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Perfect Enemy

Anson. Blake fucking Anson.

He was my co-worker and had been working at the company for about the same time length as I have. So, we have both been working here for about five years. In all those five years, we have never gotten along. Never.

He and I butted heads for everything. If we were working on a deal together, you can bet we never compromised on anything. If he was my supervisor for a project, I had to fight to roll my eyes at everything he said. I just could not take that man seriously. Not when he is the arrogant pompous ass that he is.

Two years ago, we were both up for a promotion. A promotion that would grant one of us a bigger office, or well just an office. I had all the qualifications and was almost positive I would be the one receiving the promotion. I had never been more disappointed when he got the promotion and I didn’t. He didn’t deserve it at all. I was the better worker.

Ever since then I have been working my ass off and trying to ignore every little thing that ass says to me. He is constantly tearing me down and saying my work was trash. Only making me work harder and hate him more.

I hated to admit that he was sexy as hell. I also hated to admit that he was the man I fantasized about when I went home at the end of the day. I hated it so much. I hated that man so much that I didn’t hate him. God, it was so fucked up to be attracted to an ass like him.


“Everett, did you finish the write-up for the meeting today?” Anson asked standing above my desk like a fucking creep.

I rolled my eyes at him, but he didn’t see it.

“Yes, I did, Anson. Regardless to what you say about me, I always complete my work in a timely manner.” I told him trying to keep my voice steady.

“Sure, you do, Everett.” Here we go again. I was grinding my teeth, willing myself not to say anything to him. He could get me fired if he really wanted to.

“I do. Now please leave me alone, I have some other work to do.” I waved him off, but he didn’t move. He just stood there staring at me. “Please go away, Anson.”

“Why are you such a bitch?”

This fucking guy was in for it. “Because I hate you. Go away now.”

“Whatever, stuck up bitch. The meeting starts in half an hour, don’t be late.” Finally, he walked away from me.

It hurt to hear him call me that, but I didn’t expect anything less from him. He hated me and I should hate him.

So why did I like him?

Ugh, fuck these feelings.

Twenty minutes later, I walked into the conference room and took a seat far far away from Blake. I did not want to deal with him anymore today. Of course, he had to be talking about his latest conquest. A blonde from the floor below us.

“God, she was so fucking sexy man. Have you seen those tits? They are fucking gorgeous. They are even better when they are uncovered.” He gloated to a group of men who worked with us. They were laughing at his words. “Too bad she was a bad lay. You would think someone that sexy would be fucking amazing in bed, but she acted like a fucking virgin in bed.”

How can he talk about women like that? It is a fucking turn off and I was getting fed up with him talking about her like that.

“Shut the fuck up, Anson. Nobody wants to hear about who you are fucking and I’m sure she wouldn’t appreciate hearing what you thought of her.” I was glaring at the man.

He rolled his eyes at me, “Oh stop being such a fucking bitch, Everett. That’s probably why no man wants to fuck you. You’re a fucking drag and all you do is whine. You’re so annoying.”

I wanted to scream at this man, but I knew our bosses would be here any minute.

“Whatever.” I grumbled looking away from him.

“Besides I think you are the one who really wants me to fuck you.” That got the men in the room laughing.

I could feel myself turning red. “No freaking way, in your dreams Anson.”

“I know it’s definitely in your dreams, Everett. Who could resist me?”

I know I can’t.

“A lot of people Anson, so stop being so full of yourself.” I knew it was the wrong thing to say as soon as it left my mouth.

“A lot of people like being full of me and I’m positive you are one of them.”

“For fucks sake, shut the fuck up Anson.” My anger finally got to a level where I could not contain it.

Unfortunately, that was the moment that our bosses decided to walk in. They didn’t look happy. Anson just stood there with a proud expression upon his stupid little face. I blushed and quickly sat down, avoiding anyone’s looks of pity. I was surely getting fired after this.

“I don’t care how much you deny it, but you so want to fuck Blake.” Mindy my friend and co-worker said as we both were eating lunch.

