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Her Final Journey (Book 3 Journey Series)

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I woke up the next morning, after taking a shower, I put on one of the shirts that Grip had left me. I felt awkward walking around with a t-shirt to mid-thigh being the ONLY thing I had on. I walked up to Death’s office door knocking, “come in” was his gruff reply. He was staring at me when I walked in. He slowly scanned my body and I let him.

“What can I do for you Leather?” Damn, his voice was sexy as fuck. “I was wondering if you have decided what’s going to happen with me yet. I’m tired of waiting around, I also wanted to apologize for my disrespect towards you in front of everybody yesterday, but I meant everything I said.”

He looked at me kind of funny, “we had church and voted on it. I didn’t bring you here to keep you prisoner, but you need to stay on the down low for your safety.”

Death pointed to the chair in front of his desk. I sat down, crossing my legs carefully not to flash him. “What kind of work experience do you have? Do you have any kind of money left? I can help you out if need be.”

I smiled, “I do have some money left. I appreciate the offer. I used to own a couple of strip joints but sold them when I moved. I can handle myself around MC’s, the bitches don’t scare me any. I can cook, but probably not what you’re used to.” I smirked.

“We have several strip joints that we own, one in particular, we are having trouble with. Registers are coming up short, keep getting busted for prostitution and to be honest, the girls keep getting uglier and can’t dance for shit. Think you can help? Do you strip yourself?”

I told him I could help them out and maybe if he was really good he might be able to find out if I could strip. Then I asked him if someone could take me to get clothes and shit and also a vehicle.

Grip was my tour guide once again, “sorry Grip that you keep getting stuck with me. I know that you probably had other shit you wanted to do.” He smiled at me, “it’s okay, I don’t mind looking at you in just my shirt. Nice tits, by the way, are your nipples pierced?”

I laughed “thanks, they are the part of my body I like most and yeah they are pierced. Do you have any piercings?” I looked at his semi-hard cock and wiggled my eyebrows.

He chuckled rubbing his dick through his jeans, “yeah my dick is pierced and both my nipples. Wanna pull off at a motel and compare Leather?” He was dead serious. “Why the fuck not.”

He pulled up into a motel and went to get a room. As soon as the door was closed and locked we were all over each other.

The kiss was rough and hungry, tongues battling for dominance. His big rough hands gripping my ass, I now know why they call him grip. It was iron tight, making me whimper a little, but also making me wet.

With one hand still on my ass the other pulling my shirt over my head throwing it onto the floor, “damn babe, I think all of you is my favorite.” I let him carry me to the bed.

He laid me down, standing back up and removing his clothes. Grip was a huge man, 7 feet tall, muscles everywhere, covered in tattoo’s, brown hair and grey eyes. His cock was mammoth with large heavy balls and as said pierced, that shit is going to hurt for sure.

“Like what you see? I sure as fuck do. Spread them legs for me Leather so I can have a taste.” I did as told, bending my legs at the knees, letting them drop as far as they could.

Getting on his knees in front of me, pulling me towards the edge of the bed until he was nestled in between my legs. He took his tongue running it up to my slit to my clit then swirling his tongue around tracing the sensitive area.

He nibbled, licked and sucked until I thought I couldn’t take much more or his hair was going to be pulled from his scalp. He pushed in a finger, pumping in and out at a furious rate. My legs trembled, panting for air, arching my back until it was no longer on the mattress. He slammed another finger in, making me squirt all over his face and chest.

Before I could come down from my high, he removed his fingers replacing them with his cock. I have never been stretched like this in my life. It actually hurt, tears slipped from my eyes.

Grip instantly stopped when he noticed “fuck Leather, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you.” He went to pull out but I stopped him, “hey, hey don’t pull out. Just give me a minute, then maybe only go half way in until I get used to you honey, but please don’t completely stop. They should call you mammoth.” I smiled up at him. He smiled back at me, “you ready Leather? It’s killing me to not move, but I don’t want to hurt you.” I nodded yes.

He only pushed half of him in, still hurt a little but much better. He was going slowly concentrating on what he was doing. “Grip baby, I’m going to come, but keep going! This feels so fucking good.”

I was panting like a mad dog, tearing the sheets with my nails, screaming his name and some unintelligible words. He’s pumping faster, adding more cock each time until he was finally all the way in.

He’s grunting, moaning and panting “fuck Leather, here it comes, baby.” He pumped a couple more times shooting load after load deep in me. Both of us were moaning so loud the people next to us was screaming for us to shut the hell up.

He leaned over me to catch his breath, “fuck that was awesome. I haven’t had pussy in so long.” This amazed me, “why not?”

He blushed, “well to be honest with you, most run the other way when they see it, if we do get that far I end up hurting them and have to stop.

Believe it or not, your pussy is the first I have ever came in.” Holy shit. “Grip what do you usually do?” He cleared his throat, “you’re unmanning me here sweetie, but I usually end up jacking off. Even the club whores won’t fuck me cause of my dick size. I’ve never had a blow job either because of it, but it is what it is.”

He got up embarrassed, he went to put his clothes back on but I stopped him again. Even when he was flaccid my hand couldn’t quite fit all the way around it. I bent over taking just the head in my mouth, sucking it and moving my hand up and down his shaft.

“Oh God, that feels so fucking good, but you don’t have to do this. Oh God, okay keep going!” I would take him out of my mouth and run my tongue over his cock and use my free hand to massage his balls. It only took ten minutes for him to blow another load all over my tits.

He was panting, barely holding himself up. I smiled at him, “tell you what Grip when you want pussy or a blow job come to me baby I’ll take care of you.” I winked and walked off to the bathroom to shower off.

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