Her Final Journey (Book 3 Journey Series)

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It was a beautiful Saturday when we fired up the grill to get our BBQ on. The woman was in the kitchen making the sides, while the guys manned the grill and the coolers.

The women were having a good time talking and teasing each other, the kitchen doors slung up and there stood the bitch herself. Amaya was pissed, and staring at me with a death glare. “What are you doing here Amaya? We don’t need any shit today, do you hear me?” I was pissed now.

She marched up to slap the piss out of me. Oh, that’s it, bitch! I pulled my fist back to punch her in the face when someone caught my arm. “Let me handle this bitch baby girl.” It was mom.

Amaya looked at her with disgust, “who the fuck do you think you are? You don’t belong here and neither does that bitch and her bastard children! Now get the fuck out of my clubhouse!”

Mom reared back punching the shit out of Amaya, making her fall to the ground. Mom jumped on her pulling hands of hair out, Amaya is screaming like someone was killing her. The guys ran into the room looking around like the boogie man was here.

Death noticed that his mom was getting the shit beat out of her. Dad went and pulled mom off her, “What the hell are you doing babe? Who the hell is that?” Mom was still fighting to get loose.

“I don’t give a fuck who she is, nobody is talking about my daughter and grandchildren the way she just did!” Death looked at his mom “what the fuck have you done now mom? Why are you even here?”

She looked up at him with tears in her eyes, “I heard the club was having a BBQ, it’s my job to make sure everything gets done. When I walked in here your thing attacked me verbally, I don’t appreciate that shit! This is my club, I say who stays and who goes and those people need to leave, especially your bitch and her bastard children!”

I was about to attack her, when Death grabbed me, putting me behind him. “Listen to me mother, this is MY club; not yours! You’re just an ex-ole lady, you have no say so here anymore since Dad died.

Leather is my ole lady, making her in charge here. I repeat you have no say so, on anything; Leather does! Now, you get the fuck out, you’re not welcome here anymore! If you call my kids bastards one more time or speak to my woman that way again, I will put a bullet in your head!”

She was sitting there with her jaw on the floor. “You’ll regret doing this one day, mark my words son.” She said son with such disdain, I couldn’t believe that came from a mother’s mouth.

I looked at him, “you shouldn’t have done that on my account Death. I don’t want you looking back and blaming me for it.”

I was looking at the floor, shaking my head. He grabbed my chin, lifting it up “baby I didn’t just do that on your account, but for me. I have put up with this kind of shit my entire life, she is not going to treat the love of my life and my children that way. Do you understand that this is not your fault, but hers?” I nodded.

After the fiasco settled down, we got the food on the table and was ready to eat. I was looking for Jenna to sit next to me when I looked up at Death’s laughter.

There was Jenna is sitting on his lap eating a hot dog, making sour looking faces every once in a while, making Zander laugh. I walked up to them “you want me to take her babe, she gets quite messy sometimes.”

“No babe, I got her. She likes relish, but keeps making those little faces.” I just laughed and went to fix me a plate, when I spotted Toby. Walking up to him, I wrapped my arms around him, “hey bubba, want to sit with me?” He smiled hugging me back. We made our plates and sat down next to Death. Toby was sitting so close to me, he was almost in my lap.

I looked back up to Zander and Jenna, she was snuggled up to him and happy as a little clam. I looked around some more at everybody and realized I was home. I might not have been raised up in this, but it sure is in my DNA. Devils Company is my final destination, my extended family and I love them.

After helping the women clean up, I went to Jenna’s room to find Zander reading her a bedtime story. She was curled up in his lap again, they both looked so relaxed with each other.

I left silently to give them time to bond. I went to our bathroom to shower, making sure to shave all the necessary places. I got out to dry off, pulling on a tiny pair of lace panties and crawled into bed.

Death came in a few minutes later. He took off his clothes except for his boxers. He climbed into bed, “baby, our little girl is the sweetest baby ever. She reminds me of you so much. I think we are in trouble with two of you.” We laughed.

“I saw Y’all. You both looked so comfortable together like Y’all have been together your whole lives.” He hugged me.

“Marry me, Gracie. I know this is not romantic or anything, but it is heartfelt. I love you, I love those kids. Marry me, baby, please.”

I didn’t need romance, I needed honesty, exactly what he gave me. I sat up looking at a very nervous Zander, I smiled “Yes honey, I’ll marry you. I love you too, and I’m glad you love the kids, I want more you know.” He pulled me to him, kissing me deeply.

Death’s P.O.V.
She said yes! Holy shit, she actually said yes! I pulled her towards me and kissed her like there was not going to be a tomorrow.

I pulled her up to straddle me, that’s when I noticed the tiny little lace panties she had on. My woman was sexy in anything, but I think these were my favorite panties that she has. She doesn’t wear panties usually but noticed she was wearing them to bed since the kids got here.

I grabbed a handful of ass and pulled her closer to me, making her moan out. I wasn’t going to be able to do much foreplay, I needed her too badly.

I pulled away from the kiss, catching my breath, while she kissed down my neck. I was already as hard as steel, throbbing to be in that tight, soaking wet cavern.

Fuck the panties, I’ll buy some more. I grabbed the sides and rip them, pulling the scraps off her. I lifted my hips so she could take my boxers off, she only made it just past my knees; when I grabbed my cock aiming it at her entrance.

She lowered herself down until I entered her. Not being able to go slow, I lifted my hips and plowed into her with great force. This made both of us moan and shiver. She instantly started riding my cock like she was a mad woman, that has been starved for months.

We were meeting each other thrust for thrust until I couldn’t take it anymore. I picked her up, placing her on all fours and plowed into her from behind, going deeper. God, I just can’t get enough of her.

All I could think about while slamming in and out of her, was her belly swollen with my baby; our baby. This turned me on even more. Before I knew it, she was screaming my name, juices running all down her legs and my balls.

Her pussy clenching so tight, I thought she was actually going to break me. A few more pumps I spilled my seed deep into her, hoping her shot would fail and become pregnant.

We woke up the next morning, I went to get Jenna and met Leather in the boy’s room. We sat them down, telling them we were getting married. Jenna yelled, “I’m going to have a new daddy!”

That made my heart swell so big, I was sure it was going to explode. Will gave me a bro hug, telling me he was happy for us. Toby, on the other hand, was pouting.

“Toby buddy, what’s wrong? I swear I will be good to your sister and you kids.” Toby shook his head “It’s not that. It’s just not fair! Jenna gets to have a mom and dad that love her, but Will and I don’t have either anymore. I know Sissy loves us, but I want a mom and dad to love us too.” He had tears running down his face. This broke my heart.

I cleared the lump from my throat, “How about after we get married, Sissy and I adopt you and Will, making us your mom and dad. Then I can adopt Jenna, making me officially her daddy too?” Toby jumped up, slamming into me, giving me a bear hug. I guess that’s a yes

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