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Oh Professor

I was just listening to some music and organizing my notebook when the door opened. I just barely glanced over and stopped when I saw the most attractive man. He was tall with a head of dark hair, sporting the most delicious stubble on his face. Please tell me he’s our new Professor. I snapped out of my daze before he could notice.

We were getting a temporary professor, since our normal professor had to take care of some family matters for the next couple of weeks.

It took all of me not to stare at him while I waited for class to begin. He was seriously the most attractive man I had ever seen. I couldn’t help but imagine the things that man could do. All the thoughts had me aroused as hell with a problem in my panties. Dammit, mystery man.

Class started five minutes later and the mystery man stood in front of the classroom waiting for people to quiet down. The class was starting to get the idea and quieting down.

He smiled at us, “Good evening class, I’m happy to see a lot of people decided to come tonight.” He spoke in the most arousing British accent. Oh my god. He was British and he was going to be teaching British Literature. How fucking fair is that?

“Anyway, I’m Professor Watson and I will be your professor for the next couple of weeks. I like to think I know a thing or two about British literature.” The class chuckled at that. “I’m a huge fan of Shakespeare, so I apologize if I tend to speak about him a lot.”

Holy fuck, how was I going to survive the next couple of weeks with him as my professor?

“Now I know you probably introduced yourselves at the beginning of the semester, but since I was not here I hope you don’t mind me asking you to do it again. I just want you to tell me your first name and your major. I will start. My name is Liam and I majored in English Literature. Now as you probably guessed, I’m in fact British.” Then he started going around the room and my classmates introduced themselves.

I was mentally preparing myself when it finally got to me, “I’m Annie and my major is English.” I said quickly not wanting to make a fool of myself. As you can probably notice, I’m not very sociable and can be awkward. I didn’t fail to notice Professor Watson smile at me when I introduced myself. I tried not to overthink it.

Once everyone had introduced themselves, we went on to talk about our readings from last week. Of course, I read it, but I was just too shy to actually say anything out loud and I believe it annoyed my professors. I really hoped Professor Watson wasn’t one of those professors.

Halfway through the lesson I zoned out and thought about what it would be like for Professor Watson to push me up against the white board and fuck me hard. I was so wet with those thoughts. I really wanted it but I knew it could never happen. Also, it was completely against the rules.

Class ended and I began to gather my things and put them away. I failed to notice a certain British man making his way over to me and stop in front of me. I nearly jumped when I looked up and found him in front of me.

“Uh, hello Professor. Can I help you?” Will you fuck me?

He smiled a warming smile, “I just wanted to speak with you Annie. Do you have time for me?”

I have time for you any day, Sir.

“Oh, yes I do. What did you need to talk about?” I tried to conceal my nervousness and I hoped I was doing a good job.

By now we were completely alone in the classroom. Dirty thoughts immediately filled my head.

“It’s nothing bad darling.” If my panties weren’t already soaked, they would be now. “I notice you don’t speak too often. Is there any reason?”

Of course, he would notice, “Oh, I just don’t enjoy speaking out loud unless I have to. I’m sort of shy.” I started blushing and looking towards the floor.

“That’s quite okay, Annie. I will find another way for you to make the grade.” My head snapped up to see the lustful smirk on his face. Another wave of arousal washed over me.

“O-kay.” I tried to keep my voice even so it would seem he hasn’t affected me. But in truth I needed to go home to either deal with my slight problem myself or take a cold shower.

“It was nice meeting you Annie. See you next class?” Professor Watson said with a wink. Fucking hell this man was a tease.

“Yes, you will.” I quickly got my stuff together and waved a goodbye at him. I needed to hurry home. Especially after that last three hours of torture with that man.

Professor Watson was on my mind all week. I would be doing the most mundane things and that man would pop up in my mind. It was never innocent thoughts either. Professor Watson was always very naughty. I wondered whether he was like that in real life?

Once again it was time for British Literature. Which meant I would have to go through another night of torture with Professor Watson. I debated on whether I should wear panties or not, since I knew they would be soaked within minutes of entering the classroom. In the end, I had decided it was best to wear them or else I could make a real mess.

I walked into class and spotted Professor Watson already sitting at the front of the room patiently. He looked up when I entered the room and sent me a breathtaking smile. This man knew exactly how he was making me feel. He had to. It was going to be another long night.

I tried not to look at him as I waited for class to begin, but of course my eyes were drawn to him when he began speaking. His voice was so smooth and sexy. It could make any woman cream her panties and it was doing that to me. I wanted him so bad.