I shook my head, “I don’t want to fuck, Anson. Why would I fuck someone as rude as he is? I’m just waiting to be called into the boss’s office to be fired. I swear if I get fired, I’m bringing him down with me.”

She rolled her eyes at me, “You’re not going to get fired, Lucy. You were just calling him out and they know that.”

“I doubt that. Ugh, I should head back now. I have to finish some things up from the meeting.”

We said our goodbyes and I retreated to my cubicle. I frowned when I saw a note on my desk from the director of the department. He wanted to see me as soon as he returned from lunch. Dammit.

“Why are you frowning Everett? Did someone else turn you down?” Anson said standing at my desk once again. Doesn’t he have anything else to do?

“No, you’re an asshole. I don’t feel like dealing with you right now.” I sent him a scowl and started the work I needed to do before I got inevitably fired.

“Well too bad, I’m here. Last time I checked, I’m in a higher position than you and I can do what I want.”

Ugh, does he ever stop?

“Please leave me alone, Blake.” I rarely use his name, but when I did he knew I was being serious.

“Oh, come on, what are you so freaked out about?” He paused, “Is this about what happened before the meeting, because that was nothing. We were just playing around, and they know that.”

I fought the urge to yell again, “No, they don’t know that. Now just go away.” Thank god, he listened this time, but I couldn’t help to notice the guilty look upon his face. Don’t tell me he feels bad?

Five minutes later, I was called into the director’s office. The director didn’t look happy as I entered the room. He gestured for me to take a seat in the seat in front of his desk. I did.

“I’m not happy about what I walked in on this morning. That was very inappropriate behavior from you Miss Everett.” He was talking to me like I was a little child being scolded. Suddenly I felt like I was in Elementary school all over again.

“I’m sorry sir. Blake got on my nerves and I couldn’t control myself.” I said feeling like I was the worst person ever.

“That’s no excuse. It was extremely unprofessional of you. It’s unprofessional of you to bring Mr. Anson into this. We’re not concerned about his behavior, only yours. This is grounds for a dismissal.” His words made me want to cry. I could feel the tears burning in my eyes.

“P-please sir, don’t fire me. It won’t happen again.” I had to control my voice.

He stared at me for several minutes, “I should fire you, I really should.” I held my breath and waited for him to do so. I didn’t know what I would do if he fired me. “But I’m not going to fire you. Instead I’m putting you on probation. For the next month, you will be demoted to Mr. Anson’s assistant.”

I wanted to fight it, but I knew that would get me fired. So I just nodded and kept my mouth shut. I would have to deal with being his assistant for the next month and then after that I would just stop reacting to him altogether.

“You’re dismissed, Miss Everett.” He said waving me away. I just nodded and quickly exited his office and went back to my cubicle. I ignored everyone around me and buried myself in work. Anything to forget the emotions I was feeling right now.

The next day I was to begin my duties as Blake’s assistant, and I was just so thrilled about it. I didn’t want to think about how smug he was going to be throughout all of this. He was probably going to make me do the most humiliating things for him. Ugh.

Walking into the office, I saw Blake standing at my desk and wearing a smirk.

“Good morning, Everett. So, I hear that you’re my assistant for the next month. This should be fun.” He looked so damn happy. I knew he was already planning different ways to torture me.

“Yes I am. It was either that or I get fired.” I stated not bothering to look at him, “What do you need me to do, Blake?”

I looked up to find him staring at me, “Fired? He was going to fire you?”

“Yes, he was.” I answered nonchalantly but inside I was freaking out.

“Oh god.” He whispered under his breath. I guess he didn’t want me to hear. “Uh, do your normal work. I’ll call you in if I need you.” Then he was gone.

Okay? That was weird.

I did my normal work until about an hour before lunch, when he finally called me into his office. When I walked in, he was sitting at his desk looking very forlorn.

“Come in and shut the door.” He mumbled sadly.

What was his problem?

“What’s wrong?” I asked slowly sitting down in front of his desk.

He was quiet for a whole minute, almost like he was deciding what to say.

“I’m sorry I almost got you fired. That was not my intention.” His voice sounded so sad. It was something I had never heard from Blake in the five years I had been working with him.

