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More Than Jealousy

Bradley and I have been dating for about a year in a half and we couldn’t be happier together. I mean sure we have our fair share of fights, but we always manage to find a way to make up in the end. Recently, Bradley and I have moved into a little apartment together. I believe that our relationship has only been growing stronger since we have been living together.

Tonight, Bradley was taking me to the premier of his new movie. I dressed up in my new floor length gown, it was strapless and a vibrant red color. My best friend came over and helped to do my make-up and hair. My make-up was as close to natural as make-up could be, and she did my hair up into an elegant bun.

“Wow you look beautiful Natalie. Bradley is a lucky guy.” My friend Anna said as soon as she finished my hair.

“Thanks Anna. I couldn’t have done this without you.” I smiled at her putting on my black heels.

“Yeah but you gave me the beautiful canvas to work on.” She said making me laugh.

“That was seriously cheesy Anna.” She just shrugged not really caring much about that.

I smiled at my reflection in the mirror, “Have fun at the premier Natalie, and tell me all about it tomorrow.” Anna gave me a hug and I nodded promising that I would call her.

Bradley was already in the living room waiting for me, and when I walked out of the bedroom he couldn’t seem to keep his eyes off me.

“You look really beautiful.” He said standing up and pulling me into a lovely kiss, “I’m so happy to call you my date for tonight.”

“Well I’m way more than your date hopefully.” I commented obviously joking.

He smiled, “Of course you are a lot more than a date. You’re my incredibly amazing and beautiful girlfriend.”

God, I love this guy, “You know I love you right?” I asked him.

He nodded, “Yes, and I love you.” It was always amazing to hear those words from his mouth. “Oh, the car is downstairs waiting.” He added grabbing my hand and leading me out of our apartment.

We pulled up at the premier venue and all you could see where a bunch of paparazzi surrounding the red carpet, and you could see various other actors and actresses posing for pictures on the red carpet.

Bradley helped me out of the car, and we were immediately ambushed by countless reporters asking us questions about our relationship. It was no secret that we were dating, but the public was always curious about Bradley’s relationship with a non-famous person. He answered a couple of questions and ignored the rest and pulled me along with him.

While we were posing for some pictures I spotted one of his co-stars. I was a bit wary about this woman, because she made it known that she wanted Bradley for herself and didn’t care that he was in a great relationship. She looked over at Bradley and me and shot him a little wave while glaring straight at me. Of course, Bradley never thought anything of her advances, and whenever I would bring it up he would get a bit mad and say I was making things up.

I did my best to put his co-star in the back of my mind, because if I let her get to me then that is when things would turn bad. For tonight I just wanted to enjoy the night out with Bradley. She wouldn’t dare to try something in the public eye, would she?

Bradley led me into the premier where we watched his newest movie. Of course, that co-star just had to sit on the other side of him. I tried to keep my eye on her the whole movie, and so I caught her trying to grab his hand. I was relieved to see him push her hand away, but I was still angry that she would try to make a move on my boyfriend. Bradley was blind if he couldn’t see what she was doing.

After the movie we went to the after party. Bradley was getting a lot of comments from other actors or just random people. None of that really bothered me, well that was until she came up to us. From the minute she walked up to us I knew that she was looking to cause trouble with Bradley and I’s relationship.

“Hey Bradley. I think you did an amazing job in the movie. Well I know you did because I was there with you the whole time.” She said putting her hand on his arm. It was no lie that she was pretending that I wasn’t there.

Bradley smiled at her little comment and anger bubbled in my chest, “Thank you. You were amazing on the screen too.” He said, and I knew he was being completely clueless to the fact that she was hitting on him.

She giggled, and I was nauseated by how obvious she was being.

“So, what do you say we get a few drinks to celebrate our successful movie?” When she said this, she looked right at me.

“I think that’s a great idea. What do you say Natalie?” It was nice of him to ask me, I almost expected him to forget I was here too.

