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Sexy Tutor

“I’m sorry Ms. Harper, but you need to get a tutor. Your grade has dropped down, showing that you clearly don’t understand the subject.” My professor said to me with an unenthusiastic face.

I knew I was having trouble with the class, but I didn’t want to admit it. Now I was being forced to face it.

“Okay, I will get a tutor. Do you know where I could find one?” I questioned my uninterested professor.

She rolled her eyes at me, “No, you can find one yourself.” She shooed me off quickly.

Great. I needed a tutor and my freaking professor wasn’t going to help me find one. Just fucking great. Out of nowhere my classmate and friend Shelby showed up, grabbing my arm she pulled me away from the professor.

“Lia, I couldn’t help but overhear that you need a tutor for that math class.” She said wearing a mysterious smirk.

“Uh yeah I do. Why? Do you have someone who would be willing to tutor me?” I was a little weary of her actions because she was always trying to set me up with guys that were so out of my league.

“Yes, I do. As you know, my cousin Knox is really good with math and well everything else because he’s like a geek or something.” She said flipping her blonde hair back.

Which was not true at all. Knox was far from a geek. I mean he was kind of nerdy, but he was fucking hot as well. I had been crushing on Knox since the first time I met him at Shelby’s house two years ago.

“Well then can you ask him if he would tutor me, because I’m desperate right now?” I had put off this class as much as I could and if I didn’t get help now, I would fail and have to take it again next semester. It was my last required math class.

She tapped her chin, “I don’t know. Would you be willing to help me if I did this for you?”

I rolled my eyes at her, “I always help you, but sure.”

She smirked, “Good, I will text him now and get back to you tonight.”

“Oh good, thank you Shelby. I owe you.” I pulled my backpack onto my back.

“Yeah you do.” She stated picking at her flawless nails, “I will text you later.”

I nodded and waved goodbye before heading off to my next class. I really hoped Knox would say yes. I needed this. Also, I would love to spend time with him. He was pretty popular with the ladies, despite his so-called nerd status, which is not real. I only ever saw him whenever Shelby dragged me to family events of hers and I barely had time to talk to him because he always brings a new woman with him. I would do anything for just a little bit of time with that man.


Later that night I got a text from Shelby.

Knox has agreed to tutor you. Can you meet him in the library tomorrow at two? – Shelby

Yes, I can. Tell him I will be there. Thank you again for doing this, Shelby. – Lia

No problem. Oh, if anything happens between the two of you. Make sure you use protection. – Shelby

I blushed at her text. Of course, Shelby knows about my crush on her cousin and she used every chance she got to bother me about it. Countless times she has urged me to make a move, but I was always too afraid he would turn me down, so I never made the move.

Nothing is going to happen between us, so don’t worry. – Lia

Oh, how I wished something would happen though. I wanted that man really bad and I would like it if he wanted me too. The fun we could get up to in the library. That could be fun.

You never know, and I just want you to be prepared. I don’t want any mini-Knox’s running around anytime soon. Not that you would really mind that. – Shelby

Once again, I was blushing crimson. This girl just doesn’t quit.

Stop it Shelby. I’m on birth control. Also, nothing is going to happen between Knox and me. He doesn’t like me that way. – Lia

Hopefully that would shut her up.

Birth control isn’t 100% effective. Please be careful, Lia. – Shelby

I will don’t worry. But I don’t plan on sleeping with him anytime soon. – Lia

You say that now. – Shelby

Okay Shelby, you can drop it now. Thanks for your help. – Lia

Anytime babe. Have fun at the library tomorrow. ;) – Shelby

She was relentless.

The next day I prepared to meet up with Knox in the library. I was wearing a short sundress because it was quite warm outside. I made sure I had my math books before I left my apartment to go to the school. I was really hoping he could help me. I think my main problem was not being able to focus in class, but I wasn’t going to tell him that.

I arrived at the library a little early, not sure whether Knox had showed up yet. I was pleasantly surprised to see him standing there right near the entrance of the library holding his bag. He looked at me as I walked through the door.

“Hello Lia.” He said with a smile. He seemed genuinely happy to see me.

“Hey Knox, how are you?” I stopped in front of him and he pulled me into a hug that I was not expecting but I welcomed it.

“I’m great, what do you say we get straight to work, and we can hang a little after?” He said as he pulled away from the hug. He grabbed my hand and gently pulled me through the library. “I have the perfect place for us to go. I know for a fact that no one goes up there at this time of day.”

My heartbeat sped up a little when he said that. He wanted to be completely alone with me. That made me so very happy deep inside. I liked Knox more than I could admit to anyone. I just didn’t think he could like me the way I like him. He led me to the highest floor of the library, which was filled with old books. Books that I was sure have not been read in years.

“Alright, what is it that you need help with Lia? When my cousin told me you needed tutoring, I was shocked because I know that you’re very smart.” Knox spoke as he led me to a table in the way back, concealed by lots of bookcases.

“Oh yeah. Math is not my strong suit. Everything else comes easy for me.” I admitted to him.