I sighed, “I’m sure it wasn’t but that is what almost happened. Do you know what I would have done if he fired me?” My anger was coming out now.

“I-I don’t know.” His eyes were now locked on his lap.

I rolled my eyes and stood up, stalking towards him. He looked up at me as I stopped in front of him.

I slammed my hands on his desk, “See that is what is wrong with you. You don’t fucking think about the consequences to your actions. You don’t think about the people around you.” My voice was raised but not enough to get any attention from our co-workers.

His eyes were wide with shock and was that lust?

I stalked around his desk, pushing his chair back so I could stand in front of him.

“You’re nothing but an arrogant asshole, who only thinks of himself. Nothing else ever matters to you!” I pushed against his chest, letting out just a little of my anger. He just let me go for a few minutes before he suddenly grabbed my arms and pushed me back until my backside hit the desk. He gently pushed me on top of the desk.

He moved close and gripped my waist, pulling me to the edge of the desk. Without a word, he claimed my lips roughly with his. I didn’t expect it, but I welcomed it and kissed him back. His lips felt fucking amazing moving against mine. I wanted more. No. I needed more.

Blake pulled away from my lips, only to reattach his lips to my neck. He immediately had me wanting to moan, but I bit my lips to keep it in. I didn’t care whether he was marking my skin or not. I just enjoyed the sensations that he was giving me with that mouth of his. For a second I wondered what they would feel like on other parts of my body. That thought had me creaming my panties.

Once he was satisfied with whatever marks he made on my neck, he kneeled in front of me and looked up to meet my eyes while pushing my skirt upwards until it bunched at my waist.

“I want to show you just how sorry I am for yesterday. Will you allow me to do that?” It took me a good couple of seconds to get what he was saying. I blushed and nodded, causing him to smile with pride and hooked his fingers into the hem of my panties before pulling them off and discarding them on the floor.

“Please tell me if you don’t want this.” Blake said pressing a light kiss on my thigh, slowly moving towards my wet pussy.

“Please.” I whispered as he stopped right before he could reach my pussy.

“Please what? You need to tell me what you want babygirl.” He ran his hands teasingly up my thighs, making me even more aroused than before.

“I need you to ravish me.” I moaned softly as he moved even closer to where I wanted him most.

He smirked and nodded, kissing back up my thigh again. This time he spread my legs and moved in, licking a straight line up my pussy. I could have come from that action alone. Once he heard me moan softly, he began to lick up my juices moaning as he did so. Then he went straight for my clit, sucking it lightly and giving me unmeasured pleasure. I was biting my lip so hard that I was sure it was going to bust open any second now.

Blake just continued to nibble and suck my clit. I didn’t notice his fingers move to my entrance, so I was surprised when they thrust into me without warning. I nearly screamed out, I was glad that I didn’t though. As he sucked on my clit, his fingers pumped in and out of me.

“Oh my god, I’m getting so close.” I whispered biting my lip some more. It was getting harder and harder to keep my moans in as my orgasm grew nearer.

He stopped and pulled away, “Hold it in for me baby.” He said before returning his attentions back to my weeping pussy.

I whimpered at his requests, I didn’t know if I could do it. But every time my orgasm grew near, he would pull away and hold me still until he was sure it has subsided again. I hated it. I needed to come, and he wasn’t letting me.

He pulled away once again and I got mad, I quickly sat up and pushed him away as he was moving to claim my cunt with his mouth again. I pushed into his chair, before straddling him.

“Stop fucking teasing me, Anson. I want to come and I’m going to do just that.” I was leaning down so that my mouth was level with his ear. After I spoke, I pulled his ear lobe between my teeth and bit down lightly. “Here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to ride your cock until I cum. Oh, but I won’t let you come until I have come.” There was a wicked smirk residing on my face.

Before he could respond to me, I kneeled to unbuckle his impeccable black pants. I palmed his bulge, earning a low growl from him. I reached into his underwear and pulled out his monster cock. It was huge and easily the biggest cock I have ever seen, and I wanted it inside of me. I pumped it a few times before straddling him again and positioning him at my entrance. Giving him a wicked smirk, I impaled myself on his cock.

