Graveyard (Book 2 Gypsy Series)

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Book 2 . You need to read Gypsy for this to make sense. Gypsy finds her world up-side-down. Her first marriage failed, she remarries and he dies. Now she is on her own with a four year old. Gypsy finds her world up-side-down once again. She has one failed marriage under her belt and now her new husband and most of the Mountain Clan are missing.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

Dad and Grave walked in looking pitiful. “Dad you need to go home and get some rest.” He shook his head no. “Baby girl, we need to talk, but I want to do it while you’re here. Just in case.”

Mom stood up, “come on Berry, come with Grandma to get all of us something to eat. Are you craving anything baby girl.” I shook my head no.
Dad sat on the edge of the bed while Grave sat in a chair next to me.

“You need to know what happened. Right after we called home, we got a break. We were told by a reliable source, that they were held up at an abandoned warehouse. To make a long story short, Draft was in the warehouse when they blew it up.”

“Grab’s ole lady, Lindsey was there. The fucking cunt Shirley was there too. They were in this shit from the start it appears. That whole story we were fed was bullshit and our contact was actually a Roadhouse member.”

I took a deep breath, “you know, I’ve had a funny feeling this whole time but pushed it back. I didn’t know that Grab had an ole lady and Shirley the waitress? What the hell was she doing there?”

Dad grabbed my hands, “I’m pretty sure they grabbed Draft to get our attention. I think they thought you were with us. Maybe an eye for an eye type of thing. Shirley is Scoop’s ole lady, hell none of us knew he had an ole lady. Apparently, she lived in Oklahoma, they were separated until she showed up in Washington and started working for Draft.”

All I could think was “this is all my fault. If I would have gone somewhere else Gavin would still be alive.” I was trying to hold the tears back, but they just flowed out. “What do we do about a funeral for him dad? How am I supposed to give my husband a funeral without a body!?” Dad grabbed me, hugging me to him.

The doctor came in right before dad and Graveyard left. “Mrs. Black, I’m Dr. Little. I’ve come to check you and see if you can possibly go home.” He checked my vitals and reflexes.

“Everything looks good but you need to try to stay calm and as stress-free as possible. You could have lost this baby.” I grunted at him. I couldn’t lose this baby, it’s the only part of Gavin we have left. This baby is the last thing he gave me and he didn’t even know it.

While dad left to get my papers in order I decided that I would ask Grave if he could stay with us for a few days. “Grave, I know you have a life and all, but is there any way you can stay a few days with us at the house. I don’t want to stay in the clubhouse and I will feel safer with someone there.”

Grave looked at me, “Gypsy, I don’t really have too much of a life, except doing club business and my tattoo shop. I don’t have any problems with staying with Y’all for as long as you need me too. I will be right by your side no matter what it is. Hell, I’ll even go buy tampons if you needed me too.” I smiled a genuine smile, “you don’t know how much this means to me. Thank you, Grave.”

“Gypsy, you can call me by my name if you want. My name is Damon Lee Ross. I haven’t let anyone call me by my birth name since I got the name Graveyard. I’ll tell you sometime how I got that name.” He smiled.

“Well Damon, I appreciate the honor you have bestowed on me. I like your name.” He smiled then, which is a rare occasion.

Dad came walking back in, “ok baby girl, you are all ready to go. Your mom is going to take you back to the clubhouse and we are all going to eat take-out together.”

I looked at dad, “umm...Dad, I don’t want to go to the clubhouse, so I asked Grave if he could stay with us for a while. It’s going to be hard no matter where I go, so I’m just going to suck it up, put on my big girl panties and go home to learn to how to deal with this shit storm. I’m going to have to sometime.” Dad kissed my head, “that’s my girl.”

“Baby girl, you need to come to stay at the clubhouse, it will be different than sitting in y’alls home with all the memories. Plus, you will have someone to watch after you there.”

I sighed, “mom, Grave is coming to stay with us for a while, he can help watch over me. If he had to go on a run or when he goes to work, I can then come to the clubhouse.” She glared at me, “ok Mrs. Independent, I guess your right. Graveyard better take great fucking care of my two girls or he is going to have to deal with me.”

When Damon showed up with some bags of his stuff, mom met him outside. I know she was giving him the take care of our speech because he was bobbing his head looking bored.

I showed Damon his room that mom helped clear out. “Damon are you hungry? I can order some pizza and breadsticks or something. They have lasagna that is awesome.” He smiled, “lasagna and garlic sticks sound great, it’s actually my favorite. My mother was Italian, it’s really the only thing I can cook very well.” I smiled, “well, you probably shouldn’t have told me that.” We laughed.

That’s the thing with Graveyard, it’s very rare to see him smile or hear him laugh but when he does it’s actually beautiful. He has a deep voice that surprises you and his laugh is deep and contagious.

Our food finally arrived and we all sat at the dining table. I placed Mystery some on her plate and before I could reach back over to cut it Damon was doing it. Mystery thought that was a hoot and was giggling. “Mommy, Grave looks funny with a princes’ plate.” I giggled then. Damon’s face turned red, making him look even more beautiful.

We watched a little t.v after supper, Mystery crashing on the sofa. When I decided that I needed to go to bed Damon picked Mystery up and tucked her into bed.

“Thanks for supper Gypsy. It’s been so long since I have actually sat at a table and had a normal supper and conversation.” He turned and went to his room.

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