Before I could say anything, she spoke up for me, “Oh I’m sure she wouldn’t mind you coming off with me for a little while. Would you?” She knew that if I said no he would immediately know I was jealous, so I just nodded letting go of his arm.

“Thanks babe. I will only be a little bit. Love you.” He said kissing my cheek before she grabbed his arm and pulled him off to the bar.

My anger was raging by now, but there was nothing I could do about it.

One of my good friends, who’s also another one of Bradley’s co-stars, came up to me the minute I was left alone.

“You look like you could use this.” Jenna, my friend said while handing me a glass of champagne.

“Thanks. You saw all of that right?” I downed the drink in a second.

She nodded her head, “Yes I did. My god she’s a major bitch for doing that. Bradley is clueless about it all. Why did you say it was all right?”

I quickly grabbed another glass of champagne, “Because if I told him that I didn’t want him to go he would say that I was jealous.”

“How are you being jealous when you are stopping him from hanging around a slutty girl who will throw herself at anyone she sees, even if they are in a relationship?” I shook my head drinking more champagne.

“I just hope she doesn’t make a move on him while I’m here. That would be very stupid of her.” Jenna nodded.

She grabbed my arm, “Come on and come meet some more people. It will help to get your mind off her.” I just followed her because I couldn’t just stand there and watch her be all over my man.

Even though I was trying my hardest to ignore the bitter feelings I felt, they kept coming back every time I hear something positive about her. It had been over an hour since she stole Bradley away from me, and I just wanted to be back with Bradley. So, I decided to take a chance and see if he wanted to dance or something.

When I joined them at the bar I didn’t like what I saw, she was still flirting with him big time, and he was just laughing and looked like he was having the best time with her. Did he ever look that happy when he was with me? I shook that question away, but it didn’t make me feel any better.

Bradley finally noticed me beside them, “Uh, I was wondering if you wanted to come dance with me or something?” Why did I sound so awkward?

“Can you wait a while? I’m having fun over here.” I couldn’t believe that he just shrugged me off like that, what the actual hell?!

“I’m getting bored though, and I think you have spent enough time with her.” He looked at me like I was crazy when I said that.

“Could you give us a minute?” He told her while standing up and grabbing my arm and pulling me into another room that was empty.

“What the hell was that?” Bradley was obviously mad, but I really couldn’t understand why.

“You’ve been with her for over an hour, and I thought I was your date. Hell, I thought I was your girlfriend!?” I questioned, and he didn’t seem to move.

“Oh, I see. You’re doing the whole jealousy thing again.” I knew that he was going to do this, and I was honestly not in the mood for another fight.

“I’m not jealous. She has clearly been all over you all night long, how haven’t you seen that?” He looked like he was losing his patience with me.

He shook his head before speaking again, “She’s not been hanging all over me. She and I just did a movie together, so you can say we are close with each other. Do you really think I would let someone do that when I’m with you? You really don’t trust me, do you?”

I couldn’t believe this was all happening again, “Bradley you know that I trust you, but you really don’t see the way she has been with you. Not to mention that she doesn’t seem to like me at all.”

He rolled his eyes, “Now you are just making things up. I thought we had a solid relationship and that we could trust each other but apparently I thought wrong.”

“What, no! Why would I make things up?”

“I don’t know. Maybe you just aren’t happy unless you have some sort of drama in your life.”

“That’s not the kind of person I am, and you know that!”

“No, no I don’t seem to know you much anymore. You’re constantly jealous and I’m getting sick of it.”

I stayed silent because I didn’t know what to say to that. He honestly believed that this was all my fault.

“You know what I think we need to take a break.” Those words absolutely broke me, “I think you should go home and when I get home we will talk about it.” That was all I needed to hear before I basically ran out of the building.

Outside it started to rain, but I really didn’t care at all because I had tears falling down my face by now. I walked for a few blocks before I decided to hail a cab back to the apartment. I was very grateful when the cabby didn’t ask me any questions and got me back to the apartment in a record time. When I went to pay him, he refused to take the money and told me that he hoped that everything was okay.

