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The Perfect One 1/2

“Yes mom, the plane just landed. I’m going to catch a cab to my apartment and get settled in.” Charlie ensured her worried mother as she entered the baggage claim of Malpensa Airport in Milan, Italy.

The woman was not so keen on her Charlotte leaving home for a job. After all she moved halfway across the world for this job. The job wasn’t going to last forever, but for now it was perfect for young Charlie. “Please be safe, my darling. There’s so much that could happen when you’re away from home.” Charlie’s mom stated quite anxiously. Her mom was quite protective of her because Charlie was her youngest child, even if she was now 26.

She rolled her eyes at her overprotective mother, “I promise you I will be fine mom. I have to go. My cab is here.” Charlie quickly hung up before her mother could get another hysterical word in. She chuckled and picked up her suitcase before heading to the waiting taxi.

Now Charlotte didn’t speak a word of Italian, but she was more than willing to learn. For now, she would have to use her good communication skills to guide her through the country. Hopefully some of her co-workers would speak some English. Well obviously, someone had to speak English, since they hired her and knew she didn’t speak Italian.

Charlie only had to give the driver the address before they were off to her new home. It was an apartment building located about a block from her new job. Her job had offered her the place, since it was owned by the CEO’s brother and most of the people who she would be working with lived there as well. She had researched the building before coming and was very pleased with what she had seen. The whole building was a very elegantly set up. She knew she would love staying there.

As the taxi drove, Charlie took this as a chance to check out her new surroundings. Here she was, miles from home, in an absolutely beautiful country. She had already made a list of things she wanted to do within the first month of being in Italy. As they drove, she couldn’t help but admire the landscape. The city of Milan was gorgeous, and Charlie wanted so badly to explore it. The beautiful old buildings with the most amazing architecture.

The driver said something as the car had stopped in front of a truly magnificent building. It was her new home. She knew the CEO of Elric Enterprise, where she was now employed, lived in a penthouse in the upper levels of the building. She so badly wanted to see what the inside of his penthouse looked like, she knew it had to just as grand as the rest of the building.

Charlotte quickly exited the taxi and paid the man before grabbing her suitcase from him. Without any hesitation, she entered the building and went to the front desk to receive her keys. Lucky for her, the concierge knew English and understood every word she spoke. The beautiful blonde women offered to show Charlie to her room, but she had declined. Charlotte knew exactly what floor she was on and didn’t need help, but she quickly thanked the overly nice women. It seemed as if the woman had been hitting on her, which just made Charlie chuckle. She wasn’t into women like that.

Shaking away her thoughts, she headed for the elevator and immediately entered the small space. A tall man was already inside, and he watched her enter the elevator. Charlie sent the attractive man a small smile before pushing the button that would lead to her floor, which happened to be a floor below her attractive elevator mate.

Charlotte settled on the other side of the elevator and snuck looks at the man every once in a while. Twice she caught him staring at her. His eyes seemed to be glued to her body each time she would catch him looking at her. He looked like he very much enjoyed what he saw, and she couldn’t help but to feel happy about it. The man was honestly the most attractive man she had seen in months. He was tall, dark, and handsome in every sense. He had short brown hair and some lovely scruff growing on his face, the scruff accentuated his shard jawline as well. Charlie loved his dark eyes best. They called to her.

She was knocked out of her thoughts when the elevator reached her floor. Charlie sheepishly grabbed her suitcase and excited the elevator, but she could feel the man’s eyes watching her every move which made her blush. Charlotte needed to find out who he was, maybe the flirty concierge knew who he was.

Her apartment was everything she wanted and more. Much more spacious than her room back home. It had a magnificent view of the city below. All of this made Charlotte very happy. After unpacking, she decided to settle down for the night since she had to be up early for her first day of work tomorrow. God knows how anxious she was about that.

After a surprisingly restful sleep and a normal paced morning, Charlie was headed to her new place of work. Butterflies danced in her stomach as she walked to where she would be working. She had received an email last week which explained she would be working directly with Mr. CEO himself and she couldn’t help but to be nervous about that. She knew she could not mess this up and hoped he would like her.

Entering the building, a lovely woman greeted her. This woman seemed to have been waiting for her and smiled as Charlie walked through the doors. She quickly rushed over to her.

“Charlotte Winslow?” She asked even though she seemed to know exactly who Charlie was.

