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Chapter 4. The Pull

Brie was floating in her dream. She started out high above the large pine trees somewhere to the east of her pack land, but even in her dream she knew she was far from home.

She gently floated as the breeze pushed her further east and downwards. She felt like a feather on the wind. After what seemed like forever, she found she had hit the tips of the tallest trees in a place she had never been before.

When Brie was low enough to graze a sturdy tree limb, she grabbed onto the nearest branch and made her way slowly down the tree until she was halfway to the ground. She stopped as she heard the sudden rustling of dead leaves on the ground. One- no two sets of paws were running through the forest towards her and she tried to hide behind a thick set of branches where the leaves were thickest.

Brie’s head swerved to where the sound was loudest and she peeked from around the trunk of the tree, letting only one eye look upon the intruders.

A large golden colored wolf leapt from a bush and stumbled upon the ground, a hind leg smeared with a thick streak of blood. A large russet colored wolf followed, baring its teeth. The golden wolf shifted with a sickening gloppy sound and lay naked, cradling its bad leg in its hands.

It only took Brie a moment to realize why the russet wolf looked so familiar. A moment after making the realization, she silently gasped. The russet wolf shifted to human and stood over the other man’s naked body in a menacing stance. It was the cold, black eyed man that had tried to claim her. It was obvious they were speaking to each other- at least the man with the black eyes was talking. He was talking but she could hear nothing, as if she were witnessing the incident from behind a soundproof translucent bubble.

Brie looked down at the injured man and her heart stuttered in her chest. He had a beautiful olive skin tone and his hair was cut in a side part pompadour. His golden brown hair color was highlighted to medium blonde in sections naturally. He was too far away for Brie to see his eyes, but she knew they would be beautifully deep and powerful. She could feel them from a distance. He was an Alpha, or at the very least a Beta. The power radiating off him told her this was so.

The more she strained to hear what they said, the less she could hear in the growing silence around her. She wondered what the man with the black hair was named and, as if it could read her mind, the wind whispered something like “Gabriel” of “Daniel”. Brie thought the name Gabriel sounded familiar and so she thought of this dark hearted he-wolf as Gabriel immediately. The name suited him- strong and dark.

The archangel Gabriel himself had been terrifying to look at.

Gabriel stalked the other man slowly in a circle and Brie found herself leaning forward from around the tree in anticipation. She didn’t want the injured man to be hurt by Gabriel and she gasped a little. The injured man looked up at her and smiled as his eyes met with hers. Gabriel went to look up as well to see what the man was smiling at but his gaze flicked past Brie as if she were invisible to him.

Brie tilted her head thinking it odd that only the man on the ground could see her. She looked at his face and tried to read his far away lips as he spoke only one word. He seemed to speak it over and over again and his hand came up, reaching towards her in her tree.

Brie was almost able to make out the word when a strong gust of wind came by and lifted her from the branches, carrying her high and away on the breeze until there were only fluffy, moist clouds surrounding her.

Mate. Brie heard the word in her mind and she realized that was what the man was trying to tell her. Her body continued to float away and her brain became muzzy as she drifted into that bright light you see before waking.


Day 1 Post Marking

Brie squinted her eyes as the bright sunshine to the east as it slanted through a gap in the curtain, falling upon her face. She turned away from the window to shield her eyes and was met with the black head of hair and sleeping face of her father.

Her hand immediately came up to her neck and she felt a soreness where he had marked her. She tilted her head and looked at the mark on his own neck where she had pierced his flesh in return. She sat up and looked around the room. It had been years since she had spent any significant time in this bed. Her mother had always kept it clean, and in deference to her, her father had always made sure his bed chamber was tidy ever since.

Pushing back the clean white linens, Brie walked over to attached bathroom her father used and found that sometime in the night, someone had moved all of her toiletries into his bathroom. She relieved herself from her bursting bladder and went to the large mirror that spanned the double sinks in the en suite.

Brie pushed her hair back and looked at her mark curiously. It was a decorated half moon in a horseshoe shape that cradled and surrounded a wolf’s paw. Three tear drops ran beneath the underside of the moon like drips from a faucet. It was a symbol only the Alpha of her pack could imprint upon her as Luna and an exact replica of the one she had seen on her mother when she was still alive.

Looking into the mirror impressed upon her how real this was and she covered it over quickly with a whip of silvery hair. She would think about it after her morning coffee. For now, she would settle with a clean mouth. She brushed her teeth , scouring away the hint of blood lingering in her mouth from the marking.

After making herself decent, she slipped on house slippers and a long, thin housecoat and went downstairs. A strange pulling sensation greeted her at the top of the stairs, like a string that had come loose from her robe and was stuck in the shut door frame of the bedroom she had just left. She started down the stairs hesitantly. The pull seemed to originate from her solar plexus and she tried to ignore it best as she could. She needed to make breakfast for the Alpha whom she expected to be up soon.

She entered the kitchen and scanned the empty space outside of the kitchen window. It appeared that most of the visiting packs had left in the night, leaving only a few tents from some of the furthest traveling behind. A few people were walking the perimeter of the empty space and some of her pack were already taking down the circle where The Claiming had taken place the previous night.

