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The Bet

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Lacy and Isabelle. Best friends. Lacy, the sex addict, bets Isabelle, virgin by choice, that she can make her have sex by the end of year. Can Isabelle hold out against Lacy's constant temptations? The sex addict Lacy bets her roommate and best friend, the virgin by choice, Isabelle, that she can make her have sex by the end of the year. The bet? If Lacy wins, Isabelle must sleep with her. Something Lacy has been trying to do since they met in nursing school. But if Isabelle can hold out against the temptations that Lacy is throwing at her (male models, porn stars, and even her own boyfriend), Lacy has to swear off sex for year. The stakes are high. No one wants to lose. As the date draws near, both girls double their efforts to win.

Erotica / Romance
Galen Froste
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

His dick was big. I'm talking humongous. Like, porn star big.

Before we get into it, first, a little something about me. I'm tiny. A tiny girl from Pascagoula, Mississippi who has never had sex before.
I know. Here I am, facing this monster cock, and I'm not sure what to do with it because I've never seen one up close and personal before. I'm fucking twenty-three years old and still a virgin.
Okay, mechanically, I know what to do. I've seen porn and masturbated to my fair share of videos and pictures. So I know it can go in my mouth, my ass, my vagina, or I can do stuff with my hands. I've also heard that feet can be used, though I'm not sure I'd be any good with that. Because feet are gross and once my foot touches it, I'm not sure I would want it inside me anymore until it was washed.
Like I said, I'm twenty-three years old and a penis hasn't entered or touched any part of my body. Ever.
The closest I ever came to it was prom night. My date fingered me to orgasm in my car. I was so embarrassed by the sounds I made that when he pulled it out, I ran away. Literally. I jumped out of my car, which was parked in my parents' driveway, and I ran inside. He had to walk home. I was so embarrassed that I haven't let myself get into that kind of situation again. No dates. Nothing.
And now, six years later, after graduating from nursing school and becoming a registered nurse, I'm faced with this huge, throbbing cock.
I'm so pissed off at Lacy. She's my best friend. I met her in nursing school. We hit it off in the first semester and we've been inseparable ever since.
This cock, this pulsing piece of man meat is staring at me. Raging hard on. And I'm not sure what to do with it.
The problem I'm facing, is that the dick belongs to Nick. Nick is Lacy's boyfriend. Lacy is asleep on the couch. Lacy and I share everything. Our deepest, darkest secrets. We live together in a two bedroom townhouse. She knows all about my experience with sex. Or my lack of experience, I should say. And she's made it her goal to get me laid.
I haven't made it easy for her. It's almost become like a hobby for me. Going out of my way to stay a virgin.
I didn't tell her about being a virgin until we had moved in together. Now, it's a challenge for her.
The thing is, I've accepted the challenge and I've vowed to do my best to stay a virgin as long as possible.
According to Webster's dictionary, a virgin is someone who has never had sexual intercourse.
To clarify, Webster defines sexual intercourse as genital contact, especially the insertion of the penis into the vagina followed by orgasm.
So, by definition, legally, as long as there's no penis insertion into the vagina, I'm still a virgin. Further, if you want to get technical, which I'm known to do, and Lacy hates me for it, the definition goes on to say that the insertion is followed by orgasm. So, technically, technically, there can be penile insertion into the vagina, as long as it's not followed by orgasm, and you can still consider yourself a virgin.
The funny thing about the definition is, it doesn't specify whose orgasm. So if one were to take the definition on a technicality, even if a man were to insert his penis into my vagina, as long as I didn't orgasm, I could still, technically, consider myself a virgin.
Technicalities aside, my personal definition for the purposes of Lacy's challenge, I define sexual intercourse as the insertion of the penis into the vagina. Orgasm or no orgasm. So as long as I don't allow that, I'm golden.
The challenge, recently, as of two weeks ago, has become a bet. Lacy bet me she could get me to fuck a guy by the end of the year. If she wins, I have to eat her pussy, which she has been trying to get me to do ever since we met. But I don't swing that way.
I don't think.
However, if I win, and I remain a virgin as of New Year's day 2019, she has to have sex with our neighbor. He's a sweet kid who is so in love with her. But he's a nerd and she never gives him a second glance. When I told her my terms for winning, she acted like she was gagging. But she agreed because she's convinced she can get me to do it.
And Nick is her first try at it. His dick. Throbbing in my face.
She's not serious about him. How could she be? To push him on me like this?
She's asleep on the couch next to me. Or, she's pretending to be asleep on the couch next to me. I caught her open one eye when Nick pulled his shorts down in front of me.
He grasps his cock. Strokes it up and down.
I just stare at it. If I do nothing. I'm still winning. It's easy, right? Doing nothing? You literally have to do...nothing.
But I can't. My panties are soaked clean through. I reach my hand down inside the elastic and finger myself. Which, in turn, gets Nick pumping even faster, and before I know it, I'm coming. Something Lacy has never seen me do before. She's heard me through my locked bedroom door, but never seen me.
"You're a fucking bitch, Isabelle," she says and sits up. "Forget it, Nick, she's not going for it."
But Nick doesn't stop. With a grunt and a groan, he shoots his load. And it's all over me. That monster, heaving cock, is unloading an amount of semen that is like nothing I'd ever seen in a porno before. And I'm drenched from head to toe.
"Nick," Lacy says, "you disgust me. Get out."
And Lacy is pushing him out the door even as his dick continues to spray. She throws his clothes at him and he's standing on our front porch for the world to see. Dick dripping.
"Lacy," I say, out of breath, "you're the fucking bitch. You know that? That was low down and dirty."
Lacy just stood there and smiled down at me. Lusting after my come covered body. Even though we were best friends, she's never seen me naked. And as far as I was concerned she never would.
"I was only dating him to get him to fuck you. He failed. We're through. He knew the deal."
She shook her head and said, "The least you could have done was pull your panties down so I could get a peek at that tight little twat of yours."
She leaned down and wiped some semen from my belly with her finger. She tasted it and said, "Nick had watermelon earlier. Sweet. You should try some."
She dipped her finger in my belly button and shoved it in my mouth before I could protest.
At first I wanted to gag and spit, but it actually tasted good and before I knew what I was doing, I was sucking her finger like I imagine I would do with a dick if I ever gave in and decided to do such a thing.
Lacy smiled.
"Mmmm, Isabelle likey," she said. "You've got a taste for it, now. One step closer. Now go clean yourself up. You look like a dirty whore."
She was starting to get desperate. I mean, fuck, her own boyfriend.
Well, ex-boyfriend now.

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