Charlie pushed the nerves away and nodded, “Yes, I’m Charlotte. Charlie for short. Who are you?” She couldn’t help but to sound a little unsure and she hated that. She wanted to be confident and poised for her first day.

The women who had dark brown hair like Charlie’s own hair held out a hand out for Charlie to shake, “I’m Cecilia. Mr. Elric sent me down to collect you. I’m his personal secretary.” Then she looked around, “I’m also his little sister.” She added softly.

Charlotte smiled at her before shaking her hand, “It’s so nice to meet you. Mr. Elric sent you down to meet me, that’s kind of him.”

“Yes, he’s very accommodating to his new employee’s.” Cecilia said before motioning for Charlie to follow her. As they walked, Cecilia talked about the company and her family. Charlie couldn’t help but to enjoy her Italian accent. It wasn’t as strong as the other accent’s she has observed so far, but it was still there. “Do you have any questions for me, Charlie?” Cecilia knocked her out of her thoughts.

“I’m not too clear on what I’m going to be doing with Mr. Elric. To be honest, I’m not even sure why I’m the one who received the job.” Charlie admitted with slightly flushed cheeks. Despite being out of college for almost four years now, she hadn’t had the easiest time finding a job. She worked in a pretty shady office back in the United States.

“Well mio amico, my friend, my brother seems to find you very qualified for what he’s looking for. I must agree with him, he let me look over your file when you were in talks for the job. All the other candidates didn’t have quite the same qualifications as you.” There was an amused smile on Cecilia’s face as she explained this to Charlie. Charlie herself couldn’t quite believe what she was being told but decided to go with it.

“Alright, well when do I get to meet Mr. Elric?” Charlotte was more than eager to meet her new boss. To see if he lived up to what people were saying about him online. Charlotte didn’t see a picture of him, because she couldn’t find one. Honestly, she expected Mr. Elric to be some older man in his late fifties, who had been working on his company for years to get it where it was. But now that she had met his sister, she wasn’t so sure who she was going to meet.

Cecilia had led her into the elevator and in no time they had stopped on the 24th floor of the building. She had ushered Charlie out of the elevator, “Now Charlotte, don’t be so shy around my brother. He’s easy going and pretty nice to work for. You will be fine here.” Charlie nodded as they stopped in front of an office door. She assumed it was his office.

Cecilia knocked on the door, “Fratello Brother, your new employee is here. E ′ assolutamente splendida. She’s absolutely gorgeous.” She spoke Italian as she talked through the door. It didn’t take long for them to hear footsteps walking to the door. Cecilia turned to Charlie and smiled, “Good luck, Charlotte.” Then she had rushed off.

The office door opened a second later to reveal the sexy man from the elevator.

“Il mio amore, My love, you’ve arrived. Please come on in.” He ushered Charlie into his office and shut the door behind them. Unsure of what to do, Charlie took a seat in one of the two chairs that were placed in front of his desk. He smiled at her and walked behind his desk, taking a seat at his chair. “Good morning Charlotte and welcome to Elric Enterprises.” Mr. Elric seemed to have an accent much like Cecilia’s. This made Charlotte think they were more than just Italian, especially with the way they spoke English so eloquently.

“Hello Mr. Elric. Thank you for hiring me.” She wanted to slap herself when she heard the nervousness in her voice.

Mr. Elric smirked at Charlie, “Sei assolutamente adorabile. You’re absolutely adorable. You’re welcome. I think you’re going to like it here. I have a lot planned for you and I.” Charlie couldn’t help but wonder what he meant by that.

“What am I going to be doing for you sir.” Charlie didn’t miss the intense gaze she received for calling him sir. It made her feel a little hot. He was so sexy, and she really hoped she would be able to work for him without a problem arising.

“Well Charlotte, I’m working on a merger deal with my little brother. I need someone who can keep me in line throughout it all.” Mr. Elric was now standing up and pacing behind his desk. “My brother and I have a mutual deal sketched out, but my father is a little hesitant to let us follow through with that deal. Typical family drama I guess.”

“Is your brother the one who owns the apartment high rise?” Charlie asked watching her attractive boss walk back and forth.

He stopped pacing and turned to look at her, locking her in an intense gaze. Charlie thought she could see hints of lust in his gaze, but that couldn’t be. A man like Mr. Elric had to have been in a relationship with a gorgeous woman. He could never lust for someone like her, especially since she was nothing like him.

