Gypsy (Book 1 Gypsy Series)

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When Gypsy decides she has had enough of being used as a punching bag by her husband, she packs her and her daughters things up and sets off to find their home. When Gypsy decided she has had enough of being used as punching bag by her husband she packs her and her daughter things up and sets off to find their new home. She runs into trouble only to be helped out by a motorcycle club. She learns the meaning of family and love with this group of outlaws.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

I’m standing in the bathroom looking at myself in the mirror, gauging how bad my black-eye and busted lip looks.

“I can’t believe he did this to me again! He promised me he would stop! What am I supposed to tell Mystery? She’s not stupid, she realizes that her daddy is being mean to mommy.”

I take the cold washrag and clean the blood from my lip, chin, and nose. I go to the dryer and grab a fresh t-shirt. I head to the kitchen to make Mystery some breakfast.

Mystery is my pride and joy, she was an accident, but one that I wouldn’t change for the world. Her dad Brett would totally disagree, says I ruined his life by keeping her. As you can tell he is a total DICK!

When I finished cooking, I went to go get my girl. She was sleeping peacefully with her straight strawberry blonde hair splayed over her pillow. She has light eyebrows, eyelashes, chubby cheeks, pouting little pink lips and a pudgy little nose.

I bent down and kissed her all over her little face until she started giggling. “Good morning mommy. I love you!” I picked her up, hugging her. “Good morning baby, mommy loves you too!”

I take her to the kitchen and put her into her booster chair at the table and sit her pancakes in front of her. I sat down next to her and thought about our options, but I knew we had to get out of here.

I married my husband when I was seventeen, got pregnant when I was nineteen. Today is my twenty-third birthday and I’m planning on leaving.

Mystery and I cleaned the kitchen back up before she headed to her room to play. I started making a to-do list and a list of things we could take with us that would fit in my car.

I heard Brett yell at Mystery “shut the fuck up!“. I walked to our room stopping just inside the door frame to find him getting ready for work. He turned to look at me “what the fuck are you looking at? Make that little bitch be quiet! Cash your paycheck today and bring it to me on my lunch hour.”

This is the last fucking straw! “I want a divorce, Brett. I’m sick of this, you abuse me and Mystery, take my paychecks to spend on your whore and drinking. If you don’t want us then just tell me and we will go on down the fucking road.”

Brett jumped up from the bed, where he had been tying his shoes, ran over to me and grabbed me by the throat. “I never really wanted you, just what’s in your pants and your money. Then, oh fucking joy, you got pregnant! I’m more than glad to get rid of your ass’!

You can pay for the divorce, raise that little bitch all on your own. I don’t want anything to do with either of you, just pretend like I’m dead!”

I’m having trouble breathing by the time he gets done with his rant, he drops me and then walks out the door.

I get Mystery and started packing our things which didn’t take long since almost all the money went towards his shit. I then called work and told them that I was quitting.

We loaded up the car, drove to the bank to withdraw the $9600 I had saved up over three years and then went to fill the car up and get snacks.

After filling up the car, I decided we would head towards Washington. I figured it was far enough from Oklahoma that I wouldn’t run into Brett.

I knew it was going to be difficult starting over somewhere we would be alone with no family, but it would get easier as time went. As we drove we would stop to sight-see and would sleep in motels at night. Mystery was having a blast, while I worried myself crazy.

The closer we got to Washington, I bought a map to see if we could find a place we wanted to check out. We had finally made it across the state line and stopped at a truck stop at a motel in the back.

After getting our room, cleaning up we went to the restaurant. The whole time we are eating I kept getting a feeling like someone was watching us.

After paying, we headed back to our room, but I still couldn’t shake the feeling of being watched. I was scanning our surroundings as we walked, but the only thing I noticed was three bikers standing by their bikes having a conversation.

Suddenly, a hand wrapped around my mouth and one around my waist. I was being pulled into a space between the motel and truck stop buildings. I was trying to fight him off the best I could when Mystery started screaming and took off towards the bikers.

The man flung me around and punched me in the temple. Everything went black. I woke up to a little hand patting my face, “Mommy wake up! Please, mommy, wake up!”

I heard Mystery sniffle. I could not open my eyes yet no matter how hard I tried, so I told her “hey baby, no crying. Mommy’s trying to open her eyes. Give me a minute, are you okay?” Her little voice traveled to my ears “yeah mommy, I’m okay just scared.” She laid her head on my shoulder.

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