Her Final Journey (Book 3 Journey Series)

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Death’s P.O.V.
I finally received payment for killing Leather, little did they know she was with Devils Company. It took awhile for them to get the confirmation they needed. Whoever Leather called did a good job at fooling them, I don’t know what she has done for there to be a three million dollar bounty on her head, but it has to be pretty bad. I need to find out, it’s driving me crazy.

Leather is nothing like what I thought she would be. The woman is beautiful, smart, spunky and a mean streak in her that I absolutely love. When she fought mom, I was seriously impressed, the club noticed how mom looked after she came down and I had to explain what happened.

I noticed that none of the guys or women fuck with her after that, which impressed me even more. She has the strip club up and running making money like nobody’s business, bringing in more than the other two together.

I have noticed lately, she has been acting different, withdrawn more than usual, avoiding Grip like the plaque, she’s lost weight and the life that was normally in her beautiful eyes is gone. I need to get her out of her funk before she gets too depressed, so when I see her marching to her truck I decided to invite her to the movies.

When she started yelling at me about wanting to yell at her too, I knew it wasn’t the time and was getting to the bottom of this shit. I walked into the clubhouse to see Grip sitting at the bar. I walked up to him slapping him on the back “hey bro. You wouldn’t happen to know who pissed Leather off do you?”

He turned to look at me scoffing, “fuck that hormonal bitch. She prances that pretty little ass around here teasing mother fuckers, giving tastes to get you hooked, then you say something she doesn’t like then she withdraws the pussy. Then has the fucking nerve to want a fucking favor. Fuck that shit, who the fuck has time for that shit just to get laid.”

The thing about Grip is, he acts like he doesn’t get a whole lot of pussy to draw in the ladies, but it’s the opposite. Hell, the boy has six kids, but the bastard is a no daddy. He fucks them till he gets bored, knocks one up or they get tired of his bullshit.

I know his dick is huge, I know this because I walked in on my wife fucking the shit out of him. I divorced her and a few months later she conceived my niece, which he doesn’t even bother to take care of.

It took me a long time to get over that. We are just now getting where we can be in the same room with each other and this happened six years ago. I haven’t dated or had anybody steady since then, just the club girls, cause you know where you stand with them.

Look, I might do some shady shit and all but I believe in being faithful to your woman, treat her with respect, never ever lay a hand on her because she is your queen and should be treated like one. Grip is more like my father in his sense of treating women.

I needed to get some paperwork done, that I have been putting off and making sure our gun run shit was taken care of since it was later on this week. When I finished with that I thought I should probably go look for Leather, to make sure she was okay.

As I was walking out to my bike I seen Leather’s truck pulling up. Tim jumped out of the driver side “hey man, what are you doing with Leather’s truck? She’s okay, right, where is she?” I was beginning to panic.

Tim laughed, “chill man, she’s fine. She picked up her chopper and I volunteered to drop the truck off. That woman is something else man. You gotta see the picture I took of her on her chopper, fucking hot!”

He walked up to me showing me his phone. The woman was fucking gorgeous anyway, but seeing her straddle the chopper made my dick hard.

“Did you even make sure she could ride? Don’t show this to anybody Tim, I fucking mean it or her life could be in danger!” His face paled, “you got it, man, I wouldn’t do that to her. You don’t have to worry about her being able to ride, she owned that fucker, it was like her and the chopper was one. It was actually beautiful man, she tore out of there like nothing I have ever seen before. If it wasn’t for you having a hard-on for her man, I would definitely go for it.” He laughed the mother fucker.

I walked back into the clubhouse to take care of this hard on, I haven’t had another woman since we went to eat dinner at the pizza place. Ever since then I just haven’t been interested in other women, I know it’s fucked up to still have any kind feelings for her after she has been with my brother, but I just couldn’t help it.

Tim was right, I do have a hard-on for her. I had a feeling about her when I saw her lying in that ditch, that’s why I didn’t end her life right there.

6 weeks later...
Leather was slipping into a deep depression, I couldn’t really help her since I don’t know shit about her or her problems. I was seated at my usual corner table watching the guys party and was wondering where Leather was since her club was closed tonight and I’m used to her being at these parties with me if she’s not working.

My cell started vibrating in my pocket, looking at the caller id, I recognized the number as my buddy’s bar. “Death you need to come to get this crazy bitch. She’s all fucked up crying one minute, then threating to shoot anybody that comes near her unless it is you.”

Who the fuck is he talking about? “Who frog?” He sighed “don’t know her name man, she’s a fucking beauty man, dark hair, crystal blue eyes. Look, I don’t know what happened to her or what the fuck is going on, but she is scaring my customers and she needs help.” Fuck, I’ll be there in forty-five.

I grabbed the truck keys, yelled at Wheels to come with me. We jumped in and took off like a bat out of hell, Wheels was looking at me like I was crazy.