I ran into the apartment, and I was soaking wet from the rain, but I didn’t care at this point. My main goal was to get my stuff and get out of the apartment before Bradley got back, because I didn’t want to face him. After the way he blamed everything on me, I was done with him. He could let her hang all over him all he wants now, because I’m done with him.

Somehow, I managed to fit most of my clothes into one suitcase and a backpack. I called Anna to come get me from the apartment and said I would explain it all later. I did all of this while I had tears pouring down my face. Why was he blaming me for all of this? Also, I do not like to cause drama. I just didn’t like seeing another woman all over my boyfriend.

Dragging my bags down the stairs I met Anna at the front door, and she helped me carry them to her car. Mind you I was still wearing my gown and a pair of heels.

Anna drove me back to her house. She lives in a huge house with her two sisters, but now they were away for the summer, so no one was home.

“You’re going to explain everything to me, but first you need to go take a nice hot shower and get into some dry clothes. I’m going to make you some tea for when you get done.” Anna could see that I was very upset, and she was going to help me through it.

I broke down in the shower when I thought about the whole night. When I got out of the shower I had a text from Jenna asking me what happened since she saw me run out, and she had seen how mad Bradley looked. I sent her a quick text telling her I would tell her about it in the morning.

Anna had a hot tea waiting at the kitchen counter and she was sipping her own tea while she was waiting for me. So, I sat beside her and told her about the night, and you know that I had tears running down my face while I told her everything. She pulled me into a hug and told me that everything was going to be all right. Honestly, I wasn’t sure that everything was going to be okay, because I just lost the guy that I was hopelessly in love with. Bradley and I had been through a lot, but I wasn’t sure we were going to make it out of this together.

That night, Bradley tried to call me multiple times, but I just ended up turning off my phone because I didn’t want to talk to him. Not after the pain that he caused me today.

It was like I pretty much moved in with Anna because I had nowhere else to go. Anna was fine with me staying with her. My plan was to stay here until I was able to find myself another place to stay, and I was hoping I would find my own apartment. But for now, I was staying in Anna’s spare bedroom.

I almost felt like a ghost of the person I once was. I know that you shouldn’t depend on your significant other, but that’s just what I did. He was really my everything, and I honestly thought that he was the one, but I guess I was wrong about that. It was noticeable that I wasn’t eating as much as I used to, and I was drinking a little bit more but not enough to cause Anna to worry. I was worrying myself though. On top of all that I was finding it so hard to sleep anymore. When I did sleep I would dream about Bradley and me, and I hated having those dreams since they just seemed to remind me of the relationship that I ruined with my stupid jealousy. Oh yes that was the newest thing, I was blaming myself for it all. It really was all my fault, if I hadn’t worried so much about her trying to take Bradley, none of this would have happened.

“What do you say about going out to have some fun tonight?” Anna asked randomly while I was snuggled on her couch with another cup of tea.

I shook my head, “Uh I don’t know about that Anna. I’m not feeling so great lately, so maybe we should just stay in tonight.” Anna wasn’t buying it.

“Nope, I already called Jenna and she’s going to meet us at the bar. So, you’re going to get up and take a nice shower and dress up for some fun tonight.” There was no way I was going to get out of this, so I just nodded.

“Wait before you go to do that we need to talk. Are you ever going to talk to Bradley about what happened? He won’t stop calling my cellphone to ask about you.” Deep inside I felt a little tug on my heart.

“Well you can tell him to stop calling you, because he isn’t getting a thing from me.” I said being a little cold and got up and left for my room to get ready for this horrendous night ahead of me.

A couple of hours later, we pulled up at a bar and I saw Jenna waiting by the front for us.

“Natalie, it’s so nice to see you! How are you?” She asked pulling me into a hug.