“Yes, il mio amore, that’s him. How did you know that, bella donna beautiful woman?” Charlie couldn’t help but to blush at the Italian he spoke to her. She didn’t know what he was saying, but something told her they were lovely words.

Charlotte’s cheeks were bright pink, and Kyle loved that. He loved everything about that woman, and he had since he first set sights on her. Kyle Elric had an ulterior motive for the beautiful woman he had just hired. He needed her for more than he was telling her. His father was not going to let he and his brother follow through the deal unless Kyle had an heir to take over the company when it was needed. Mama Elric had tried to set Kyle up with countless women but they never appealed to him. His sights were on the one woman he could never have, or so he thought. It was a stroke of luck that she applied to his company in Milan.

“I did some research on your company, sir. Which means I also found out a little about your family, or just that your brother owns the high rise.” Charlotte admitted once again blushing in embarrassment. She hoped her boss didn’t think it was weird that she had researched his company.

Mr. Elric smiled at Charlie, “That’s perfect. You’re a very prepared employee and that’s just what I need here. You have only made me love my decision to hire you even more.” He said feeling very pleased with himself. He hadn’t given away any of his plan yet and Charlie didn’t seem to recognize him. His plan was going very well.

“Do I have a desk or office to work in, sir?” Charlie was still a little nervous around him. Who wouldn’t be, that man was a complete sex god. Just being around him made her feel all worked up and hot.

“I’m sorry Charlie, but we don’t have a desk for you right now. So you will just be working with me in my office until we get you one.” In a matter of time, he hoped he would have her bent over his desk screaming out his name.

Charlie felt a little flustered now. She was going to be working with him in very close proximity. How was she going to get any work done at all? All she could think about was having him bend her over his desk and fucking her until she couldn’t remember her name. Wait a second, did he just call her Charlie? She didn’t remember telling him to call her Charlie.

“Why did you call me Charlie?” She questioned not sure how he would have known she liked to be called by that name.

Suddenly he looked slightly flustered but pushed that away very quickly, “Oh Charlie, you will find out soon. But for now we should get started for the day. I have some people who are eager to meet you.” Kyle pretty much ignored her question and got right into the agenda for the day. Charlie’s questions were quickly forgotten by her as well.

It had officially been two months since Charlie began working for Mr. Elric and she loved every second of it. He was a good boss and didn’t overwork his employees. He liked having Charlie around. Most of the time, he would admire her when she wasn’t looking. He knew that she would be the perfect mother for his children.

Today the two of them were working in his office. Kyle had been dying to know more about Charlie and she wanted to know more about him as well. They were both very curious about one another and they were both attracted to each other, but they hid their attraction well.

Kyle couldn’t hold back his questions anymore, “Charlie, il mio amore, can I ask you a few questions. I’ve been dying to know more about you since you started.” He was very confident as always.

Charlotte looked up from her work with a smile, “Of course sir, as long as I can ask you a few questions as well.” Charlie knew this was her chance to know more about her sexy boss and see if he was everything she had been dreaming of. Ever since she began working there, she would have wet dreams involving him and she would wake up wanting his touch to satisfy her.

“Yes, I think that’s perfectly reasonable.” Kyle said inwardly excited he was going to finally ask his future wife all the questions he had been dying to know.

“You can go first, Mr. Elric.” Charlie said trying not to blush too much. She knew she blushed way too much around him and she didn’t want to give him the wrong impression.

“Alright, Tesoro. Darling.” There were so many things he wanted to ask her, but he decided to start with the small questions. “What got you into this business?”

Charlie didn’t know what kind of question she had been expecting from him, but that was not it. “Oh, I studied a lot of different things while in college, but the business field really interested me. I thought it was amazing how people could run these big businesses with ease and create new companies from scratch. When I first started, I had dreams of owning my own company, but that won’t happen.” Charlotte couldn’t believe she was admitting this to her boss, the CEO of the company.

Could this girl get any more perfect for Kyle? He loved every part of her answer. It showed that Charlotte was ambitious and would be more than capable of helping him run the company and any other companies he planned to open. “Tu sei perfetto, Tesoro. You’re perfect, darling. ­Your turn to ask me a question.”

