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Chapter 3. Marked

A soft murmuring wafted to Brie’s ears like a cool summer breeze. She was being held close to a warm, hard body whose mouth was breathing evenly. Through the slits in her eyes she could tell that there was a light up ahead. The scent of pine needles faded as it was taken over by the light scent of acrid smoke in the air. She had left the thick of the woods behind them and were now back at the circle where The Claiming had commenced.

Brie was weary, so weary. She knew she was claimed, but she felt she somehow must have dreamt it. She couldn’t be claimed by her own father. She was flesh of his flesh. It was- wrong.

She nestled further into the strong arms around her, hoping it would bring her further away from the strange, lucid dream she had had near the pack border.

The movement beneath her body stopped as she realized the person holding her had come to the edge of the circle and had halted his steps. A voice spoke and Brie’s eyes shot open at the sound. Her eyes met with a stiff column of neck that she knew all too well.

“I have claimed my Luna,” Roland’s voice spoke out in his Alpha timbre. There were gasps from the crowd as the magnitude of what had happened slowly began to sink into the crowd.

Roland was a man of few words and he moved forward a few steps, bare as the day he was born, towards the murmuring voices. Brie closed her eyes again and stifled a helpless whimper. She found she could not face the crowd of onlookers as her father proclaimed her as his Luna and future mate.It was something she would deal with tomorrow.

One brave soul spoke out in the crowd. “But Alpha,” the male voice said. “She is your daughter. It is not... done to have offspring as your mate.”

Roland growled loudly and the crowd hushed. “It is done if I say it is done.” He spat the words out. “I am Alpha and what I say, goes. If it does not please you Lawrence, you may leave this pack and become a rogue.”

Roland hefted Brie a bit higher, cradling her face in his neck in the process as if shielding her from the words being spoken. His next words a little bit louder.

“That goes for all of my pack! If you do not wish my daughter as Luna of this pack, leave before the sun rises. She has acted as Luna these past eight years with no complaint. And If I should hear one word of disrespect against me or my Luna, I will know.” Roland’s voice had risen at the end and Brie could practically feel the trembling of the crowd as they took in his proclamation.

“It will be as you say, Alpha,” an older male voice spoke out. Brie struggled to place the man’s voice. She had heard it before somewhere. It spoke clearly and with aged wisdom.

“Wolves of the Diamond Falls pack, friends and honored guests,” the same wizened voice spoke again. “In these times when we are hunted, our numbers diminish faster than we wish to admit or even realize. It is a rare thing to take kin to mate, but not an anomaly of any sort. With the two joined, their bloodline will be stronger and their pups will be unblemished and inviolable of any possibly tainted blood. Werewolf genetics, as we all should know, are different from any other creature and we are not spoiled by the inbreeding that occurs in so many of nature’s children. Please do not be alarmed but rejoice. Our pack will finally have a Luna- a true Luna- once again.”

There was a brief silence before Roland spoke again. “Thank you Elder White. Your loyalty does not go unnoticed nor unappreciated. You will be rewarded accordingly.” He turned to the crowd en masse and said, “I will take my leave so the rest of you can make preparations- if there are any to be made.”

Brie felt the air current as the ground began moving beneath her again and she could tell from the silence that none had moved from their places. She could hear the distant howls as many of the unmated found themselves being claimed or doing the claiming.

The sounds of the forest grow dimmer and Brie struggled to remain calm as she felt herself nearing her childhood home.

This was never the way she thought things would turn out when she went to be claimed. She played at Luna these past eight years out of necessity, never imagining it would become a reality in such a fashion. With that thought, she closed her eyes and fell into a stunned half asleep, hoping that somehow this was just one very brilliant dream that she could wake from.


Brie woke from her shallow slumber as soon as her naked bottom hit the cool sheets in a dark room. Her eyes fluttered open as firm hands placed her gently upon clean linens. She tried to rouse her wolf mentality, but all is silent on that front.

There was a faint rustling before a dim light at the bedside table flicked on. Her eyes wandered up to find her father’s face, looking stormy and ambivalent.

She discreetly pinched her inner thigh and scrambled to cover her nakedness as she realized this has really happened. It was no dream she could wake from.

Claimed by her father. Fated to be marked and mated with him within a week.

Brie was as silent as her father who was still naked from his shift. She watched as he walked slowly over to his dresser where he pulled out the top center drawer. He grabbed a few items from it and placed them upon the top of the drawer.

Shifting to the right, he pulled out another drawer and grabbed a couple of pairs of boxers from them and slipped one on. Roland turned and grabbed the other items from the top of the dresser and walked over to the bed.

