Graveyard (Book 2 Gypsy Series)

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8 weeks later...
I was in the kitchen eating breakfast with Mystery when Damon came walking in pulling his shirt over his head. Oh God, his body is all hard and muscular. Tattoo’s covered his chest, stomach, back, and arms. The only place on him that I could see that didn’t have a tattoo was over his heart.

When I finished checking him out and soaking my panties, I looked up to find myself busted. Damon was smiling, “good morning pumpkin.” He walked up to me, putting his hand on my small baby bump. “You ready to find out what our little bundle is?”

My hormones are taking a fucking beating and now he’s touching me making my panties even wetter, then I started crying. Damon looked startled, “shit, did I hurt you pumpkin?”

“No, no. My hormones are still all over the place. I have to go change and then I’ll be ready. Your plate is in the microwave.” He removed his hand and helped me up and pulling me to his chest, hugging me. “What’s going on Gypsy? I hear you at night crying and anytime you think no one can hear you. Talk to me pumpkin.”

“I’m sorry you hear that. It’s just my hormones I’ll be fine. This time around is a lot better than the first. I’ll be back in a minute.”

Tabitha was at the door when we got ready to leave, the kids didn’t have school and Mystery wasn’t feeling well. Tabitha was going to take her to mom since she always wants grandma to watch her when she’s sick.

As he was driving down the road quietly something popped into my mind, “Damon, sometime pretty soon, will you start my chopper? I haven’t ridden it since I found out I was pregnant.” He smiled, “sure pumpkin.”

We got to the doctors, getting called back quickly. The nurse gave me instructions on how to get ready for the doctor. As I was rolling the top of my leggings down I got dizzy and fell forward.

Damon caught me pulling me to his chest. I looked up and the next thing I know our lips were touching in a very light kiss. Once we figured out neither of us minded it became more hungry, lustful. I moaned and Shit! My panties are soaking again. I’m going to have to carry extra pants and panties around him.

The doctor walked in and we pulled apart. “Mr. Ross, Mrs. Black are we ready to see what your bundle is?” Damon was smiling ear to ear and I was trying to hide my blush and the damn doctor was trying not to laugh.

I got up on the table and with Damon’s help, fixed my clothing like I was supposed to. He grabbed my hand, stroking my knuckles with his thumb. The doctor put on the gel and fired up the machine.

Pretty soon, we heard the little heartbeat, strong and fast as it should be. We could see the baby then, Dr. Sliver was taking measurements and finally spoke. “Well folks, the baby is doing great. Right on track where it should be. Did you want to know the gender?” Damon must have given him a look because he threw his hands up in a surrender motion. “You are going to be the proud parents of a healthy girl.”

I looked up to see Damon smiling and looking like a proud father. It made my heart skip a beat. I sure do wish I was the woman he was waiting on.
When the doctor left, I noticed Damon following him. By the time I was cleaned up Damon came back into the room.

“Everything ok Damon? “Oh yeah, I just had a couple of questions. I’m sorry, I guess I could have asked you since you have done this before. I guess I was just embarrassed.”

We left and went through the drive-thru at Burger King to get all of us something for lunch. We made it to the clubhouse and walked in. Dad practically shoved mom out of his way to get to us.

“Well, for fuck sake! Don’t make me wait any fucking longer, what are we having?” I laughed, “shit dad, you just about killed mom. Slow your roll, I need to pee.” Dad groaned but looked back at mom, “sorry baby. I got excited.” Everyone that was in there was laughing at dad’s antics.

I came back into the rec room and dad, mom, Damon, and Mystery were sitting at a table. Dad’s leg was bouncing up and down. I walked over to him kissing him on the forehead, “hi dad. How are you today? What have you been up to?”

Dad growled making Mystery giggle, mom laughed “baby girl just tell him. He’s about to jump out of his skin.” I laughed, “Well, you’ll have to make another room pink for your other grand-daughter.” Dad jumped up pumping his hand in the air, “hell yeah, another girl! Monster you owe me a fucking hundred dollars.”

Monster walked up passing a hundred dollar bill to him, “damn Sister, can’t you have a boy?” I smiled, “I’ll try my hardest next time.” Everyone went quiet. “What, if I get remarried I’m still young enough to have more kids. It would be nice to have a boy. Puberty at my house is going to be a mother fucker.” All the men walked off after that, shaking their heads and mumbling different things about all the hormones around here.

I walked over to Tech’s office and entered shutting the door. “Hey Tech, can you do me a favor? I need you to run the deepest background check you can on these people for me. If you could keep this just between you and me I would appreciate it.” I wrote down my name, Gavin’s, Scoops, Quinn’s, and Graveyards.

I went to mom’s office and sat in a chair in front of her desk. “Did you see the look on Damon’s face when you said that you wanted more kids and was even considering getting remarried?” I looked at mom, “yeah, you should have seen him at both of the ultra-sounds and he has to touch my belly any chance he gets. It’s sweet and very cute.

“Baby girl. that man has loved you for a while now. Hell, even Gavin knew, that’s why he always watched him like a hawk when he was around and got pissy when he couldn’t be with you two. Give him a chance baby girl, open up to him and he will do the same.

Mystery loves him, talks about him all the time. She doesn’t mention Gavin very much anymore. To tell you the truth, she told me today that she likes Grave better than she did Gavin. Just try it, baby, all of you deserve happiness.”

I changed the subject, “have we heard anything about that abandoned apartment building yet?” Mom sighed, “no, the owners are going to fuck around and try to make us pay top dollar since they know what we want to do with it.”

“Give me their names and numbers I will call them.” I got up after mom wrote the information down for me, and was headed to find Damon so he could take me home before he had to do a tattoo. Tech caught me before I made any lead way. “Here you go, Sister. Some very interesting info in there. Hollar if you need anything else, ok?” I hugged her. “Thanks, Sister.”

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