Her Final Journey (Book 3 Journey Series)

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Book 3 Will Gracie ever have a normal family life or will she be running for ever? Gracie knows she had to do something to help her family be safe, due to everyone hunting her down for her inheritance Gracie had a hard life growing up. She's had a hard life so far as an adult with cheating and abusive men. Trying to get her inheritance that she had no clue that she even had.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

I pulled myself up off the ground using the tree I had my back leaning on. I knew I had to get out of here before anybody seen me. There was an old dirt road that only farmers used anymore about two miles through the tree line. If I could make it there I could fix this for my family. This was the only thing I could to keep them safe.

I finally made it to the dirt road, hobbling at a snail’s speed. I heard a vehicle coming towards me so I jumped into the ditch. I lay down in the tall grass hoping to cover myself and praying that the farmer didn’t see me. No witness’.

My praying was to no avail. It wasn’t a farmer that stopped either, it was a beast of a man. He was dressed in black tight jeans, grey V-neck t-shirt, black riding boots, a black bandana covering half his face and a leather cut with patches that said president on the left side, Death on the right. I could not see the patch on the back.

I tried to get away from him, but I had quite a bit of damage to my right leg and hip, my left temple was gashed open with many other cuts and bruises. When he spoke, he had a Spanish accent. “There you are, girl. You are making me very much money. Does anybody know you had the other bitch with you?”

Who the fuck was this guy? What club was he with? Why was the prick recruiting for? “Leave me the fuck alone! You’ll get your money, they will think I’m dead. I can make that happen.”

I pulled out my cell from my back pocket, “Quinn it’s Leather. I need you to say that the bitch they are going to bring in from a vehicle fire is me. Yeah, I want EVERYONE to think it is me. Yeah, yeah I’ll put it in your account.”

I looked up at the massive man, “there all done”. He smiled “I’m gonna take you home with me. I can think of many uses for you.” He laughed an evil laugh. He bent down to scoop me up, he walked us to the old truck that had been overhauled looking brand new.

He sat me in the passenger side, walked around getting in. “Do you know the back roads around here woman?” I nodded “go straight down this road for about ten miles. Where are we going so I know after that?” He smirked “El Paso babe. That’s where my club is. You know you have pissed off some pretty rich people. The way they were throwing money around for me to get rid of you.” I just shrugged. “Look, since they want rid of you that bad, you might be good to have on our side.”

It was a five-hour trip stopping only to get gas, food, and medical supplies. He helped me patch some of the deep lacerations. That’s when I noticed the Devils Company EL Paso patch on the back. Oh, fuck! These people are bad fucking news from what I heard.

We climbed out of the truck, “Shit I need to do that transfer. Can you lend me a phone, please.” He looked at me like I was fucking stupid. “Traceable dumbass, you are fucking stupid!”

I huffed “not traceable fucker! Different account overseas, different name. You don’t know shit about me to say shit mother fucker!” Death, I could see why they call him that by the look he was giving me.

“You better be glad that you look the way you do and that I like my bitches feisty or I would kill your ass for disrespecting me, bitch!” I smirked “yes, I’m a bitch and let me tell you, I don’t go handing out fucking respect to no mother fucker unless they earn that shit. So kill me now, but that shit ain’t happening.”

We both were standing there chest to face breathing like we both ran a marathon, glaring at each other. Some skanky bitch came running out, “Baby you’re back! I missed you! Come on, let me give you some lovin’.” That’s when she noticed me, crinkling her nose up in disgust, “who’s the ugly bitch?”

Death snickered, “nobody important, run along and I will be there shortly. Have that pussy wet for me.” My turn to scrunch up my nose. “Wheels! Get your ass over here! Show this bitch to a room, get her some clothes and shit and show her around.” Wheels just nodded.

I followed him to a room, taking in the clubhouse as we went. It was kind of run down and nasty, but nothing some good ol’ elbow grease couldn’t fix. Apparently, that’s not their top priority around here.

Wheels cell went off “fuck, I’m passing your ass off to Grip our SAA, I gotta take care of some shit. Don’t be fucking around the other guys and bitches will eat you alive....“. He was waiting for a name.

“Leather, the name’s Leather.” He smirked.
He walked off down the hall meeting another huge man. I know there are normal sized men in MC’s but it seems that I have to deal with huge bastards for some reason.

The huge man nodded at something Wheels had said, turning on his heel, he marched in the other direction. I turned to walk back to my room, sitting on the bed waiting to see what was going on.

After a few moments, there was a knock on the door, answering come in the huge man walks in with some clothes and toiletries in his hands.

“I brought you some shit so you could shower or whatever later. I’m going to give you a tour of this place. Wheels told me to tell you-you’re on your own after this, take care of yourself on your own. I’m going to tell you to watch your back with these bitches around here, they will literally stab you in the back. Here’s a knife to carry.” He blushed.

“My name is Grip, I’m the SAA. If you need anything find me or Death. Wheels is a dick and won’t help you.” I smiled at him “names Leather. I appreciate the stuff. Do you know what they are going to do with me yet?” Grip shook his head no, “find out at church in the morning. Come on I’ll give you that tour now, you’ll be safe with me.”

We walked around Grip pointing out the important stuff. I noticed the men checking me out and the women giving me death glares, nothing I wasn’t used to.

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