“Good evening class. I hope you all did your reading because we are having a pop quiz first thing tonight.” A chorus of groans followed that statement. I didn’t mind because I read and I knew I would be able to do well. Professor Watson just laughed at the class, not taking it too seriously. “You should have read.” He said as he started handing papers out. He just handed the people at the end of each table the stack to pass along. Lucky me, I was on the end.

He stopped beside me and leaned down, “I trust you read, Annie?” He whispered into my ear. He was so doing this on purpose.

I blushed and nodded, taking the papers from him. He chuckled before walking away. He knew exactly how he was making me feel and I didn’t know how to feel about it. I knew I liked it.

I could feel his eyes on me as I took the quiz, once I finished I brought it up to him like everyone else. He stared at me the whole time I did it. Not just a normal stare either. One that said he wanted to fuck me hard. Oh boy did I want that. I wanted a man I could not have.

Class went on as usual, well except for me being extremely distracted by the man teaching our class. He was just so fucking hot that I could not contain myself. I wanted to jump that man. I wanted to be fucked by that man. I was sure he wanted to fuck me too. Those lustful stares were anything but innocent.

By the time the end of class rolled around, I was nearly panting at how turned on I was. Professor Watson would not stop giving me suggestive looks. I found it damn near impossible to pay attention to whatever Shakespeare sonnet we had been analyzing.

As the class gathered their things to leave, I stayed seated. I didn’t dare to move an inch. I knew that Professor Watson would like to have a word with me and I was frankly afraid to see what kind of mess I had made. Professor Watson knew exactly why I hadn’t moved and it made him extremely proud.

“Is there any reason you’re still here, Annie?” He asked strolling over to me wearing a huge smirk.

I was just going to cut to the chase, “You know perfectly well why I stayed behind, Professor.”

He looked shocked to hear me speak so boldly, but he also looked turned on.

“Well then. I hope you know what you’re getting yourself into.” He said straightening up and reaching up to loosen his tie. The sight was so sexy. He took his tie off and put it on the desk beside him. Then he removed his jacket too, setting that on the other side.

“I think I do, Professor.” I said being a little cocky to him. I was going to have fun with this.

Professor Watson suddenly looked very serious as he stood in front of me, “I believe you have been a very bad student, Annie. Don’t you think so. Fantasizing about me in class, trying to keep from touching yourself as I watch you.”

Those words were arousing and completely true.

“Yes sir, I was thinking about you all through class. How you would fuck me against this desk until I was begging for mercy.”

“Wow Annie, you have some filthy thoughts. What do you think we should do about it?”

“I think you should do what you want with me sir.” I tell him not even afraid of what that could mean.

He stays quiet for a few seconds before smirking proudly.

“I want you to come stand in front of me, Annie.” He looked like he knew exactly what he was planning to do to me and I was so excited by it.

“Yes sir.” I got up out of my chair and walked around the edge of the desk to stand in front of him.

“Now I would like you to kneel in front of me like the good girl I know you can be.” He stood in front of me looking serious as hell. This look was good on him though. It was a major turn on.

“Yes sir.” I mumbled kneeling down in front of the powerful looking man.

He smiled down at me and brushed his hand across my cheek, “You look like such a good girl doing as I tell you. I like to see you in this position. It only proves just how much of a bad girl you really are.”

I stared up at him and licked my lips, “What would you like me to do, sir?”

I heard a low groan come from his mouth, “I think you know exactly what I want you to do. Do you think you can handle all of me in that little mouth of yours?”

I leaned up and palmed him through his pants. He let out a low growl at my actions. I smirked and quickly unzipped his pants, pulling out his length which was easy because he was not wearing any boxers. I stroked his length a couple of times until I felt him hardening in my hand.

“Hmmm I don’t know Professor. You’re awfully big.” I reached forward to lick the tip of his length. “But I think I can take you, sir.” I ran my tongue up and down his length, teasing him a little.

“Oh, you naughty naughty girl.”

I moved back to his tip and took him into my mouth, then I looked up at him. He was looking down at me with nothing but lust in his eyes. I slowly took all of him into my mouth. He groaned as I did, obviously satisfied with what I was doing to him. His hands made their way to my hair, where he gripped it a little roughly.

“Mhmm baby girl, just like that.” He groaned as I moved up and down his cock. I hollowed my cheeks and took him deeper. I loved the feeling of him hitting the back of my throat. I loved pleasuring him like this.

While I moved my mouth on his length, I started to fondle his balls in attempt to bring him to his climax sooner. The moans that fell from his mouth were so sexy. I needed to be touched. I looked up at him while still pleasuring him with my mouth.

“Oh darling, you want to touch yourself, don’t you?” He knew just what I wanted. “Go ahead, touch yourself. Touch that pretty pussy for me.”

