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Punish Me

I walked into Caleb’s office wearing one of my favorite dresses. It was lacy and purple and showed quite a bit of cleavage. Caleb loved the dress as well. Caleb wanted me to visit him today while he was at work. He needed a break from his job as CEO of his father’s company.

Haley his sister was his secretary. She smiled when she saw me walk into the office. She knew Caleb was expecting me and she knew that once I arrived, she was free to go. Caleb wanted some private time with me.

“Good afternoon Juliet. Here for your appointment with my brother?” She questioned with a knowing smile.

“Yes I am. Is he ready for me, Hale?” Haley and I were very close.

“I believe he is. I will leave you two to your uh….fun.” She started packing up her belongings to leave for the day.

“Have a good night with your husband Hale.” I hugged her as she was leaving.

I stopped in front of Caleb’s door and knocked lightly. He knew it was me, so I immediately heard him tell me to come in.

“Hello Caleb.” I said standing in the doorway with a seductive smile on my face. He looked so sexy and stern sitting behind his desk in his impeccable suit. I wanted to jump him and ride him until I was screaming loud enough for the whole building to hear us.

“Good evening, Juliet. You’re a little late, aren’t you?” His eyes roamed my body as he spoke. I felt myself get wet at the intensity of his gaze. He was just that fucking sexy.

“I’m sorry, sir. I was a little held up at work.” I walked into the office and shut and locked the door behind me. “You can punish me for it, sir.” I make sure to look sexy as I made my way to his desk. His eyes were glued to my chest.

“I think I will punish you my darling.” He pushed his chair back and patted his lap, “I think you better come over here.”

I knew what he wanted, and I was more than willing to give it to him. I nodded and strutted across the room, stopping in front of him as he sat as his desk. An air of power surrounded him, and it was turning me on.

“Come darling, lay across my lap and receive your punishment.” Caleb said sending me the most lust filled look. It had me hot and bothered.

“Anything for you, sir.” Hearing me call him that had to have turned him on. I would not doubt that he was just about bursting out of his pants. I couldn’t wait to get him out of them.

I strutted across the room and stopped in front of him. He had backed up and allowed me to stand in front of him. His hands found their way to my legs, caressing my skin softly. They moved up to my thighs and butt. He smirked when he realized I wasn’t wearing any underwear.

“Oh, you are a very naughty girl, Juliet.” He groped my ass and pulled me close. “Not wearing any panties while coming into my office. What if someone were to see?”

“I’m sorry, Caleb. I just wanted to surprise you.” I knew he was not really mad about it. Deep inside he was really pleased I had done it. It just made things easier for him.

“Well surprise you did darling. Hmmm, you do realize that I will need to punish you for this as well.”

“I’m aware of that sir. Please punish me.” I whispered seductively into his ear. I knew that was a huge turn on for him.

Caleb smirked before pulling me down onto his lap so that I was facing the floor and my ass was in the perfect position for my punishment. I felt him flip my skirt up to reveal my bare ass to him. I felt him lightly knead my cheeks, preparing me for what was to come.

“Are you ready, darling?” His voice was low and filled with lust.

“I’m ready, Caleb. Please punish me for I have been a bad girl.” I tried to keep the whining out of my voice, but I was sure he could detect it.

“Alright babygirl, I think you’re ready.” He stroked my ass for a little while longer before finally lifting his hand, “Please use the safe word if it gets to be too much.” He said, and I nodded my head. He was content and got right into it, bringing his hand down onto my bare ass. A resonating smack reverberated throughout the room. The pain was pleasurable.

“Give me more sir.” I moaned when his hand came down a few more times.

“You’re my bad girl, aren’t you? You like being bad don’t you.” He got a little rougher now.

I moaned in pleasure, “Yes I do. I love being bad for you, Caleb.”

“Oh god, I love your moans.”

His hand swatted my ass a few more times before he took a break and started to knead the hot flesh. I was sure it was starting to turn red from the attention it has just received.

“Can you take more, my love?”

“Oh yes, please continue the punishment sir.” I was finding it harder to speak now. I was so aroused from his actions. It was pretty normal for me to be aroused by this too. That is why Caleb and I continue to play these games.