She knew exactly what she wanted to ask, “Okay, this is a two-part question. What is your first name? Also, why are you and your sister’s accents lighter than the other people I have met here in Italy?” Hopefully he wouldn’t think the questions were too personal.

“Excellent question, Tesoro. My first name is Kyle.” He had been dying to tell her all his personal details. “The reason our accents are the way they are is because my father Italian, but my mother is American. Growing up, we spent half our time in the United States visiting our Uncle. So, our accents were never as strong as everyone else’s. Our mother taught us English growing up, while our father spoke only Italian. My mother knows Italian because her father taught it to her, since he was also a CEO.”

Kyle hoped that he didn’t just give up everything to her. Because his Uncle is the reason why Charlie and Kyle know each other. They met when he was in the US helping his uncle with his company and Charlie was interning for him. They had worked together for a little while when she was working for his uncle. That’s when he started to fall for her.

“Hmmm, Kyle. I like that name a lot.” Charlie said with a beautiful smile on her face. It made Kyle want to kiss her on the spot, but he didn’t want to scare her. He wanted to gently warm her up to the idea of being with him.

“I’m glad, Tesoro. Okay it’s my turn to ask you a question. Do you have a boyfriend back in the United States?” Kyle really hoped that she didn’t think he was weird for asking that question. He was genuinely curious about her life back in the United States and the thought of her having a man waiting for her back home, made Kyle extremely jealous. He wanted her all to himself.

Charlotte didn’t think twice about answering the question, nor did she think it was an odd question to come from her sexy boss. “I don’t have anyone waiting for me back home. I’ve never been in a serious relationship, sir. My longest relationship was six months and that was back in college.” Charlie’s cheeks went red when she realized just how much she had revealed to him.

Kyle was more than happy to hear that his Charlie was single and that his chances to have her were still very high, “Che sta per cambiare presto. That’s going to change soon. Oh lovely, Tesoro.” He could not act as excited as he felt right now, but if he didn’t have to hold back he would be across the desk kissing her already.

“Well I feel I should ask you if you’re in a relationship too, sir.” For some reason, Charlie couldn’t stop calling him sir. She just felt like it was the most professional way to address her boss.

“Please call me Kyle, dear. I’m not in a relationship. No woman has interested me, until now.” He couldn’t wait much longer anymore. He needed her and he needed her now. His body ached for her and by the expression on her face, she wanted him just as much as he wanted her.

“Okay Kyle. I’m glad you finally found a woman who interests you, I’m sure she is very interested in you as well. Who wouldn’t be? You should ask her out.” Even though she was slightly jealous that there was a new woman in his life, Charlie wanted her boss to be happy. Especially since there was no way he would ever go for her.

“Very soon, Tesoro, very soon. Okay, we have time for one more question each.” Kyle couldn’t hold back and decided to ask the question that had been on his mind for a long while now. “Do you want to have children?”

That question was a little odd coming from her boss. Maybe he was taking precautions for the future? She decided to tell him the truth, “I do want children. I have since I was very young, but I don’t think that will be happening anytime soon. Even if I would like it to.” Charlie quietly added the last sentence thinking he couldn’t hear her, but Kyle heard her loud and clear and her answer to his question made him a very happy man.

“Accadrà molto presto, cara. It will happen very soon, darling.” Charlie didn’t have a clue just how soon it was going to happen for them. He knew he made the right decision by waiting for her, she was going to make the perfect wife for him and the perfect mother to their children.

Charlotte was a little frustrated because she still didn’t know any Italian and therefore she could not decipher anything he was saying to her. She wanted desperately to know the sly little things he was saying to her in Italian. “Kyle, can you please tell me what you have been saying to me in Italian? I would really like to know what you say.” Charlie hoped he would tell her or at least give her a little clue as to what he was saying to her.

This made Kyle laugh, “I will teach you in time, for now I would like to keep it a secret. But I do plan to teach you some of the things I have been saying. I hate to see you look so confused every time I speak Italian.” He planned to start teaching her Italian once they were together and settled down. “It looks like our client is headed in now. We will talk later, Charlie.”

That last sentence sent Charlie a case of déjà vu. She suddenly felt like he had said that to her before, but he hadn’t. No, she was remembering something that happened a long time ago. Did she know Kyle from somewhere else? Something in her brain told her that they had met way back when and they knew each other well. But that couldn’t be right, could it?

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