“I have been fine.” I lied quickly leading them into the bar and picking some seats at the bar. I was eager to get some drinks into my system, so I ordered us a couple of drinks before they could say anything.

The night was already proving to be long, but I was doing my best to get through it. Of course, there’s always something to make it worse. That would be when Anna decided to reveal that she had invited Bradley so that we could talk it out. I was so mad that she would do that. I really didn’t want to talk to him, but now I was being forced to do it.

I ordered another strong drink just before I heard someone sit beside me. Right away I knew it was Bradley because I could smell his intoxicating scent that I used to love so much.

“We need to talk.” He said in a very serious tone. The same tone from that night when he blamed me for everything but of course I know now that it was all my fault.

When I didn’t respond to him he sighed, “You know when I came home that night I was so worried when I didn’t see you anywhere. I thought that something happened to you, but then I saw that your clothes were gone.” Was he trying to make me feel even worse?

Downing my drink, I decided to finally speak, “Let me make this easier for the both of us. I know it was all my fault and I don’t need anyone else telling me that anymore. I know that you’re here to break up with me, and I get why. Now let’s just go ahead and live our separate lives.” Through all of that I didn’t even look at him, and when I was done I grabbed my stuff and got up to leave.

He grabbed my arm, “Wait I wasn’t done.”

“It doesn’t matter. Everything is ruined.” I pulled my arm out of his grip and got out of there quickly and managed to catch a cab really quickly.

This time I was able to hold my tears in until I reached Anna’s house, and once I paid the cabby and went inside I burst into tears. Talking to Bradley was hard and I think it just made me a lot worse than I was before. I pulled myself up to the spare bedroom where I had been staying, and once inside I kicked off my heels. Then I wiped all my make-up off. Not even bothering to change out of my dress I buried myself under my covers and let the tears fall freely. I cried myself to sleep.

I hadn’t been sleeping long when I felt someone get into bed and wrap their arms around me. Immediately I smelled Bradley’s scent.

He must have known that I was awake, “I’m so sorry for everything. I shouldn’t have said all those things to you that night. You were only trying to look out for me, and I made you feel like it was all your fault. Well it isn’t. I’m the one to blame for all of this and I don’t know how to make it all better.” I just stayed quiet and listened to him talk. Tears were threatening to fall again.

Bradley knew I wasn’t going to say anything, “I’m so sorry baby, and I’m the one who ruined our relationship because I was so hardheaded. I should have believed you when you said that she was hitting on me, because you were right.” There was no satisfaction when I heard him admit that, and I knew there wouldn’t be. I still felt very responsible for everything.

Taking in his words I finally turned around and buried my face in his chest and he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close. There were no words needed now. I just let Bradley hold me close. I was still trying to figure out what I should say, but nothing was coming to me.

“I mean it when I say I’m sorry, and I understand if you can’t forgive me.” He spoke while rubbing my back.

“It’s not your fault. It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have been as jealous as I was. I honestly should have just trusted you, but instead I acted like an idiot.” I didn’t want him to blame himself, so he had to know that it was me who had caused all of this.

He shook his head, “No don’t say that. Let’s just agree that we both had a part in this.” I nodded just wanting all of this to be over, “You know that I still love you right?” He then added.

“How could you still love me after everything I have done?” There was no doubt that I still loved him.

“From the moment I met you, I knew that we were meant for each other. So, if I let our love go that quickly I would be very dumb. Please tell me you still love me?” Bradley asked sounding a bit worried.

“Of course, I still love you!” I didn’t get to say anything else because he pulled me into a kiss when I said that.

“Good then let’s agree to not let something like this ruin our relationship again.” He looked very relieved that I was finally listening to him.

“Agreed.” I said making him very happy.

“So then will you come back to the apartment with me?”

“Yes, but not tonight.” Bradley looked confused. “It’s way too late to be moving my stuff back in. You’re spending the night here with me.” He nodded and gave me another kiss.

“Okay that sounds like a plan. You know Anna left us alone for the night.” He informed me.