“Okay my bad girl.” Once again, I felt him raise his hand up before bringing it down onto my ass. The sounds he made me feel very satisfied. The pleasurable pain had me biting my lip trying not to moan at the feeling. “Such a bad little girl. My bad little girl.” He spoke as he swatted my ass once more, it was slightly harder this time but still just as pleasurable as the previous times.

“Oh sir, that feels so good. I love this.” I moaned holding onto his leg as he continued to punish me. Punishment was always something that made me feel good.

“My little girl is wet for me, isn’t she?” He questioned dipping his fingers down to my soaked pussy and rubbing it ever so slightly to collect the moisture that had formed there.

“I’m so wet for you sir. I love it when you punish me like this, sir.” I spoke smiling as he spanked me a few more times.

He started to rub my sore bottom, “Baby girl, your ass is so red from me. Do you like this pain?”

“Mmmm, I do. I love it so much.” I moaned as his fingers dipped down into my pussy again. This time he tapped my clit, making me moan out in pleasure for all to hear.

Caleb started to rub my clit in teasing circles, making me moan out for him. “I want to hear you moan for me, baby. I need to hear it.” Just as he finished speaking, I let out a loud moan of pleasure when he increased the pressure on my clit.

Beneath me, I could feel his erection straining in his paints. My moans were really turning him on. It wouldn’t be long until he caved and took me the way I wanted to be taken. Hard and fast. I wanted to be taken a little roughly. Banged against his desk each time he slipped into me. I wanted it and I needed it.

“Oh Caleb, I need you to fuck me.” I moaned as he continued to rub my clit.

He chuckled behind me, “My babygirl is so impatient, isn’t she?” I instantly felt two fingers slip into me as he said that. It was so satisfying.

“I can feel how turned on you are, Caleb.” I moaned as he continued pumping his long fingers into my wet sex. I wasn’t going to last long at all, because I had been wanting him all day long. “Fuck, just fuck me, sir.” I moaned as he hit my g-spot.

Caleb pulled his fingers from my pussy, “Your wish is my command. Get up on that desk and touch yourself for me while I get ready.”

I quickly obeyed and moved from his lap to the dark mahogany desk that seemed to have been cleared just for my arrival. I spread my legs and started to touch my throbbing clit while biting my lip and watching his undo his pants.

He moaned as he wanted me to pleasure my pussy while I waited for his cock. After such a tortuous minute, Caleb finally took his huge cock out of its confines in his pants. He was definitely ready for me to ride his cock.

Caleb smirked and patted his lap, “Come ride daddy.” He said making me moan and nearly cum. I stopped touching myself and hopped off the desk, only to position my wet pussy over his throbbing cock. I pushed down onto his cock, causing the two of us to moan out.

“Oh Caleb!” I moaned as he filled me up. His cock always made me feel so fucking good.

“Ahh baby, just like that. Fuck me baby girl.” Caleb moaned gripping onto my waist and helping me move on his cock.

Taking hold of his shoulders, I began to rude his thick cock hard. It was so fucking good, and it had me moaning so loud. I had been dreaming about this all damn day.

“Fuck Caleb, I’m getting close.”

“Are you, baby? Cum for me baby girl. Cum all over my hard cock, convince me to cum inside you.”

That was all the convincing I needed to cum all over his cock. He moaned out as my walls tightened around him, making him grow closer to his orgasm as well.

“Cum for me, sir.” I moaned into his ear as I was riding out my orgasm.

“Fuck yes Juliet.” He screamed releasing his hot seed into fertile womb, causing me to cum once again. I screamed his name out, not caring if anyone could hear us.

Caleb grabbed my hips and helped me to move slower until both of our pleasure had passed, then he pulled out of me and set me down on his desk. Grabbing a hankie from inside his desk he cleaned off his cock before cleaning up my pussy. After that he pulled his pants up and stood between my legs and pulled me close.

“Happy Valentines Day, love.” He spoke softly before kissing my lips.

I blushed, “Happy Valentine Day, baby. I hope you liked your gift.”

“I always do. I love you.” He kissed me again.

“I love you too. Now we should go home to our children. I’m sure my sister is eager to get home to her boyfriend early.”

“Good idea, love.” Caleb kissed my cheek before helping me off the desk.

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