“What the fuck Death? Where the hell are we going?” I laughed, “going to Frog’s, he just called me, telling me that Leather is there all fucked up and threatening to shoot people if they came near her.

I’m worried cause she doesn’t usually get shit faced, even Frog is worried about her. He thinks she is having some type of mental break man.”

Wheels smirked at me, “I knew you had a hard-on for her! The whole club is talking about how you two actually spend a lot of time together, which you don’t do with anybody after the divorce.

I’m glad too, I like the fuck out of Leather. The bitch is crazy man but in a good way. Hope she’s okay. Did you know that she shot one of her ex’s in his left nut and shot the bitch he was fucking right between the eyes mid-stroke? So, she’s probably not kidding about shooting a mother fucker.”

I laughed, “no I didn’t know that, that’s a good thing to know. How did you find out?” He smirked, “Grip, he’s actually kind of scared of her now that he fucked with her head.”

We walked into the bar searching for her but hearing her before seeing. “Leave me the fuck alone, just leave the fucking bottle on the table and back up slowly or this bullet will hit its target.”

I walked towards her “hey Death, come sit down with me sugar! Holy shit Wheels come join us, man. Y’all have a drink of me I mean on me, Y’all need to catch up!”

I looked at the waitress “how much to catch up with her?” She rolled her eyes “a whole bottle, working on the second now.” I heard Wheels whistle and laugh. All I could think was how in the hell is she even coherent?

I sat beside her on her left, Wheels to her right. “Angel, what’s going on, you don’t usually drink like this. You’ve been acting different, is it Grip? Honey, he lies about getting pussy all the time to get pussy. Hell, he has six kids that he doesn’t take care of, so he has to be getting it or there wouldn’t be no kids.”

She gasped then started bawling. I’m going to kill my fucking brother. Wheels didn’t look any more impressed than me.

“Why do I fall for shit all the time? You would figure I would have a shit meter by now with the way my life has been. My mother beats me, pimped me out, I raised my two little brothers since I was twelve. Don’t take me wrong, I didn’t mind, I love them to death.

We had to move so we came to Texas to live around my dad, which turned out to have cancer, then died, left me a note saying he wasn’t my real dad and gave me his information. On the way down there I ran into Boom who tricked me into thinking he loved me, but he was just after my father’s club and my inheritance, fucked anything with two legs.”

She takes a deep breath and knocks back another shot. Wheels and I were just looking at each other in shock, poor woman, damn.

She kept going, “then Moose swept me off my feet, marrying his lying, cheating ass. Also found out that ALL the Smoking Guns was in on it with Boom, but I did get my precious daughter Jenna out of the deal. Found my real dad, met Mayhem, he took the role of dad to my baby and the boys.

I just couldn’t get myself to love him like I should have thought. Then I end up having to fake my death, so my baby girl and brothers could be safe. I fucking miss them so much!”

After a few minutes of trying to digest her life in a nutshell, which is a pretty fucked up nut, I picked her up bridal style and headed for the truck. I had Wheels load her chopper and go back to the club and to start research on the names she gave us, but not to tell anybody anything about it. Also telling him we wouldn’t be there for a couple of days. She needed to let all of her emotions out without an audience.

I ran in getting a room key from the motel the club owns, picking Leather back up and took her to our room. I laid her on the bed, pulling off her boots.

Leather sat up, looking around with tears still pouring out of her eyes. “Death, where is my bottle, I need a drink.” I sat down on the side of the bed, “baby, you don’t need any more alcohol. Talk to me, get it all out.

She looked down at the bed “can I ask you for a favor?” Before I could answer she told me what she needed. “Please Death just put a bullet in my head, I can’t take anymore, please just end my misery.”

She was still looking down at the bed with tears pouring out. I picked her up, putting her on my lap, “Look at me Leather. Don’t say that shit. Baby, you still have a lifetime to live, a little girl and brothers that need you. I know you probably have heard this before, but I will help you, I’ll help you fix all this so you can be with your family again.

If that’s what will make you happy, then I will do whatever it takes. I’m sorry you have had a shit life like that honey, I really am. When you sober up and feeling better tomorrow we need to talk about all this to figure out a plan Ok?”

She nodded her head yes, crawled off my lap and started stripping all her clothes off. “Wait, baby, I’m not taking advantage of you while you’re drunk, no fucking way.” She looked at me with the cutest confused look.

“Honey, I sleep butt ass naked, can’t sleep a wink with clothes on. Something else you may need to know, I usually go commando.” She smirks at my mouth hanging open. Shit, I’m in trouble.

After taking her clothes off, she stood there for several minutes looking at her Guns tattoo, “Death, do you know of anyone that can cover this shit up? I don’t want to have to look at it anymore.” I nodded, too busy ogling her perfect body to be able to answer.

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