Her Final Journey (Book 3 Journey Series)

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2 weeks later...
I was sitting in my office going over the register receipts, comparing them to the inventory sheet. Some mother fucker is stealing not only from me but from the club.

Just as I was rewinding the video from last night, Death walks in, smiling from ear to ear. “Hi babe, I have come to steal you away for a while. We are meeting Wheels and Patches, going for a ride.”

His smile fell when he noticed the look on my face “Leather, what’s going on? Why do you look like that?” I looked up at him “somebody is stealing from us. I’m going to find out who and make an example out of them. I haven’t been here enough, so they think I’m dumb and won’t put the pieces together.”

I huffed. Death grabbed the chair in front of my desk, moving it beside me. He then pulled out his phone “Wheels Y’all come to Leather’s club, got to help my woman find a thief.”

He hung up. “Ok babe, what makes you think there is a thief? ” I gave him a deadpan look, “I know about how much we run on any giving day. Every other weekend we have been coming up 1500-2000 short. I’ve bought more liquor than what I should have for being that short.” He smiled at me.

We were sitting watching the video when I saw Gina pocket some cash. This makes me watch her very closely, sure enough, this is where our money is going. Wheels and Patches walk-in “Death could you go pick up a guy named Dan from this address and bring him back here please?”

I fluttered my eyelashes at him then pecked him on the lips. I looked at Wheels “could you pick up a girl named Gina from this address? I need Patches with me.” I smiled at her.

The boys left, while Patches and I went to the stockroom and moved some stuff around. “Leather, what are you going to do in here?” I glanced at her, “make an example out of these fuckers. When the boys get back, I want you out of here. I don’t want any of this shit to come back to you, Okay?”

The guys walked back in with my targets, I had the guys place their people in a chair strapping them down. Taking my trusted gun out of my waistband, lying it on a box, then walked over to a shelf, pulling a bottle of Everclear and a box blade; placing them in the box also.

Looking up at Death, “you probably should leave now, it’s going to get very messy in this fucker.” I knew Death had probably done the same shit I was fixing to do and maybe worse, I just didn’t know if he would want a woman that is capable of this or not.

Death looked at me like I was stupid, “babe, you’re my woman no way am I leaving. Do your thing darlin’.” I looked at Patches, she was shaking her head “nope” is all she said.

I shrugged my shoulders, turning to Gina “let me start off by saying, you think I’m stupid? 1500-2000 every other weekend for eight months, and you really think I wouldn’t notice or give a shit.

Bitch that comes to $32,000 you owe my man, the club and me. There is a little thing called interest plus penalties, so let’s make it an even $60,000. I bet it went up your veins and to Dan’s bookie, didn’t it? I’m not stupid, I pay close attention.” I winked at her, giving her the shivers.

Gina started crying “Leather, I swear I’m sorry. I didn’t know what else to do. The bookie was threatening us and our families, it was the only thing I could think to do.”

She was bawling by the time she was done. I laughed humorlessly, “you could have just come to me, I probably would have actually helped y’all out. Dan, did you know about this?”

He hung his head down, “yes” was all he said. I smirked, “well, it doesn’t really matter the why now. I’m going to make examples out of you two, nobody fucks with the Devils Company.”

I grabbed the box blade, walking up behind Gina. Whispering in her ear that I was going to make sure that she saw everything I was going to do to her man.

I looked over at Patches, “you in or out?” She looked at me “in”. She walked up and held Gina’s head still while I cut off her eyelids. Making my way to Dan with Patches behind me to hold him still, I started peeling the skin back on his face.

The skills Skin taught me were being well used. I heard both guys vomiting while Patches just studied what I was doing.

Patches and I had bonded over the gruesome task, that we had accomplished, knowing we would have each other’s backs from then on. We walked to my office to change into some of the extra clothes I kept there for emergencies, which this falls into that category.

When we finished, both guys were sitting at the bar with a shot in one hand and a trash can in the other looking a little green, pussies!

Death had called in his prospects to dispose of the bodies. “Babe, I don’t know how you learned to do that, but you could teach our guy some shit. You don’t know how hard I am right now, knowing you can be the sweetest little thing and the most disturbed mother fucker I know. I could so fall in love with you.” I don’t think he meant to say the last part out loud because his face turned bright red.

The girls started walking in for the club to open, catching their attention I made it loud and clear what would happen to anybody that stole from us. I even included their families, I also announced that Patches was the new assistant manager.

Death was sitting there proudly looking at me in awe still, Wheels was looking at Patches like she was somebody totally different, but was in awe of this new person.

I took Death’s hand pulling him from his stool, “come on honey, we have to go get our money back. I’m tired of mother fuckers thinking they can rip me off, sorry mother fuckers.” Death started laughing “too late, I have fallen in love with you.”

I stopped and looked him in the face, “Death baby, I’m not quite there yet, but i’m working on it too.” Tippy-toeing to peck his lips.

Patches and I took my truck, while the guys were following us. We pulled up to the bookie’s house and got out. Death walked up to us, “babe this is your and Patches show, we are just backup. Go get ’em baby.” slapping my ass as I walked off.

I walked up to the door knocking, a man opened the door and started looking me up and down.
“What can I do for you? I can think of a couple things I can do to you.”

I rolled my eyes “look I want to put some money down on the next prize fight, so Dan sent me to you.” He licked his lips, “sure doll, come on in.” turning his back on me and heading into his living room.

I went in, then Patches, Death, and Wheels. “What the fuck is all this shit?” the man was yelling, going for his gun. He was too late, I had already pulled mine and shot him in the head.

“Let’s look around for the money. There must be camera’s too cause his eyes were shifting around.” I walked into the bedroom, nothing. I walked into the walk-in closet and bingo, there was the cash. I found a bag and deposited all the money into it.

“Baby, I found it!” Death yelled back, “ok babe, we are destroying all security surveillance. You girls head back to the clubhouse and we will meet y’all later, after dealing with the dealer. Love you!” I laughed, “very, very strong feelings back baby!” Wheels and Patches were cracking up.

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