I moaned and slid a hand under my dress and into my panties. I was absolutely soaked from all the torture I had endured throughout class. I moaned around his cock as I touched my sensitive clit. I started to rub my clit as I bobbed my head and sucked him. It wouldn’t take long for me to cum, simply because the look he was giving me was sexy enough to make me cum with minimal effort.

“Oh, I’m so close, love. How close are you?”

I obviously couldn’t answer, so I just moaned again around him. I rubbed a little harder, feeling my orgasm building up quickly.

“You’re close too. Oh baby, cum with me.” His eyes never left my face as I sucked harder and rubbed my clit harder. He twitched in my mouth and I knew he was about to come. “Cum for me, Annie.”

I added pressure and my orgasm hit me head on, his orgasm hit him at the same time and he spilled his seed into my mouth. I continued to rub my clit, working through the orgasm. I cleaned Liam up before pulling away from his length.

“That was amazing, Annie.” He pulled me off the floor. “I want you so bad, darling. Can I have you?”

“Mhmm, hmmm.” I answered as he pulled my hand from my panties. He looked me right in the eyes as he took my wet fingers into his mouth.

“Oh dear, you’re so delicious.” He moaned after he had licked them clean. He then lifted me onto the desk in front of him. “Now I’m going to fuck you hard. You will be screaming my name for the whole campus to hear.” He reached under my dress and pulled off my panties, putting them into his pocket.

“Professor, please fuck me.” I whined pulling him close and kissing him with a lot of passion. I needed him to know how much I wanted him.

“Oh my impatient student, I’m going to.” He pulled me to the edge of the table and slid into me.

He filled me up and stayed still, looking deep into my eyes for permission to move. I nodded my head and he pulled out and pushed back into me, causing me to moan lightly. He felt amazing inside of me. He gripped my hips and held on tightly as he continued to thrust into me.

“You feel absolutely perfect, darling.” He kissed my forehead showing how sweet he could be. Then he traveled down to my neck and bit down. “You’re such a naughty student, Annie. Letting your professor fuck you on the desk in the middle of the classroom. Such a dirty girl you are.”

My walls clenched around him as he said that, his words made me hot.

“Yes sir. I’m such a naughty student. But you’re a naughty professor for fucking me like this.” I gripped onto his shoulder to gain some ground as his hips snapped against mine. I wrapped my legs around his waist, pulling him closer and allowing him to go much deeper.

He bit into my neck a little harder and hit me even deeper. It was like he knew exactly how to pleasure me the best way possible. I panted as I felt my orgasm rushing forward. My nails were scratching his back through his button up white shirt. I wanted to rip off the shirt and feel his bare skin under my fingers, but I could not do that.

“Mhmm…. fuck Annie….I’m close…” He moaned into my ear, gripping my waist a little tighter.

“Cum sir, I’m about to cum as well.” I told him as I arched my back in pleasure. “Fuck …. cum for me Professor …. cum inside me.”

That was all the push he needed as he thrust into me once more and spilled himself deep inside of me. My walls clenched down on his cock and I came around him, screaming his name out as the pleasure took over. He didn’t move once both our orgasms subsided. After a few minutes, he pulled out of me.

“Fuck darling that was brilliant. I love you Annie.” He said bringing my lips to his and kissing me passionately.

“Mhmm, I love you too Liam.” I said as we pulled away. “I still can’t believe the dean let you teach this class, even after you told him your girlfriend was in it.”

Liam chuckled, “I know, but I guess he was desperate. Besides your normal professor will be returning next week anyway.” He started fixing himself up.

I frowned, “Bummer, I really liked you as our professor.”

“You just liked teasing me, love.”

“Maybe?” I mumbled blushing slightly.

Liam laughed and kissed my lips again.

“So, did you like the game?” He questioned as he helped me off the desk.

I rolled my eyes, “I must admit it was very thrilling. The thought of possibly getting caught just added to the pleasure.”

“I told you it would. Now are you ready to go home?” He asked pulling on his suit jacket again.

“Of course, I am. I want to cuddle with my sexy British boyfriend.” I gathered my stuff from the desk. I heard Liam groan as I bent down.

“Oh dear, I still want you.” He said moving right behind me so I could feel his bulge on my backside.

“Liam! You are going to have to wait until we get home.” I scolded obviously joking.

“I know I know, so let’s please go so I can take you as soon as possible.”

“Yes sir.”

Liam shook his head and pulled my lips to his once again before taking my hand and leading me out of the building. I was really going to miss him as my Professor, but at least he is still my boyfriend.

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