I moaned as he filled me up. He was so much bigger than I was used to, but it felt so fucking amazing inside of me. His hands quickly gripped my waist as I began to move in his lap. It wasn’t long before I built up a pace and I was riding his cock.

“Ohhhhhhh Blake, fuck that feels good.” I moaned as I bounced on his cock.

He leaned in and kiss my neck before moving close to my ear, “How many times have you fantasized about fucking me like this?”

“Mhmm, too many times to count.” I admitted gripping onto his shoulders as I moved on his cock. Each time I bucked my hips down, he went so deep inside of me. Hitting all the sweet spots on the way.

His fingers dug into my waist as he chuckled, “I knew it, I fucking knew it.” It sounded like he was boasting, and I didn’t like that. He was going to pay for it. “I mean who wouldn’t fantasize about this?” He motioned to himself.

I rolled my eyes and covered his mouth with my hand, “Your talking is turning me off. Shut the fuck up or I will stop and go finish myself off in the bathroom.” I increased my pace, feeling the orgasm inching back to the edge. I wasn’t going to last much longer, and I had a plan to make Blake pay for all the things he did to me.

I moved my hand from his mouth, “How close are you?” I asked sounding seductive.

“Mhmm I am getting close baby.” He answered moving forward to nibble on my neck again.

I increased my pace once again and reached between us to rub my clit as I rode him. I was going to finish and then I was going to leave him wanting more. Because that’s what he deserved.

“Oh god, me too.” I bit my lip as I bucked my hips wildly against him. I bounced a couple more times before my orgasm finally took over and I came around his cock. He moaned as I did so. I bounced a few more times before I moved off him. I moved down to grab my underwear and slid it on.

“Hey, where are you going?” He asked, his face flushed from the pleasure I had caused him.

Once my panties were on, I moved close to him again.

“I’m just giving you what you deserve. Leaving you to finish for yourself. I mean it is the least you deserve after all the things you’ve done to me.” I stated wearing a huge smirk. The look on his face was priceless.

He made a move to grab me, but I had moved away from him just in time and started for the door.

“Y-you can’t just leave me here like this.” He gestured to his full erection that was still uncovered.

I chuckled, “I can, and I will. See you later, Blake.” I winked at him before exiting his office and striding back to my desk. I was wearing a huge smile the whole time.

The next day I had decided I was going to tease Blake, so I decided to wear a short flowy dress that was still business professional to work. The kicker was the fact that I had decided to go without underwear today. I wanted to tease Blake and I knew this was the way to do it. He had a weakness for my body it seemed.

“Someone looks feisty today.” Mindy commented as I was grabbing some coffee from the break room.

I nodded, “Maybe a little. Do I look good?”

“Good, honey you look great! Who are you trying to impress?” She questioned as she poured some milk into her coffee cup.

“No one.” I said turning away from her so she wouldn’t see the blush on my face.

Just then, Blake decided to walk into the room, “Good morning ladies.” He stated grabbing a cup from the cabinet beside me. He purposely got close to me, “You’re going to pay for yesterday.” He whispered into my ear.

His words turned me on. I just shook my head and headed out of the room after I had grabbed my coffee. Blake wasn’t going to intimidate me.

All throughout the day I would catch Blake looking at me. Each time I would send him a wink. At one point, I knew it was time to amp up the game. So, I pretended to drop something and stood up to retrieve it. I made sure Blake was looking my way before I bent down in front of him, flashing my panty-less bottom at him. When I stood up, I saw the flushed look on his face. He was getting turned on. Perfect.

I teased him like his throughout the entire day. I knew he could only take so much. I was prepared to take whatever punishment he would give me for teasing him. I wanted him again. I needed him to be deep inside me again. His cock was all I could think about today.

“Ms. Everett, can I please see you in my office.” Blake said stoically as the day was winding down. There were only a few people left in the office and they were all packing up. I knew to stick around.