“Oh really, where did she go?” I asked not really getting his little hint.

“I don’t know, maybe she’s staying at Jenna’s for the night. That isn’t the point though.”

“What is the point?” Bradley sighed at my question, but the minute I asked that question I got what he was trying to say.

“Oh, now I know why you said that.” I said quickly, and Bradley chuckled before pulling me into a heated kiss. He immediately fought his way into my mouth. I moaned softly and he gripped my waist tightly bringing me closer.

“Can I show you how much I love you?” Bradley asked when he pulled away from my lips. He was looking at me with so much love. I knew he truly loved me, and I knew I loved him too.

“Yes, do what you will Bradley.” I moaned as his kisses started trailing from my face to my neck. His touch always sent me into a frenzy. His hands were beginning to wander my body as well. They quickly found the zipper to my dress and pulled it down, desperate to rid my body of the dress. He pulled it off hastily.

His eyes were all over the newly exposed skin, but there was a slight frown on his face. I could see that he was thinking about what he had done to me. I did not want him to think about it, I wanted to move on from it.

I rose up and took his head into my hands, “Please stop dwelling on the past week. Yes, we had a falling out, but we are going to move past it. Stop thinking about it baby.”

“I know, I just feel so bad for causing you all that pain. I had no right to do that to the girl that I’m in love with. I honestly thought I had lost you for good. I don’t know what I would do without you baby.” He pulled my lips into a sweet kiss to show me just how much he loved me.

“I love you Bradley, I forgive you.” I said pecking his lips.

“I love you too.” He kissed me once again.

The kissing turned more passionate once again and I started working on the buttons of his shirt. I was trying to undress him as fast as I could. I needed him, and I needed him now. Once I had stripped him to his boxers, he took over once again. He started kissing any part of my body that was exposed to him.

“I don’t think I can wait much longer, baby.” He admitted as he was unhooking my bra.

I smiled, “I can’t either.” I admitted pulling him closer and wrapping my legs around his waist to hold him closer to me. I could feel his erection against my heat, and it only turned me on even more.

“Good, baby.” Bradley quickly pulled off my panties and rid himself of his boxers. He slid into me without missing a beat. He filled me up completely, stopping at the hilt to allow me to adjust to his size. Once he was sure I was ready, he pulled out to push back into me. He was slow and gentle, making sure to hit me in all the right spots. Bradley knew my body very well, and he knew how to pleasure me in the perfect way.

“Oh, Bradley baby, that feels so good. Please go faster.” I whimpered as he immediately complied and went a little faster. I did not know how long I would last, because I hadn’t been with him for a while. My body missed his and it was not going to take much to get me going.

“I love how responsive you are.” His hand traveled between us and touched my clit lightly. I moaned at the pleasure that shot through me with that little touch. He began to rub slow circles onto my clit, to help me reach my climax quicker.

“I can’t wait much longer, babe. How close are you?” He closed his eyes while thrusting into me a little harder, I let out a little noise when it hit my cervix. It was so pleasurable.

“I’m so close, please finish me.”


His movements on my clit increased and the pleasure was getting more intense. I could feel my orgasm building up. He increased pressure slightly and my orgasm took over my body and I screamed his name while it washed through me. I came around his throbbing cock. He let out a groan before climaxing too, spilling his seed deep inside of me. It was very hot. We rode out our orgasms before he finally pulled out of me. Afterwards we laid in bed trying to catch our breaths.

Bradley turned towards me, “I love you Natalie, and I vow to never hurt you again.”

I smiled, “I love you too and I know you won’t hurt me again.” He pulled me in for a sleep kiss.

We laid down once again and he pulled me into his arms, “Sleep my love. Tomorrow we are moving you back into our apartment.” I nodded and closed my eyes. I loved the sound of that. ‘Our apartment’ was so inviting. I had never seen it as that because it was his place and I was still getting used to it, but I could see it as our place.

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