Bast (Book 3 Gypsy Series)

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Book 3 in Gypsy series. After watching Gypsy get shot, Graveyard takes on the responsibilities of his daughters until his wife pulls out of a coma. This family can not seem to catch a break even after everything that has happened to them.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

“Doc, when is she going to come out of a coma? Is she going to?” Doc looked up to a pacing Graveyard. “Brother, she will come out of it when her body is ready for her too. I know this has been a long nineteen weeks, but her body and mind have had a lot to deal with. The one I’m worried about is you.”

Graveyard snorted, “I’m fine. The girls are what is keeping me sane at the moment. They miss their momma something awful. They cry for her mostly at night now. I just don’t want them to forget her you know? Berry, I’m not so worried about, but Miracle that’s a different story.”

Doc knew Grave was worried about more than he was letting on. “What about you Grave? Are you afraid you are going to forget things like her touch, smell, voice and how it felt to make love to her?”

Graveyard stopped pacing and looked down at the floor with a tear escaping his worried eyes. “Yes, I’m afraid of that and what if she doesn’t remember us when she finally wakes up? I know that’s not logical since she had no head trauma.”
The Doc felt so sorry for him. He did not really have any answers to give him. Graveyard sighed, “Well Doc, Mystery should be getting out of school soon, so I better head out.”

Graveyard and the girls moved to North Dakota to be close to Gypsy. They were afraid to move her without knowing why she was in a coma and causing more serious problems.

Mystery climbed into the car, “Hi, daddy. Is mommy awake yet?” He smiled at his eldest daughter and ruffled her hair making her laugh. “Hi, baby. No mommy’s not awake yet, it could be any day now.” Grave sure was hoping he wasn’t lying.

They made it to the clubhouse to find Miracle sound asleep on Tiny’s lap. You almost did not notice her against his ginormous muscle’s. “Damn, Tiny. Where did my daughter go?” Tiny laughed, “She’s good, Graveyard. She loves her Uncle Tiny. How’s Gypsy today?” Grave sighed, “the same man. Hopefully, any day now.”

Everyone knew Graveyard was about to lose his shit, but no one could really help him. Tiny handed Miracle over to him. “Brother, we love you and these girls. If I can do anything let me know.”

Graveyard took the kids to the kitchen to feed them when Grandma Trisha came in. “Hello, my little beauty’s. Hey, Grave. How are you holding up, honey?” Grave lifted his chin “alright, I guess. Miss the fuck out of my wife. The girls miss their momma too.”

King walked in, “I know ya’ll do, son. Hell, we all do. There is a reason why she isn’t waking up yet. As bad as we want her to wake up, she will when she’s ready.”

Graveyard got the girls to bed that night and went down to the clubs bar ordering a beer and sitting next to Tiny. One of the whores came up rubbing his shoulders. “Let me get your mind off things for tonight. A few beers and a good long fuck will do that, honey.”

Graveyard tore her hands of him damn near ripping her arms out of their sockets. He gripped her by the throat yelling, “you or any fucking woman touches me again, I’ll fucking kill you and bury your nasty ass in an unmarked grave. Do you fucking get me? Gypsy is the only woman I fucking touch or touches me!”

Tiny patted his back in approval. “Glad to know I won’t have to use you as a toothpick, brother.” Graveyard knew Tiny had felt a connection to his woman when they first met but knew it was a brother/sister connection. He was Gypsy’s guardian.

The next morning Graveyard did his normal routine of bathing the girls, feeding them and taking Mystery to school. Today, Miracle would accompany him to see her mommy.

When they arrived at Gypsy’s room, it was full of doctor’s and nurses. Grave panicked, “Doc, what the fuck is going on? Is my wife ok?” Doc gave him a beaming smile, “I was doing my rounds and she squeezed my hand. Grave, she squeezed my hand! She could wake up at any moment.”

Graveyard walked up to the side of the bed, took her hand with his free hand. “Gypsy, baby. Can you hear me? Squeeze my hand if you hear me.” He felt a very light pressure against his hand making tears run down his face.

“Oh, baby. Come back to us. I and the girls need you so much. Miracle is here to see you. Mystery will be here after school.” Graveyard saw her lips barely moving, so he leaned down to put his lips against her ear.

“Do what, baby? Can you repeat that?” A light rush of air passed over his ear. “Babies. Need babies.” Grave looked at Doc, “call King, tell him to get Mystery and get his ass here, now.”

King, Trisha, Mystery and Tiny all come rushing in to find Miracle sound asleep on her mother’s chest and Gypsy’s arm around her. Grave was holding her other hand with the biggest smile. “She hasn’t opened her eyes yet but whispered a few words. She’ll hold your hand lightly and wanted her babies.

Grave leaned towards her, “baby, Mystery is here. Do you want me to put her on your other side?” Gypsy whispered her yes and Grave took Berry and put her beside her mom.

Mystery kissed her cheek lightly before placing her head on her chest. Tiny noticed her trying to move her arm. “Grave, she wants her arm around Mystery, brother.”

Gypsy’s heartbeat sped up a tiny bit before she whispered “Tiny”. He was at her side in a flash. “I’m here Sister. Your mom and dad too.” She wiggled her fingers in acknowledgment.

A few hours later, Doc came in to check on them. “Has anything changed?” Grave smiled, “she knew who all of us was by voice. Her hand strength is improving, but still not opening her eyes.”

The Doc told them this was still great new and finished his round.

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