Her Final Journey (Book 3 Journey Series)

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2 months later...
I woke up to Toby jumping on my bed. “Come on sissy, wake up! It’s time for you to get dressed! I’m so excited!”

I laughed, “come give sissy some loving this morning.” He snuggled up to me and let me hold him. After a little while of snuggling Toby went downstairs to eat, while I got up to take a shower, dried off, blow dried my hair curling it. I put on makeup, then walked out to my closet, pulling my wedding dress out. Patches knocked on the door, coming in to help me put it on.

We got all the final details took care of, that’s when Dad showed up. “You look beautiful baby girl. I had a talk with Death, that man loves you and those kids, more than I have seen any man love a woman. There’s no worry their baby. I love you, Gracie.” He kissed me on my cheek.

I heard the wedding march, my stomach knotted up making me run to the toilet throwing up. Dad came in, “baby you alright? Fuck, are you that nervous? Let me help you.”

He helps me up “I’m fine Dad. I haven’t told Death or anybody yet, but you’re going to be a grandpa again. I’m ten weeks along.” Dad got tears in his eyes. Mom comes running our way, “what’s going on? Death is out there in a panic, thinking you ran away!” Dad hugged her “technical difficulties baby, we’re coming now. Here’s your bouquet baby.”

After Mom went back to her seat, the music started playing again. Dad took my arm looping it to him, we started walking down the aisle.

Zander wanted a traditional wedding, with tux’s, bridesmaids, best men and etc. Zander and Mom planned this whole thing, they didn’t want me to stress out any further if they only knew.

It was beautiful, electric blue and black roses were everywhere, huge arch covered in roses, unity candle and electric blue carpet for me to walk on. Zander was in a black tux, white shirt, and electric blue bow tie.

Wheels was his best man, wearing a black tux, white shirt, and black bow tie. Grip would have been standing next to them, but we haven’t seen him since his blow up with seeing us having sex. Not sure what that was all about.

After an eternity so it felt, I made it to Zander, before Dad gave him my hand, “boy, you ever hurt her I will slit your throat.” Zander smiled “I would never intentionally hurt her or the kids.”

We walked up to the priest and took our places. We went through the traditional vows, not being one to be able to express ourselves in words to write our own. We exchanged rings. We walked hand and hand to the clubhouse where the reception was being held. It was tame right now because of the kids, but later tonight is the adult’s party.

We have done our first dance, father/daughter dance, speech’s, ate the delicious BBQ the club had fixed us and then finally the gifts. We kept our gifts to each other to the last.

Zander had me open mine first, it was a set of house keys. “I got us a house, so we don’t have to raise our kids here. Not, that it’s a bad thing, but I figured that’s something you would like.” I hugged him, “thank you, baby, it is what I want. Now, your turn.”

Zander took the long skinny bracelet box, unwrapping it. He opened the lid looking inside, then looking at me, looking back inside the box.

Everybody was yelling “what is it?“. The biggest smile I had ever seen graced his gorgeous face, ripping the pregnancy test out “Holy Shit! You’re pregnant? Shit, we’re having a baby? Really, please tell me this is real baby!”

We both had tears falling, “it’s a good thing I bought a six-bedroom huh?” I started laughing. Everyone was whooping and hollering, sharing our excitement. Jenna and the boys were all yelling in excitement too.

It was the wee hours in the morning before finally making our way to our room, totally exhausted. “Zander, make love to me. Make love to me as my husband, the father of my babies.” He groaned “that sounds so good Mrs. Velazquez.” Make love to me he did.

We had gotten married on a Sunday because we had an appointment the next day for the judge to sign off on all the adoption papers. Jeremy had come in handy, little did he know his life was about to end.

We went to the courthouse, the kids going in to talk to the judge one by one. Finally, we were all called into the judge’s chamber.

He explained he had to talk to them to make sure this is what they really wanted. He looked at Will, “son, will you repeat what you told me”. This made me nervous for some reason.

Will looked at us, “I told the judge that no matter how things turned out, you would always be my mom, instead of my sister. You put your life on hold to raise us, to show us love and to provide for us. I will always be grateful and love you like a mother than a sister.”

Toby stood up, “Gracie has always worked hard for us to have stuff even when she didn’t. That other woman is just an egg donor.” We laughed at the egg donor comment, I stood up and hugged them both to me, “you boys have always been more like my children to me than brothers, I will always be here when you need me no matter how old you are. I love Y’all.”

The judge signed their papers, officially making them ours. Now, it was Jenna’s turn. The judge asked her a few questions to see if she understood what was going on.

“Yes sir, when you sign that paper, Z will be my new daddy. The bad man won’t have any say over me anymore, just mom and daddy Z.” This caused all of us to laugh, which made her mad.

I had to explain where her sperm donor was and that he hasn’t had any contact with her. The judge looked at Zander, “you know, most men wouldn’t want to take responsibility for kids that’s not his. To be honest with you, I never thought the president of an MC would, but you have proven to me that I had stereotyped you and a lot of people. I’m sorry about that, you will make a great father.”

Zander looked at the judge smiling, “your Honor, I wouldn’t want it any other way. I love these kids and their mother with everything in me. We are adding to the family as we speak, hopefully having many more.”

The judge smiled, finishing the papers. We all walked out of the courthouse one big happy family. I had a nagging feeling that something was going to put a damper on this.

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