He stopped at a table, “That’s alright. That’s why I’m here to help you. Did you bring your book?” Knox looked me over as if he was checking me out.

Holy shit, did he just check me out?

“Let’s get to it, shall we?” Knox said setting his bag down and taking a seat.

I nodded shyly and put my bag down as well, taking a seat beside him. I started to pull out my math book and the notes I had taken in class but didn’t have a clue what they meant. We got right into it and Knox was trying his best to get me to understand the jumbled mess in front of me. I hated math so much.

“Come on Lia, I know you can do it. Just remember what I told you about that problem.” He said softly.

I sighed, “I don’t think I can do it, Knox. I really can’t make sense of any of this.” I was so frustrated with myself. I was two seconds from banging my head into the table.

Knox placed a hand over mine, “Calm down Lia. Take a deep breath. Clear your mind and you will be able to see the problem a little.”

I tried to do what he told me, but my mind was still clouded with frustration. I needed a break from this headache inducing stuff.

“Hmmm, maybe we should take a little break. Forget this for a little while and come back to it when your mind is a little clearer. What do you say?”

I nodded, “Yes please, I can’t keep staring at the problem.”

“Okay, why don’t I show you some of my favorite sections on this floor?” Knox smiled at me.

“Sure, that sounds like fun.” Once again, he grabbed my hand and started leading me around, showing me the ancient book selections. I actually liked it. The books were old, but they had a certain character to them. I vowed to come back and read a few in my spare time.

Knox and I had looked around most of the floor and were sitting in the isle of the last book section. We both had books on our laps, but we were mostly just talking to each other.

“What’s your favorite genre to read?” Knox asked as we thumbed through some fiction books.

“Hmmmm, I like Sci-fi and well Romance.” I blushed at my second choice.

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I read a little Romance from time to time. We all need those types of stories in our lives.” His words set butterflies off in my stomach. I felt like he was hinting at something.

“Have you ever been with someone who treated you the way those men do in those Romance’s?”

I was blushing again, “No I haven’t. I don’t date much.”

Knox looked confused, “Why not, you must have a line of men wanting to date you.”

I shook my head and turned the page of the book, “No not really. Guys don’t really want to date me that often.”

Knox was quiet until I felt him place his hand on top of mine, “Well they are stupid. I would date you any day. I would take you on cheesy little dates that I took entirely too long to plan out. I would treat you the way you are supposed to be treated. I would kiss you all the time.”

The butterflies were going crazy inside my stomach, “What are you trying to say, Knox?” I wanted to make sure he wasn’t just saying things for the sake of saying them.

“I like you a lot Lia. I have for a very long time. It’s why I agreed so quickly to tutor you.”


“Y-you like me?”

“What’s not to like? You’re so beautiful and smart and kind.” His hand entwined with mine.

“Oh Knox, I like you too. Way more than I should.” I admitted.

“Great.” I looked up to see him leaning closer to me, “Can I kiss you?”

I smiled, “Yes you can.” Then I closed the distance between us and kissed him with way more excitement than he was probably expecting. He kissed back almost immediately. The kiss was everything I had always wanted and more.

We pulled away for air, “That was absolutely perfect. I have wanted to kiss you for a long time.” Knox said taking my head into his hands and kissing me again. I leaned in closer and wrapped arms behind his neck. His hands moved to my waist and held me closer to him. He pulled me so that I was seated in his lap and the books that had been in our laps were forgotten on the floor as he kissed me with such passion. We made out for a little while before he pulled away and kissed down my neck.

“Is it too early for me to say I want to fuck you against that table?” He eyes glanced over to the table we had been working at. Then he looked back down at me in complete lust. Honestly, I didn’t think it was, because I had liked Knox for a very long time and I wanted him to take me in the worst way possible. I wanted to be fucked on top of one of those library tables.

I smirked and kissed his lips, “I don’t think it is at all. Will you fuck me on that table?” I questioned seeing lust fill his eyes. I don’t think he expected me to agree to this so easily.

“Damn, you’re so sexy Lia.” He pulled me into another heated kiss before he stood up and pulled me up with him. He pulled me into his arms, and we continued to kiss. He slammed me into a bookcase, and we made out against the bookcase for a little while before he continued towards his destination.

Finally, we stopped in front of one of the empty tables and he set me on the edge of the table, not breaking our kisses. As we continued to make out on the table, his hands went under my dress and gripped my thighs, pulling me closer to him. The kisses were so passionate. Way more than I could have fantasized. This only proved how deep his feelings were for me.

We pulled away for air, but I held him close. “Oh god Knox, I need you. I need you so bad.” I said while panting.

He smirked, “Don’t worry babygirl, I’m going to take you.” His lips attached themselves to my neck and I felt his hands travel under my dress, all the way to the hem of my panties. Without any hesitation, he pulled them off and let them drop to the floor. His fingers found my dripping folds.

“Oh, you’re so wet for me. Does this happen often?” He questioned as he found my clit. Knox rubbed it gently, as if he was testing my response.

I moaned, “Mhmm, yes it does. Every time I think about you and this body.” I ran my hand over the bulging muscles of his bicep.