He dropped the items softly next to Brie. “Here, put these on, Angel,” he said quietly, as if not to disturb her further. He knew she was in a bit of a shocked state of mind.

She looked down and saw that he had given her a pair of his boxers and a long t-shirt. Without slipping out of the covers, she first slipped on the boxers, then the white tee.

She felt slightly better to be covered to decency but her silence soon vanished like a soft wind on the branch of a tree.

“Father, what have you done?” she asked, voice low but firm.

Roland stood still. “I couldn’t let that wolf have you. He is an evil man. There was no Luna for me here and if I had not done what I had, you would be marked by him and taken away.” He sighed. “If he had been worthy of you-” He shook his head as if not suffering the thought. “It’s no matter now. What is done is done and now I will do what I have to do to ensure your safety and the safety of our pack.”

Our pack. Brie thought about that. She liked the idea of our pack and her inner wold woke, raising its muzzle from its paws at the words.

With her wolf coming back to the fore a bit, Brie’s head cleared from its hazy retreat and she realized precisely where she was. Her father’s bed- the bed she herself most likely had been conceived in. This is where she was to sleep night after night for the rest of her days. The idea of it was foreign.

She remembered having nightmares when she was still a pup and coming into her parent’s room to be comforted. Now it was her turn to comfort her father, same as it was her wolf’s job to calm Roland’s wolf.

Roland sat down on the edge of the bed and looked at Brie. He sighed heavily again and said, “I’m sorry Angel, but I have to mark you- and you shall mark me. It cannot be avoided at this juncture. I do not know where that other wolf is or if he is near, but once you are marked, he cannot touch you.”

“My wolf could hear his wolf’s thoughts somehow.” Brie said softly. “He- he wanted to claim me.”

“I’m so sorry, princess.”

“Daddy-” Brie started to speak but was cut off with a low growl.

“Do not call me that Angel,” Roland said lowly. “I am no longer your father. We are to be mated soon and it doesn’t sit well with me to be called that anymore.”

He paused, reflecting.

“Call me Alpha, or Roland.”

Brie had never called her father by his given name. And she didn’t think she could call him Roland- at least no yet- so she felt it was safer to stick with Alpha at start with. Roland seemed too... intimate for her to say.

“Will it hurt?” she asked Roland.

“Only for a moment dear one,” he said.

“What will happen afterward?” she asked, curious. She had heard being marked by someone other than your mate was a much different process than being marked by your true mate, if you indeed were lucky enough to get one.

“I will mark you and you will mark me and- a sort of tether is created between us. It pulls the two of us- and our wolves together.”

“Can the tether... ever snap?” Brie asked.

“The tether that holds us together can only be severed if one of us were to find our true mate and have them mark you instead or were one of us to die. It is particularly painful. Since my mate is already gone, I cannot break it. It can only be broken if you were to find your true mate.”

Brie sighed. “I don’t think I have one- or one that lives.” Talk of her father’s former mate, her mother, made Brie blush and she shook her head trying to ward away the unwelcome thoughts that came to her. She could not think of mother at a time like this. It shamed her.

“How- how long before we must mate?” Brie asked, blushing furiously in the dim light.

“Well, with other wolves who have been marked, they either mate right away or they wait until their heat comes upon them.” Roland was taciturn as he said this and his expression was stony and unreadable.

“When does one’s heat come upon them? And what does it feel like?” Brie asked and she wondered if her inquisitive mind was subconsciously putting off the inevitable.

“As I’ve never been in heat I can only speak from what I have heard. Most females have said they were in heat anywhere from three to five days after being marked. As for your second question- I don’t know what it feels like, but from what I have heard, it is very uncomfortable and will only go away when you mate with your intended,” Roland grumbled out.

Brie’s mind scrambled for another question. Anything to delay the intimacy it requires of marking someone.

“Do you know anyone who has gone into heat I can ask? A female of course-” she rattled off the first thing that came to mind.

“Brie,” Roland said firmly. He only used her first name when he was impatient with her and she was cowed into silence. “You are postponing this joining and it must stop.”

Brie choked back a whimper and Roland sighed again.

“Angel, I need to do this before I lose my nerve,” he admitted softly.

She nodded, looking down at her hands in her lap. “Yes, Fa-Alpha.”

Roland moved on the bed and leaned over Brie, pushing her back against the mattress gently. He pulled the covers over her, just up to under her chest and leaned into her neck.

He sat there breathing in and out a few times, gathering strength and will to do this deed..

“I’m sorry Angel,” he said and immediately sank his incisors into the tender flesh of her neck.

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