on.

Luke has been great. He makes sure we have everything we need, helps with all the chores, helps me with physical therapy in our home gym when he’s home and not on a run. I have approximately six months of P.T. left. I’m still a little weak but getting better every day.

Luke has recruited me a bodyguard/driver for when he can’t be with me. Rabid is an older man of the club, 5 feet 9, medium build, long greyish brown hair, beard to his belly thick and full, long mustache and tattoo’s covering his arms. Nicest man in the world until you piss him off then he’s like his road name.

There have been some big changes at the club too. Luke is now president, Pit is V.P., Dozer is Sergeant at Arms. There are now two prospects: Jones and Peters. They are alright, still wet behind the ears.

Luke wants to make changes that will help the club, it will take him some time due to the fact Heat and Boom ran the club to the ground. When everything went down with Boom beating me nearly to death, a lot of things were brought to light for the club.

Heat and Momma were embezzling money left and right to fill their pockets for retirement and also to keep Boom’s addiction a secret as long as possible and has the club in debt with a few clubs for guns. They are wanting their money like yesterday.

The guys needed a total of $650,000 to pay off all debts for the guns that are missing. Luke and the guys were racking their brains to get the money. Tired of my man stressing, I went down to the club to make a suggestion on how to pay it off.

When Rabid and I entered the club the guys were in church. Rabid had prospect Jones to grab a beer and soda for us while we were waiting. Thirty minutes later the guys walked out and made their way to the bar, each one giving me a hug.

I had turned to talk to one of the nomads named Beauty. He actually looked like a model than a biker, at 6 feet even, shoulder length black curly hair, long face, slender nose, light caramel colored eyes, beard and mustache about an inch in length. His muscles were more sculpted than bulky. Just beautiful I’m telling you! He has a great personality and is laid back about most things, just don’t fuck with women and kids or the beast will show.

Luke had walked up behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist “darlin’ it’s so fucking good to see you here. I’ve missed you. What are you and Rabid up to today baby?” I turned around on my bar stool and kissed him on the lips lightly.

“Well baby, I came down to suggest a solution to help the club out of its debt. I need you to stop stressing so much” giving him a deadpan look. “Follow me to the table and we’ll discuss your idea. You really shouldn’t worry about this baby, it’s club business.” That statement pissed me off.

We made it to the table, after shutting the door he made it to his seat. Sitting down he patted his lap “come here baby, let’s talk.” I just stood there with a scowl on my face.

“First off, fuck you and that club business shit! You are so stressed from this it is keeping you away from us too much, not to mention you are so distracted that I stood naked in front of you the night before last and you never fucking noticed! Unless you are fucking around then you are most certainly distracted. Don’t bother giving me some lame ass excuse like me still healing or too weak cause we both know that is bullshit Moose!” I’m poking his chest now screaming at him.

He grabbed my hand and pulling me down on him “damn baby, I’m fucking sorry. I haven’t even realized how much stress this has put on you too. I must be fucking more stressed than I thought when I don’t even notice my fucking to die for, woman standing naked in front of me.” He sighed and rubbed his temples.

“What you got for us, baby? Just know you are not putting yourself in any kind of danger to help. Do you understand?” I nodded. “Look Y’all need $650,000 right? Borrow it, I know someone who has it, is willing to help and not put anyone in danger.”

Luke looked at me skeptically “who would that be darlin’? Be very careful of your answer baby, you know I’m a jealous man.” I laughed “honey, no need to be. I’m talking about me, let me lend it to the club. I would just give it but I know that won’t fly with any of you.” He went to speak but I cut him off.

“Look, you asked me to be your ole lady, to me, that means taking care of you however you need it. Whether it’s for you to talk to, yell at, to suck your cock, to shoot a mother fucker, you know moral support. We are in this shit together. I understand that there might be some shit the club does that I don’t need to know or so you think, but fucking listen to me. If you want me to stand next to you as your Queen then shits going to have to change baby. WE have the fucking money without it putting a dent in OUR savings, so take the shit you stubborn bastard!” I kissed him on the cheek and smiled.

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