“Yes, Anson.” I said with a proud smirk upon my face. He had failed to cover up his bulging erection in his pants. He so wanted me too.

“That is Mr. Anson to you.” He tried.

I just rolled my eyes and stopped in front of him, “Never Blake.” I never call him by his name, so once again he was shocked.

In the next second, he slammed the door shut behind me and I found myself bent over the desk.

“Your little stunt from yesterday was not amusing. I had to go home and use my own hand to get off. My hand does not compare to that sweet little cunt of yours.” His voice was husky and filled with lust. I was in for it now. “Then you just had to come into work wearing this little dress with no panties.” His hand traveled under my dress and I felt his hand cup my bare ass. “You’re a very naughty girl, Lucy.” Those words had me so aroused.

“Yes I am.” I whimpered as he began to rub my ass. I was anticipating his next move. “Are you going to punish me?”

“Do you want me to punish you, Lucy?” I could almost hear the smirk in his voice. I just nodded, not able to form any words at the thoughts going through my head.

“Mhmm okay. Do you think you will be able to take my punishment, Lucy?” His voice sounded more menacing now and once again I just nodded.

“I need to hear the words come out of your mouth. Do you think you will be able to take my punishment?” There was a certain darkness to him now and I loved it.

“Yes, please punish me.” I answered softly.

“Okay babygirl, but you will have to tell me if you want me to stop. Now please grip the edge of the desk for me.” He commanded and I immediately obeyed, my fingers curling over the opposite side of the desk. “Good. Prepare yourself.”

I did as I was told. I felt him push my dress up to expose my ass to him. He gently kneaded it, and I knew it was the calm before the storm. Suddenly I felt him lift his hand, before bringing it back down on my ass hard. I let out a small yelp at the surprise. I had never allowed someone to do this to me before, so it was new territory for me.

“Are you okay, baby?” He asked rubbing the flesh he had just smacked.

“Yes, please go on.” I wanted more. So much more.

“Alright, please speak up if it becomes too much to handle.” His voice was filled with concern.

“Okay, please continue.” I begged.

Once again, I felt his hand lift up and then come back down, I heard the satisfying sound of his hand smacking my skin. I let out a moan as the stinging pain shot through my backside. It was so arousing. Blake continued swatting my ass a few more times before he stopped and began to rub the stinging flesh.

“How was that, baby? Can you handle more?” He asked nipping at my earlobe.

“Mhmm yes I can. Please give me more.” I was begging now. I can’t believe I was begging for him to spank me. This is so not how I imagined my night going.

“Okay baby.” He kissed my neck before pulling back to begin his punishment on me all over again. At this point I wasn’t even trying to hold in my noises, I didn’t care who heard. “You’re dripping. Is this arousing?” Blake asked while rubbing the reddening flesh again.

I nodded.

“I need to hear you speak Lucy.” God his voice had me gushing.

“Yes, I’m so fucking turned on from what you are doing. Will you please fuck me, Blake?” I was begging because I was past the point of no return.

I heard him unzip his pants, “Yes baby, I’m going to fuck you so hard that you will feel me for days.” Suddenly I felt his hard cock at my entrance, he didn’t wait a second before pushing into me and filling me up. “Oh, you’re so tight, Lucy. Fuck you feel good around me.”

His cock felt amazing inside of me, I needed him to move.

“Please move.” I whispered tightening my grip on the desk to prepare for the pounding he was about to give to me.

“Anything for you, babygirl.” Then he pulled out only to push back into me roughly, slamming me into his desk, the desk inched forward at the force of his thrust. With each thrust, the desk moved a little more. I was moaning like a mad woman.

I hoped that there was no one else in the office or else they would catch us like this, which would not be good.

“This…. time…. I will…… be……. coming first.” He said in-between thrusts.

“Hmmmm, o…kay.” It was getting hard to speak and he thrusted relentlessly into me from behind. His hands were gripping my hips tightly. I knew there was going to be bruises where his hands were tomorrow, but I could care less. All I cared about was the way his huge cock filled up my tight cunt.

