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Can life get better for a broken hearted mom and her little girl? There will be many trials and heartbreaks but maybe one day with the help of a MC and one certain brother, their lives will be forever A young mother has to start life fresh after her divorce. She found herself mixed up with a local motorcycle club and attracted to one of the members. She has no clue about the lifestyle they live but she finds herself very curious.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

Halo was sitting in the courtroom waiting for the judge to return with the verdict over the custody of her three-year-old daughter Chloe. Her nerves were frazzled on the best of days since this never-ending divorce started two months ago but waiting for this verdict was absolutely killing her.

The judge finally appears from his chambers and takes his seat. “Sorry for the long wait. I had to evaluate all situations and talk to the involved child. After taking everything into consideration, I give the plaintiff Halo Lender full custody of Chloe Lender.” Halo wanted to jump for joy and the weight of the world fall from her shoulders.

“Mr. Lender, you will pay eighteen hundred dollars a month child support, have Chloe every other weekend starting next weekend. Mrs. Lender will decide the holiday schedule since you were so unaccommodating during this whole process.

I honestly hope the two of you as parents to this sweet little girl, can work together and give her the upbringing she deserves.” Before the judge could slam the gavel down, Darren Lender jumped up, “Your Honor, if I do not get full custody then I do not want any visitation. I will give up my rights to her also.” Halo could not believe her ears but decided if that is how he felt then she was better off without him.

The judge shook his head in disbelief, “alright Mr. Lender. You will have no visitation and no rights what so ever to Chloe Lender. Let me tell you this since this seems like a stunt not to have to pay child support, you will pay until she is eighteen or while she is getting a higher education no matter the age. The court is dismissed.”

Halo was in shock, she could not believe the outcome of her divorce. Darren was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and very spoiled.

Marrying Halo was a big screw you to his mother that tried to keep him under her thumb all his life. Halo not only ended up with sole custody of her daughter but the five-bedroom lake house in the Wichita Mountains, a jeep wrangler, Chevrolet Silverado, their four-bedroom family home and forty-six hundred dollars in alimony a month.

Several weeks had passed since the last court appearance and everything had settled down and the girls were settling into a routine but Halo was bored. She had worked since she was thirteen when she started babysitting then went to work at a fast food chain at sixteen. When Halo turned eighteen, married then went to work at her husband’s company where she worked until her divorce Halo packed some bags, loaded Chloe and headed to the lake house to try to cure her boredom and bond more with her little girl.

As they were passing through the little town, Halo noticed the town had started to grow a little since she had been here last, a couple of years ago. There were a few new clothing shops, a candle store, ice cream parlor and a knick-knack store. Halo made a mental note to bring Chloe here tomorrow to shop.

After stopping for supplies they finally made it to the house and unpacked the Silverado and making their way into the home. The family had only used this twice in the last five years that she had been married to Darren, so Halo did not really have any memories to taint this beautiful log home with the grandeur view of the large lake behind the home.

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