Brie sighed and started to perk the coffee. She started to beat some eggs in a bowl so she could make omelettes. The smell of coffee wafted towards her and she poured herself a cup.

She was about to set the full mug down when an intense wave of emotion overcame her. She clutched her diaphragm in surprise. It felt like she had a rubber band tied to her and it was about to snap.

He’s awake.

Brie didn’t need any further explanation. Her father’s wakeful state had triggered something in their connection. She fought the urge to leave the kitchen and go to him. She didn’t know what she would do when she saw him, as the thread between them was tenuous and opaque with the distance between them. She imagined it would only become more intense when his proximity was nearer to her.

Her wolf woke up fully as Brie sipped her coffee. She whimpered a little and Brie ignored her whines. She had enough to deal with without having to tend to her wolf’s needs at this moment.

Brie started an omelette for her father and stood in front of the stove tending to it while sauteeing some vegetables to add to it. A slight movement alerted her when he entered the room. She looked up at him and without thinking went over to hug him. She buried her head in his neck silently for a long while. She had to tear herself away from his form in order to tend to their breakfast.

If just marking had made the bond this strong, Brie couldn’t imagine what being marked by her true mate would feel like. And what about after mating? Would the pull ever even out so it wasn’t so intense all the time? Brie imagined it would be like sinking in to a hot bath- acute at first but balancing out over time. She made a mental note to ask one of the women in the pack sometime later today.

“Good morning, Angel.” Roland said, his voice rumbling lowly.

“Good morning, Alpha,” she said, barely biting back calling him ‘Daddy’ or ‘Father’. “Food should be ready in a minute. Would you like some coffee?”

“Yes please,” Roland replied, taking a seat at the kitchen table and picking up a newspaper. He ignored the front page and heading towards the sports and finance sections. Brie poured out a cup and brought it over to Roland who started to sip it plain.

Once breakfast was cooked, Brie served her Alpha first and then herself. When she was halfway through and finally awake, she set down her coffee cup. “I was wondering if I could ask you something,” she said, holding tightly onto her mug.

Roland looked over at her. His dark eyes seemed to pierce her to her soul.

Her skin prickled but she continued. “I was wondering if I could speak with another woman. Someone who has been claimed before.”

“Why?” Roland asked. He did not sound angry, just curious and borderline apprehensive.

Brie shrugged and started to push her food around her plate. “I was curious as to what to expect, from the marking, the bond and- beyond.” She looked up at Roland who looked pensive.

He nodded and said, “Camilla came from the Roaring Waters pack last year at the last Claiming. She is a little older than you but if anyone were to be helpful, it would be her.” He took another sip of coffee. “Her Claiming was the most recent and probably the most fresh of anyone here in the pack.”

Brie swallowed a bite of egg. “Could I speak to her after breakfast? I’m... curious as to what insights she can give me.”

Roland nodded and smiled at Brie. “I will tell James to go get her and bring her here.”

Brie shook her head. “I would prefer to speak to her elsewhere, if that’s okay. It may be intimidating for her to come here.”

Roland raised a brow but didn’t answer immediately. He finally nodded and simply said, “That’s fine.”

Brie set back to eating and Roland finished his coffee. Brie didn’t hesitate to get up and grab her Alpha’s empty cup. She was about to whisk it away when he put his hand on hers to stop her. Her stomach jolted at the touch and his hand felt like fire upon hers. The pull she experienced this morning increased and she fought against it.

Roland spoke. “If you have any questions about the marking and... other things, you only have to ask.”

Brie smiled a little stiffly and said. “I just wanted a woman’s perspective is all.” Roland let her hand go and Brie grabbed his cup and filled it, bringing it back to him.


After a quick shower, Brie walked past Roland’s study. The tether that tied her to him told her he was in there. She almost passed by the door before stopping abruptly. Something deep within her told her she needed to speak with him and let him know her intentions. She knocked quietly on the door.

“Come in,” Roland’s deep voice rumbled.

Brie entered and walked up behind the desk. She came up very close to Roland and said, “I’m going to go to Camilla’s now. I just thought you should know.”

Brie tilted her head. Normally, she wouldn’t have thought twice about just heading to another one of the pack houses. She would have just gone and maybe sent him word through mindlink at some point to her father. Ever since the marking, she felt the need to keep Roland up to date with her movements, however insignificant they might be.

“Okay Angel,” Roland said quietly. “Don’t stay too long. I- my wolf gets... anxious.”

Brie nodded and went to turn around to leave but hesitated. Instead of moving further away, she ended up climbing onto his lap instead. She wrapped her arms around his neck and rested her chin on his shoulder. Roland in turn snaked his arms around her and held her close to him. Brie sighed contentedly, feeling safer than she had in a long time.


Roland could still smell’s Brie’s scent lingering in the air and on his clothing. He was glad she had felt comfortable enough to climb onto his lap. He was uneasy to be away from her. As always the marking had done its job. They were tethered to each other and though unorthodox, he craved to complete the union.

Both he and his wolf would feel much better when it was finally completed.

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