“Hmmm, do you now?” Suddenly two fingers slipped into me.

As he pumped into me, his thumb would brush over my clit, causing me to moan but I was trying my best to keep my moans in since I knew there had to be other people in the library. Probably wasn’t the best idea to fuck in the middle of the college library. But I was far too gone to care at this point. I just wanted the pleasure that Knox could give me.

“Please don’t tease me, Knox. I’m so fucking close.” I moaned softly into his ear. He smirked and bit down on my neck.

“Patience, baby. I’m getting to that point. I just love studying how your body reacts to my every move. Gosh your moans are so sexy baby.” His free hand traveled up the side of my body and to the top of my dress. He pushed the strap down to reveal my braless breast. “Oh, you’re a truly naughty girl, Lia.”

“Oops, it seems I forgot to put on a bra.” I played it off like I hadn’t known about it, but I knew he knew I did it on purpose.

“Damn that’s so hot.” He knelt down and took my erect nipple into his mouth and suckled on my breast, causing me even more pleasure as he continued to pump two fingers inside me.

I couldn’t hold back anymore. I buried my head into his neck and let the pleasure take over. I moaned into his ear, holding onto his shoulders bucking my hips with his fingers. It was such a sexy moment. Knox helped me ride through the orgasm before pulling his fingers from inside of me. He pulled back and stuck the two fingers into his mouth.

“You taste delicious. Are you ready for my cock?” He whispered unzipping his pants.

“You know that I am, please don’t make me wait much longer!”

“Don’t worry, the wait is over darling.” Knox pulled his erect cock from its confines. “Now I just want you to lay back and enjoy all of this.” He pulled something from his pocket, and I noticed it was a condom. He slid it over his length before pushing me gently until I was lying flat across the table.

I felt him place his hands on my thighs and he spread my legs to reveal my wet pussy to him. It was glistening with juices from his pleasure from a few minutes ago. He placed his length at my entrance before pushing into me slowly. His strong hands then gripped my waist, holding me in place as he took his place inside of me.

“Oh Lia, you’re more perfect than I could have ever dreamed. So tight and perfect around my cock. I have wanted this for a while now. Every party you’ve attended with my cousin, I just wanted to take your hand and pull you off to a closet to have my way with you. You’re so perfect.” He was now starting to pick up his pace inside of me, gaining more confidence with every thrust. Knox was so gentle with me.

“I love the feeling of your cock filling me up. Oh fuck. You can have me anytime you want. God the thought of fucking you in a closet at one of those family parties is so sexy.”

“Of course it is. Mhmm baby.” His moan was low and deep, sending shivers through my body and arousing me even further.

“This is so much better than that stupid math we were doing earlier.” I commented as I gripped the table above my head.

Knox smirked, “Oh we can still do the math right now. Let’s see, we’ve added you and me, subtracted the clothes, and now we multiply, right?’

My eyes widen, “What? No Knox!”

He chuckled, “I’m joking baby. You saw me put the condom on.”

I blushed, “Oh yeah I did, oh fuck that felt good.” I was cut off when he hit my g-spot perfectly. “You’re a fucking pro, McAllister.”

“God Lia, you have such a filthy mouth.” He commented as he groaned at a particular good thrust. My inner walls were beginning to contract around his thick cock.

“You’re so close, baby. Are you going to cum all over my cock?”

“Yes I am. Fuck. Just like that. Oh fuck Knox.” I moaned a little loudly and he chuckled obviously not caring if we get caught. That would actually be pretty fucking hot.

“Cum for me, Lia.” His fingers were back on my clit, rubbing it just enough to push me over the edge.

“Shit, oh fuck.” I was caught off guard by the passionate kiss that Knox had laid onto my lips. Mainly to muffle my moans so that we wouldn’t get caught.

“Yes baby, ride through it just like that.” He was gripping my waists a little tighter as he raced towards his climax. “Oh fuck yes.” Just like that his orgasm took over and I felt him cum into the condom. It was fucking hot as hell. He continued to pound into me for a couple more thrusts before he finally pulled out and rested against the table. “Damn that was hot.”

I smiled, “Yes it was. That was so not how I imagined our first time. That was so much better.”

“Great, will you be my girlfriend then?”

“Of course I will!” I nearly yelled pulling him into a kiss.

We shot apart when we heard someone walking towards us. Knox quickly put his cock back into his pants after removing the condom. He then helped me off the table and pulled the top of my dress into place. I grabbed my panties just in time before a young freshman boy appeared around the corner. Knox and I just stood the awkwardly. I discreetly slipped my panties into his back pocket for safe keeping. The boy eyed us before going into the next isle.

“Whew that was close.” I said letting out a breath.

“Just a little. Let’s get back to studying, shall we?” I nodded and followed him back to our table. “Thank you for the panties. I will keep them as a reminder of this fucking sexy rendezvous we just had.”

I glared playfully at him, “Hey, those are not yours to keep. I want them back!”

“We will see about that. Now back to work, my love.” He pushed the math book in front of me and just like that we were back to studying. This time I had a much clearer mind to work with.

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