“How are you this tight?” Blake asked slowing down just slightly, but he picked up the pace again. I was banging into the desk and the desk was moving and making a lot of noise. I was afraid the force of us fucking against the desk would break it.

“Ooooooooooo, harder Blake.” I moaned now scratching his desk as I tried not to come so quickly. I wanted him to come before me. Especially after the way I left him yesterday.

“Anything for you baby.” He began to slam into me with more force. His pounding was making the desk move some more.

Blake leaned forward and bit my ear lobe, “I’m going to cum, can I cum inside of you?” At that moment, I felt his cock twitch inside of me. I couldn’t speak so I just nodded my head as he continued to pound into me.

He thrust into me two more times before his orgasm finally took over. He stilled as he released inside of me. The feeling of his warm seed was enough to make me come. When he realized I was coming, he began to move again helping my orgasm along. I was screaming his name.

Finally, he stopped moving and I rested against the desk, but not for long before we heard it creaking. Blake pulled me up into his arms as the desk fell over, broken from the stress it had taken when we fucked up against it.

“Whoa.” I mumbled moaning as Blake pulled out of me.

“So, it seems we were a bit rough.” He commented letting go of me to assess the damage. While he did that I smoothed out my dress and tried to make myself look presentable. It wasn’t easy. Luckily it was almost 6:30 and no one would be in the office.

“Are you alright Lucy, did I hurt you?” Blake turned back to me and gripped my forearms while looking over my body.

I smiled, “No, you didn’t hurt me. I’m completely fine. I may have some bruising on the lower half of my body tomorrow, but it’s nothing I can’t handle.” It was true, I could feel that I was going to be very sore in the morning.

Blake was still concerned, “Are you sure, because I was a bit rough on you.” This surprised me. Since when did Blake care about the people he was fucking. Just the other day he was bragging about fucking some girl from another floor.

“Yes, I’m fine. Besides, since when do you care about the people you fuck?” I scowled at him.

He sighed, “I do, but I act like I don’t. The other day when I was bragging to the other guys in the office about having slept with a girl from another floor. Well that was a complete lie. I haven’t had sex with anyone in over two years. You were the first person.” He suddenly became interested in the broken desk and that was how I knew he wasn’t lying.

“Wow, I don’t know what to think.” How could someone as attractive as Blake go two years without having sex? It was not possible.

“I want you to believe me. I haven’t had sex because I was waiting for one person. You. I like you a lot and I have since we both began working here.”

What? “R-really?”

“Of course. I could never lie about something like this.”

I studied him once again and determined he wasn’t lying again, “Okay, I think I like you a lot too.”

“You think?” He questioned with a smirk on his face.

“Yes, I think, because I have to analyze my feelings. I mean you have been nothing but an asshole to me for the past five years.”

“Okay, I can take that. Now please let me drive you home.”

“Uh I have my car.”

“I will pick you up for work tomorrow morning and then tomorrow night I want to take you to dinner. What do you say?” He looked hopeful.

“Wow okay, yes I accept all of that. I’m willing to try this.”

He smiled, “Thank you, I intend to make up for all the things I did to you. Now let’s get you home Ms. Everett?” I nodded and we both left the office together. He drove me home and I invited him inside and well it is safe to say he didn’t leave my place.

The next morning Blake drove me to work like he promised and when he got to his office there was our angry director already waiting in his office. I gingerly sat down in my chair. It kind of hurt to sit down after what we did yesterday, but it was well worth it.

I stifled a laugh as Blake got yelled at for his broken desk. He had to come up with some story as to why his desk was broken. I blushed when I thought about how it was really broken. The director wasn’t buying any of his stories. In the end, Blake agreed to pay for the broken desk with his pay and the director went on his merry way.

Once he was gone, I strode into Blake’s office.

“Hmmm, I guess this means we can’t have kinky desk sex anymore.” I said with a smirk.

Blake didn’t hear me come into the room, so he was surprised but he recovered quickly.

“I’m afraid not, Ms. Everett.” He answered in an official voice. I chuckled. Just maybe this relationship with Blake would work out.

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