Bast (Book 3 Gypsy Series)

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Monster and Tool was leading the pack, while Gypsy, Queenie and the girls were in her car. Nails and a prospect was driving the large U-Haul with Tiny, Beard and the other Clan prospect pulling up the rear.

They pulled into the Mountain Clan clubhouse two days later. Everyone was glad to see home. Monster walked up to Gypsy and pulled her into a hug. “Welcome home, Sister. I hate that you came back under these circumstances, but glad none the less. You or the girls need anything, just let Uncle Monster know.” He kissed her head and walked off.

Tool walked up, “good to have you home, Sister. Sure missed working on this beauty.” He patted the car hood. Gypsy laughed, “I knew you liked my car more than me.” Tool blushed, “Naw. You were unavailable. If or when you need your motor tuned, let me know.” He winked as he walked off.

Tiny walked up chuckling, “we need to call you magnet. Men are just attracted to you.” Gypsy gave him a sad smile, ” too bad it doesn’t last or it’s fake.” Tiny slapped himself on the forehead, “fuck, I’m sorry, Sister.” Gypsy just shrugged.

They walked into the clubhouse where the ole ladies were waiting for them plus some of the ex-Sisters. Everyone was hugging her and cooing after the girls. After all the warm greetings Gypsy introduced Tiny and Beard. She noticed Monkey and Tiny checking each other out. She hoped that would lead somewhere but would not push it.

Queenie came in. “Hey, baby. Can I talk to you and your boys for a moment?” they walked into her office and sat down. “Ok, I know this is sudden, but I just wanted to throw this out there. I still have that old apartment complex, if you are interested in turning that into a clubhouse.”

Gypsy smiled, “that would be awesome, but I would need to show it to the guys first.” Tiny spoke up, “if you think it is good, we are in.” Beard shrugged in agreement.

Nails and Monster walked in and took seats. Nails looked at his daughter, “baby girl, what are you going to name the club and what kind of shit are you getting into?”

Gypsy smiled, “Guardians of RA. We are going to protect the abused, pregnant women and children.” She could not fool her dad and he knew she would be adding on to that, plus some unsavory things.

Monster spoke up then, “Sister, I got word a few minutes ago that the old hospital building is coming up for auction but they were going to let the club have first dibs as a favor. We can get it dirt cheap if you would like.”

Nails turned to Tiny. “You could use the old hospital as the clubhouse, then use the apartment complex to house the people you are protecting and even live there as well.”

Tiny, Beard and Gypsy all thought that was a great idea. “We have a long ways to go. We gotta find the money for all this.” Queenie looked at her funny. “What do you mean? You have plenty of money, baby.” Now, it was Gypsy’s turn to be confused.

“Baby, you have the money you got from Draft’s life insurance, the money the bar makes, plus the money from King’s life insurance that he left you.” Gypsy knew nothing of King’s insurance, the money from the bar was supposed to go to the Clan and she thought the money in the bank would all be gone from her hospital bills.

Queenie pulled out the insurance papers from her desk. “We thought you knew. Baby, this is for three million. You are the sole beneficiary of this policy. Scott had one also, Trisha knew nothing about them.”

Gypsy fell into laughter, which worried everyone. “I’m fine. I’m fine. She’s going to be fucking furious.” She couldn’t help but think about Graveyard but dismissed her thoughts.

All Clan members showed up and helped Gypsy and the guys get settled in. Gypsy walked to Tiny’s room, “hey, I just got the girls down for a nap after playing with Clan. You should have seen him sniffing Miracle, it was hilarious the way she was giggling. Anyway, do you and Beard want to go for a ride? I’ll get mom to watch over the girls for a while.”

Gypsy was excited to ride her chopper. She had not ridden since they went to North Dakota to take care of Roadhouse and she got shot. She kept the chopper that Draft had given her as a wedding gift and decided to keep her mothers for one of the girls.

They drove past the apartment complex and the old hospital and then stopped at the ice cream parlor a couple of blocks from their soon to be the clubhouse.

“Sister, it sure is good to see you riding again. I think the hospital and apartment complex will work out great. I have some money saved up I can give.” Tiny had a heart bigger than his muscle’s.
Beard spoke up, “I can also donate as much as we need. I’m a trust fund baby. I don’t tell people ’cause I want to make my own way but since we need it..” He shrugged his shoulders and kept on eating his ice cream cone.Gypsy laughed, “I love you guys. Thank you, for having me and my girls backs.” They guys smiled at her.

They were proud to be a part of her family. Beard spoke up first, “We will always have your back, Sister. We would gladly put our lives on the line for you or our girls. I have been doing some research on the guardians of RA. The one that stood out to me for you is...” they were interrupted by a man screaming.

Gypsy stood up to get a better view of what was going on. A man was standing over his wife at a table screaming at the top of his lungs about what a stupid bitch she was and this is why he always has to beat the shit out of her.

“Call dad. Tell him what is going on and we need some vehicles, please.” She sauntered over to the table and stood next to the guy. “Hey, buddy. What the fuck do you think you are doing? There are kids in here that do not need to hear this shit. I would suggest you get the fuck out of here.”
The man scoffed, “this is none of your fucking business, bitch. I suggest you move the fuck on.” He drew his hand back like he was going to strike Gypsy.

Before the man knew what was happening, he was looking down the barrel of Gypsy’s gun. “No, mother fucker. I suggest you put that hand down, step away from the table and follow the big man outside. My trigger finger sure is getting twitchy.”

Tiny lead the man out back to the alley and loaded him up in the van that Nails had sent. They were taking him off to give Gypsy and Beard some time to get the woman away.

Gypsy looked at the woman, “Come on, honey. I’ve been in your shoes, I just want to help. Do you have any kids that we need to get?” The woman started crying, “thank you so much. I have been trying to leave for ten years now. I have no one just me.”

Gypsy put her in her car that Tool brought and he took her bike back. “I’m going to take you to my old house. He shouldn’t find you there. Do you have any family heirlooms or anything important that we need to get?”

Once again, she shook her head no. “He destroyed anything I ever had. I wasn’t allowed to keep anything I was given. My name is Gina, by the way. If I could call my parents, they would send for me.”

Halo nodded, “we’ll stop at my bar and you can use the phone, honey. You can stay with me until we can get you home.” As soon as they got to the bar Gina called her parents and explained everything to them and they made plans for her to fly home the next morning.

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