Graveyard (Book 2 Gypsy Series)

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8 weeks later...
I’m laughing so hard, I’m about to piss myself. “Are you fucking serious dad? You are going to wear that plastic pink princess’s tiara, plus make all the brothers wear one?” Oh shit, I did just piss on myself!

“Damn it, Dad! You just made me piss on myself!” I tried to get up but couldn’t. It was dad’s turn to laugh like a lunatic. “If you don’t get over here and help me up, I’m telling mom!” That got him to shut up. I smirked at him.

“No wonder why Graveyard loves you so much. You’re one evil little shit! My poor grandbabies don’t stand a chance in hell!” I started crying.
Mom walked in about that time, “Nails! What the fuck did you do to my daughter?” Dad looked worried and confused.

“Fuck if I know! She was all laughing about the tiara and pissed herself, then threatened me with you cause she couldn’t get off the sofa. I started teasing her about being evil and our grand-daughters didn’t stand a chance in hell of not being evil, then she started crying!” He threw his hands up in the air.

Damon has been gone for three weeks now, trying to get a patch-in club going. He walked in the door during the pregnant woman drama. He ran up to me when he noticed I was crying.

“Baby, why are you crying? Who the fuck do I need to kill?” Mom said, “she’s crying because her dad’s a dick!” Dad stood there with his hands thrown up like “what?” wearing his pink tiara.

A deep voice sounded, “I hope she’s referring to Nails and not me.” King, Scott, Trisha and a couple of other men, that I didn’t know was standing right behind us.

All of a sudden out of nowhere Damon roared with laughter. We were all looking at him like he had lost his mind until he said, “What the fuck are you wearing Prez?” Everybody roared then.

“It’s Berry’s birthday, you know your daughter, she wanted a princess party and damn it, she’s getting one! She doesn’t turn six every fucking day! By the way, every one of you mother fucker’s is wearing a fucking tiara too!”

That got all the men to stop laughing. King shrugged his shoulders “fuck it, I’m in. It’s our grand-daughters birthday. This shit better not end up on the internet, or someone is going to die.” Nails agreed.

I leaned over towards Damon, “baby, our next baby better be a boy or the men around here is going to start growing wings and shit, cause Mystery likes fairies too.”

Damon turned to me and his eyes were big and had tears in them. “You mean you want kids with me?” I couldn't believe he what he said. “Don’t be fucking stupid! Of course, I want more kids with you, I need some with your DNA!” About that time a pain almost knocked me down.

“I looked to dad, I don’t think I pissed myself earlier, I think my water broke.” The men in the room panicked. I just shook my head and looked at mom and Trisha.

“Mom, will you go get my bag, please? Will you tell Trisha where Mystery is so she could maybe get her?” They agreed and I started walking towards the door when Damon yelled, “where are you going? The baby is coming damn it!”

Fucking men are morons! “Yeah mother fucker, I know! I’m trying to get to the car so your dumb ass can take me!” He looked embarrassed, “Oh yeah, I knew that. Sorry baby, I didn’t mean to go stupid.” I laughed, “come carry me to the car, baby. I’m hurting pretty bad.”

Needless to say, everyone made it to the hospital in one piece and I apologized for cursing him and calling him names. Mom only yelled and threatened him with about six times for over speeding.

They were ready for us, so when we pulled up they put me in a wheelchair, took us to a delivery room. Damon helped me get undressed and put the gown on me. After getting in the bed, the nurses hook all the monitors on me. Dr. Sliver came in the room.

“Gypsy, how long ago did your water break?” I thought about it, “maybe an hour and a half to two hours ago. I thought I had peed myself ’cause I was laughing so hard.” I blushed. He nodded while putting on his gloves. “Well, let’s check to see how far you are.”

Damon walked to the end of the bed to watch what the doctor was doing. I gave him a deadpan look, “what? This is interesting.” I just shook my head. The doctor laughed and started pulling his gloves off. “Well, you’re at a five, so it might be a while, just depends on your body.”

Damon helped me through the contractions while he had me on facetime with Mystery since they wouldn’t let her back. Several hours later, “Damon go get the nurse, I feel like I have to push.”

He jumped up and ran through the doors.
A nurse came back in alone. “Where’s my ole man?” She started giggling. “He’s getting suited up. He is panicking so bad he went through two pairs of pants from ripping them.” We both laughed.

Damon came in looking hot as hell in the scrubs, hair net, mask, and booties. One of the nurses whispered to another “he’s one fine daddy. I would ride him.”

My head snapped in her direction, “after I have this baby, you better fucking run! This is MY ole man, I should kill you for even looking at him!”
Damon laughed, “damn baby, relax. I wouldn’t touch her with Monsters dick. You’re my woman, the only one I’ll ever want. She doesn’t have shit on you. Concentrate on getting our daughter here. I love you.” The nurse got rushed out.

On July 16, 2019, Miracle Ann Ross was born. 7lbs 8oz, 21 inches long, a head full of dark curls. She was beautiful. Damon had asked if he could be on the birth certificate as the father, that’s how she got the Ross name.

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